Yesss! We beat Timberwolves

My favorite companion is Julaybeeb

I like him because we both share a lot in common

We both have troubles finding a wife to get married, and we both are willing to die for the message of Islam to spread

In fact, he did die

He was martyred

When Rasullullah SAWS saw his dead body laying on the battlefield he lifted him up as tears fell from his eyes and he said "YA ALLAH, HE IS OF ME AND I AM OF HIM!"

Rasullullah SAWS loved Julaybeeb, he even went to a girl's house and asked her for her hand in marriage for Julaybeeb

Insha'llah one day, I'll see Julaybeeb in Jannah Tul Firdos

Because that's where he's at

Can't wait till tomorrow morning, ima go to my spot and smoke some illegal marijuana and get HIGH AF!

You funny as shit thinking that ima stop smoking weed

You're only making a fool outta yourself

Stop trying to advise me

I don't listen to advice!

Islam is the correct Religion, but us Muslims and Arabs are the worst of people

We always think that we know what's right, we don't care about other people's opinions or their feelings because it's all about US!

"If you truly love Allah then you wouldn't sin"

"If you truly love Allah then you wouldn't disobey Him"

"If you truly love Allah then you wouldn't smoke weed"


How about this: I truly love Allah and I sin and smoke weed

And... I don't want to watch any more of your videos

That other ngga, he gon call me a pervert!

Cuz I watch porn, so he called me a PERVERT!

Do you know how that made me feel?

Of course you don't cuz you don't give a fuck about the way I feel

It's not the term that hurts, girls call me a pervert all the time


Allah is the withholder "Al Qaabid"

What's stunning about Islam is it's balance

This Religion is not one that depresses a person, it's not one that puts you down

What gives us value as people is that which is not in this world

I'm high

We playing Mavs tomorrow!

May Allah bless my brother Omar Suleiman's wife and may He sustain his marriage

The majority of people in Jannah are poor people

It's easier to be distracted by wealth then it is to be distracted by hardship

Never equate your situation with your status

This world and everything in it is worthless to Allah

I'm getting high af today, before and after school!

That's crazy, first Mac Miller now Nipsey... real nggas keep dying man

Yall don't be giving a fuck about nggas when they alive, but as soon as they die: "you the reason I know real nggas exist"

105, 439... 841

I gotta take a shit

This ngga Conrad died !!

The things that are physical in our lives are under the command of Allah SWT

The two reasons why people sin is because of doubt and desire

This guy Dr. Umar Abdullah

He's really smart

Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim was born and raised in Canada

He memorized the Qur'an while in high school

He runs a school of about 1,000+ students


Ima pray Fajr at Millie crib

👸why don't you just WAIT!

you funny as shit btch I gotta get high

Idk what that ngga name is but he get soo many btches

Allah is the best at what He does

Going to Southeast center today

Melissa was so pretty

She pretty as shit

This bus got NOO BTCHES

The girl that opened the door at Roszay house pretty as shit

I miss my baby Ming

I didn't see her today 🙁

I'm bouta DIP!

I gotta go home and eat I'm hungry as shit

I'm thinking about that girl Melissa, from earlier this morning

I wanna get HIGH!

I need inspiration, some weed and some bad btches

May Allah bless Mr. Allen

I will pray Jummuah for him tomorrow

After Jummuah I gotta go back to Roszay crib, my charger still there

And get high, ima get high with him

And then afterwards I gotta go to the barber shop to see my baby Ming

This girl on the bus pretty as shit

I'm not going to Jummuah today. I gotta go see my baby Ming and smoke some illegal marijuana with Roszay


I can't watch any Islamic lecture video on YouTube anymore because they be lying!

It's permissible tho, there's like all these wars going on right now

I didn't go to Jummuah today, prolly not gonna go next week either, or the week after that, or after that

Not gonna pray Fajr in the morning also

Going to the college tomorrow

This ngga Marcus funny as shit!

He said "I always got some btches!"

That lady from yesterday def looked out when she gave me that coat

I'ma wear it today when I go to school

I was kicked out of school because of my "rude behavior"

I was high as shit yesterday at Roszay crib

I'm going there again today

Ming be playing games, she knows that I want her, but she don't be trying give me no play tho

Opening up my laptop to watch porn like "open sesame" cdfupp 😂

I'm on Instagram fishing

I'm looking at girls pictures and going to they profile 👀 like : "OH HELL NO THIS BTCH ONLY 15!"



"Wassup, you mad pretty what's your name?"

Don't forget to add "PLEASE"


You can't just tell a married woman that she's pretty and ask for her name without saying "PLEASE"

where are your manners????

You do not need good looks or money to get girls, you just need "game". But just because the girl don't want to give you play don't mean that you do not have game. There are plenty more video games in the arcade.

Just because we have our differences does not mean that you should wish death upon me

First of all... YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME

Whenever you make Du'a or supplication for somebody else and you're asking Allah to bless that person, there's an angel right next to you saying "Amen, and same to you"

Whenever you pray for somebody, there's an angel praying for the same thing for you

Soo... if you are praying against somebody, asking God like "please God kill this ngga, he don't deserve life"

Well there's an angel right next you saying "Amen you too"

Which one does Allah value more? The prayer of a human or an ANGEL?

No matter how much someone has hurt you, never wish death on them

Because death is serious, there's no coming back

It's all gonna come back and haunt you

You may forget!

But GOD!

That ngga never forgets

You pray for somebody to die, then it happens

Few years past and you forget about it

You get married and have a son

Your son is now 10 years old, he's riding his bike outside with some friends

And then BOOM!

he gets hit by a truck, your son dies, Astaghfirullah

Because the person that you wished death on, he was a son too

And a brother, and a father

And you wished death upon him

Why? Because he cut you off on the street while driving?

I don't like, when girls call each other btches. They be like "DAAAMMNN BITCH YOUR ASS GETTING FAT!"

May Allah bless that officer, he told me "sup dude!"

Bless his family Ya Allah

Give him long life

I'm not gonna go to school today because i was banned for my rude behavior, so rather I'm just gonna go to Roszay's house and get high

I'm just like every other ngga

Roszay had a mfn chocolate cake in his fridge yesterday, that jawn was good as shit

God doesn't create ugly, everything and everybody is beautiful

I don't like being told what to do

In fact I hate it

I abhor it greatly

I take the Religion of my closest friend, so I take the Religion of Islam

"Allah" is not the name of the Muslim God

"Allah" is the name of God in general

There is only one God and His name is Allah Subhannahu Wa Ta'ala

I sweat a lot

I take a shower a lot

Girls like to be ordered around, not me. If you order me around and try to tell me what to do I'll kill you btch!

I now know my goal in life, spread the Salaam through the entire world

Or spread peace

As Sallamu Alaikum means: "Peace be upon you"

Because even though idk you, I want you to be safe

I want your family to be safe

I CARE about you 🙁

No I don't, I don't really give a shit if you get hit by a bus

You don't HAVE to be Muslim

Just fukkin be peaceful

Don't try to hurt the weak and defenseless

Women or children

Or old ladies

Well... I was banned from school

So I gotta wait until the summer semester start

I'm gonna take one summer course, "World Religions"

It's not needed for my major but I still wanna take it

So I can learn about other Religions

I like to learn

This ngga Roszay really bullshited me

This ngga said "Yo bro ima hit you up soon as I get off work at 5am-6"

So we can blow

This ngga NEVER hmu

Smhh... I'm glad I don't get my hopes up anymore

Cuz nggas be BULLSHITING

That ngga must really think I'm pressed to smoke some weed

Btch I'm bouta watch some porn and go df to sleep!

I'm gonna do what I want, how I want, and who I want

I'm gonna fuck any girl that I want

Any girl I see, ima stick my thing in her


Allah is The Comforter to those who put their full trust in Him

Allah is Al Mumin, the Granter of Security

"AL MUMIN" He grants security to every believer

This is not to say that He doesn't grant security to Non Muslims as well

It's all about levels,

Allah... He prioritizes

His first priority are the Prophets, peace be upon them all

And then it's all the Angels

And then, it's the Muslims of mankind

The honorable Angels are more in number than the humans and Jinn combined

They do not procreate

All the Angels are Muslims

Allah is Firm, Al Mateen

But He's also hella Gentle, Al Lateef

Do you really think I give a fuk about the way you feel or what you think of me?

You can suck my dck btch

I wanna be like everybody else, because everybody else is getting money and fuckin btches

Victoria June is a freakin cum box

I'ma smoke weed TILL I DIE!

How do you know if it's from Allah or the Shaytaan?


If it's good then it's from Allah, if it's bad than its from the Shaytaan

💂I wish it was that simple

💂but it's not!

Why ain't it??

💂when you put your penis in a girl's vagina, that feels good right?

Fuck yeah! That shyt be feeling good as hell

💂that's a good feeling, but that doesn't mean it's from Allah

💂in order for it to be from Allah two criterias have to be met:

1. In compliance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

2. According to the laws of Allah

The Sunnah and the Qur'an does not contradict

Because a contradiction indicates a flaw somewhere

There is no flaw in the Sunnah

And there is no flaw in the Qur'an

Similarly, if there were more than one god, let's say...

And one of the gods wanted for the sun to rise in the east, the other from the west

How's that gonna work out ?

It can't because it is a contradiction

There is only one God

This game is a bitch, my hand up her skirt" - Nipsey Hussle

From now on I will upload AYHV everyday after Maghrib

Or after sunset

Because when it's dark that's when everybody is at home and all the btches pussy get super wet at night time

That's why it's called "Monday Night Football"

"Late night show with Jay Leno"

Feel me?

Violet is always gonna be my #1 girl

Allah doesn't need NOTHING!

He's good

He is Ghaniyy, the Self Sufficient

And He is Qayyoom, the Self Subsisting

He is the Sustainer of all

Allah Allah ALLAH!

I worry too much, and I think a lot

I think about... others

Not me, idgaf about myself

J. Cole and Kendrick never did that album together

That shyt would've been hot

I saw Rachelle

She was dressed like an old lady

She always happy and laughing 😊

Kinda.... weeeiirdd 😨

Rachelle is an old high-school friend

When you know something, and somebody doesn't, then you try to use the knowledge that you have against them

That's mistreatment, that's foul behavior

God doesn't like that

Because if anybody has the right to do that it would be Him

Because He Knows all, while we know nothing

Allah is The Finder, Al Waajid

He will FIND YOU!

I'm ready to see some ass shaking and titties clapping

That's wtf I wanna see

Fuck what you heard btch I'm bouta go in

I wanna see ur little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy

This shyt bouta nut fuck what you heard

Both of you btches is straight CARNIVORES

I haven't taken a shower in like 3-75 days

I STINK!!!! 👃