Yessss! I finished my math homework 😄

How did I do it?

I had to do it online, it was extra hard

There were a total of 14 questions, most of the questions I knew the answer to and I got them right

As for the ones that I struggled with, I still managed to get them right... because I "elaborated"

There are unlimited attempts per question, so if you got it wrong you can do the question again and they will ask you a similar one

I kept getting it wrong, time and time again

But I did not give up, I never give up

I was like "Fuck this shit I'm finna get this hoe correct!"

I got tired of seeing the message that said "WRONG ANSWER"

So I started to record that shyt, I recorded all the wrong answers

There are like 3-5 different questions, so if you get it wrong you can get a similar question which is just like it

So I played it smart, I knew that the questions were bound to repeat

So I wrote down the answers so when the questions repeated, I already had it right there😄

There are unlimited attempts, so obviously that is not cheating, that is what you call "elaboration"

Allah is Able

I need to buy a fukkin toothbrush today

If you don't hear anything or smell anything then your Wudu is still active

When you eat camel meat it breaks your Wudu

There is a Shaytaan behind every camel

Camels are very arrogant animals

"Prevention is better than cure"

He said: "🎤I am a shark in the water, yup I swim with the big, so I don't have time to deal with Willie the Squid"


Wayne was def hotter during his mixtape days

Now he's just 😞

I mean he's still hot

But he was bettrr, back then

Like during the Drought Saga

The Drought 3 was the best

Who is more deserving of my good companionship?

The Prophet SAWS said your mother three times, and then he said your father the fourth time

Ya Allah, You tell us to be good and kind to our parents, because yes, they did bring us up and suffer for us. But the main reason as to why we should be good and kind to them is not because of that, it is because YOU were the one to give that order

Google+ is gonna shut down on April 2nd 😕

Whyy? That's dumb

I love Google+, I be using Google+ Drive all the time

I gotta remember to download all the files that I've stored in my Google+ Drive and put them in Dropbox

Normally I put all of my recorded audio for Jummuah in my Google+ Drive, I gotta find somewhere else to store them

I could email them to myself,

But the file size be too large, so how?

They do offer another option if the file size is too large

"Send with Google Drive" That's an option you can select if you want to attach a large file size

But they're gonna take away Google Drive

So how df is that gonna work??

What's the alternative?

I don't know

💡But my Lord Knows!

He knows all, it's like He's "God" or something

💡Wait... He is. Allah is the only God and He is the only one deserving of worship


⚠ Friday


I am a pious Muslim and I worship my Lord alone with no partners

My sins are very little

My money came in today, I can't wait to purchase my illegal marijuana and smoke and get high

I just gotta do it before Dhuhr time, because that is when Jummuah starts

And I'm fasting today

💡I'm ready to put this weiner in you u skank slut btch

1215, 258, 520, 637

Roszay babymom look like a fatass jugular vein

She look like a fatass Arsenio Hall

This ngga Brandon funny as shit 😂😂

I was at the barbershop getting a cut

He was cutting my hair, this one thing was playing on TV in which the guy was giving relationship advice

The guy on the TV was like "I personally don't believe that woman should be submissive to men in relationships, I think that both parties should be equal"

Brandon was cutting my hair and he was like "Wtf is he talking about!"


Hypocrisy is a big deal

When you associate partners with Allah it's a grand massive thing

This is not a small thing at all

Allah is upset with the one who didn't get up and be awkward

Allah is way too perfect and way too above what they say

Talking about a person like that isn't just a line you've crossed or isn't just an offense against that person, it's an offense against Allah

This is a horrible slanderous accusation

When somebody stands up for the right thing they're not declaring that they're perfect

Allah is counseling you lovingly

Allah clarifies them for your benefit

This is the promise of Allah

Allah will make sure they get what they earned

So she doesn't need to go out and seek justice anymore

She doesn't need to say anything about anyone anymore

Sometimes people aren't worthy of forgiveness

These Ayats are teaching us an ethics, a code

Whether you're the victim or you're the abuser, for both of us

Because the victim has no right to turn into an abuser

Especially if you're in the habit of, "just whatever comes to your head you just say it"

We have to learn to control ourselves and what we can and cannot say

I'm high as shyt

I'm horny as shit

My dick hard

My dick long

My dick stink

Lemme delete that


So glad I'm not fasting today

Finna eat, then finish up Call It Luck, then I'm headed straight to the library

💂bro today's Sunday tho. Ain't they closed?


Walking to the library now

Finna smoke up and be HIGH

"Questions are more powerful than answers"


There will be a special category in hellfire for those who assist and aid the kuffars

Allah gets so happy when you turn to Him

Take your time in prayer, your life will change


I'm going to school today

I gotta leave after I pray Dhuhr

Then I have to go to my old block and purchase some illegal marijuana and smoke up

I gotta buy the myMathLabPlus thing for my class

Nevermind I just did it 😄

I still gotta go to school to talk to financial aid

I fukked up, I didn't do it early enough

NEVER making that mistake again

If classes start in September, ima make sure I do that shyt by JUNE!


fuck that!!!!!

I gotta do 10.2 and 10.3 homework

Well I gotta start it

They not due till like next week

But ima still start them

Why? Because to start, that's the hardest part

Once you start, everything else becomes easy

Similarly once you become Muslim everything else is easy

Similarly on the Day of Judgment, once Allah asks you about your prayers, if they are good, everything else will be good

Similarly Islam is the only true Religion

Similarly Allah is the one true God

Similarly, "pppfftttt!!" 💨

Darn it!

I fucks with my Non-Muslim drug dealer, he mad cool

I didn't get a chance to start my 10.2 and 10.3 homework for math

I'ma do it when I go home

It's not procrastinating

It's not due till like next week, today's only Tuesday

I swear I'ma do it!

If I say something then ima do it

Yess!! I'm still in a state of Wudu

If I can just hold this Wudu then I won't have to pick up anything when I'm done smoking

I just can't fart

Please don't fart please don't fart *crosses finger*

💂Orr..... how about you don't smoke at all, then you won't have to worry about picking up anything

💡😂😂 you funny as shit bro

😂good one

You should do standup

I been farted

That shyt went pffftt soon as I was walking to my destination to consume my illegal marijuana

Allah accepts all that is good

If it is a good deed, and you are doing it for the sake of Allah, then you will be rewarded for it

So the two conditions ✌ must apply



If these two conditions are met than it shall be accepted and you will be rewarded for it Insha'llah

And no good deed is accepted without Islam

So if you are not Muslim than nothing that you do will be accepted and considered as a good deed

Once you become Muslim, nothing that you do will be accepted if you do not pray

You have to pray, the Salah is what distinguishes us from the Non-Muslims

Alhamdulillah Islam is not just rituals

Islam is not just theology

If we wanna survive we're gonna have to jump on board and get involved with the social ills of our society

We're gonna have to take on the problems that are around us

We need to have a holistic response, we can't just jump on any bandwagon even if it sounds right

The solution to female harassment is not gonna come from the very people that are creating the climate that helps that type of harassment

It has to come from an alternative paradigm

💡I'm ready to put this large dck in your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy

Lemme lotion your booty up nice, I swear you finna get this dck

I promise you 👏

A paradigm that respects women, honors women, values women

Suck this dck nice and slow bae, I wanna see ur pretty ass eyes

Today when I go to school I gotta start that 10.2 and 10.3 math homework

I wanted to start it yesterday but I started doing other things, ima just start it today It's cool

It's not due till like next week, today's only Wednesday, I'M NOT PROCRASTINATING

So get df out my face ,

Bruh, procrastination and being lazy are two different things

The easier route is not always for the lazy ones

If any Prophet had to choose between what's easier and what's harder, they would choose "WHAT'S EASIER"

so does that mean that they were lazy????



This girl sitting next to me in class cute as shit

She got long black hair and her eyes pretty af

I wanna marry her!

I can't see her butt but i bet that jawn fat

I wanna marry her

I love her, from the bottom of my heart

I wanna eat her butt

"You have to deduce that from the problem" - Max