Life is just like one big java program, if you just follow the rules and write the program correctly, then you will not have any compilation errors

Harden should win MVP

My Financial Aid not going through for this year but still, I will go to school... and... I'M ALIVE!!

I'm all about peace but I damn sure ain't no btch! I'LL FUCK YA BTCHASS UP

I gotta start double spacing

It makes it easier to read

Your btch pretty as shit, I think ima fuck her

I still have a lot to learn

Them nggas at the Masjid in West Philly screwed me up

They fed me the wrong Islamic information


It's cool though

May Allah... bless them

I love them all

Especially my teachers, Shaykh Sayf and Shaykh Ahmad

They're both knowledgeable af

So the intention is only Mustahab, funny... they were telling me that it's an integral



I don't wanna go to hellfire for 700 years... I'm scared 🙁

I love fat btches

The light in my room stopped working... Allah is Able! He is the Fixer of all

742 = 819!-!-!-!-!

You renew your ablution if you fart... I didn't fart, soo....

And her pussy taste like skittles, what? Yeah aye. You can really taste the rainbow what? Yeah aye.

Cathy is one of the financial aid ladies at the main campus at DCCC

Cathy has a daughter that goes to the college

I love her daughter, I never seen her but... ik she's amazing

I bet she's a freak


My SSI money needs to hurry up and come so I can purchase some illegal marijuana and smoke up and get high af!

For my PTSD. I only smoke weed for my PTSD

If a robber was to come to your house his greatest tactic is the fact that you are unaware of him

You don't even know he exists

Allah is greater than anything else

Do we believe that Allah is greater?

We ask for protection from Allah

On Monday I gotta go to school. I don't got class anymore cuz my financial aid is messed up and it's gonna drop me from the class. But... this is what ima do...

I'm gonna still go to school and bring my laptop and work on AYHV

And I'm gonna go and register for two classes for the Fall Semester 😉

And... I'm ALIVE!

We have to understand that there's an external source of whispering

He whispers and then he retreats

The Sixers is third in the East! 😄

On this Friday I wanna ask God to bless my father, I wanna ask God to give him long life and protect and sustain him

The Shaytan will attack you on the straight path

I love my father. He did everything for me

The Shaytaan will try to go at people with knowledge, those who are on the straight path

We implicitly teach that we're supposed to be perfect

"A Religious person is a sinless person"

That is a tool of Shaytaan

When I see myself as being perfect I got another problem... "arrogance"

Me and my father have our differences, but at the end of the day... it's all love

You should be grateful not arrogant

Never ever feel arrogant or proud of yourself, and always be grateful

"Let's not be proud of ourselves... you feel me?"

I'm human, I messed up, and I immediately turned back to Allah to repent

Shaytan doesn't want you to do that

We need to change, I need to change inside

And then our condition will change

Everything that Yasmin is saying is true!


Can't say the same about these Shaykhs and scholars...

Not gonna say no names!

"COUGH COUGH!" -them nggas at the Masjid in West Philly

That is not what Allah SWT tells us

Shaytaan is telling you "ALL OR NOTHING"

Allah doesn't say that

Insha'llah one day I'll find a girl who's as smart and beautiful as Yasmin. I can't marry her cuz she divorced me, cuz I cheated on her

No matter how sinful you are, no matter how broken you are Allah accepts you

Don't anger a person that just told you they killed 99 people

Part of the path of repentance is leaving your toxic environment

Yasmin is so sexy she was like "what time is it?"

And she moaned a little bit while saying it

She ain't really moan, but it def sounded like it!

Make your actions in secret better than your actions in public

"I made an assumption that was not correct about my Muslim brother"

He left her in her tribulation

This is wisdom

Don't think this is an easy Religion

The most troublesome of the actions are the most rewarding

I'm dehydrated

"Yeah shawty bad but she broke and she don't own shit"

Allah says in Surahtul Kahf verse #6: " Perhaps you would kill yourself in grief or sorrow over their footsteps and their turning away from you because they believe not in the Qur’an."

Islam can solve the problems of society

May Allah bless my little brother Alusine. He's only six, he doesn't really know much. But I hope he knows... that I love him and he's my best friend

I can't believe Warriors lost to Timberwolves. By ONE POINT!

This trip I'm not gonna waste my money, I'm only gonna buy things that I NEED!

What do I need:


I def need that!

Cuz I don't wanna stink n shyt

What else:

SEPTA monthly transpass so I can get to school and back

Even though I'm not taking classes anymore cuz my Financial Aid messed up, I still wanna go to school to work on AYHV

what else:

I need summer sneakers 👟

Because it's finna start getting hot

I also need to buy some boxer briefs

Cuz Lord knows the amount of ejaculatory seminal fluid that be getting on them jawns, and they be STINKING!

What else:

😈the library bro, you need to go to the library

💡I don't need it... I don't need it... i don't need it


Finna text my local drug dealer and be like "yo bro where the gas at?"

👸Omg... you DON'T NEED IT

💂she's right bro

💡both of you SHUT UP! You don't know me!!

Islam will bring justice!

Paid my phone bill!

Please God, let the Sixers beat the Timberwolves tonight