Allah, He tests us.

I'm still learning

Idk her parents

There are no hows when it comes to Religion

Just don't use foul language and sin

There is no such thing as coincidence

Anger can sometimes be a result of pride

Resorting to violence because of anger is the most irrational thing that a Muslim can do

Never wish death on anybody, no matter how much they have wronged you. Because if they die then they can't repent to Allah anymore and ask for forgiveness.

He can still ask Allah for forgiveness and Allah will accept him because Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

Jason dies

Jerry dies

They all die

Only Allah lives

The ones who deserve death and hell fire are the ones who does not fear Allah, this can be both the Muslim and the non-Muslim .

The ones who deserve hellfire are only the non-believers

Piety is from the mercy of Allah

Regret is a form of punishment

This society offers lots of evil friends

Follow the way of Ibrahim

The more you feed that animal, the more you turn into that animal

Everything created by Allah, it's purpose is Ibidaah

Allah is the best of those who plan

If you want the mercy of Allah you must be merciful yourself

The currency on the Day of Judgment are deeds

Wtf is a conjunction?

Conjunction- a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g., and, if you,).

Idk wtf I want

I want her, I want she, I want ALL THEM!

Df is this ngga talking about??

Nothing matters to me but going to Jannah. I'M FOCUSED

His Mercy supersedes His anger

Df is she talking about?

I love my little sister Assanatu too much

And I love Alusine

Iman is also manifested in the limbs

Regret is a seed of guidance

Your face brings radiance to everything in the heavens and the Earth

All languages go back to the language of Adam

Look this might be a point of contention between us and you

Only Allah can declare the main function

You only benefit from the wealth when you spend it

None of the good things of this life are worth anything compared to that one gift

I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah loves those who rely on Him

How can I sleep when there's so much beneficial knowledge out there for me to learn

Allah is my light in this dark world


9 weeks until pregnancy the fetus is there

The fetus is the part of the human being that gives it all the senses and it's identity

At 21 weeks it's a fully grown embryo With the heart pumping, the lungs breathing, the eyes fully formed

I will never forget

May Allah bless my brother Amir Muhammed

May Allah bless my brother Shakur

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

Please Allah forgive me, please. I am sooo sorry. I will never do this sin again, this is the last time, I promise.

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation for what he fears for them, Aamen!

I ain't scared of shyt bruh, only fear Allah fr and He is not in this world soooooooooo?

Allah is Al Mani

The stronger you put your mind to the belief the greater the result will be

The act in and of itself is not evil, what's evil is the reason and intention

Virtue is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is the highest thing in Islam

By doing virtuous deeds you make the world more beautiful

The better behavior that you have the more likely you'll get invited back

If you behave in the world like you see Him you will behave beautifully

The whole social order is based on the authority of the family. The thing about families is that families are not just.

Ethicists say: Justice is only necessary in the absence of love

Only ask what is absolutely necessary to ask

Thank you for asking me about my Religion. I cannot lie.

There are people that are not Muslims, but they have eeman inside them, we can't judge them

We judge books by covers too quickly

Own up to your own errors

When one group becomes rigid they like to distinguish themselves from the other groups, and the other group becomes more rigid, because every action has an opposite reaction

Ya Allah I come to you. Who is God but you? Ya Allah I swear by your name that You are One. Ya Allah I am weak. Look what I'm doing ya Allah. A weak creation I am ya Allah. Only You are Strong. Only You have Power.

Forgive me ya Allah.

In the midst of affluence there is no joy

We were told to be caretakers

We are becoming mindless and spineless jellyfish

The main cause of all of this is the economy of usury

Think about the entrance more than the exiting

Its the positive that you should focus on more

My commitment to the truth is everything

The most important thing to me is my commitment to the truth

Falsehood was always meant to disappear

A person is considered truly dead when they're brain stem stop working

The irreversible loss of consciousness is defined as death

I exist only to serve my Creator. His name is Allah

Anything that I have said wrong is because I am a weak human being

There is something known as jealousy, that can overtake anyone even the best from among you

Information is what you know, but knowledge can help but show

Sometimes when we discover the truth we try to run away from it because we don't want to believe in it

Don't let the media tell you stuff. They might say that ISIS represents Islam, they might also say that KKK represents Christianity

That's not what I want. What I want is to go to Jannah

May Allah grant that to me

I see differently

Abu Bakr.Umar ibn al-Khattab.Uthman ibn Affan.Ali ibn Abi Talib.

I think about my mother a lot, I really love that woman

Last time I saw her I was like five

The only time I'm not thinking about her is when I'm thinking about Allah

Don't give it much attention

Just because knowledge increases does not mean that guidance increases

When somebody does a lot of things for you than you're ashamed to do something against them

Think of every single step as your final destination towards guidance

This man is not my father, who is my dauber? Ibrahim AS

That ngga not my brother. Who are my brothers? Hasan, Adam, Judah.

The link of Shahada is stronger than blood

Taking care of my little brother and sister makes me more responsible, I just peeped

It rains a lot in the morning while I'm praying Fajr

And it's been kinda not hot lately, it really hasn't been feeling like summer. Oh well, it's still kinda early

Just respect the boundaries set by Allah and do you bruh

May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, Angels protect you, and Jannah accept you, Aamen!

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande bad as shyt.

They butt not that big but we can MAKE IT WORK BABYGIRL! 👅😊

I wanna get married but I'M UGLY!

My baby sister be telling me I'm ugly for so long now I believe her

Jealousy is just love and hate a the same time- Drake

Old ladies dont like me Idk why I be super nice to them

I can't marry a dark skin chick. When it's gon be time for her to deliver the baby the doctor gon be like "push, you can do it" then when she push and it comes out we not go be able to see it, ima be like "ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAH HAS MADE THIS BABY VANISH INTO THIN AIR!! ALLAHU AKBAR!THE QADR OF ALLAH IS POWERFUL! Then one of the nurses gon get a flashlight and then ima be like "oh there you are"

I happily curve btches for the sake of Allah

Lying to make others laugh is an enormous sin

I'm a savage to these nggas but to her I'm gentle

Owe Mike $1

This ngga love his legos

Today I'm going to stay up for Laylatul Qadr. I AM NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO MAKE ME JUNUB!

The only thing we got in common is that we got nothing in common

Nggas be like "only God can judge me" meanwhile the Quran has been out for over 1400 years like... 😮. He's judging you right now dh. Talking bout ain't nothing wrong with fukkin a lot of btches. Bruuh df! God said "it's not okay" and you keep doing it soooooo....😳

I used to be starring at every girl butt when they walk by. I don't no more though ever since I found Islam. God doesn't want me to be thinking about you when i watch porn and masterbate at night. Allah knows best.

I don't believe in ghosts

If you are not a Muslim and you don't believe in Allah and His Messenger PBUH, then of course you won't believe in the reality of the jinns, so where's that gonna leave you? You're just going to think like it's ghosts or some shyt and then you'll drift far away from the truth and fall down a cliff and fall flat on your face and die. DO YOU WANNA DIE??

Allah is able to foresee the future. For it is He Who creates it.

Donald Trump is a descendant of Firawn (Pharaoh) and Namrud

My brother is a chauvinistic atheist, and he's a chauvinistic secularist. He wants me to be the same, he was like "MY JOB IS GOING TO SEE YOUR WEBSITE AND THINK THAT I'M RELATED TO A ISLAMIC TERRORIST, DELETE IT AND BE A SECULARIST" Another reason he told me to not be Muslim is "our president doesn't like you people" But hey I'll tell you one thing for sure, my brother has a great smile and he's really good at math

And my brother also told me "stop attracting attention to yourself just be a Muslim in private" I'm thinking like... "how do you go about doing that?" You can't. You cannot be a Muslim in private, you just can't.

My brother has xenophobia. But I'll tell you one thing, he has a heck of a good smile

Capital punishment for the act of treason is nothing new

Tyranical governments try to play the role of God