He's a cold pussy, scared to come home and fight me

Soon as he walk through the door that's when ima attack him

One hit one kill

I'm waiting for this fuckin faggot to come home so I can punch him in the throat and kill him

This ngga think I'm dumb, he can read all of this and see all this shy I'm telling you now... read these fukkin words carefully


You think taking the food away gonna calm me down?

That shyt only gonna make me even more mad

The hungrier i get the angrier I get

Fukkin btch, keep thinking I'm playing

Watch when you walk through the door. I'll fukkin kill you!

That btchass ngga came with the cops, that's a btch move...

7200 Chestnut St

He's not just a complete stranger, he's my FRIEND

Mr. Max, Mr. Marvin, Marcus, Ms. Jennifer, Andrew

May Allah bless my brother Hassan

I love Hassan, he funny as shit 😂

And Mike

Mike funny as shit

He was like "may the force be with you"

He also gave me this really cool shirt, he said he got it from Bennet's in Darby

I was short 15 cents, he let me go

Now I'm gonna pray for him, forever

Sleeping at the homeless shelter again today cuz my father don't want me to live with him

Why would you have a son and you don't want to take care of him??

My father don't love me

It's cool, God loves me

And He... is enough!!

Oh yeah, I forgot, that's just the American system

You see... in America, if you have a child, you're only responsible for that child until he turns 18, then he's on his own

Well that's not what God says

God says if you have a child then that's your child FOR LIFE!

God loves compassion, and He is compassionate

Very much so

He does not love those who do not show compassion

As I'm laying down on this homeless shelter bed I'm thinking about...

My friend Michael J. Baxter

I miss my friend

I hope he's okay,

I hope I didn't leave a bad impression 🙁

I just... didn't want to impose

💂bro in some countries they'll jail you or kill you if you decline their hospitality

💂like if they offer you some food and you say "no I'm okay" they'll kill you

💂there's a difference between trying not to impose, and being mean

I'm also thinking about... my father

Why doesn't he love me??

I was a good son, I'm doing good in school, I'm finna graduate college, I gotta good major, I was getting him water and washing the dishes and taking out the trash

I was doing all that, and still... he doesn't love me

Or want me as a son

Do you know how that feels??

💂it's not you bro

💂 your father has some childhood issues, in which you will never understand

👸why didn't you just come live with me??

💡shut up, BITCH!!

You fertile as shit, if I stay at your house ima end up fucking you

And if I put my dck in you once you gon be six months pregnant the next day n shyt

You gon have a big ass stomach, looking like Roszay babymom n shyt

That's the true definition of "dead beat father"

Someone who has a son, and does not want to take care of him

Oh ok, but you was willing to put your penis in my mother and have sex with her right?

Oh okay!

I feel you bruh, well actually I don't

I don't see how anybody can do what you did

But... you're a man, ima man

It's cool!

You don't have to take care of me

God is doing just that

And He's doing a great job?

I have no enmity or grudge towards you WHATSOEVER

I love you

But if a lion attacks you and bites your head off, I'd sure be happy!

Insha'llah that won't happen tho

Thinking about my ngga Dennis at the homeless shelter

He has to walk with a cane


I used to have to use a cane

It's not good at all

The guys here at this shelter are really great

They mad cool, they're super friendly

And... they don't steal

They're trustworthy af

One of the guys here said "I trust these people more than my own family"

Now I see why

They remind me of the nggas at the Masjid

May God bless everybody in this room

Especially Dennis

💂bro, why didn't you just come stay with me at my place? Instead of the homeless shelter

Ummm... you're "dead"

Df you want me to kill myself and go live in heaven with you?


💂that was funny bro, but say Insha'llah, cuz you don't know if I'm in heaven or not


May you be in heaven

You wanna know who else is in heaven?

John Baxter, Michael's father

His mom passed away when she was 70, and his dad when he was 60

Or vice versa I can't remember

So I told Mike, "you're gonna live to be 130 years old"

Or 260

Or 390!

Who's to say??

But I don't think he would want to live that long tho

Who would??

I mean, you're old as shit!

All your friends and family are dead

You're all alone in the world

Who would want that life?

May Allah help me get a haircut, my head WOLFING

Soo... my dad's wife kicked me out

My sister kicked me out

And now my father has kicked me out


All because... I spoke "the truth"

They don't wanna hear the truth

So they drove me out

It's cool 😕

"You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!"

What movie is that?

Allah Knows best

Cuz I don't fukkin know

I'll tell you that right now

Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown- I don't die

Shyt hot 🔥

Some bul from the homeless shelter put me on

Allah is Mumeet, the Giver of Death

I don't really listen to Joyner Lucas that much but I'm bouta start

I love listening to new music

Young Thug- With that

Shyt hot 🔥

This ngga Young Thug hot, but he be... doing some suspect shit

I mean ik that ngga not gay

But why df he be painting his nails n shyt

That ngga suspect!

That ngga fruity, he not gay

There's a difference between being gay and being fruity

That ngga Future hot

He said "Ain't gon' never trust a bitch Who can't close they mouth"

Ain't that some true shit 😂

This girl sitting in front of me hella pretty

She got black hair and a cute ass face

I love her

She's so pretty

I choose her!

She will have my children

And her hair smells so good omgg 😍

That spaghetti was popping

It was soooooo good

This battery pack acting stupid

How I charge this shyt up for 45 minutes and I use it for ten minutes then that shit dies?

Thinking bout that girl in the bus

She was pretty af

I could've got her, but...

Allah Azzawajal was watching

That ngga was like "PEEKABOO" 👀

Lemme delete that

Tinashe sexy as shit in that "no drama video"

I like girls with small bodies

Coz I gotta big body

She can dance!

I like girls who can dance

I be dancing too, I be like 💃

You ever heard that song dance for you by Beyonce?

Shit hot

She be like "🎤tonight I'm gonna dance for you"

Come dance for me bae

Then dance on me

I don't bop I do the money dance

On Tuesday Ms. Robin is gon call me

From the southeast center

She's really been helping me out

Lord knows I need all the help I can get

I gotta get my haircut today

I don't think ima be able to go to the Jummuah, this snow in da way

I wanna have a threesome with Tinashe and Halsey

Ima get my haircut at Boat's

I was gonna go to the main campus but I'll just go to the southeast center

It's right there

And plus, Tinesha and Ms. Robins is there, they can assist me with stuff for my classes

Not gonna be able to go to Jummuah today but I damn sure will work on AYHV

That SEPTA driver was cute as shit

I asked her where the final stop is she was like "why are you all in my ears?"

"Well bae I'm in your ears cuz I'm trying nibble on them jawns"

I wanna suck on your earlobe

She was hella cute

I could've got her frfr

But... this ngga Allah Azzawajal

He be watching n shyt

He was like "PEEKABOO!"

I was like "OH SHIIITTTT!" 😱

Who blows Reggie anymore? 😕

I ain't even know they still harvested that shyt

I rather go sober then blow some damn reggie

Why df are you carrying that baby??

Don't you know it's snowing

Now what if you slip and fall?

That baby gon fall with you smhh

Dumb as shit

Some people aren't fit to be parents

That girl from the Papi store cute as shit

I could've got her



Btch ima get high TODAY!

I smoked at the graveyard

I fell and busted my ass😣

They will never pay you because they need MY SIGNATURE!

you don't want to let your son in because of money, fine

Finna get high then go to the homeless shelter

This some good ass weed

Idk where this ngga be getting this shyt from

Damn this ngga Mac Miller died smhh

Drug overdose n shyt


I would pray for him but... this ngga was Jewish

It's not permissible to pray Janaza on anybody who isn't Muslim

Nor is it permissible to wash their body or shroud them

Allah knows best

That other Septa driver 😍😍


These SEPTA GIRLS BE Sexy as shit

I wanna fuck all of them

I wanna impregnate all of them

This new 2 chainz album >>>>>

"Rap or go to the league"

Shit hot! 🔥


I gotta buy a pair of jeans and a shirt today

"Heavenly Father" 🤔

Do you mean that literally or metaphorically?

If it's metaphoric then it's permissible

I missed Fajr today...

May Allah forgive me

I'm thinking about that SEPTA driver

She was soo pretty

Her hair was nice as shyt

She smelled good too

I wanna draw her hair while I'm hitting it from the back

And ima stick my tongue out whilst doing it like 😜

Ask for Fred

Go to the other window tonight and talk to Al

The best song is NCAA

shit hot 🔥


This ngga 2 chainz freed the slaves

May Allah bless 2 chainz

May Allah bless his parents

May Allah give him many endowments

This ngga The Weeknd said "you can ride my face until you drip and cum"

"🎤took her to the kitchen fucked her right there on the table"

I once fucked this btch at the back of a school bus

This other btch at the back of a dumpster

This other btch, I ain't even fuck her, she gave me head at an abandoned swimming pool

Then I swam in her 🏊

"🎤I can tell, that money's got you working"

"Got your body so wet"

This ngga Drake freed the slaves

"I know he messed up, but let a real ngga make it right"

Nggas be dumb as shit, why would you mess up, on a bad btch

She bad as shit!

And she gotta fat ass

Sooo... why...?


It boggles my mind

"🎤I love you, I'm thinking of you"

"And I don't wanna come between you and your man"

That's because your man strong and husky as shit

He look like a linebacker

I don't want NO PARTS!

This ngga Trey Songz freed the slaves

This lady at Ross is very nice

"🎤illadel, home of the original gun clappers"

The Roots nice as shit!

He was on Jimmy Fallom

I think...

Idk... Allah knows best!

All ik is... Jimmy Fallon freed the slaves!

May Allah bless Jimmy Fallon

May Allah sustain him

"🎤I touched down in '86, knew I was the man by the age of six, I even fucked a girl that used to baby sit"

That's some rs

I fucked a girl that used to babysit as well


Still thinking bout this ngga Mac Miller how he died

That ngga was nice

"🎤Girls on my dick, I'M LIKE DUHH!"


He had a drug overdose

Off some other type drug

Not marijuana tho

Some other shit

It's impossible to overdose on marijuana

This lady at the library>>>>>

She's super nice

May Allah bless her

"🎤the Bentley is dirty my sneakers is dirty but that's how I like it you all on my dick!"

This song gon blow

Damn that ngga Mac Miller

He really died



Fukkin dckhead wanna be experimenting with all these drugs n shyt

That ngga asked for it

He couldn't just stick with weed

Naawww, he had to try fukkin xanex n shyt

Only white people will do some shit like that, experiment with drugs n shyt

u dont see Lil Wayne or 2 Chainz ever dying of overdose

Thats cuz them nggas black

People say "weed is a gateway drug"

That's maybe true

For some people!

Not for me

I'm cool with just weed

I don't wanna try that other shit

I don't see why he even did all those drugs, you got all this money, your life is great!

I smoke weed, but only because my life is fucked up and no one loves me

I used to watch Naruto Shippuden

This ngga Sasuke turned to the dark side

He teamed up with that ngga Orochimaru

That ngga ugly as shit

He look like a serpent

My mouth is disgusting

I gotta brush my teeth good tonight

That little girl 😯🙁

She was like "if there's anything wrong with it we'll take it back and get you a new one"

May Allah bless her



I shatted on myself

This drug dealer that I grabbed from today>>>>>>

He bouta be my new best friend

I can't sleep 😟





I gotta fart

I'ma hold it in tho






I failed 😔

Have you ever farted and been like that wasn't me!

This ngga Kevin Gates said "SATELLITES"

Kevin Gates freed the slaves

I'm thinking about that SEPTA driver

I bet she had a fat butt

This ngga Big Will ugly as shit

He ugly and fat as shit

He look like a fatass tasty cake

Or just a regular cake 🎂

Who you think better? Drake or J Cole?

💂 idkk

💂both them nggas hot

They both up there

They like a tie

Also Kendrick Lamar

You know who else up there?



You know who else up there??

💡 this ngga DuLi

I'm better than all them nggas

I'm the best!!

Rapper alive or dead, no one is a better RAPPER than me

🎤Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements"

Btch you should give up!!

Be a damn quitter!!

"🎤even if it leads nowhere?"

💡 Btch even if it leads you to the chocolate factory

I'm bouta listen to myself

Fuck that!!

I can listen to myself cuz I'm dope and awesome

This ngga Mac Miller...

He had a mixtape called "K.I.D.S."

It's an acronym

It stands for "Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit"

That shyt was hot

Why that ngga have to kill himself??

Cuz that's what happened

Cuz if you take drugs, whilst knowing that you can overdose and die

That's suicide

Because you're willing to take that risk!

Me, when I smoke weed...

What's only harmful is what kills you!!!!

Alcohol can kill you

Cigarettes can kill you

Homosexuality can kill you

Because you can get Aids and die!

It's harmful, it's disgusting, it's vile, it's WRONG

God created Adam and Eve not ALAN AND STEVE

May Allah kill all the faggots

The proud faggots

The ones that think it's okay

They be like: "It's okay Timmy, if you have feelings for boys than manifest those feelings to the world"



The ones that decide to come out the closet


This ngga Roszay babymom fat as shit

She look like a fatass milk carton

She look like a fatass king sized bed

She look like a fatass can of beans

She look like a fatass carbon monoxide

What I'm doing today??

It's Sunday 😕


The only way to have fun is to smoke up and get high!

What else is there to do??

Soon as I eat breakfast ima SMOKE UP!

I smoked yesterday with this one guy

Idk his name

I think it's "Conrad"

He's a homeless guy at the shelter in which I am currently residing

He cool as shit

I'm nice as shyt, I got BARZ!

I stopped rapping

Once I converted to Islam and I realized all that shyt I was saying is haraam af

I was talking bout fuckin btches moms n shyt

Blowing up houses n shyt

I'm bouta get on ig

Insha'llah I'll find some girls there with semi nude photos

This btch fat

I still double tapped

I still liked it

Cuz I don't wanna seem rude

This shyt look like some gas

I really like the new friends that I've made at the homeless shelter

Those guys really CRACK ME UP


"🎤and she wiiiillllllllll be loveedd"

"🎤look for the girl with the broken smile"

I wanna meet a bitch, make her fall in love with me, and then cheat on her 😂

If she gets heartbroken whose fault is it?

Your fault for falling in love with a piece of shit ngga like me

Who forced you to fall in love??

There is no compulsion in matters of the heart

This ngga 21 Savage said "can't put my tongue on no btch, cuz I still miss my kids, hoe you need to fix yo wig 😂😂

"21 Savage- break da law

"Is it okay if I stalk your page on an occasional basis?"


Because you're fukkin hot!!!

I wanna fuck you

"Chasing this money I can't stop won't stop "

That song stuck in my head

I'm soo fukkin...


Sick of this shyt!!!

👸sick of what baby?


I'm tired of your pussy


"🎤I need something different"

I saw Roszay today

I was high as shit

Roszay cool, it's his babymom that's...

fat and ugly!

that btch look like a fatass solar eclipse

I gotta start my pushups again this morning

I took a little one week break

The school gon send us a message like "2 hour delay because of inclement weather"


I love my dad, he said "ok whatever"

If you trust God than there's no need to trust anyone else

Talk to Fred about bringing clothes in

J. Cole- God's gift

"🎤Lord I repent if I ever sin"

This ngga Future be high in every song


I'm full!

Somebody farted in this bus

Who's the culprit???? 👀

Chasing this money I can't stop won't stop

"The only set that is not a proper subset is the set itself"

Heart so cold gotta pad lock pad lock

I just farted

That shyt STINKKK! ! 👃

"🎤I walk around the club, fuck everybody"

This ngga Chief Keef funny as shit!!!!!!

He said "stalking ass btch that's that shyt that I don't like"

I love my life

Please let them take my stuff

Please God

You know... I was downtrodden at first to have to stay at the homeless shelter

That's the wrong word, "downtrodden"

It's not used correctly, it means: oppressed or treated badly by people in power.

"a downtrodden proletarian struggling for social justice"

So maybe a better word to use will be ummmm...

Soo... I was feeling sad and lonely and tired

What word can I use?

Idk... Allah knows best!

Cuz i dont fukkin know, I'll tell you that right now

Because I'm not home and idont really know anybody here

but that has ALL CHANGED!


These guys are my brothers, I love them

May Allah keep me here longer, please God