There is a God, and his name is Alla. -very important

By making Allah love you, he will make his creations love you.

As one becomes closer to Allah. They begin to realize the truth.

When we die Allah gives us abilities based on who we were as humans and his personal obligations.

I'm so fukkin high.

Just because we are flawed does not mean Allah is flawed.

Chastise that ngga if he blow bro

When I get high I tend to hyperbolize on being normal.

I'm just high as shit.

Cdfupp this ngga said "I don't know nothing 😐"

Allah please let my dream come true.

It came late but I caught that hoe.

We have to relate Allah to being blindfolded and allowing a trustful friend to point a gun at you.
Oh but Allah (swb) is great. Not only does he not pull the trigger, he blesses you beyond your wildest dreams for simply having trust in him.

What's expected most of you will be bought out.
What I mean by that is Allah (swb) doesn't ever give us trials that he knows we can't complete.

We have to remember, we ask Allah (swb) for plenty things. He's not necessarily obliged to answer all of our prayers in the way we wish, but he is obligated to answer all.

I don't get high, I get leveled.

Bless him for allowing him to drive me to the Mosque.

Everybody's fake.

I don't get high, high gets me. He be DuLi as shit like, you DuLi bro? I'm hella DuLi, and I got bars too.

You have to become the high in order to beat the high.

The best artist is not able to draw a proper picture of Allah.

Foreign Lady in appointment crying about her child being mistreated at day care.

Everything in life is perception.

I'm high as shyt

Allah truly is great.

Logic is an adjunction of faith. It's one of faiths many extensions.

Who says that in print that I have to blow this afternoon?... I'm patiently waiting bruh. Like 50 cent "I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on, you can front if you want but your ass will get strolled on". That used to be my shit. "sighs". Times surely change. I'm high. Idk why

Being on his side means submiting to his every will.

Allah always finds a loophole.

DuLi playlist- a playlist with recorded algorithm

Allah treasures Prophet Muhammad so much because he was the last prophet and messenger. Thus conveying what every previous prophet and messenger before him stated.

When you truly get stoned you lose touch of reality and you make everyone who comes into contact with you enabled to conform to your new perception of reality. At least I think... Idk, I'm stoned 💀

You already know

Getting high truly weakens your immune cells

Life is all about who the popular kids are in high school.

Prepare for the worse. Because the worse can and will happen.

Allah exists in a plane where existence is not possible.

Allah is the only true God and Prophet Muhammad is his messenger.

The first step in gaining victory over your opponent in a match is making him or her believe that the fight is a fair fight and they actually stand a chance.

I think I'm sober, Idk I'm high

All is governed by one. Allah.

Numbers lie, Allah don't.

Ashley and Lindsay fighting over toy.

There are many sides to Allah, just like how he has 99 names there are plenty sides to him, maybe even more then 99. Think about it though, 99 bricks can perimitize this whole place.

Idk why I be getting high like this, I just do bro.

We are all gullible.

Existence is only fathomized by the eye.

I can't be fake like you, I'm sorry.

High as shit going to sleep, I can't even sleep.

My entire ideology is based off Allah, because Allah is everything.

Maybe I only think I'm right.

You stirr fried rice

I need a nice thick btch by my side

We only think we have freedom, even though we really do.

I'm Calipha DuLi

The greater is also the greatest, the creator cannot be created

Allah will enable you to see the error in your ways.

Allah's goal is not to win, he already won. His main priority is to make us see the possibility of winning through losing.

Everybody can't be real like you.

The laws of logic only applies to this physical realm, and as long as we stay on this planet we are bounded by this world's limits. That's why it's good to get high. Because when u truly get stoned you discover new worlds that you could only dream of being a ppossibility.

Admiration is a type of affection, a type of love.

I'm so fukkin high, I'm scared.

Hold me.

I wasn't expecting that, or was I? Idk I'm high. Do you have any more chocolate milk?
Cuz you know chocolate milk be popping.

The Earth not high, but other planets is, that's why they all fukked up


Am I tripping or is that car backing up by itself?

Nothing is ever hard for Allah (swb) to accomplish.

You already know bruh.

What's that jawn called?

Allah lowers his powers to make himself seem like a formidable opponent to Shatan and his attributes and allies.


Whatever Allah (swb) decreeds must go.

We all high as shit.

Our obliviousity makes us weak.

Allah (Swb) is not attributed with any kind of weakness.

You smoke cuz u want to, I smoke cuz I have to.

Once you get what you really want, you often forget that at one point you desperately wanted it.

Allah please don't test me so harshly, because I fear of failing.

Allah is all.

I'm sober fr


The end of time is not the end.

The bus driver left the bus to go to McDonald's smh.

I don't fear no other human being.

How can a blunt a day keep the doctor away when that shit weakens your immune cells?

Pessimism should not be confused with truth and what is.

Oh Allah (swb) is truly great. All of this has already happened for him, everything is just a re-run.

Robbing Wiz Khalifa's house

The Biggest Coward

Lonely Coward

This shyt ain't easy as it look, it's easier.

This ngga Ceddy had a heart attack and died.

They shot my ngga Boobie at a barbeque cuz he was taking too many burgers.

You're only scared of death for two reasons. Either you're oblivious to what's on the other side, or you're scared of facing what's on the other side.

The devil is just a high level prisoner in hell.

It takes longer for me to process and react to information, both physically and mentally.

Or so I think. Idk I be high.

I'm at the crib high as shit.

You try to be high when you sober, and sober when you high.

I just need to work on my energy and stamina.

I act so morally because Allah promises me many rewards, and I demand them all.

One act of kindness can change a person's life, God willingly.

Allah's mercy is distributed equally towards all of us.

Begets- (typically of a man, sometimes of a man and a woman) bring (a child) into existence by the process of reproduction.

Logic contradicts itself without faith.

Being real is an attribution of existing.

I just wanna smoke weed and do what's right.

When you take off your blindfold you see him standing there. His arms are open and tears is in his eyes.

Logic lies, Allah (swb) don't

By you existing, Allah (Swb) has proven that he knows you better then you know yourself.

They ask me where I've been, I say I was never here.

As long as we reside in this realm that Allah (Swb) has created, we are thus governed by the rules of logic.

Allah (Swb) is not relentless in anger. But he is relentless in mercy.

We humans tend to desire things at an excessive amount, and Allah (Swb) is willing to provide it, in his own way.

Allah (Swb) can do anything.

I am soo high.

I'm scared 😨

Is it bad that I only think of pious shit when I be high?

He is not "a" god, he is "the" God.

The God of all, Allah (Swb).

Us humans fail to even digest logic properly.

I'm only cool to foreign btches

I won't say no more devout shyt when I'm high.

Part of the trial is patience, in all.

I'm high as shyt.

It's not the text that needs to be altered but the way we process the information given.

Damn, this ngga Allah truly great bruh.

The answer startes us right in the face, we are the ones that tend to deny it.

I hate not being practical with nggas.

Us humans are so behind.

I have an optimized ideology on life.

I want you to make me as great as Prophet Muhammad not to gain your love and acceptance but for my own self beneficial reasons.

It's the consumers that tend to change, not the producers.

Allah (Swb) is the only crowd you need.

We are told not to be artists in school and such, but then we praise and acclaim artists.

My ideology is at the peak of malevolency.

I rather be wrong instead of Allah.

This high ass mf said "beep to the bop bop to the bang". Smh

Allah (Swb) is difficult to understand. Similar to lightskin girls with a big forehead, or females.


It's not a gift, it's a bestowment to me from the creator.

My art cannot be artified

Rachel crazy af

Remember bul you always see at Papi store that be like "YO DuLi! "

My brother is too objective.

There are many sides to Allah (Swb). The side in which is more apparent is his merciful woman side.

I aint afraid to die, I'm just afraid of God.

I never sat down in the first place

Don't punish her

I'm high a lot.

You can't truly know you're fried until you do some fried shit

Her mom comes in and takes her to toys r us.

I need you to exist in my life.

Everybody wins

There are two people in this world. People that smoke wd, and the mfs that let the wd smoke them.

We're only seeing a mitigated version of his power.

Two things that will kill you in this world. Atomic bombs and what ifs.

All I do is smk wd and laugh about life.

I'm high as shit

"I'm not sorry, I been smking, I aint drinking. I'm not sorry"
Y'all heard that song? It's by Mike Stud n shit

When there's no road to get to your heart, let's start over again.

These hoes like the rest of them

Mean is how the average person acts.

If ignorance is bliss it's cuz she never heard of this

I will never say Insha'Allah for something easy.

Nggas be weak on the bud.

Open n shit.
Like these bxs

I'm high as shyt

I can try to figure it out but I never will.

I think I'm constipated n shit

I get constipated when I'm high bruh that shit not even funny.

We idolize the extremely normal and chastise the gifted simply because of their looks and personality.

Art is not what I create, what I create is chaos.

By studying the emotions of young toddlers between the age of 3-7 we can begin to understand the reasons behind the actions of the predominancy of adults and all other mature human beings.

Logic doesn't always make sense.

Life is really not short, we just don't live it fully.

In order to be an "it" one cannot have a conscious mind.

I(eye) might not see it but my eyes prolly red as shit.

The glasses don't help me see things more clear, the bud does.

There's a reason behind every reason, and that reason is Allah (Swb)

I don't have a smoking problem, you have a problem with me smoking.

The Dunya is not scary, Allah is.

It's a trick upon a truck.

Btches always lose they voice when they be arguing and yelling.