All the girls who’s ass does a “P” most likely they butt stink 😷

I’m ready

Btches be cute but having ugly ass babies

“God” is not born. Nor will He ever die

May Allah make me wake up tomorrow morning to pray Fajr. I love getting rewards

I was once having sex with this girl she was like “nut in this pussy daddy” I was like “😡🤬ON GOD U FINNA GET THIS NUT!! ON GAWWD!”

I’ma man of my word

This ngga Kur man smhh, #HeavilyUnderrated I fw Kur more than Meek frfr

Turn her legs into a spreadsheet, eat the pussy till I see the red meat 😝🤫

Everyday keep getting colder

Flirtatious 🥰

Lose feelings quicker than they’re caught

These girls are raised by their “fathers”. 😫they know how us nggas think

I don’t respect the relationship that you’re in so I’m gonna ruin it by fucking you, k?

Violence does not bring change

I never trip about losing money or missing out on some pussy, cuz they’re both renewable resources

Life would be so much easier if everybody just smoked a joint

The best month is April

My fingers be moving

Ever since I ate her pussy she been acting different

Nggas be eating pussy dey pay for. 🤨df type time u on??

What’s wrong honey? R u feeling well? 😟I’m worried bout you

I tell it like it is. I ain’t scared of SHIT!

Would u eat her pussy if it stinks 😷, but she promise to buy you the ps5? 🤔”idk. I really need that ps5 tho”

Guess ima just have to eat that btch pussy

Def not eating her ass tho ! 😷

Young Philly ngga fuck a check up on ya main hoe!

Offset cheated on Cardi B cuz she don’t know how to cook, she only know how to shake her ass

Wanna make a girl fall in love with you? While eating her out, squeeze her pussy lips and rub them against one another like a caveman trying to start a fire


My name in these streets

The freakiest girls, do the most loyal shit, for the most unfaithful nggas

There’s a special technique to “eating pussy” that most nggas don’t know about

My nut will be victorious

What does it mean bro? 😦 “I nutted in this girl and she cried

She cried cuz of my nut

My nut made her cry

I done had my dck sucked so many times

You gon nut in my mouth if I eat your pussy?

Allah is ordering you, but He’s not forcing you


fuck all the btches that fronted on me when I didn’t have money you feeling so stupid

It feel like a Sunday

I done fucked that btch and told her what to do. If I’m short a brick I owe it all to you

Intricate - very complicated or detailed.

Abdul Raheem

I’m borderline skinny and fat

Pray for Donald Trump bruh. Nobody deserves to catch this shit

Changing the SCRIPT!

I’m always aroused

Chilled with my ngga today

I wanna have brunch

I been at the gas station all night!

Pop Smoke not dead

She gotta pretty mouth

These btches lethal

I ain’t texting back that btch!


I treat these girls right

Faith is a subjective truth

A pretentious mind leads to wishful thinking

These nggas funny like Rick & Morty, I gotta white btch she’s snorting

I’m too heavy for the game

Btches be having freckles looking like somebody polka dotted they face up with a sharpie n shyt

Cordial - warm and friendly.

My thoughts roam expeditiously, I take her home and eat her 🐱 viciously

Oh shit I gotta listen to that Bryson Tiller album

I fuck with Bryson Tiller

“No fairy godmother this month” 😂

Girls be beating the hell out they kids then five minutes later they be like “GET DF OVER HERE AND TAKE THIS PICTURE WITH ME!” Then post it on social media 😟

I nutted in her mouth, and now she’s pregnant

I want some chicken

I’m not going to register to vote! Ima still vote tho

These BALD HEADED btches do not listen to facts. Ima go ahead and put my whole dck in her ass!

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) received revelation at the age of 40 in Makkah. He used to go up to a cave called “Hira” to meditate and pray.

Mother gets off work at 9:30 I think

My socks STINK!!

All I wanna do is FORNICATE, can’t AFFORD TO WAIT, dumbass restaurants and BORING DATES, fuck all that shit

I’m finna create a group putting up different girls with pretty smiles 😃. Cuz I’m tired of seeing girls showing off their ass and titties n shyt thinking that’s lit 😟

“This day just keeps getting worser and worser is not a valid statement. “WORSER” is not a word 😤. The correct syntax is “MORE AND MORE WORSE” #iSaidWhatiSaid 😤👌

Nggas don’t fuck wit Nick Bean?

I once ate this girl ass and she farted in my mouth 😕😔

I carry it well ! 🤠

I put my longass dck down deep in her throat

I been feeling kinda loopy ain’t been taking my meds, nggas think that life’s a movie and I’m smhh

Nobody got more #BARZ than me

I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006


I gotta take my girl to the hospital

My btch sick, she gotta yeast infection

I hope everything alright with my girl 😥. This btch better not be pregnant. If she is I’m breaking up w her 😤

All them times I done fucked that btch raw and nutted in her. NOW YOU WANNA BE PREGNANT BTCH!

Now that btch talmbout that “abortion” shit ! Btch FUCK YOU, YOU NOT KILLING MY SEED BTCH

I gotta low sperm count

It’s safe to say nggas in trouble

Spare Me was better

Btches be bluffing I tell em what they wanna hear then fuck em

Life’s about progress

I done fucked every bad btch in the world

Megan Thee Stallion a hoe

I seen this btch on Pornhub smhh

I really fw A-Boogie

Where df is Stacey at? Lol

I miss my girl!! 😢 she’s at the hospital sick n shit. I hope that btch doesn’t die. If she does I’m breaking up with her 😤😒 #FUCKTHATBTCH

Btches be pregnant n shyt 😒 btch fuck u and ur delivery date btch!

She fill my mind up with ideas

If I was I’d prolly be a trick. Selling pussy n shyt smhh

I fucked this btch named Rebecca. She was on my dck

No, there’s nothing wrong with wanting financial security in a relationship. It doesn’t make a girl a hoe in the slightest bit. But these girls man... ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY! And they will do anything for it smhh. You not a hoe but ur slowly becoming

I wanted to fuck Bianca but I didn’t. She wanted me to eat her ass and I wasn’t with it. She was like “if you don’t eat my ass we not fukkin” 😒 I was like “TUHH! ✌️ “

This btch been farting all day now she want me to eat her ass n shit. 😷🤢#DOOKIEBUTT Get df out my face before I lose my composure n shit

My ngga TY he the KID WIT THE MAC!!

I was at George W Hill, they put me in the hole for NO FUCKIN REASON!

You know how many women done walked out on me in my life? 🤨 “MOTHER... SISTER... AUNTIES” and those are all girls that I actually care about. You mean absolutely nothing to me, so why would I give a fuck if u were to leave?

Bored as shit

Some girls just need to lose weight

We do it cuz the white girls love it

The best sex is from a girl who heeds to your every demand, you be like “put your ass higher!” She like “okay daddy...

We don’t do vouchers, excuse me sir! windi

My maturity is out of this world you heard me?

I fucked this btch one time her name was “Catherine”

Maybe not...

These girls is mysterious. They have an ulterior motive

I blocked that btch. She was acting nutty 😒🤨

This type of transgression is not justified in the least bit

I want a sponge cake

I never even ate a sponge cake before

For each body count, your value diminishes

Cdffuupp they looted the wine & spirits on Chester Pike lmaao. These nggas not angry, they just broke

Self explanatory you just here to tell the story

I sent this girl a pic of my 🍆 and then I blocked her

Corrode - destroy or damage (metal, stone, or other materials) slowly by chemical action.

I want you to be ok

Bonds > title

That’s not what I want 🙁

I’m ready to be a father 🤩

I need 30 off the hip fwytb!

She sucked my dck first! 😤

Please explain this vulgar behavior of yours

I’m really quite shocked honestly

This side of you... I have never seen you display it before

This stagnant position that you are in thereof... You must not remain in it

Biden won off the strength of Obama

There’s something troubling you my dear

Inept - having or showing no skill; clumsy.

Balance is key

Crushing up the drugs with the same hand that I fix the braid with

Babymama ain’t shit, she won’t let me see my son

I need a btch to wife me

Cohorts - a group of people banded together or treated as a group.

Cohesion - the action or fact of forming a united whole. "the work at present lacks cohesion"

Islam is the only Religion accepted by God. He does not accept Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism or any other Religion. Only ISLAM

Some people out of their ignorance they say things like “God is love”, or “we are God”. 🤨😔😔😒✌️. Wtf! that’s rubbish!

Do you truly believe in God or do you believe in some white man in the sky with a white beard and reading glasses? 🤨🤨😒

Don’t believe in the foolish temptations of this world, it will all come to an end one day. You’re definitely going to die. And when you die you’re dead FOREVER

Girls like when a man is romantic. Don’t just tell her “I wanna fck u and cum inside you” 😂😂she gon be like “BYE! ✌️” you gotta say some shit like... “let’s sleep together under the moonlit sky as I marinate my semen all over ur vaginal walls”

OnlyFans is prostitution 😒. You’re selling your body to other people for their enjoyment. That’s what prostitution is. “Everybody and they mama doing it”. That’s cuz everybody and they mamas is some HOES 🤷🏿‍♂️😂✌️

Some women aren’t fit to be mothers

O block OTF 300 btch let’s check the stats

Tired of being single... 😉😏😔😂

I hit a btch with my mask on!

Shawn Mendes fucked Bea Miller


I be lying... 😕

I don’t pay for pussy df! I’m better than that 😤

I gave this btch like $200 at the hotel to lemme fuck and I ain’t even NUT! She was like “hurry up you’re paying for my time!” I’m like 🤨”btch I’m paying for my dck to be in your mouth” TUHH! 😤

Now that the time has gone back I’m able to sustain my Wudu from Fajr until Dhuhr 😌🙏🏿

In a world full of Cardi B’s I just want a Jhene Aiko 👌

This btch is a ballerina 😒. I fuck her in her tutu! 😁

Kyrie Irving is the head coach for the Eagles

Remember when we used to tell people that they smell like “BOUNCE THAT ASS” 😂😂

You can’t be kind to the one that you love

I really don’t know a lot of people 😕

Debilitating - (of a disease or condition) making someone very weak and infirm.

I didn’t even know y’all was doing it 😕, i was just doing my own thing

Older people are more mature and know more than us. That’s why every president and any type of leader is old and gray. This is because as you get older you gain wisdom and things come into perspective.I don’t got respect for anybody that don’t respect their elders 😒

Mr. Charles


Tiffany - lightskin

Dana - outside

Brittany - red hair

Mr. Brown

Gimme 30 in a bag