The term "love" cannot be used when referring to the creator.

Dont use them at all when referring to Allāh

Eating when one does not need to is not sinful

I keep count with my fingers with every Rakkath that I complete

Allah has not created anything sweeter than Islam.


Just because you have done more prayers than the next person it don't necessarily mean that you are better or more pious, it just means that you are in a position to earn more blessings and rewards.

Prophet Muhammad was truthful in everything he conveyed.

Truthfulness lead to doing good things, and that leads to paradise.

Lying is defined as saying something that is opposite of the truth, intentionally.

The mountains are made up of small rocks.
Small sins will eventually lead to big sins, and that may lead to blasphemy. Just like how a sickness can lead to death.

If a matter is lawful and one deems it unlawful than that is blasphemy.

We seek refuge from Allah from such blasphemy.

Lying is not permissible, whether one is joking or not, even if it does not lead to any harm upon the person.

To be truthful is a good thing

Rick Ross be having the same flow in every song

Who df is Larry Kim? This ngga just followed me on twitter




Change the order of the random thoughts

To him the dominion belongs. He owns all, not just some, but ALL!

Older Africans like to give a whole background story before they get to their thesis

It's Haram to pray without being in a state of Wudu

Do song of the month

No that is not sinful as long as the person doesnt do injustice to the other while chastising

Mario cab # is 887

Moses birthday is on the 14th of April

The one who drinks alcohol is similar to the one who smokes cigarette

the shaytan don't know shit!

What day is it I'm high as shyt

❌if somebody tells you that God exists in a place than they done told you a bold face lie

Add so

ng of the month and explanation for random Maybe a Javascript music player

Or just the YouTube video

Test will be on Chap 12 climate change

Add a search bar in HTML

Put SOTM on index page

Position image with css

Do a page about Catalina

Call the page crushes

The fact of the matter is, Allah knows all, he is completely omniscient, there is nothing that he does not know.

Add blasphemy page to Allah

Put dates in SOTM with hr

Shrink font titles

Make font dates big


now I am so hungry"

Yo for some reason 144 bruh

Dear Lindsay,
I cannot harbor these feelings for you any longer.
Because I don't want to. Because I really want...
Thursday when you told me you was leaving I didn't really think much of it. But then I went home that same day and I began to think about you, Idk why but I just did. Then it was night time and I had to go to sleep. When I finally drifted off to sleep I had the most wonderful dream, about you
I mean like, who are you?
what gave you the right to come into my life and do what you did? Everything was all good until you came along. I was chilling. I mean... I wasn't at my best due to my vision problems and balance issues caused by my brain injury, but other then that I was good! Then yo ass came outta nowhere. As you strutted across the room and you came to sit down next to me the first thing I noticed about you was your eyes. Such amazing and beautiful eyes they are. Immediately I knew that you was trouble. Often I think about you. Frequent. More than most of the time. A lot. I think about you a lot okay, and it sucks because, I know that you probably have somebody in your life and I can never have you. I'm writing this right now on the bus going to school and my neck and fingers is getting tired but I just want you to know this... Please don't leave, because I fear that I will never find another.
Well you can leave, just leave your number.

Lindsay Lindsay oh how you spin me.
you make my head go round like it was on a merry-go
if you was to leave than my heart will grow very cold. Lol Your eyes accentuate the semblance of your beauty. P.S. I don't want this to be awkward in any way. So when you're finished reading this just do nothing. Blink twice if... Never mind, don't blink, don't do nothing at all lol. One of my biggest fears is rejection. Don't tell me nothing. Just look at me one more time so I can see your eyes one final time. INGB "I'm not gay bruh"

White people music(WPM)

Bangerz (Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap)


Tayamum- dry purification

The high status of the slaves is gained by worshiping Allah.

Khadija died 9 years after Muhammad received his first call.

Make color for pages constant

When you are doing a prayer you are actually stretching

I only seek refuge from Allah because the shaytan don't have any power.

Let's say that one was in the process of fornicating, will it be sinful to utter Allah's name while in the process of doing the sin? Or should they just wait until after?

-I never heard that

Us Muslims are among the most arcane type of people. Those of us that are really bad we are really bad, those of us that are really good we are really good. There's more bad than good tho.


The high hits you when you exhale. I promise you bruh.

I'm high as shyt

❌He is a singularity that is always omniscient.

❌Allah is not an "is" though because it is only He who has no similarity to the creations. That is blasphemy say your Shahada!

Where df did that soap come from?

I promise you I'm not gay bruh, I just really like this song.

Homosexuality is a big sin in the eyes of Allah which he does not have.

Because Allah has no similarity to the creation.

I don't try to understand Allah, nobody can understand him. I just try to do all the obligations and avoid all sins

don't leave shout your mouth

❌The worst is atheism, to deny the eternal existence of Allah, the Creator.

Still, your path seems to be a bit more strenuous.

❌Just did Isha at 8:52pm

These are the worst kind of sins. Allah indeed said in the Holy Quran that He is the most merciful. And indeed he is, no one gives more mercy then the Creator. But Allah DOES NOT FORGIVE BLASPHEMY. We seek refuge from Allah for any blasphemous thoughts or sayings. If one was to die with blasphemy and they did not repent properly, than they will surely go to hell fire forever. That is unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul. Blasphemy falls under three specific categories, which will all be explained shortly Insha'Allah. To bely the religion of Allah, to liken the Creator to the creation, and to deny the eternal existence of Allah. Among these to deny is the worst. Blasphemy is still BAD. It is said that every other sin compared to blasphemy its like nothing. So if you was to shoot a guy on the street and then you die without repentance, than Allah might forgive you. But if you liken the Creator to the creation in any way, like if you was to say that God is high up in the sky. And you die without repentance, then you will SURELY GO TO HELL. Allah knows best.

If a Muslim individual blasphemes than that takes them out of the religion and they are immediately ordered to come back to Islam, and they do this by saying the two testification of faith, which are, "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger". This is known as the Shahada. Which is how a person enters the religion of Islam.

There is no blind faith in Islam because we are all ordered to use our sound mind.

Put titles of all music with links. It's going to be an ordered list

The intention always comes first

Make ordered list for all the hoes I dated

Look for mfn jeans at home

I do not get intoxicated. Marijuana does not intoxicate me.

All she want is good dck and advice - Wale

Make music page similar to BARZ

It is clear that the creator does not exist in a place

We don't attribute how, where or what to the Creator

Prophet Muhammad said which means "Allah existed eternally and nothing else existed"

Remove" this man" from Allah and put it in random

What is the definition of a good deed in Islam?

We only have to do 50 perfect prayers in our lifetime.

I'm not even going to get a chance to see Lindsay today smh

Put a tab for Lindsay on random

Finish attributes

Intoxication is a large sin

We pray that Allah will keep us on the right path, Islam.

Allah has not revealed all the laws of Islam to us.

Video for pillow talking

It's 78 of us in total, among them I am the best.

25 of them are in Islamic countries.

I am among the 53.

Isha at 8:57pm. 57 degrees

God cannot be ingratiatle

Truly Allah is peerless

Just sit back and watch Allah do everything.

The Prophet does not prove that Allah exists, Allah proves that The Prophet existed.

The scrolling date for Feb 17 is wrong

Add more songs to wpm

I had the HTML class right before my brain injury and then I had it again right after my injury

I dropped the blunt under the stairs at the train station and then the train came lol smh.

❌The Prophet of Islam is the best of the creations.

Remove other menu options on music page

If you pray to any Prophet or any other than Allah than you are committing blasphemy because you are associating partners with The Creator.

Just because He forgives you does not mean the fact that you committed the sin goes away.

Allah did not find me, I found Allah. He was always here, I wasn't.

Change caption for superdreams

Add more music to music page

❌One of them is Shaykh Gilles

Asr time remained the same for 3 days straight

Asr is the most stubborn

make the menus on the music page link somewhere else, one of them is covers

It's most likely a health fact that it is hard for one to urinate after smoking marijuana

Btches be ugly as shyt talking bout some "and when I'm gone don't come chasing me." 😑 btch you ugly as shit. I ain't even trying chase yo ass now.

A nonbeliever may acquiesce the belief of Allah.

You're living in a chimercial world.

change the one I believe in to "The Belief"

change the pic on index also add a short bio

There is nothing that is more certain than Allah's word.

The Creator cannot be arcane because he is not understood by none at all.

work on the belief.

I have to learn how not to get too attached to people, Insha'Allah Allah will teach me.

⚠edit Barz! on index page Make it big

find a way to link short words onto other pages. The belief and 1 poem

put barz on index folder

Add some hr to blasphemy page

make "Lindsay don't love me"

Put pic of Yvette crying

-I always tend to desire those I cannot have. Smhh, it's a shame really.

✔Do TBH on IG. For both pages

Good to know my heart still works fine lol

⚠Add more DuLi music to page

Make songs the rest of 8 tracks

Except for lcd

find a way to put tweets on index page

BARZ is all fucked up, from index to BARZ.

take the one with Bebe and add it to the list, also add the titles to the list.

also change caption for random

add INGB and WPM to random

⚠The Creations of Allah

Add songs to INGB and list

✔do #18 for Midterm

I be trying get other cab drivers instead of Mario because all that ngga wanna do is talk the whole ride and I be just trying chill and listen to music

add hr to attributes with br in between

add random to theperfectshot poems

make blasphemy blue and underlined

Islam consists of many small technicalities in which performed right can be huge on the scale.

555am 55 degrees. Praying

Change ex wives to crushes

entire blasphemy text is a link

the K in knowledge is a link

Lindsay left at 04/20

❌The same God that made you run into your future husband is the same one that killed your daughter.

Two will be born, both males. The age difference will be about 3 years. One will grow to be an atheist and far from the truth, the other will grow to be a pious slave of Allah.

Aries is from March 21-April 19. The next day is 04/20 lol

you moved Barz to main directory Change location of INGB WPM

Change list titles to " lists"

We are weak because we come from a state of nonexistent to existence.

It is not permissible to attribute closeness or directions with Allah.

The Jews would stay away from the women whenever she goes into her menus cdfup.

Piouty is only achieved once one performs all the obligations and avoids all the sins.

Because Allah is the only True Giver, and we are all beneficiaries. Those who receive the benefits.

Add april282019 file

Change index text color to white

I have a perennial attraction to girls that may not necessarily be the best for me.

June 6 2019

peep list for Barz. Not ordered correctly

I'm frankly surprised that alcohol is not considered heavy nedges.

She's #65 or #63

delete Barz from random

Allah does not have a sense of humor. Some of his will may appear funny to people, but certainly not to him.

You are obligated to believe. A true believer accepts that, but they still attempt to understand so they can get a better grasp as to what the belief is and what it means.

You can't believe without learning.

You are obligated to learn.

❌I desperately wish to get back on the impetus that Allah had originally set for me

❌Whatever Allah does is right. He makes no mistakes. The creations are the ones to make mistakes.

Muslim brothers always trying order you to do shit. Like, "I ORDER YOU TO SAY YOUR SHAHADA." Like ngga, ima grown ass man I'll say my Shahada if I want to.

Allah is truly omnipotent.

The state of nonexistence is impossible for Allah.

Allah is the only giver and preserver of life.

Allah is the most Beneficent

change stories to reads

She's #63 for sure

If it's 35 min or less to the prayer than wait

I take Allah with me everywhere that I go, as I should.

Add songs to INGB

Allah is not ideal because He is not a person or thing, but he is perfect though.

My ideal is simple, Allah. Because Allah is the only One that I see as perfect.

A good deed is something that one does that is beneficial to him or the people, seeking the rewards from Allah. But this deed has to be accepted by the religion.

I'm looking at the names of Allah and one of them is al-'Afūw, which means "The Pardoner", Allah is capable of forgiving any sin so as if the person never did it. Lol I'm thinking like this means that I can keep blowing and all I have to do is ask for forgiveness. But nooo bruh.

Add Prayer(picture sent to gmail)

Change next to Page 2... Add previous page as well

Cab #66 came for me late as shyt, that hoe was supposed to come at 8am, that btch came at 830. Caught 833

finish date, turning text to red

❌I nutted so hard bruh tears came out my eyes, please Allah, forgive me.

The realization is really what matters, because if you know and realize, then you will perform all the obligations and avoid all the sins.

Allah's existence is clear, obvious.

Allah follows me wherever I go. But He is not in this Dunya with me, no no no, for He does not exist in a place. He exists.

May the curse of the Angels, jinns and Prophets be upon the one who prays whenever they want.

❌These are nothing more than mere Karamas

1:08pm 55 degrees

❌Time heals all wounds definitely. Allah created time as a collateral for us not for Him! We must not forget that Allah does not need the creator for anything.

Add Allah home page to attributes...

Doing something good for the sake of Allaah is a good deed.
It's a good deed bro. Doesn't matter who it benefits

put menu from random to Allah

finish breaking and turning text to red on date

create main directory for Barz

the Hereafter

change pic of Niykee

Add The Prophet

Trying to understand Allah will ultimately lead one to blaspheme.

move songs from INGB to second page

capitalize creator


Check financial aid tab

I am going to continuously pray and ask for forgiveness because Allah is the Most Merciful

change menu for Allah

This ngga Donald Trump has xenophobia


I'm dumb high

I'm high as shyt

You are a fool for two reasons. 1. To not be cynical. 2. To think you are alone

Idk why but I woke up at 1233am. Did Maghrib and Isha.

One thing about making supplication(Duaa) you have to keep doing it, you can't just do it once and call it a day and expect the prayer to be answered lmao

❌Yo,4 is a good ass number.

❌Reward- anything that makes thar Muslim happy in the Hereafter.

Back at the hut

Anybody that names their child Allah that child will die before they turn 5, and the one who gave the child that name will be in hellfire forever

I am not afraid of anything in this Dunya. The only one that I'm afraid of is Allah, and Allah is not in this world so...

look at list


dom - wpm- barz Add "sins"

My ass be lying for no reason bruh, I be like "yo you look like my cousin Timothy", I don't even gotta cousin named Timothy n shyt lol

Call Michelle

I'm not sure I think it's Tawheed, His Oneness.


I'm the shit but you know damn well I ain't no #2

Ignorance is not an excuse in Islam. Add to sins and change color text to red

"Islam is the only religion that believes in all the prophets

Add 5 pillars

put flash drive in box

If you are a Muslim, and you fulfill the obligations that Allah orders then he will begin to take every fear from your heart

Add hr in attributes.

Add to sight We may need a telescope to see stars or other things in space, and we may need a microscope to see very small things like different cells or organisms etc... This is not like The Creator's vision at all. He sees all without any tool or instrument.

❌One just simply has to submit to the will of Allah and realize that He is the only God and will forever be the One attributed with Eternal Power.

May 9th 10am ESS

Making supplication is a type of worship, even if Allah does not will it the person will still get reward for it.

The one that changes is either changing for the better or the worse.

The knowledge of the religion is a weapon

Pray 2 Sunnah cycles before Fajr then pray

Leaving out the obligatory prayers is an enormous sin

The one who leaves out the prayer it is torture for him on the day of the judgment

Dhusr is a major ritual impurity

Islam and belief cannot be separated

Belief means certitude

It only takes 3 minutes to pray bruh



Allah does not resemble the creation in any way, and he exists. Oh boy does he exist.


❌Allah protects His deserving slaves.

You are supposed to have done a total of 20 prayers by Friday. And 22 by Jummah.

Allah's existence is discernible

It was narrated in a hadeeth by Imaam Al Bukhaariy that a man once came to The Prophet seeking advice

I am a student, and I am weak.

Barz not working

What i have heard is that the knowledge of Tawheed is the most important and best knowledge

see my nggas in the herse

❌Prophet Muhammad said

different styles of hr creations of Allah

songs in flash drive to box


Add this man to random

can't log in on sc mobile

❌For the sake of Allah I did not look

I did all my obligatory prayers, I'm chilling.

55% 5:36

Allah does not have a soul because He does not need one.. He does have life though

You do not need a soul to have life

But if you have a soul than you have life

look at ol for crushes

10:10 55%

All I do is pray, code, write, read and smoke weed

There is two that I will never understand, God, and vegetarians

Add YouTube links to WPM

Add this man to random

My castle in paradise is waiting for me

Dont fukkin tell me "do you know your bag opened?" tell me to close that shyt df

❌Talk to Mario on Tuesday about being Muslim



The day before 15th of Shabban I got high as shyt

Oh she gotta boyfriend? I won't let that stop me

Print out books

Add links to pics on Crushes

I don't even know why df I'm doing this. It's raining hard af and I walked all the way to the tracks to blow smh.

Ohh ok. 725& 733 are brothers Cdffuupp

it would be blasphemy to say that Allah is introspective because the definition of introspection is "observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state". And Allah does not possess any emotions.

This ngga dumb as shyt, I just told him that I was bouta make him cereal, and he gon ask Apa df.

call PPL

Islam is on my mind always. Bruh, Allah did not find me. NO! He did not find me at all. He was always here, and he always will be. Me on the other hand, I wasn't always here, and one day I'll be gone. So The Creator did not find me, He indeed created me. But it was I who had to find God and Islam. And oh, what a most beautiful thing that I have found. See for yourself.

A Prophet is "any male figure before Prophet Muhammad(may Allah raise his rank) claiming to have received Prophethood and had miracles to prove it."


I told Judah about the website he was like "delete it man, ASAP" Lmao

Judah is #25


Disclaimer notice

I feel so alone, my Muslim brothers aren't even with me. Lately I've just been feeling like nobody understands me you know? I have so much to give and I have a lot of visions. All I want to do is be a good Muslim, prosper in this life, then go to paradise. I'm just so alone tho man, I mean I have Allah, I always will. But I just need something... More? No, NO! Who is more than Allah? Allah is enough. But the thing is... I know he's here but it's just like, he be quiet, I need somebody I can talk to and share my ideas with you know?

555 525 755 725 633

Caught 725am, 735, 755

If you deny the existence of Allah than of course you will deny the existence of the jinn. Then that's when you become vulnerable to them.

Allah is all too aware of all that goes on in the Heavens and earths, and all that is above or below them.

Add sc to rest of songs with final one playlist at bottom

Verily, Allah protects those of His slaves that are most deserving.

Allah is the best disposer of any affair

When the high hits you it's beautiful

There are many people in the world today who are nonbelievers

send grades to Gillian

Add Prophet Ibrahim (AS)


I'm only seeing in mono vision

Wednesday @ 930

put radio in room. 101.1

Bruh! Omg 1258pm. 35 minutes to pray

Add back to Prophet Ibrahim

The real Muslim is the one who is safe from his tongue

Allah Subahana Wataalah

Indeed we are a nation that does not rely on calculations and equations for determining the starting of fast

Everything The Prophet came with we are ordered to submit to

The the time of The Prophet his people were very skilled and knowledgeable in astrology and such. Perhaps even more knowledgeable than most nations today

You do not fear Allah, and you do not fear the fact that you have associated partners with him, and now you expect me to fear those partners that you associate with him? How?

She was an enormous sinner and she took off her shoe and scooped up water and gave it to a thirsty dog

Verily, those who do not associate a speck of partnership with Allah are more rightly guided than those who do

thereby claiming that jinn have infinite power. Such a belief is tantamount to shirk (the attribution of partners to Allah

Satan has power to incite man with tempting thoughts, to call him toward evil, and to make evil seem beautiful to him. He has no power to force anyone to do anything.

Satan first corrupts one’s perception of reality, then his ability to comprehend reality, and finally his actions.

imperceptible beings are more in number than perceptible ones

Allah indeed gave himself his own attributes

The one who takes life lessons from the other people he will be happy

Shabbhan is the month before Ramadan

He will sweat a lot His hair will grow really fast He will have a speech impediment He will be tall He will be from Africa On his 22nd birthday Maghrib will be at 725pm He will not dream He will be really good at the game of checkers He will speak very formal and be very polite He will close his eyes a lot He will be a disbeliever first, then he will grow to believe He will be fearless, only fear Allah He will never have to make the intention because Allah will always be on his mind His birth date will be April 1st 1995

3:33pm 33%

Moreover, as you regularly engage in push ups, your body will naturally lean toward proper posture. This is one of the most influential passive benefits of push ups.

Shirk is the sin of associating partners with Allah

You can't know the exact number of stars out there, but Allah knows, he knows all

6:33am 55 degrees

Nggas hide behind an IP Address

Life is hard, it's harder if you're stupid

My nipples get hard often

The Prophets was praying before anybody else was

Smoking marijuana is not Satan because marijuana is not a creature

next on Ibrahim10

The smell still lingers in the air.

Aha! 908!BRUH!!

Does doing push-ups make your reflexes faster?

My best years were 11, 15, 17, 22

Sometimes you get left in the right lane

A lot of shyt we think is cool nowadays is not cool, so stop doing it.

835 😕

5:05am 55%

As soon as I finished praying Fajr and making Du'a it stopped raining

The Muslims who reside in hellfire are of two groups. The ones who are in hellfire but get out because of the intercession, and the one who are there for some time but then Allah puts them in paradise because they died on Islam.

8:36am 55 degrees

The fake Muslims are worse than the non-Muslims bruh. Wallahi

Non-Muslims don't blow up planes and kill innocent people

June 6th is the best day

The way I came in is the way I'll go out, born in the pux I'll die in the cunt

You're not ever going to see God because He does not have a shape, nor a form, and He is not similar to us in any way

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

At the time of The Prophet the Arabs that studied Arabic knew that the Quran was not written by any human because of its' level of grammar

Allah is all I have, Allah is all I need. Verily, Allah is enough for me

There is no translation of the verses

What can be translated is the meaning

The only way to understand a verse is by

Our religion is protected from being perverted

The order the Quran verses are is not in chronological order

The Quran was revealed in a period of 23 years

They asked The Prophet to describe God, he answered them "Say Muhammad. Allah is the one that has no similarity to the creation, and he does not need"

Nothing is a part of Allah and He is not a part of anything

Any attribute to the creation is negated

Nothing is a part of Allah

Allah does not resemble anything at all

The term is the same

Our existence is made up of parts

Today is the 29th of Shabbhan (May)

If you go and learn one chapter of obligatory knowledge it is more rewardable than doing 1,000 optional

If someone is fasting do not curse

The best of you is the one who treats his family the best

For the sake of Allah alone

The best of the slaves is the one who

I would never post pics because I thought I was ugly, but after a while I just figured screw it you know

This btch gon tell me to make sure I drink plenty water coz I'm sweating so much. How df can I drink water when I'm fasting for the sake of Allah?

add video link to all pages

I sell cocaine bruh

The way I see the definition of supplicate is to humbly ask for something, out of respect and fear

❌I respect Allah, and I fear Him, period.

Allah created all directions, and it is He who directs whoever He pleases

925!-!-!-!-! If you catch this than you can catch 933 Same with 725

I think the strongest of His attributes is His will

Expect the worse, because the worse can and will happen.

Females are not built to have as much physical strength as boys might, they may exceed in other areas, but certainly not physical strength.

Our mistakes are not Allah's mistakes, He does not make mistakes, He is completely infallible

The month of Ramadan is the best Omg 05-29-2017


7:50pm 55%

The Prophet intercedes for pious Muslims

❌Our judgments may be erroneous at times

❌Only rookies forget they're fasting and break it, that's just my personal opinion

625=535 =520




My flow crazy Mr. Dowling is the clown

Zachary is the dude with the potbelly

change next page to next

❌Allah does not get mad, He is not like the creation in any way, He simply accepts and rejects, reward and punishment, simple

❌Allah exists in all times

mysymphony to perfp

4:25pm 33%

Ibrahim had his first child when he was 86 years old

618, 622,624,625

633, 635, 655,725


enable autoplay on index page

Merely the term is the same

735 bad

736 good

Use your love

Are push-ups a full body workout

732 is the best

Every Messenger is a Prophet, but not every Prophet is a Messenger. When we say the Shahada we testify that we believe in all the Prophets, from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon them all. Verily, Islam is the only religion that believes in all the Prophets.


55 degrees

Add "this man" to random Change attribute to this man link it

Df is a philanthropologist

That which is nonexistent cannot create

It is not permissible to attribute Allah as being a whole, because that is also a creation

Learning the attributes of Allah

If he does not forget praying or fasting than he does not lose his mind

Add different links to other pages

The 5 daily prayers are a sacrosanct

ISIS are NOT Muslims

❌Verily Allah has a better sight than us for it is He who sees all and our vision has a tiny perspective


To him belongs the Heavens, the Earths, and all that is above or below it

Fajr 3:58am 55 degrees

Everybody has a chance to be a Muslim, Islam is liked by everybody. We all can win


No one deserves my humbleness and submission except Allah, the exalted, the one who does not need anything, the one that does not resemble anything, the one who exists before and after creating the place, the one who is the most high by degree, the one who has no partner in Godhood

Wherever Allah sends me I will go, because I am His slave forever

3:33am 66%

in knowledge - it is even BLASPHEMY(link) TO THINK THAT THERE IS SOMETHING HE DOES NOT KNOW. Yes, it is a sin worse than murder to belittle His knowledge -I asked Shaykh Ahmad


Knowledge is better than money whereas knowledge protects you and you protect money, you lose money as you spend it, you gain more rewards as you spend knowledge, money is ruled over, knowledge rules over things

Line me up a beanski

What does cavort mean

delete google voice search

❌Things don't happen in the way that we plan them to because we don't have will, only Allah has Will.

His truthfulness is not similar to our truthfulness in no way whatsoever. No similarity to the creation.

Dont tell me do the best I can btch you do the best you can df

The greatest joy in paradise is being able to see Allah with your own two eyes without him being in a place or direction, this is impossible to imagine

Now that we have established that Allah exists eternally let us begin. Praise be to the one who glorifies Allah's name, without Allah being obligated to do (anything) for us, Allah can just be. He can just exists independently without all these creations that He creates and brings into existence. So it's only right that we thank Him a (always), because He is so much deserving. Almighty Allah. The One who does not need, the One who is not like His creations in any way, the only One who is attributed with eternal power. Allah is God, God is Allah, there are no discrepancies. Allah orders all of mankind to be Muslim, all men and Jinn.



The five daily prayers are a sacrosanct.

❌We simply cannot put Allah on that list because He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever.

❌Prophet Muhammad taught us Islam, Islam taught us how to be a Muslim

2:00pm 55%

That's yo daddy fault

72% 5:55pm

Watch the video



I am both, 733 & 725

There is none stronger than my maker

3:25am 55 degrees

3:33am 55 degrees

Ramadan Mubarak

make titles of attributes the same as BARZ

This ngga Salah number has 66 in it 😨

33 is so good it makes 66 good. Or any multiple of 33. (99 names of Allah) it is 63 that's really bad.


Life is contingent, Allah is the only One who knows.

99 is better than 33 or 66 Omg both are so good

❌733=725 73-72=1

Watch the video

2:55pm 55%

Fake Muslims are worse than the non-Muslims

The only thing certain in life is it's uncertainty

the ascension

You become a Muslim by submitting to the will of Allah(Swt). This is why I say His will is His most prominent attribute

1. Praying 2. Coding and other halal pastimes I enjoy doing 2. Smoking weed

Anyone is permissible to sit next to me... Except a female... OR A DAMN JEW!!

The one who consumes alcohol is similar to the one who eats toenails

attributes. Shaykh Gilles video

I leave everything in the hands of Allah in which He does not have, but He does have Will

🙏5:35pm 35% 66 degrees


The Truth Is

Becky's dad is just like Donald Trump

He's 63

change song to cornerd

Be wary of 63, 69, 72


❌He has life, He is existent, and He is One.

But please please please, praying "in your heart" (i.e. not moving the lips at all when you say "Allahu akbar" , or recite the Quran, etc.) will render your salah invalid so don't do it!

Pray and ask Allah by the status of Prophet Muhammad, or one's own good deeds.

95% 9:55

1155 is not among the best. It is the best

❌Yo I been said that shyt,"if you're not doing it for Allah than why are you doing it"?

I exist solely to worship my Creator

I am a docile slave of Allah

Women were created to have habits and natural things occur to them

He is #72 and she is #63

I am very docile, none is more docile than me

Except all the Prophets and Angels

72 is so bad bruh omg

❌smh broke my fast intentionally Ramadan 2017

10:10am 50%

I was on ig watching twerk videos This girl had some booty shorts that said "stop picturing me naked" I'm thinking like ok btch stop shaking your ass df

Df, I'm not gonna go early to a 4 hour class

Fajr is the most clingy

❌7:25am 32% 75 degrees

6:25pm 72%

7:23pm 25%

I be having too much time on my hands

❌All of that will be forgiven if I catch 633 Insha'Allah


❌ 725

❌AHA 735

Saturday the 17th 9am

7:25pm 77%

Ibliss worshipped Allah only because he wanted power. Allah knew

9:33pm 66%

Stepmom be saying like "don't argue me Abdulai, you like to argue too much" Df😒😞why shouldn't I argue with you? Aren't you wrong sometimes? Are you completely omniscient? I think not. I'm gonna argue with you and argue with you because you BE WRONG!

Dat shh crazy

1:33pm 77 degrees

Among the 78 the females will be more than the males

Oh my fukkin virgin mary

6:33pm 72%

45 females 33 males

The one who stays in the Mosque on Fridays for Jummah from Dhuhr to Asr time during the month of Ramadan will have a reward similar to a perfect Muslim believer who dies on Islam

9:08pm 77%

When I don't smoke for a day I feel so good 😁

The incredulous will never prosper