Everything that you do in life excel in it, do the very best you can

I exist only to worship my Creator

I am His slave, the Abd

All of your knowledge comes from your sensory perception

The world now is created for diversion, it's always been a diversion. The difference between modern people and ancient people is that all of the ancients knew that the diversion was a diversion, there was no purpose in it, all of them knew this. The moderns are unique in their belief that this is the primary reason for us to be here, simply to entertain ourselves.

It's inevitable. There are things that will happen to you in life that indicates the unseen realm

The consciousness that Allah has given you it's embodied in this sensory experience

Western philosophy is based on "there can never be an absolute truth"

The bodies of the Awliya are incorruptible, they do not decay

Even with good intentions bad things happen 55-all the Prophets, including Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Abraham, not including Prophet Jesus
33- ONLY Prophet Jesus(PBUH)
22- every angel of Allah, including Jibreel and the angels carrying the throne
25- every pious Muslim of humankind

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching

I forgive you bruh, just don't do that shit again

I decided to just take one class since I won't be getting financial aid. I mean I guess I could apply for that shyt myself and get it but I much rather just pay out of pocket so I won't have excess money to spend on Marijuana and end up earning the wrath of Allah

Just because you have an excess amount does not mean that you have to waste

My own sister sin wanna help me smhh... It's cool, Allah is enough

Take a different path home from Eid

Come on don't you think sometimes u just want to say screw it man I don't even feel like praying Isha I'll just do it when I wake up in the morning. But then I remember death... What if I die while sleeping bro?? 🤤

I know exactly who I am. Trust me... I know. And you are a fool for believing I'm as ignorant as you think.

Just because religion is a touchy subject does not mean that we should not touch upon it

I don't get mad, I just get paaaperr!

I know from Allah that which you do not know

I'm hungry as shyt

I call upon Ar-Razaq to provide me with sustenance

My Lord is able to do that

Allah is Al-Qaadir

You know what I want, I want Janah Tul Firdos. Can you help me get that? If not than bye!

I'm not cutting off ties of kinship because that is defined as "by not helping him while knowing that he is in need and you refuse to help him." Yes, I do not keep connection with my older brother and sister
1. They are not Muslims. My brother told me proudly that he is an atheist 2. I tried multiple times to go to my brother and sister house and be cool with them. My brother saw me doing the obligatory Asr prayer and he told my sister that I am going to be a terrorist and join Isis and he said that he doesn't want anything to do with me
3. My brother has a degree and he has a job and makes a lot of money, I'm over here broke! I can't even pay my phone bill. My brother has two iPhones. He's the one refusing to help me when I REALLY NEED IT AND HE KNOWS I NEED IT
4. Both my brother and sister are both Non-Muslims who strongly hate the Religion of Islam, especially my brother. If I keep in touch with them they are only going to bring me to hellfire, they don't want me to be Muslim. So it's a choice that I have to make, either my Religion or my Non-Muslim relatives? Thus that will be a rhetorical question.

When Nuh(Noah)(link) PBUH was building the Ark and he finished, Allah ordered him to put all the believers in the Ark with him so they can be saved, his non-Muslim son decided to climb up a mountain, and he ended up dying. And then Nuh was like this to Allah "oh Allah you promised me that You was going to save all my family members" Allah then replied and told him "Oh Nuh. Your son was not your family member, for he was an unbeliever. I strongly admonish you." So from this it's clear to see that the Shahada is stronger than blood. My little brother and sister are only five, I'm teaching them the attributes of Allah, and then I teach them their ABC's. Thus, I am upholding my ties of kinship so GET OUT MY EARS SHAYTAN!

The Shaytan can only fool those who do not have knowledge

And also there are five cases in which one can regard haram as permissible. They are Belongings Ancestry Safety Intellect Creed. Not talking to my brother and sister is haram, a major sin. But it is permissible because I fear losing my Religion if I keep in contact with them since they both hate the religion of Islam. So it's permissible because I want to protect my creed/Religion.

My brother Juda really looked out today for me, may Allah bless him

I don't be thinking straight when I'm hungry. I b thinking everybody against me when they really don't be

This ngga Judah really helped me out today tho. I'm going to keep praying for him and keep him in my duas so my Lord can bless him greatly, that is something I know my Lord can do. I have complete faith in Him

Kyle- GirlsGirlsGirls

Umm... Why would i want you if your butt not even fat? What can I do with you?

Jk bae idc about the size of your waist, it's your brains that really matters. GIMME SOME HEAD!

In order to move faster you have to slow down

The individuals who suffer from adversity are the ones who Allah truly values

Adversity is a blessing in disguise from Allah because in those moments where everywhere we look around us we don't see anything that remotely looks like hope, happiness or success our intelligence increases. Our minds become purer and we learn what life is truly about

Positive change comes through individuals who have faced adversities

Having a frivolous life is a disease

The next time your souls in defeat ask the soles of your feet what it feels like to be stepped on your whole life?

Df was that ngga talking bout? Car wash n shyt

High knees- 40
Squats- 83
Push-ups- 225
I was in the Masjid on the day of Eid and Jummuah, and this man that I didn't even know came up to me and shook my hands and he asked how I was doing. And he smiled at me. HE SMILED AT ME! Wow, he is a pious Muslim. He gave me charity. He gave me a reward that is similar to $632,000. May Allah bless him and make all his dreams come true. Aamen!

My brother hates me because I am a Muslim and told me that I need to be a secularist

My sister says that she loves me but she's always chastising me and telling me I'm stupid and never listen and she never checks in on me or helps me out even though I really NEED IT. I can't even pay my phone bill n shyt

this ngga Allah... He loves me bruh. Osrs like He really loves me. I be lying to him like "I promise you I'm never going to smoke again after this, I promise you I'm never going to watch porn again after this... Then the next day turn right back around and do the same shyt again, and then I repent again, and He loves me again. Not only that but He completely erases the sin that I did and makes it like I never did it, He completely erases it, and He even raises my status for repenting. WOW! This ngga really loves me. But it's like... I keep falling into the same sin over and over again, and I know if I ask for forgiveness I will be forgiven because He is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving. I just feel bad because my Lord is so very merciful to me, and He is so nice, He gives me all these provisions and he always comes through for me, and all He asks of me is not to do these small petty sins, and I can't even do that. Smh I'm fucked up, ima piece of shit. May Allah forgive me.

Damn she gotta fat ass

She gotta nice body damn she thick as shyt

I used to be laying down in bed before I found Islam thinking about the girl I saw the other day with the fat ass and cute face, but now since I found Islam I only think about Allah while I'm laying down, because Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) has told me to drop my gaze, so that's what I do. I'm so glad that I had this brain aneurysm because now my vision is messed up so even if I accidentally look I still won't be able to see it clear because of my vision deficit. Alhamdulillah. Allah has made it easier for me

Last time I spent time with my sister was like two weeks ago. I asked her to give me some money so I can pay my phone bill and she agreed. She came and picked me up in some car I didn't even know. And when I went in the car there was some girl in the back laying down df, I don't even know who df she was. That hoe was laying down like 👩🛌🙇‍♀️🛀. DF!! Allah knows best who she was and what she was trying to accomplish. And the whole rug while we was going to the Wells Fargo Bank so she can give me some bread my sister was talking to me like "Abdulai you need to leave that house, I've been telling you for so long that lady is not your mother and she don't care about you, those kids are not your brothers and sisters, Apa and me we are your family, you need to leave but you are so stupid and you never listen, that lady do not care about you she's only taking care of you because of the job she's doing to take care of you, and she uses the money she gets to buy clothes, look at all the shoes she has in her room, you need to own Abdula." I didn't respond to her or say one word because 1. I rememberer the Messenger of Allah's advice(PBUH), either speak nicely or remain silent. And 2. I ain't know who df that btch was in the backseat laying down looking like Victoria Secret n shyt.

There were many things wrong with what my sister was saying. They are: 1. Even though I may not have the greatest relationship with my stepmom she's helping me a lot, the job she's doing by taking care of me she uses the money to cook, do my laundry, and if I need something she gets it for me. Last week when I asked her for money to go buy eye drops because my eyes was hurting me she gave it to me and I went and bought eye drops with the money she gave me and now my eyes are all better. And 2. Right now I'm broke and I have nothing, I'm concerned about school, right now I school is going GREAT! I'm getting A's n shyt in classes where nggas is getting like C's and D's. Alhamdulillah. I only have four more classes to do and I'm straight! I'm a get my degree and start working, Alhamdulillah. And when I start working I would be able to be independent and take care of myself. My sister doing even have a car or a place of her own, she's living with my chauvinistic atheist brother. I would be a fool to live with then two. And 3. HOW DF WOULD SHE EVEN KNOW THAT MY STEPMOM HAS ALL THEM SHOES IN HER ROOM? 😞

I be transgressing against myself when I sin and I be like this to Allah... "OMG forgive me, I'm sorry, I messed up, damn, I'm sorry, please don't hold it against me. And He be like "bro, it's cool, I forgive you, just don't do it again k?" And I be like "I gootchuu bro I won't do it again I promise." Then the next day I turn around and do that shit all over again then I make Wudu and come back to Him and be like "I'm sorrrry!" He be like "it's cool bro, don't beat yourself up over it, just don't do it again." I be like "I gooottchhuu, You have my word." then the next day I turn around and do that shyt all over again and then I make Wudu and come back to Him and be like "I'm sorryyy, I'm soo sorryyy 😢, I love you, please forgive me I'm really sorry." And do you know what He says? He be like "Abdul, my slave, you are forgiven, it's nothing forget about it bro it's cool." It's gotten to the point like, why is this ngga so nice? Surely He must know that I'm gonna transgress against myself again and sin. I mean, doesn't He know?? Surely He must know because this guy named Muhammad told me that He is absolutely omniscient. And from what I heard, Muhammad is absolutely truthful, they told me that he doesn't lie, about anything. So knowing that then obviously He must know that I'm gonna fuk up again and do the same sin again, yet He still forgives me, WHY?? If I was Him or if anybody else was Him they'd be like "this ngga lying, he gon do that shyt all over again like he did a thousand times before, I ain't gon forgive his ass, he's not worthy, he be lying." That's the mentality that I or anybody else like me will have. But this guy named Muhammad also told me that He is not like me or anyone else like me. He told me that He is different than me or anything else, and that ngga truthful af, he don't be lying, so if he says something then that must mean that it's the truth. I trust that ngga, rs. With my life... So... Since I now know that He keeps forgiving then I can just keep on sinning and come to Him and be like "I'm sorry" and He'll forgive me right? YES. THAT'S TRUE! But now it's like... Why df do I keep doing this same thing, I mean, this ngga Allah creates everything and He has all this power and He can do whatever He wants with me, but He says that He will forgive me and admit me into gardens where rivers flow underneath as long as I keep him on my mind and I keep asking for forgiveness. Wow, that's all I have to do, fr? If it's really that easy then I am ashamed fr, I don't wanna sin no more, because when I sin Ima have to stand in front of this ngga and ask for forgiveness again. And He will forgive me. That's what I'm ashamed of. This ngga really gon forgive me and make it like I never did it, that's what I'm ashamed of. Standing in front of this ngga after I told him I won't do that shyt again, and I willingly do it. I'm shy as shit fr. How df am I going to sin on purpose and stand in front of that ngga and ask for forgiveness. That's not right bro, it don't even feel right fr. When I'm doing the sin I can feel and I know this ngga watching me and He knows that I am going to keep doing the sin and ask for forgiveness over and over again. I can keep doing this man, this ngga Allah so merciful to me bruh. He forgives me EVERY TIME!! No bruh, I can't keep doing that sin, just once I would want to stand in front of Him and not have to ask for forgiveness. Just once...

I wanna get married, I really do. You think I like waking up every morning and have to do ghusl? But it's just like, I'm broke as shit. Being married is a really big commitment and decision. Plus it's not cheap. It's a very expensive decision. And I want to be able to spend on my wife and give her the world. But how df Ima be able to do that if I'm broke? My wig gon be like "can you give me some money so I can go do my hair?" Ima be like "yeah Bae just wait for 18 days till the first of the month I got you bae" lmaoo. That's sad as shit.

Yawning is from the Satan, sneezing is from Allah. You gotta cover your mouth every time you yawn cuz u be looking ugly as shit and the Satan be laughing at you n shyt. This ngga be laughing smhh, u think that shit funny? I'm over here tired as shyt and you laughing tho 😒. Bruh, you're the one who's ugly. YOU UGLY AS SHIT! I LOOK WAAAY BETTER THAN YOU. AND I FUCK MORE BTCHES THAN YOU. YOU'RE A VIRGIN FR! How df you been living since the beginning of time and you still a virgin? LMAOO🤣. Damn bro you must be hella ugly. Don't nobody wanna come near you cuz YOU STINK! And your face is hideous. This ngga... lmaoo, this ngga just wanna be loved. This what happened. This ngga Iblees was sawdy as shit. Allah told him and the angels that he was going to send a leader on the earth to be a leader and be in control. So this ngga Iblees thought that it was going to be him because at that time he was worshipping Allah so much and Allah loved him so much. And then when Allah revealed that it wasn't going to be him or the angels, it was going to be a new creation, Prophet Adam (PBUH). So now this ngga feeling sawdy as shyt. He's like "who df is this ngga Adam? And what makes him so special?" So when Allah ordered the angels and him to prostrate in front of Adam and give him the respect that he deserves. ALL THE ANGELS PROSTRATED. They all bowed down to Prophet Adam, the angels can't disobey Allah, they are all highly righteous Muslims (awliya). But this ngga Iblees didn't prostrate, he's like "why should I prostrate in front of him? He's made out of clay and me from fire, I'm better than him." Then Allah kicked him out of paradise because he didn't obey the command of his Lord. Now this ngga feeling sawdy as shyt, he's like ok bruh Ima leave, just please let me live until Judgement Day so I can mislead these nggas" HAHA! So it's clear to see, this ngga just a lonely boy, he just wants someone to love him, but nobody will cuz he ugly as shit!

Even his own peoples, his army of Jins don't love him. When he be gone they be back biting that ngga like "keep it a bean bro, but that ngga Iblees ugly as shit. He look like some typa monkey in the face" Then errybody start laughing then when he come back they be like 🤐.

*sighs* I miss Mercy. I dated her for like 5-6 months. Mercy Umah is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has the prettiest eyes and cutest laugh. I loved her so much. She was my everything, she was my joy, and I was her MAN. She broke up with me because, she wanted consistency and I could not give her that. A couple years ago my sister hooked me up with a job at Cousin's Market, I was so grateful, at the time I was making minimum wage there $7.25, but Alhamdulillah it was better than staying at home all day and being broke lol. So I was working there and it was there that I met this ngga Roszay. After work everyday me, Roszay, and some other dude would grab some bud and we would spark up and be high as shit! And this was like a everyday thing. And afterwards me and Roszay would go to his house and we would roll up again and hit the studio, I would bring my laptop and my mic and put it in my bag and after work me and him would hit the stu together and record all these songs. In the midst of all this I was still dating Mercy Umah, but I wasn't calling her or anything. Instead I was busy getting high with Roszay and working and recording, and I wasn't calling her or doing anything. So one day she called me and told me that she can't be with me no more cuz I don't be calling her. She broke up with me 💔😔 I deserved it though, I wasn't giving her the time she needed, she DESERVED. Because frfr why would you be with a girl if you're not going to give her the love and time she deserved? That's a dummy mission. Why? Just to get some ass? Come on bro, don't you want more? And I was cheating on her also when we was dating with like 3-4 girls, and she never cheated ONCE. I didn't deserve her, she was too good for me frfr.

Mercy Umah had the softest lip. I remember the first time she came to my crib and we was watching the movie Insideous. And I kissed her on the couch, I was cheesing like 😊. I was lost in her lips bruh, and she was suckling on my bottom lip all crazy. I was so lost in her bro. I loved her so much, I wanted to be with her forever, she was my everything. And then I discovered Marijuana and me and this ngga Roszay started recording and getting high together. Marijuana and music replaced the love I had for Mercy Umah.

I PUT HER ON OREOS! When she first came to my crib I made for her Oreos and vanilla ice cream and I crushed up the Oreos and put it in the ice cream and gave it to her, she LOVED IT. I PUT HER ON!

This ngga Roszay is the reason why Mercy left me, whenever I was at work I would make the intention in my heart that after work I'm going to go visit my baby Mercy. And then after work this ngga Roszay would be like "Yo bruh you blowing?" And I ain't know what to say. How df can i turn down some bud? So I would be like "okay Ima just have one L and then Ima hop on the bus and go see her" then one L turned to like three L's and I forgot about Mercy and me and Roszay was walking to his house to record 8 Tracks. This ngga Roszay was a bad influence to me. This is why the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) warned against having bad companions, this ngga was right. Having bad friends is not good bruh. That's why now I dont have no friends, I just stay to myself cuz all you mfs is bad fr. All you nggas wanna do is get high and drunk and fuck btches. That's not wassup. That's not what life is about. I wanna go to paradise btch. You nggas gon prevent me. If you not helping me get to paradise then wtf are you doing? You in the way fr.

8 Tracks was only supposed to be 8 songs in total, we ended up recording over 100 songs, on some high shyt. We was heavily intoxicated while we recorded all them songs. So I just picked like the best ones we made and made it into 8 tracks. There's a lot more that we have, it's on my laptop. But my pops took it and I think he went and sold it somewhere, oh well idc. It's cool, I forgive you bro. Just don't do it again.

I composed 8 Tracks after my brain aneurysm and I came out the hospital, then when I was at the crib I couldn't walk or do anything so I just had my laptop and I was bumping all the songs that me and Roszay made prior to my injury. Then I just composed all of them into 8 tracks, the best out of the hundred songs we made. Keep it a bean tho, this ngga Roszay nice as shit with the vocals.

But this ngga Roszay a Christian tho, when his girl broke up with him I went with him to his pastor's church. This ngga was so heartbroken. He really loved his girl/babymom. He still does, I think. Even though she broke up with him lol I can't fuk with this ngga Roszay because 1: He's a heavy Christian. This ngga used to be reciting biblical verses to me n shyt when we used to hang out. And 2. This ngga is a heavy smoker. I mean like he smokes, a.lot.of.weed. This ngga is the reason I'm like this now. I mean if you smoke weed that's a sin no doubt, but you can work on that shit and it can get better. But if you're a Non-Muslim that's the worse sin, that's blasphemy, that's worse than smoking, drinking, adultery, witchcraft, watching porn, all that shyt! Shaykh Sayf told me that other sins compared to blasphemy are like NOTHING. Smoking, drinking, murder, all those can be forgiven by God, but if you die as a Non-Muslim than he definitely won't forgive you, oh yeah. Muhammad told us that 1400 years ago and that ngga don't lie, about anything. That's my worse fear, not dying in a state of submission to Him. I mean like... He forgives all these sins but He does not forgive Non-Muslims. Smhh. So you trying tell me I can have sex with 400 different girls and I can die of aids(God-Forbid) and still have a chance to go to Heaven forever. But if I die as a Non-Muslim I definitely won't go there and Ima go to hell forever 😐. Say less bro, I'm going to be a Muslim until the day I die Insha'Allah, because frfr, I just wanna go to heaven bro. This life is hard man, I've suffered so much in the short time that I've been here, I definitely don't want to suffer for all eternity in the hereafter. I just wanna go to paradise bruh...


I want a big white palace with 55 rooms and a thousand naked beautiful women walking around with long hair that go down to they buttcheeks serving me, talking some "what week can I do for you daddy?" and Ima reply "I WANT SOME HEAD!" And they gon give it to me, that shyt will be great.

Allah, that's what I want, please give it to be, please ya Allah. I worship you alone with NO PARTNERS. I love you so much, you're my everything, you're my heart ya Allah. Keep it a bean like... I really love you, I'm always thinking about you. You're my heart, my everything. Keep it a bean, how's that gay?😕 First of all, God is not a dude, nor is he a girl, He's not a boy nor a girl. In order for me to be gay He would have to be a dude, but He is not. You're gay for thinking I'm gay, faggot.

You ever been so high that you went to sleep and had a high ass dream?? And you woke up thinking like "wtff did I just have??" Clowns jumping on kangaroo backs n shyt

But you belong to somebody else! 🎙️

Nggas be thinking just cuz u dating a girl that means that yall in some typa committed relationship, and she's yours. That hoe ain't yours bruh. She belongs to the world. She got more bodies than Charles Manson. She can only be considered yours if you marry her, if yall not married and yall just dating or whatever then wtf is yall doing? Wasting time n shyt. This is how the Satan be getting yall dumb mfs. He be like "come on if you marry her you gon have to spend all your life with her, and you not ready for all that, come on you just trying hit it and 🏃‍♂️" And you dumb mfs be like "scratches head" well... You do have a point, I'm definitely not trying to spend the rest of my life with her" cdffuupp! 😂You're all a bunch of friggin idiots. YOU'RE DUMB!! How you gon let a ngga like Iblees fool you, come on... He's ugly! And he's a lonely boy. He's sad fr 😔, keep it a bean. Don't let this sad mf fool you bruh.

Watching porn and masterbating is one thing, a sin no doubt. But to actually be brave enough to do that shyt. Get a girl who you're not married to and put your penis in that hoe, that's a whoollee different thing. Shaykh Ahmad said that they are both sins but the first one does not reach the severity of the second one, not even close. Never will I ever have sex with a girl who I'm not married to. Mercy Ummah was the last one. When I say this shyt I actually mean it, it's not like how I be smoking weed and asking Allah to forgive me and then the next day turn back around and do the same shyt, no, I'm saying this shyt and I actually mean it. I won't wither bro. FUCK THAT!!

Allah is the Only God, and He is one. He is one okay, He has no partners.

Jesus is not a partner with God, what r u fukkin stupid? Jesus was a Prophet okay? A mere creation by the Almighty. You dumb mfs really got the nerve to raise your hands up to the sky and pray to Jesus and supplicate to him. Like he's really going to cure you from your cancer. Df?? JESUS IS WEAK. MUHAMMAD IS WEAK. MOSES IS WEAK. They all said that "I have no power on Allah has Power and all praise belong to him."

Who was Jesus. Jesus was a refugee, a Palestinian refugee. He received revelation at the age of 30 and he was raised up to the skies at the age of 33, Prophet Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist are both in the second heaven. He will come back down and he will lead with Prophet Muhammad's law, not his. Because his time has passed, his rulings no longer applies to us, only Prophet Muhammad's rulings apply to us. Because this is his time. Jesus never died on the cross, it was one of his followers. He asked the members of the 12 companions who would like to sacrifice their life for me and they will share the same place with me in Jannah. Nobody wanted to do it, except for the youngest one, he volunteered to do it. And it was him who was placed on the cross and died, not Jesus. Jesus is alive right now, in the second heaven. The heavens are physical bodies and a Prophet of Allah inhabits every single one of them. In the first heaven is Prophet Adam PBUH. The second heaven is Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist Ibn Zachariah, peace be upon them both. The third Heaven is occupied by Prophet Yusuf, Joseph. Upon whom be peace. The fourth is Prophet Idriss PBUH. The fifth is the brother of Moses, Haroon. Upon whom be peace. The sixth is Musa(Moses) upon whom be peace. The 7th is my father Ibrahim (PBUH) He is the second best after Muhammad. The rest of the Prophets are in their graves praying to Allah SWT. Christmas is not even the day Jesus was born so wtf r u talking about?? It's a Roman Pagan holiday known as Satarnalia, it's a celebration that the Roman Pagans used to celebrate to commemorate the birth of the "sun" not the son of God. So wtf r u talking about? You sound stupid 😕. Bruh, Christians are misled, they follow the wrong religion no doubt but the Quran praises them in many ways. It says that those who say that "we are Christians" have the most piety and righteous. This ngga Roszay is maybe the most righteous non-Muslim that I have ever met, me and this ngga used to be high as shyt in his basement recording n shyt, this ngga was drunk and high as shyt. And his daughter Sephora will come down and be like "I'm hungry can you make me some pancakes?" And this ngga would get df up out his seat, mind you this ngga high and drunk as shit! And he would go upstairs and make them pancakes for his daughter. And he would make them good as hell too, not burnt or spill nothing nowhere or anything. And if she said that she wanted more he would go back upstairs and make them pancakes again for his daughter, he would. And this ngga a Christian, a devout Christian.

The holy Quran praises the Christians in many ways, it says that overall they are good people, but they are just misguided 😕. Yall just misguided that's all. Just because yall is misguided don't necessarily mean that you're bad, no. Sometimes this ngga Roszay would yell at his daughter Sephora if she made a mistake like spill some juice or something, but just because he yelled at her does not mean that he hates her or she's a bad person, he only yelled at her for her own betterment so she won't do it again. The example of Allah is far greater than that.

When I first came in this country with my brother in 2001 and we was living with our father we was BROKE. WE HAD NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was Mrs. Robinson, an elderly Christian woman who lived in New Jersey, it was her and her husband Mr. Robinson who used to be helping us out. She would help my dad financially, she would give him money for him to help pay the bills, she would bring food to the house, Mr. Robinson would drive all the way from Somerdale New Jersey, to our little apartment in Darby, PA. Which was like an hour and a half ride, just so he can drop off some food to us. And every Christmas she would even buy us toys and drop it off to our house and give it to me and my brother. WOW! This is a CHRISTIAN woman, and her husband was a pastor at the church, he would preach there. My father used to take me and my brother over there on occasions and we would go to her church. But anyways this what I'm trying to say, you guys are not bad. Yall just misled. Stop worshipping Jesus and worship Allah only, and if you die believing in the one true God, Allah, then I promise you bruh, you're gonna go to paradise when you die. Idc how many people you killed or how many pregnant women you raped, if you die believing in Allah and His Messenger PBUH. You're good bro.

Look at all the good that Martin Luther King did, this ngga was a humans right activists and he fought for all our rights. But I promise you, if that ngga died believing that Jesus was good or any blasphemy like that than he will go to hell forever! You think God cares about all the good that he did in this world? This world means nothing to Him.

Bruh, if you're gay than what that mean?

It's a sin, homosexuality is a MAJOR SIN!

Just don't act on that shyt bruh, and don't say nothing gay. Ngga be saying gay shit fr.

Nobody has to know that you're gay, don't make that shyt obvious. Nggas be chauvinistic homosexuals n shyt. Wearing a shirt talking about some "I'm gay and I'm proud"😕 Okkkkk

I fell in love with these streets at a young age bruh

Mfs be thinking I'm gay cuz I like to listen to nggas that sing n shyt. Bruh, you fail to realize. These. Nggas. Get. Btches.

Do you know how many btches this ngga Chris Brown gets? A shit load

You know how many btches this ngga PartynextDoor gets? A shit load

Bruh, do you know how many btches this ngga Justin Bieber gets? 😱

How do them nggas do it?? Like what's the secret? What's the secret formula n shyt? I wanna get btches too.

I just want the pretty btches bruh, that's all I want frfr

Allah is the only God, Allah is one, Allah has no partners. I just have to keep this in mind until the day that I die than i will go to Jannah. MY CASTLE IN JANNAH AWAITS! That jawn gon look like a hotel, I'ma have like 55 rooms and every room gon have a swimming pool. And I'ma have all these different pretty angel looking btches with fat asses and long hair that stretch down to they buttcheeks. Them btches gon be looking like angels but they ain't gon be angels tho, naaww bruhh. They not gon be humans nor angels, rather they just gon be creations by Allah SWT and their purpose is just going to be to serve me and give me head. It's gon be like 25,000 of them and I'ma pop every single one of them. All praise be to Allah.

In Jannah you can have sex but there's no reproduction, so I can be raw dogging all them hoes and they ain't gon be getting pregnant. And when I say "hoes", that's a hypothetical term, they not really gon be hoes, they gon be straight virgins. And every time I fuck one of them hoes and rip through they vaginal walls all crazy Allah is going to create new walls in they vagina to make it seem like I never had sex with them. Oh yes, Allah has power over all. I can't wait bruh, I'ma bust so many nuts. That shit gon be great! I'm getting aroused just thinking about it. And then btches not gon be like the btches on the earth, cuz you know how you gotta take a girl out, buy her flowers and gifts and do all this shyt to get the panties? In Jannah it ain't gon be like that. I won't have to do shit and they still gon be giving it up. I'ma just walk in the crib and then btches gon be laying in bed with they legs open like 🤗"cum in me daddy" Ima be like "say less" and Ima go right in. And I won't have to worry about contraceptives or nun of that shyt cuz I can cum in them btches all I want and they ain't gon be getting pregnant. Unlike the btches in this world n shyt, btches be fertile as shyt fr. I look at that hoe in the eye once next day she telling me she six months pregnant n shyt. Btch... How?? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

Similarly in Jannnah you can eat all you want but there's no excretion. So you ain't gon be shitting! You can have a full course meal and you ain't gon shit it out. Allah knows best where all that food goes, but one things for sure, that shit ain't coming out like fecal matter. BELIEVE THAT!"

I can't wait to go to Jannnah bro, keep it a bean. Don't get it fukked up though, I ain't trying die. I don't wanna die too young *Post Malone voice* there's still so much that I haven't done. I still need to impregnate Selena Gomez. And I need to propose to Catalina Taylor. There's still soo much bruh. You wanna know what I really wanna do tho. I wanna purposely get into an argument with my future wife over.. Ummmm... Idk... Something petty. Something small, like her cooking or something, she overcooked the steak, then I wanna get into a heated argument with her and be like "IDK WHY THE HELL YOU ALWAYS BURNING THE DAMN STEAK, YOU KNOW THAT SHYT DON'T SIT RIGHT WITH MY STOMACH!" Then she'll be like "OK well damn idk why you always tripping" Then you know what Ima do? Ima punch that btch left titty and we gon fuck right there on the kitchen floor, then Ima bust a nut right in her eyes, and Ima be like "NOW DO YOU SEE WHERE I'M COMING FROM?!!" 🤣😂-slaps knee

I'm sober as shyt

You ever been so sober you felt high?

You ever been so high that you felt sober??

It's after Ramadan, the Satan is attacking me from all angles, this is mf like "damn bro you sober as shit, you don't feel like doing anything, you can't even eat bruh" I'm like "SDFUP BTCH!! DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?!" But how does this mf know that tho?? It's like he's inside of me, in my veins n shyt

This ngga Lil Dicky nice as shyt! Mfs don't be peeping, this ngga nice, my favorite song by him is "professional rapper" and "pillow talking" . But he's an atheist 😑 I'm thinking like... "how df is you gon be an atheist and you look like Jesus Christ? " that doesn't add up bruh, there's something wrong with that picture, that depiction n shyt

I went to the Mosque one time when I was high, I went to Jummuah fried! Like a year and a half ago. I'm never doing that shyt again, never! I felt like I was bouta die. We was doing the Jummuah prayer and it was HARD AF FOR ME TO STAND UP. My legs was feeling weak as shit, I felt like I was bouta fall down and die bruh! And my head was turning, and I had to take a shit! That shyt was crazy. Allah was like this to me "naaw bruh, you can't come in my house high. You tripping" I'm like "ard say less bro, I'm sorry" He was like "it's cool bro, just don't do it again ard?" I was like "ard bro, I gotchu"

Keep it a bean tho that shyt makes sense tho if you think about it, I'm a fukkin pothead, no doubt about it. Allah KNOWS THIS. He knows. I be getting high every single day of the week and I can't stay sober for one Friday tho? For the sake of Allah? Nah man that ain't right, my entire Friday have to be dedicated towards Allah. I can't smoke or do anything sinful. I gotta stay pure and clean. At least until after Asr prayer. Because as we all know JUMMUAH STARTS AT DHUHR. But the one who stays in the Mosque on Friday from before the Zhuhr prayer until after Asr prayer gets a crazy ass reward. Idk what that reward is but ik its hella good.

This btch crazy. She taking bout some "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Umm... No btch, no it ain't. Today's June 17th wtf r u talking about?? I just checked my calendar, that hoe said JUNE 17TH" so wtf r u talking about? Sit yo crazy ass down and go somewhere

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching

I wanna get high and bust a nut in Selena Gomez's mouth, that shyt gon be great!

I know things from my Lord that you don't even think I know.

I just want the big booty btches keep it a bean, that's all that I want

I say a lot of shyt but I won't ever do it. Df, why would I stick my dck in a girl I'm not even married to? THAT HOE AIN'T MINES! Yall mfs be brave as shyt tho, talking bout how you gon fuk a girl then you actually walk all the way to her house and have sex with her. DF!! You got heart bruh. And then you walk back home ugly as shit with a big ass smile on your face looking like 😊. U ugly as shit. Btch you just committed one of the three major sins, btch you better not get hit by a car and die on your way back cuz if you do than you're GOING TO HELL BTCH! That is, unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul and He decides to forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving

If you're brave enough to fuck that btch that ain't yours then be brave enough to repent and ask for forgiveness dh.

Yeah that shyt feels good, when you fukkin a btch that shyt feels good as hell. Especially when you hitting that shyt from the back and you stick your tongue out like Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals n shyt like 👅AAAHHH! But it's only for a minute tho, eventually you gon bust a nut and it's a wrap, it's over. You ever heard the term "temporary forever?" Well that's what it is. Why would you risk a temporary forever for an eternity of hellfire?" Df. Fukkin DUNCE!

-Don't lift your gaze whilst praying

I don't take word from nobody on the face of this planet, the only ones I listen to are Allah and His Messenger. Because Allah and His Messenger knows best, so you would be a fool to not listen to them.


May Allah bless J. Cole and forgive him for all his sins, open and secret. My granddad Andre Edgefield was a slave. Yup, he was sold right there in Charleston. Sho was bruh!

I can't lie to you, I am a pious Muslim 😐. God has made it forbidden for us to lie, about anything!

You wanna know one of the many differences between me and Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

If you was to ask the holy Prophet what he had for breakfast and if he had scrambled eggs, he would look you in the eyes and tell you straight up, "I had scrambled eggs." Bruh, if you ask me "hey Abdul what did you have this morning for breakfast?" if I had scrambled eggs I would look you in the eyes and be like "I had a roasted calf!😐"🤥

Allah knows best if scrambled eggs were around in the Prophet's time, it was just an example

His veracity cannot be questioned

Prophet Muhammad can be emulated, but Allah CAN'T. Allah is different from us, HE. IS. DIFFERENT! God is not like us.

The Holy Prophet lived about 1400 years ago in Makkah in the Saudi Arabia peninsula. This was before slavery, Christopher Columbus, and all that shyt. Times were different back then. The Prophet did not experience the difficulties that we face today, not at all. HE FACED MORE DIFFICULTIES. His time was more strenuous bruh. The Prophet would go days without eating. He would starve. And Allah only asks me to not eat from sunrise to sunset, and I'm like "😲BRUHH!! HOW??" Smh, I should be ashamed of myself. The Prophet had it tough, we got it easy, smhh.

The average human can go two weeks without eating and two days without water. Allah He knows this. So when He tells us to fast from sunrise to sunset He knows that we are capable of handling that, He doesn't burden us with anything that's beyond our scope bruh. You just gotta remember, He knows best. Keep it a bean like... This ngga knows ALL!

I remember once I was in my room laying down on my stomach and I started thinking like... "Well, if Allah created His own attributes, than was it him Who created Himself?" 😞. I started thinking like... Mhmmm?? KUFR KUFR!! That's blasphemy, I quickly discarded that thought, Allah was not created and its Kufr to believe that. You see how the Shaytan comes to you?

The Shaytan doesn't care about what sin that you do, He just wants you to disobey Allah. Whether that be by doing a sin or omitting something obligatory. He dont care bruh, he just wants you to sin, again and again. Until you die in a sinful state, than he will stop. And he gon move on to your children. Lmaoo.

The Shaytan is persistent, but Allah was the one to create persistency

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from what he fears

Listen, I. Am. A. Muslim bruh. Why would I sin and risk going to hellfire forever?


The people who enter HELLFIRE are of two categories. 1: the sinful Muslims. These are Muslims, but they are very sinful, they will enter hellfire and stay there for a set number of time and eventually they will be taken out by the Prophet's intercession and because they died on Islam. And like the Almighty said in the Holy Quran, "no Muslim will enter hellfire forever. 2: the blasphemers, the people of the book, Jews, Christians, Atheists etc... They will enter hellfire. They will fall a distance of 70 years into hellfire, which is only reserved for the blasphemers, and they will remain therein forever, for all eternity. FOREVER! Allah don't care about what you did in this life, He don't care if you freed the damn slaves. But if you pass away believing that Jesus is God, or similar to Him in any way. Btch your final destination is HELLFIRE! You will be there FOREVER BTCH! you gon diieeee btch

Naw you not even gon die, you gon wish that you was dead. The lightest torture in hell is that the person is forced to stand on top of like hot coals or summin, and they mfn BRAIN BOIL BRUH!!! Nggas gon wish they was dead, they gon ask this ngga Malik, the king of Hell n shyt, they gon be like "yo bruh, pleeaaasee ask Allah to just kill us and take our lives!" And then this ngga Malik gon be like "NAAWW BRUUH! Allah said that you gon stay here forever btch!" 😂 Nggas gon be sawdy as shyt!

And the mfs in hellfire gon be asking the people in paradise like "hey bruh, gimme some water nggas thirsty as shit" And the nggas in Paradise gon be like "NAAWW BRUH! Allah has made it forbidden for you!" 😂

Some angels came to see my father Ibrahim AS. They knocked on the door and they was like "sup bruh, Assalamu 'Alaikum" Ibrahim said Assalamu 'Alaikum back and he invited them in. He ain't know who df these nggas was. They just came and said Assalamu 'Alaikum, so now my dad like "I gotta treat these nggas well, they fear Allah, they told me Assalamu 'Alaikum" so what happened now is Ibrahim went to his wife Sarah and he like "do you know them?" And she like "naww, never seen them a day in my life" then my pops asks her "well, do we have an food?" She like "well we gotta little bit of meat here but that's about it 😞 my pops like"naw, that ain't enough, these nggas came in and told me Assalamu 'Alaikum, they are pious Muslims" so what did he do? He ordered his servants to cook up a MFN ROASTED CALF! just for these angel looking human mfs. Simply cuz they came in and said Assalamu 'Alaikum. So what happened next is he bought out the calf to his guests in the living room. And they just looking at it like 😐"wtf this ngga want us to do with this?" so when my pops saw that these angel mfs is not eating he starts eating a little bit to try to get these nggas to eat. But he still see that these nggas not eating so he start getting scared a little bit, he like "HOLD UP PAUSE. I'M NOT FEELING THIS. WHO ARE YALL AND WHY YOU NOT EATING?" P.S. Angels don't eat, but my old man ain't know this, he ain't know that they were angels. They just came in looking like humans n shyt. So the angels like "fear not bruh! We are not humans, we are angels. And we came to accomplish two tasks" and then they said that we came to give you news of a new son, and another son, and we came to destroy the people of Lut. Cuz at that time these nggas that Prophet Lut(PBUH) went to, they was gay bruh! These nggas was straight faggots. So what happened was that God sent the angels there to kill all them gay mfs. Cuz they wanted to oppress this ngga Lut, and all this ngga Lut was trying do was convey the message of Islam. Allah never destroys a place because they disbelieved, if you don't want to accept the message that came to you then ok well... That's on you bruh. But Allah chose to destroy them when they decide to cause harm to the believers of that place. Lut was a believer, and these gay mfs wanted to harm him. And Allah chose to deal with them in a mighty way. So this what happened. The same angels that went to see my pops came to Lut in the city full of gay mfs. And you now Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty, so when angels come in human form they're always gonna be males, they not gon be a btch bro. ANGELS CANNOT BE FEMALES. So when the angels came to Lut they like "we are guests" this ngga Lut like "say less" in Islam it is forbidden to turn down guests, and Lut is a Muslim, so he can turn these nggas down, they said they are guests so Lut like ard come in, now these gay mfs saw that Lut got some male guests and they're handsome af, when angels appear in human form they will be very handsome. So these gay mfs get all excited n shyt and they come to Lut's crib and start knocking like "OPEN UP BRUH. WE WANT YOUR GUESTS" This ngga Lut trying to be hospitable, he not trying give his guests to these gay mfs. So he like "come on just take my daughters you can hang em if that's what you want" these gay mfs like "naww bruh we don't want them, we want your guests bootyholes" 🙃. So what happened was this ngga Lut made Dua to Allah Almighty so that He can save him. Allah responded. The Angels told Lut to go ahead and take his family and dip, they gon take care of them gay mfs. So Lut did just that, he took all his family and dipped, except for his wife, she was a nonbeliever. So what happened next funny as shit. THESE GAY MFS WERE ALL DESTROYED! CDFFUUPP. The Angel Gabriel destroyed the whole city with the tip of his wings. He transformed into his original Angelic form and this ngga was big af! He covered up the entire horizon. He lifted up the entire city with the tip of his wing, he lifted the whole city up and turned them upside down. Completely destroyed them gay mfs. This is how Allah SWT deals with faggots.

All praise be to Allah!

I am the slave of Allah


I can't wait to go to Jannah, ima be fukkin all them big booty angel btches

Oh naw I'm tripping, them btches ain't gon be angels, nor humans. They just gon be creations by Allah SWT and they all gon hang BIG BOOTIES! Ima be fuckin

After I marry them of course. I can't insert my large genital inside a hoe that ain't married to, that's a major sin bro.

Keep it a bean, I'm scared as shit. This ngga Allah scares me bruh 🤤. This ngga really knows everything I be thinking. And He wills for me to do everything, good and bad. Whatever I do this ngga has knowledge of it and He willed for me to do it. It's like this ngga some typa God, or Creator or some shyt. Oh wait...

This ngga Allah gon kill me bruh 😲. SHIIIITTT!!!!


I wanna have a threesome with some old ladies. Old ladies got the best pussy.

Eeesw your pussy stank!

Keep it a bean tho old ladies suck the best dick. They don't be having no teeth, just straight GUMS. That shyt be feeling good!

Lying to make others laugh is a major sin in Shariah

This ngga Iblees ugly as shyt! He look like a..

What he look like? This ngga look like a mfn red phone case. He look like a red crayon n shyt, he look like a crayola box full of red crayons n shyt.

Keep it a bean tho I don't even know what this ngga look like, it's not mentioned in the Quran and the Messenger of Allah SAWS didn't convey anything about the definite look of the accursed Shaytan. Allah knows best what he looks like

I just know he ugly as shyt. HE HAS TO BE. Bruh, if you go against the orders of Allah than you ugly as shit! And you stink btch. Yo pussy stank.

Every Muslim is beautiful. Every. One. Of. Us.

This ngga Julaybeeb is beautiful as shyt. He was a sahaba. A companion of the Prophet SAWS. Nobody wanted to marry him because his looks wasn't really, the best. He was deformed physically. So the Holy Prophet SAWS went to a girl and asked for her hand in marriage to Julaybeeb. She accepted of course! Because bruh, how can you decline the Messenger of Allah SAWS. And in one of the battles Julaybeeb was killed. He was laying down and there were seven of the enemies around him, this ngga killed seven of the enemies. He went out with a fight! Muhammad SAWS saw Julaybeeb's dead body laying on the floor and he picked him up and said "Ya Allah, he was of me, and I was of him" he made strong Dua for him.

May Allah grant Julaybeeb Jannah. Aamen!

It's not permissible for us Muslims to say "RIP" after somebody passes away. Because that is imitating the Kuffars and tis a kind of Dua, and it's not permissible to pray or make Dua for a Non-Muslim.

Anyways back to the story of my pops Ibrahim. So the angels told him that they had come to give him news and destroy the gay nggas of Lut. They told him that he was going to be expecting a few sons. He couldn't have a child with his wife Sarah because she was barren, she wasn't able to reproduce or have babies. So Sarah she's shocked she's like "wow 😰 I couldn't get pregnant when I was younger, now me an old woman, 90 years of age and my husband 120 years old and now we're going to get a child, this is amazing!" And the angels like "nothing is impossible for Allah" and the angels also told her not only are you going to give birth to two sons but you will live long enough to see them have their children. Now this is some news, but my pops Ibrahim he not really worried about that. He's pleading for the gay mfs of Lut, he's like, "look, you're going to Lut to destroy that city, don't you know that Lut is amongst them? Come on, take it light on them" and the angels like "oh Ibrahim just ignore that talk, it's an order from Allah, it must be implemented" Angels do not disobey an order from Allah. Then they left in the same way they came. This story is also mentioned in the Quran, read it for a better and more vivid explanation. I may have added some extra things in there to make it seem more interesting or vivid. But that's about the jist of it.

Keep it a bean I gotta pee

I be telling my little sister like "Allah don't poop, Allah don't pee

"pistol whip you while your btch naked"

All I do is get drunk, come home and beat my wife

I don't wanna get married and get a divorce like.... That shyt boring. If I get married to you Ima be with you forever" that's why I'm like really picky. Cuz I want that shyt to be right the first time. I want the first woman that I marry to be the best. Just like Muhammad SAWS. His first wife was Khadija, and even though she passed away and he got remarried again he always remembered her. She was the most beloved to him.

Ima have more than one wife and ima have a shit load of kids. I won't even know who those kids mamas gon be. Ima be like "who your mom?" 😂

Ima have more than one wife and ima be lying to allll them btches. Cdffuupp. It's going to be permissible for me to do too, God is going to allow it. Ima be fucking that btch and ima be like "damn bae keep it a bean I love you the most out off all the girls I'm married to" she gon be like "awww really?" ima look her dead in the face 😐 and be like "dead ass!" then right after I ejaculate inside that btch mouth ima go to the next btch house and beat her shit and be like "keep it a bean bae but I love you the most out of all my wives" she gon be like"awww really?" ima look her dead in the face 😐 and be like "dead ass!"

I used to think that you only perform ghusl when you commit zina. Then I furthered my knowledge and I knew better. Now I be clean as shyt, I be taking a shower like twice a day n shyt

Snoop Dogg freed the slaves!

Gossiping in Islam is defined as: Saying a true matter about your Muslim brother or sister in his or her absence in a way that he or she will not like. So here's an example. Actually I can't think of an example right now. And anything I think of is gonna involve actually gossiping and I don't want to fall into sin and go to hellfire, I don't wanna risk it btch

This ngga Prophet Yusuf(AS) was handsome as shit! I be looking in the mirror and thinking I'm sexy but this ngga Yusuf looked waayy better than me. And he got waay more btches than me. The only ngga that looked better than him was Rasulullah SAWS

The reason why the Christian, Jews, and atheists will stay in hellfire forever is because if Allah would have willed for them to stay alive in this Dunya forever they would have remained on their Kufr forever for all eternity. And the reason why mfs like me would stay in paradise forever Insha'Allah is because if Allah would have willed for me to stay alive forever I would've stayed a Muslim forever until the end of times. Allah knows best. He isn't just Aleem. He is also Hakeem, He's Wise af!

I know for a fact that Islam is the correct Religion, there's no doubt in my mind at all. And this shyt feels good. There's no better feeling than knowing that you are on the right path and GOD is protecting you at all times. God is with me bruh 😋, I can't be touched. Fuk all you hoes.

I don't think Allah created something better than Islam, this is a perfect Religion

This Religion is not ours, and it's not for us, it was only REVEALED to us.

The Angels are all highly righteous Muslims (Awliya) and they are not ordered to fast in the month of Ramadan or give charity or none of that. Yet they are still Muslims

This ngga Allah always watching me like 👀! Soon as I fuck up he gon come at me all crazy like 🤜🤜❗❗

Ima be like I'M SORRY! 😲AAHHH!!! DON'T KILL ME BRUH!! He gon be like "it's cool bruh"

Knowing this, I have to be on my best behavior and can't say nothing outta pocket 🤐

Cardi B gotta fat ass. I wanna eat her pucci straight from the back. Ima be like 😜👅AHHHH!

I wanna eat ya mom pussi too. But I can't. I'm allergic to seafood 🤣🤣😂

I bust a nut on her left buttcheek and than I'm ghost like 👻

I bust a nut inside that btch pussy and then I move to a different country like 🏃‍♂️BYEE!!!

if she gets pregnant then I'm going to the moon btch 👨‍🚀 FUCK THAT!!!!

That hoe ain't gon put me under child support

The baby ain't even mines!

That mf lightskin! Df, I'm black as shit!


My father's a nice guy and all and I forgive him and love him for everything that he did for me, but me and him never really had that type of close relationship. I never really knew how to act towards your father or how to treat him, I just knew that you have to treat him good and respect him, but that's all I knew frfr. Me and him never really had that "close" type of relationship, u know what I mean like... The type of relationship where you see your father as just not an "older person" but like a close friend in which you could confide to. I was getting high and fuckin btches and this ngga ain't know shit! And I couldn't really talk to him about all these stuff because he was always too busy at work or whatever or handling other things and he just didn't have time.

So as a result bruh. There's a wisdom behind why God wants us to treat our parents so well, so that we can know how to act towards Him. But I ain't know how df to act towards my dad so as a result I made Dua to Allah to have a dream about charlie and the chocolate factory. Bruh, I made STRONG ASS DUA! I was like "ya Allah, I call upon you my Lord. Plz my Lord let me have a dream about Charlie and the chocolate factory" this was like last year. Everything that I was asking for was coming true, I was asking Allah please let me pass this class, I gotta A in it. Ya Allah please help me find a way to buy tokens so I can go to Jummuah on Friday and increase my knowledge, BOOM! I found a $50 bill while walking to the library. Ya Allah, please let me get a composition book to take notes for my Earth Science class. BOOM! I woke up the next day and a brand new composition book was laying there on my praying mat. So it's like, I knew it was Allah, Who else but Him? So I wanted to further confirm my suspicions. So I made Dua to Allah I was like "Ya Allah, please my Lord, allow me to have a dream about Charlie and the chocolate factory, PLEASE!" smhh. I'm surprised I even woke up the next morning.

Don't ever make Dua to Allah about nonsense. Your heart has to be in it when you make Dua.

I can't wait to be a dad bruh, that shyt gon be the best! Ima be the coolest dad. Me and my son gon smoke a L together when he turn 16. Ima be high as shit passing him the blunt like "son, I order you not to smoke this L and get high as shit"

Before I go to sleep every night I cleanse my heart of any hatred or animosity that I might have toward someone


Btches be dumb as shyt. They be talking to other girls and be like "I fucked the shit outta him sis" 😒really?? BTCH! Who is you fucking?? You. Have. A. Vagina. Df, you ain't fucking shit! BTCH you gon get this dck and shut yo dumbass up