It's clear to see why smoking marijuana is Haram. When smoked it leads one to want to commit the sin of Zinaa or Fornication. Also it leads one to eat excessively, sleep excessively, and makes one indulge in many wishful thinking. Which are all sin and can corrupt a person's heart.

July 31 @ 12:30pm

The apostates are the worse of the people

Insha'Allah one day I will be a better Muslim than Shaykh Gilles

for the one who is ruled by his desires is weak, and whoever walks for a few steps with the Shaytaan will walk with him to the end

Islamic terrorists apostatize long before they commit to killing themselves and others So it's clear to see why they should not be labeled as "Islamic terrorists"

72 & 65
Apa- 72
Auntie- 65

Allaah does not work magic because if He did that than He will be similar to the creation. He simply Wills for things to be and they Be

Make Du'a for me brother

❌Never commit a sin in a state of Wudu

78 degrees

Well first let's acknowledge His Eternal Attributes

78 degrees

Alaah's reality is not subject to time It exists out of it. And it's not subject to change either

Anything that makes you sleep, eat, or speak too much is not good for you and haram, because it corrupts your heart Like smoking weed

Your profit is not earned from interest, your profit is earned from greed

It's safe to say that Allaah is the Only One attributed with Will

It is Allah who chooses because He is the only one who has Will

So it would be Kufr for one to think or say "can this event happen?" or "can this really go down?" Yes, because Allah can do anything and that notion will be questioning His Eternal attribute of Will.

Islam is spread through proliferation

No Prophet had worse luck than Prophet Abraham (PBUH)

The Shaytan is inscrutable. Allah is not inscrutable because that word is an adjective, and Allah is not a noun.

73 degrees

❌If you die inside a Holy Masjid you might get the reward of a martyr that died for their religion(Islam). Idk tho, prolly not. Allah knows best.

Peep it does not say that "Muslims are better than Christians". It only says "those who do not relate Allah to the creation."

Allah is the best of those who plan

73 degreee

Angie said the last time she saw me I didn't have that much facial hair. I told her it was a blessing from God

❌Allaah absolutely has no similarity to the creation

❌Rasulullah is not a diety. But there is only one diety tho df

What we think is a little is really a lot, and when we think is a lot is really a little

That line of reasoning falls down in certain cases

Mercy Ummah Umma= the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

66 degrees

77 degrees

58 is a really strong one

The goal is saturation

Everytime I go to Jummah on Friday my beliefs about Allah gets confirmed

If it is not Allah than who else could it be?

What we did is simply shape it into the way we want, but we certainly did not create it, only Allaah can create.

66 degrees

Whoever stays at the Masjid at Jummah from the beginning of the first sermon till Asr time is safe. But they have to be Muslim and they have to pray.

He has Knowledge of how it should be, He creates it, and then He Wills for it to be.

Mixing too much with people
Wishful thinking
Being attached to anything other than Allah
Eating too much

63 degrees

The Prophet PBUH used to pray so much that this legs would get tired. When he was asked why he gave so much worship he replied "shall I not be a thankful slave of Allah?"

You're 34. BTCH YOU WAS BORN IN 1987

There are going to be 15 scholars. 78-15=63

Yes, He had His attributes before He created them. Common sense brings me to that conclusion.

I've come to the conclusion that whatever Allah Wills to be shall be because He has Power and Speech

The Hereafter is only better for the Muslims. If you ain't Muslim and you die YOU'RE FUCKED!

72 degrees

Reciting dhikr bought my speech back, nothing else

75 degrees

75 degrees

A transgression is an act.

The prayer times are already set, already in place. Allah will not change for us, we have to change for Him.

72 degrees

❌People are taken out of Islam everyday more than people are murdered

72 degrees

73 degrees

Lightskin girls with big foreheads was put only on this Earth to test us good men

72 degrees

If I can just make it to Jummah I'll be good

Allaah is the best disposer of affairs

Headphones stopped working on Thursday 08-03-17
Paid dccc tuition

Tomorrow is Friday 😊🙌🙏

73 degrees

I woke up from my coma and realized how fucked up everybody is

73 degrees

72 degrees

73 degrees

78 degrees

78 degrees

66 degrees

66 degrees

Allah has no partners

66 degrees



According to Shaykh Ahmad Allaah does not get pleased because "pleased" is an emotion, and an emotion is a creation. Allaah has no similarity to the creation.

Little boy is my new name

My real name is Kunta Kinte.
Abdulai is my slave name

73 degrees

Live only to worship your God

Knowledge is knowledge, no matter who it is coming from. As long as it's religious unerring knowledge.

77 degrees

77& 78 degrees

77 degrees
Rather, He has Life and He Exists

And that's why the Yemenis, the Arabs before Ismail, they call them "The Original Arabs" The Arabs that came after Ismail... they call them "imitation Arab"

66 degrees

You look like photosynthesis

At the end of the day I just want to go to Jannah bro

Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown

When you lose you don't always fail, but when you fail you always lose

Eew your butt not fat

Mistakes happen, but when those mistakes become repetitive they are no longer mistakes, they are choices.

Oh my Lord! If I have done a sin in which you cannot forgive than please kill me now. PLEASE!



66 degrees


❌My Lord is the best of those who watch

❌None else but Allah

"we gotta motor mouth over here!"

69 degrees

Witchcraft is not a lesser degree than shirk, it is shirk

I love making Wudu

Allah is not similar to Prophet Muhammad at all.

I did it for the sake of my God, His name is Allah

I just trying to emulate your greatness

OK so this book is third person omniscient

I don't really need much, just weed and Wi-Fi

Some libraries allow it and some don't

I had 7 bodies before I got to Mercy (cee mugga)

78 degrees

Allah does not plan for the future, rather, He creates it. He has knowledge of how it should be, and He creates it.

Prophet Muhammad is the perfect archetype for his Ummah


66 degrees

Allaah constantly sends me signs about my deeds being accepted

If you can't commit before you hit it than you soul is destined to go to Hellfire.

77 degrees

The signs are for everybody in the Ummah, but there is only one who will catch it, may Allaah bless him.


63 degrees


63 degrees

I'm not an addict ima fanatic

Ik what you're trying to say but just don't say it

Absolutely nothing gets written down on Friday, it is a sin

Never trust anyone who works for the government

❌The Islamic religion is very general

❌Allah will smite you!

Long Dick Leonard
Kill Box Patrickx

How you gon lie, get caught in the lie. Keep lying, admit to lying, then get mad cuz nobody trust you

Allah knows best how humans work. He created us for Heavens sake

using namespace std;
Int main()
{cout << "hello world"<< endl;
Return 0;

Saying that Allaah is a girl would be blasphemy because it is implying that He is weak

To conclude: What is required of the believer, if Allaah and His Messenger have enjoined something, is to say: We hear and obey,

Once I stop smoking weed and watching porn and masterbating then I will be a pious Muslim

I don't want a girl, I want a woman that I can marry and have sex with over and over again. That's what I want

Prophet Ibrahim(AS) knew 8 of Allah's 13 attributes by the age of seven

OK so it's till sunrise

Once Allaah comes to me and tells me that He has forgiven me for all my sins, than I will stop doing so much worship

This body that you're bragging so much about, IT'S NOT YOURS! Did you create it?

If you don't feel no type of way about it than you like it. Because if you're not sure if you can trust somebody what will you do?

Verily deeds are done by the intention

Allah knows everything about everything

Allah is the only law giver, He gives the law and we obey.

We get endowments in this life, but we get rewards only in the Hereafter

No similarity
Non neediness

Everything connects in Islam and there are no contradictions

Capitalism is selfish

Work on your lower body and talk slower

If nobody is there that means that Allaah is there watching

Allaah is so great, He has given me sustenance

My castle in Jannah awaits!

The best temperature is 77 degrees

Call taxi
Delete Fb
Call Abigail

55 degrees
💥If you catch the Fajr prayer before sunrise

❌It's safe to say that all the Prophets are not infallible.

Push-ups - 170
Squats- 55

48 degrees

The One who creates the creation is not in need of what the creation needs

He has Knowledge of how it should be and then He creates it


Allah is not unjust because no one has power over Allah. To be unjust is "to be undutiful to the one who has power over you"



I thank Allah for my condition


Two things to remember, you are blessed, it could be worse

Asalaamu Alaikum wa rahmahtullahi.
La ilaha illallah

❌I'm not going to do a bad deed for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Allah.

God never disappoints, we are the ones to disappoint one another and then we blame it on Allah smhh

I made strong Du'a to Allah yesterday. I blew in the crib and when I was done I did an optional prayer and made strong Du'a to my Lord. Like 15 minutes later the bul came home lol. Allaah is great.

78 degrees

My religion tells me that Allah is All-Seeing and nothing is hidden from Him

I am a Wali. A close friend of Allaah.

Lmaoo this ngga brother Anwar funny as shit. He said "unless a trustworthy Muslim tells you" I was like "do you have to know him to trust him?" He was like "Allah knows best how well you have to know the person."

You're finally starting to see the glory in this lifestyle

You are Awliya, Allaah chooses you and accepts you.

Allaah is my Wali

I guess I'm a Suffi

Every creation exists, but you don't have to be a creation in order to exist... I think

I hate death, because if I'm dead than I cannot worship Allaah in this world, and in this Dunya is where I get the most rewards.

Allaah chose you to be Awliya because you are the best of the Ummah

Allah chooses you after the Prophets

I am 78, he is 72

Your mind can be a place
Because other creations can dwell in it

We are not able to conceive eternity


The Shaytan does not know your thoughts

Allaah chooses you after Abu Bakr

66 degrees

You are not obligated to do anything that the Messenger has not already enjoined upon you

They speak Austrian in Australia

The thing about Islam is that everything makes sense in it, which is why I submit. Gladly.

This ngga said "who came up with the idea of religion anyway?" Umm... God btch

Everything in Islam connects and correlates

❌All the Prophets were male and if an Angel was to appear in human form it would be male. He chooses the Prophets and Angels over the rest of the creations, that's the only reason why we label Allah as "He". But we certainly do not say that Allah is male or female, that would be blasphemy.

If Allah can do anything than that must mean that anything is possible

When Allah guides a person He makes it so that person has no choice but to follow Him and His Messenger

Allaah does what He pleases because no one has power over Him. May He be exalted

55, 52, 25, 11

We will not return what you have destroyed, even if you are a Muslim

For the whole world to cease existing would be less severe than killing one Muslim

Your eyes accentuates the semblance of your beauty

Makrooh is the opposite of mustahab

The only act of freedom is to kill yourself

The intransigent ones will never prosper

Keep this closed and keep this closed, and you will go to Jannah. And when I say your mouth I don't mean don't talk, i mean STOP SUCKING DCK! But don't keep this closed though, your heart. Your heart is so beautiful. Open it up so the world can see.
- No, I'm Muslim, we don't do that. Rather we say ALLAH!

I know that the only God, Allaah has something special planned for me, and it's not you

It is permissible to do that but it would be makrooh

May Allah preserve you

And I'm gonna tell him about the attributes of Allah

555, 525, 755, 725, all have 555 in them

55 degrees

The righteous believer is always blaming himself

Why do I feel like that? The Muslim is always blaming himself

How do you want to die as a Muslim if you are not prepared to live like one

Everything bores me. I WANT MORE! I WANT MY LORD!

It's clear to see that if the first condition applies than the second one does as well

Allaah is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving, and He is One.

If no one is watching just know that Allaah is always watching. He is the only One who is al-Basir

There are people and things that I enjoy doing, but I only love and enjoy Allah, and the Prophet(PBUH), and the religion of Islam.

It's only Allaah. It's only Allaah? It's only Allaah? FEAR ALLAAH!

You are not responsible for what people wear, you are responsible for what your eyes perceive and look at.

Your rizq will come before your death.

Allaah is my Wali

As Sami- The Hearer of all
Al-Basir- The Seer of all

I'm used to the dark

ask for help from Allah to give thanks to Him

Btches be fertile as shit, I put my dck in that btch once she gon be 6 months pregnant the next day n shyt

I don't want no parts, you got more bodies than Charles Manson

It's physically impossible to count your heartbeats, it's impossible to enumerate the amount of blessings that Allaah gives you

Ultimate ownership necessitates creation. None of us are truly owners of anything, we simply transfer ownership. Allah doesn't owe a favor to anything or anyone

40 degrees



Allaah is the best of those who watch, He is Al-Basir

I'm not gay, I'm just hella chaste

Get spoon


Once we get what we really want Allaah makes us forget how bad we had once wanted it

Ima learn how to roll a backwood soon inshaAllah

The best gifts are those that are kept a secret. You never know what you're going to get. I suppose that could also be the worst gift, "shrugs" oh well, Allaah knows best.

I know how to be by myself better

I saw the Prophet (PBUH) in my dreams

It's with humility you find your true self

What personal reasons could you have for not going to the Mosque and worshipping Allah?

I mean yeah I suppose I could smile, but then I begin to think about all the sins that I have done in the past and my heart sinks, because I know that I am sure to receive the punishment of Allah, that is unless my Lord forgives me. And my Lord is Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving.


Idk what's happening to me but what I do know is that it's Allaah, and I like it.

Allaah has chose me. Insha'Allah I will not let Him down.

I take long giant steps and I gotta long giant dck

We are able to "be in the moment" but we do not have existence, only Allaah has that attribute

We are able to perceive sound, but we do not have hearing, only Allaah is As-Sami

Once we establish that He in fact exists than it is easy to see that He cannot be like us

Call me Daddy Dearest

Eeman is belief in Allaah, His Messengers, His Angels, His books, al-Qadr, the final day

I'm not doing it for adulation, the Angels already like me and are cheering me on, that is enough.

My Lord is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving

Bear witness

Everyday I have to do new good deeds to make sure that I am accepted by the Almighty

Christianity is a unsubstantiated religion

Two 1's equal 5

The two Rakkah solution

Maybe if I always remind my little brother Alusine of Allaah than perhaps he will grow to have more faith than me cuz my eeman is weak lol

I am never gonna lie to Allaah again. NEVER!

The Lord that I worship has no partners. He does not beget and He is not begotten.

This is something that i knew my Lord was going to Will. I had no doubt.

I like the way that your facial structure is formed.

Apa, FA, school, be my friend, ily

505,511,515,520,527,533,535,545 these all equal 725



I have to give Zakath

Yes smoking weed makes your mind run a mile a minute but where is it running to and from where?

319 is so bad that it's good

I'm finna permeate my semen all over the inside of your vaginal wall

Change is good if it's in accordance with the Islamic religion

Oldhead please don't fuck him up

Al-Aleem- the All Knowing

The five essentials are:
Belongings (Property)
Creed (Religion)

Damascus is Sham

Please don't send me naked pictures I don't like to be teased

I will never despair of the mercy of my Lord. Allah (SWT) is the most Merciful, oft-Forgiving. It's not Allah's forgiveness that I have a problem with, it's just the fact like, why do I keep doing these sins?



I exist only to worship the Most Merciful Oft-Forgiving Lord

All six

My Religion forbids me to look you in the face because it makes me happy

Only Allah can import the scanner class

Only Allah can declare the main function

Do they even still harvest Reggie?

Remember the story that Amir told you about the guy in a well

May Allah protect us

Then you need to discard your kufr belief that will soon end to your destruction

You can fornicate and not be pubescent

If the best of us is weak then what does that mean for the rest of us?

Yo is my pants on?

1. Call Allah by His beautiful names
2. Prophet Muhammad
3. Tawbah and ask
4. Dua
5. Allah

Sometimes it's good to be around good people

Mention the five pillars and six pillars to Shaykh Sayf "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT ALLAH IS AL BASIR??"

I am a Wali, I am a guaranteed winner

He who has no one has Allah
He who has Allah has everything
Allahu Akbar! Allah has made this baby vanish into thin air

Yall scared of marriage

It only applies to me

May Allah bless J Cole for freeing the slaves

Then you need to denounce your atheistic belief that will soon result in your own destruction

Every sin is done out of ignorance

If He's real then that must mean that His names and attributes are real as well

In school they tell us that if you have something to say then let it out and don't hold it in, Allah tells us to speak good or remain silent

I am very proud of myself, because I am religiously committed, righteous and pious

May Allah protect us Ameen Ya Rabbil Alameen

"O Allah, allow me to marry person x if it is good for me in my relationship with you. If it is good for me in my Dunya and in my Akhira

So your Lord has a first and last name?

An idol is something you worship, something your hopes are associated with, something you think about all the time, something that replaces Allah in your heart

Allah has made hellfire haram for me

The shaytan, he comes and goes. But Allah, He always stays.

How can we create ourselves if we weren't even created in the first place? Df like... You got 47 chromosomes bruh?

I will never drive to go to the Mosque

Laugh, someone laugh

There is a light emanating from your face that resembles the light of the full moon

Why did the seat belts become friends? They just clicked

Say subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, Allahu Akbar 34 times