Weird dude in elevator

The goal is not to be successful in life, the goal is to ultimately go to heaven. If you do what you have to do to go to heaven you will ultimately be successful in life.

True religious faith is putting all your trust in God, not just some.

I never changed, you're just not used to me anymore

We only question God because we don't fully understand him

Rapping is just trapping if you really think about it

Allah tests us all, not expecting us to pass it but to see if we will come back to him after failing.

There's many levels to heaven and many levels to hell as well

The point is not to win, the point is to learn a lesson. Did you learn a lesson or not dh?

What you call deep I call just barely scratching the surface bruh 😞

The answer is not even an option

When Allah tests you he does it without you even being aware.

We're all sharing unintentionally. Sharing knowledge, sharing power, sharing currency.

Trap beats have heavy kicks and consists of a lot of instruments

The whole point is to lose and be okay with it.

In the end we lose, you and I. But the point is not to be victorious.

I was wrong. Allah is not bias. Forgive me.

Allah is so great that even if you follow the wrong religion he still blesses you.

We should fear Allah greatly, but only for our benefit. But his goal is for us to not fear him but understand him. By understanding him we see the necessity behind fearing him.

Wait: while on hold music plays

You nggas promote violence like it's cool

Allah oversees things that even the third eye can't perceive

One must willfully submit themselves to Allah

SWAGG: so what ah got gear

Allah is truly great.

Allah does impressive things that we aren't even aware of

With the occurment of it happening, it thus makes it possible

Nothing is a mistake for Allah

What's done unintentionally can only be fixed through prayer

The winner decides who the real winner is
And the real winner selects who the actual winner is

Allah takes a selected few out of the pack in a turn in order to please a greater purpose.

The substitute effect - involving high

Time is nothing more then being able to observe everything as it unfolds.
You ever wake up and be like "omg what time is it"?

I certainly believe there are clear and concise rules of how one should live on earth, and us human beings are not following these rules so far. If that makes me and existentialist then so be it.

Rationality is based off logic.

The devil is not the ruler of hell, Allah is.

Jamba is reggie, Ganja is loud.

Allah willfully alters the way we think about certain things so we can only pray for what's crucial in our lives.

Pool of different arts

Marijuana gives you false confidence

Relying on objectivity will be the death of humankind

Lady talking bout missing the bus


Logic is proven wrong when it conflicts with religious matters

Allah loves it when you attempt to be impervious to his trials.

Maybe I only perceive it as funny.

Allah can't make it too easy for us

When you get high the tiny voices in your head become louder and more aggressive.

How can one tell if he is in the same plane of existence as others?

The most vexatious thing is when you speak to someone and you feel as if they're not even listening.

Logic is an annexation of faith.

Allah should never be synonymized.

The world ends when you die.

Ozzy is my worst enemy.

Allah's love for us is transcendental.

I am certainly a transcendentalist

I'm nowhere near perfect, but I try to be, and I believe that's all that really matters.

Allah is not on anybody's side, he is more of a mediator then anything else.

Now I finally know what it means to win. Make losing okay, but still possible to win at the end.
-sneakers getting wet while walking at Conway. But it was still a struggle for the sneakers to get wet, and they barely got wet. I'm high as shyt.

Fried and being high as shyt is different. Being fried means you're just high as shyt and unaware of all your actions. Being high means you feel the high but you're able to control your actions.

Fried: at this point you're capable of doing anything.

In order to win: the purpose will be diminished at the end.

So it's not really if he wins, but how he wins.

The truth can only be revealed to us after death.

High: being fried is the bad part of being high.

Nggas be like I'm fried but I'm high.

Ahh and the plot thickens.

To win is to expect the worst and make the best out of it.

The way to distinguish from being fried and high as shit is by realizing what's going on inside your head.

One of the many good things about Allah is that he never gets weary, his energy is everlasting.

Every creation is just a state of Allah.

High is normal for me..

It's mfs that do crazy shyt while fried that makes weed look bad. Like the mfs who get fried and rob a bank. Like bruh, who gets high and rob a bank? You on some crazy high shyt.

When you get high entirety is revealed to you.

Allah can only amuse and have fun with himself.

Alpha: the person everybody fuk with.
Abdul: the funny dude always make jokes.

I smoke to try to get as high as Allah, and try to get close to his level.

Sometimes I be wrong. "kanye shrug "

We must remember. Allah is not just one step ahead of us...

I was never fried.

Well who cares what you think you're black. Who cares what I think I'm black? Wow, talk about racial tension.

Micky dying convo with Rocky

There are many sides to Allah.

We are the answer. The question being, "is Allah the most powerful? "

*Me On Mic*
Hanging with my ngga Tyler here

hied-high and fried

We can't put logic over faith.

I'm very practical.

I never changed, you did. Now you're frustrated because I don't conform to your new ideology.

Allah speaks to us subjectively.

Self tying towel

Pastor Shola was telling me his mother is a Muslim and his father is a Chèristian. They was all happy and had no religious problems. When he became a pastor his mother danced for him with excitement. His father paid for his mother to go to Mecca.

Allah is selfless. He allows us to worship prophets without feeling no way about it.

Allah has anger problems.


You shouldn't have children to help you complete your wishes, they should follow their own path.

Allah lies to us at times. But he only lies for our benefit.

Allah is you, but you are not Allah.

Just because religion is a touchy subject does not mean we shouldn't touch on it.

The way Allah makes up to us with all the tests he gives us is with heaven.

Would we age if everybody was sleep?
Yes because Mother Nature will still be able to see us.

That ain't no mfn deerbra, that's a grown ass man in a deerbra suit. I know eeeem, his name Josh. He performed once at my son's birthday party.

At DCCC bus stop bul talking on the phone about fukkin old head up.

Pandora told me no on my 21st birthday

After constant heartbreaks, one becomes numb to any future loss or love disappointments.

God didn't tell Jesus or any Prophet the correct religion to follow.

Allah is far too kind and lenient with us.

Fried: the sieries. Make Jason the main character, he gets locked up at end

Allah has many creations.

Any book given to a prophet from Allah applies to every generation.

Trust your instincts, they're never wrong. Allah is your instinct, he's never wrong.

Why would you test me like this Allah?

Us humans always seek out for love because we fear to be alone. What we don't realize is that we are never alone, Allah is always with us.
The one who is most patient wins at the end.

When I get high i get a little taste of heaven, and that shyt great.

I hope I'm able to worship Allah in heaven.

Anything can be copied, but Allah. Because Allah is the unequivocal and he deserves all praise.

It's all a match within an already victorious tournament.

Allah has no picks.

Logic is an annexation of faith. Meaning that even if logic is a big part, faith plays a more significant role in the grand scheme of things

Because a silicon soul and a polyester heart
Makes the light inside kinda dark

Time exists only to the conscious mind.

Because Allah is the only Allah.

Truly he is unequivocal.

May his mercy be upon us.

Praise him!

You smell like straight Amsterdam.

He puts us in a state of incertitude which primarily follows the same trajectory as weakness one might say.

Those who reject Allah and his ways will be severely punished.

Allah is the exalted.

I do not partake in the consumption of alcohol.

It you don't know me, how can you tell if I'm high?

The funniest people are newcomers to a religion.

God is Karim, he is the only one that has true power.

Be a Muslim and prosper.

Allah's tests just seem inscrutable to us, but they're perfectly solvent.

His mercy is beyond us.

I believe everything in the Quran, even if I don't understand it.

There is no religion, there is only Islam. In which all the prophets followed.

Nothing is equal to the unequivocal.
Allah is never wrong.

Prove Allah's existence

Same story different teller

I am the high

Questioning Allah will only result in you questioning yourself.

Don't mistake trials for punishment.

I'm high as shit

You call it the devil's lettuce I call it a plant from God's garden.

Allah is a trickster.

Everything that's sigmicant in life is transcendental.

There's always a new chapter ahead.

Obliviousity is never an excuse.

I want to be a winner, the only way I can win is if I side with Allah.

Allah is not weak, we are weak.

It wouldn't be befitting to attribute Allah with anything other then entirety.

25 or 55?

Allah is the best of arguers. You can never win.

There is nothing in the world except for Allah and Islam. Everything else is an annexation.

Allah existed before us and Allah will exist after us.

Us humans tend to do too much as a group.

Your high level of animosity leads me to question your true intentions for me.

Allah works the hardest on the ones that don't matter to us.

Allah's power never dwindles. He's not like us, he does not get tired after running a race, or more validictory he is the race.

I don't get high or fried, I just get normal. I smk a lot of wd and lose touch of reality. My high is the normality for society.

Everything makes sense with Allah, and everything is connected.

I be thinking I'm better when I'm high, I'm really worse.