I'm over here worried about paying my phone bill and buying tokens and there's some nggas my age who are in jail for the rest of they life or dead, THEY DEAD! smhh... May Allah forgive me

I am a horny, weed smoking, porn watching, fornicating, joke making, African looking, piece of fecal matter. And Allah He chose me, ME!

Sometimes we become devils ourselves

Music makes you lose your sense of morality

It is audio pornography

this ngga Meek hot, he said... WELCOME TO MY HOUSE PARTY!!


You ain't the one for me btch, you ain't got shit I need. Want me to take my time with you maybe I'm not your steeze 🎶🎵

Music is from the Shaytan, it's not good at all


May Allah SWT protect us

"Ya Allah, right now You have made things okay for me, I have my life and You have given me sustenance, Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, I humbly ask You to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammed and to protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Ya Allah, please forgive me for my sins, indeed You are the most merciful. Ya Allah, I love You. I'm always thinking about you and I know the reason why I exist. I exist simply to give You worship, because You are deserving. Ya Allah, have mercy on me "


Allah ain't got no picks, we all get the same treatment

My Muslim brothers want the best for me, them nggas don't want me to sin bruh 😞. They want me to be a pious Muslim, so they enjoin good and forbid evil. Them nggas follow the orders of Allah bruh. It breaks they heart when they see me sinning 😯

What I'm trying to accomplish is to prove to you dumb mfs that Allah is the only God and He deserves to be worshipped only. Whether or not you decide to believe me and take my word well... That's on you bro. Irdgaf. I mean I do, I want yall nggas to be Muslims. But I can't force yall

May Allah bless Mufti Menk

May Allah bless Nouman Ali

May Allah bless Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

That ngga ain't gon do shit. You just shut up and take this 🍆

My phone cost $350
My headphones- $55
My phone bill- $55
School id- poo550214
Library card #- 25918-0174-37330

Lol, my stepmom is not honest. She be lying smhh

Keep it a bean, I'm sexy as shit

My stepmom is bad keep it a bean, she really don't care about me lol. I can tell that she didn't want to give me her card so I can pay my phone bill. I hate asking people for things. Especially when I know they don't want to do it.

Oh well, idc. I made Dua to Allah SWT to help me find a way to pay my phone bill and He did it, all praise be to Him. Even though my stepmom didn't want to help me pay it, tis still done, my phone is on until 07/20/2018. Alhamdulillah! 😃


them nggas is protected by GOD! And God loves His Muslims

I'm not gonna ask my stepmom for anything ever again. She don't be willing to help and I don't like asking 😕

May Allah punish this lady, I call upon Ad-Daar. I call upon Aleem. She's not even allowed to be listening and recording private conversations that I have with others, that is a sin, Allah does not allow it. Verily, Allah is All-Seeing. May He punish this lady. I call upon Mudhill. Verily, Allah He sees all that is going on, I call upon Allah. Please, protect me from this lady, make her suffer ya Allah, she is bad. I don't even know this lady, she's not my mom, relative or anything, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER PARENTS! Please Ya Allah, PLEASE!

It's my father's fault for marrying such a bad woman like this, this lady is a witch

May Allah punish her

"Ya Allah, look at how I treat her children" And she has the nerve to treat me like this

And this lady once accused me of mollesting my little sister Assanatu. ME! Molesting Assanatu. I will never forgive her. May Allah curse her.

She's not even my father's wife so according to Shariah, this lady is nothing to me

She drove my father out of his house

This lady is a witch. But she has no power, only Allah has all Power

And this lady when my father used to be living with us she would come to my room, steal my clothes and send it to Africa

And my father wasn't the only one to refuse me food too, she would as well. She will cook and then take a little bowl and put some in there for me smhh. And she still does this. And the money that she's using to cook is the same money that she's getting from the job she's doing by taking care of me. Smhh, may Allah punish her.

I had a nice Jean jacket and all these polo shirts in my room. She took all them btches from my room and sent it to Africa. May Allah punish her

I can't wait to pray Dhuhr so I can ask my Lord to punish this evil lady

May Allah bless my future children, I ain't got them yet but I know they gon be something special

I paid for my online hosting package 😊, only gotta pay it once a year. Alhamdulillah

I was watching this Islamic lecture and the guy speaking used the word "double standard", this guy was giving a really good lecture but I didn't know what that word meant, so I looked it up, and the definition for it is "a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups" So knowing that would it be a double standard to say that "all light-skin girls with big foreheads talk a lot and are very stubborn?"

A civilization is not simply based on how it treats it's members but how it treats others

The sort of logic that is employed there is no different than praising a serial killer for being a good family man

"everything requires evidence, everything requires a rational standard of belief"

90% of the things that make us human are not proven scientifically

"Do you believe in love?"
"well can you give me a scientific paper/proof that love exists""
"then why do you believe in it?
Yet when it comes to my Religion I have to validate

Fitrah- The predisposition to belief. Not just in God but everything in general The fitrah tells us that there is a purpose, we see things with purpose, we see things with design, we see things with order, we see things as having a certain goal

This fitrah does not prove the existence of God. What it does is it sets up a rational standard within the mind of a human being to infer that there is a God

We live in a world where God is a natural tendency

Why don't you attribute to Allah His due grandeur

I will have many wives

They will all be Muslims

They will all be beautiful

Like two days ago I was looking under my bed for my eye drops, and I ended up finding a full bag of MARIJUANA. Where did it come from? ALLAH put it there. He is Able.

How df is you gon be reluctant to pay my phone bill when the money is mines? She's doing a job in which I'm her employer and she's supposed to be using the money to attend to my needs. OK well btch attend to my needs and pay my fukkin phone bill df! Just thinking about that shyt makes my blood boil. May Allah punish her. And every month when I get paid from() I usually save some money to pay my phone bill, I'm not gon do that no more! SHE'S GONNA PAY IT DF!!

This woman has made me leave that house, I hate her. May Allah take her life

SALAMATU IS A WITCH! I call upon Allah, Ad-Daar please punish this lady, look at how she treated me today. For what? Look at how I treat her kids ya Allah. Please curse her. Let something bad fall on her head ya Rabb

May Allah kill her

This btch at the house smh...

This lady done driven me out the crib, I'm staying now with my pops at his little one bedroom apartment smhh... Alhamdulillah

First she made my sister leave, than she made my father leave, and NOW she has made me leave

I didn't do nothing to this lady. Wallahi. I was in my room chilling and she just came in and started to assault me, physically push me and slap me. I know what she was trying to do though, make me lose my cool so that I can retalliate and the blame would be on me. But this lady don't know that I am a pious slave of Allah, the Messenger of Allah PBUH never lost his cool, he always maintained his composure like 😐

Now that everybody have left the house, I want to see how she's going to manage. She's going to suffer and her kids will suffer, Insha'Allah!

I pray that Allah makes something bad happen to this woman. Allah is Al-Faatah

And He is Ad-Daar

I hate this lady, may Allah kill her

I can wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow so I can ask Allah to punish this lady. Allah is my Best Weapon.

He is Enough, and He is the best Disposer of affairs

You damn right I smoke weed, I be getting high as shit every chance that I can bruh. Lol, smhh. Bruh, smoking weed is haram, it is a major sin cdffuupp. It is a s.i.n. bro, Allah forgive me. But there is a way to go about it if you are trying to get somebody to stop smoking it. You have to do it with wisdom bro. You can just say "smoking weed is haram you need to stop" 😞

Bruh, where's the incentive? I need a strong enough purpose to make me stop doing it. Tell me some shyt like "do you really want to risk your chances of going to Jannah Tul Firdos?" then ima be like 🤤

Or tell me some shyt like "God is watching you" 🤤

You feel me? Like bring up the name of Allah. Because that's the only thing that's going to make me stop

This woman she funny as shit! When I went with the guy to get the rest of my clothes, she gon tell the guy "I hope that's all of it because I don't want to see him here anymore"

😂DF? It's funny when you think about it bruh

THIS LADY. She don't even know how to read and write. She's straight from the most primitive village in Africa. SHE KNOWS NOTHING!! And this lady just came in this country and kicked my sister, father, and me out of the house. SHE DROVE US ALL OUT OF THE HOUSE. THIS WOMAN 😂. How?? Aw okay, that's right, we live in America. Where the word of a woman is more valued than that of a man. In Islam we are taught that women have a tendency of lying! Allah knows best.

Ya Allah please take her life Ya Allah, her name is Salamatu. She has driven me and my father out the house. Ya Allah she's an oppressor. Ya Allah she physically assaulted me for no reason. Ya Allah she accused me of molesting Assanatu. Ya Allah, I call upon you O Al-Mudhill, I call upon you O Al-Muqtadir

You gotta fake it till you make it bro

Df was that police officer on?? I asked that ngga just escort me to the house so I can get the rest of my stuff. He talking bout some "no you had a chance this morning and all you took were two books and a toothbrush" BTCH! THAT'S ALL I NEEDED THIS MORNING DF. One of them books was the Quran and I took the toothbrush to brush my teeth dh. That ngga ugly as shyt looking like cyborg off teen titans n shyt.

He ugly as shyt looking like a husky weight trainer. That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a football player, he tried out for the Dallas Cowboys n shyt when he was in college. But he didn't make the team so he resorted to selling drugs. Then he got booked a couple times and then he became a devout Christian.

He found Christ in his life n shyt

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like that ngga Bolo off Van Damn n shyt.

He secretly wanna be a firefighter n shyt, that's his dream n shyt

He ugly as shit

He ugly as shyt with that nutass mustache looking like he drank black milk n shyt

He wanna be a fire fighter but he's scared of heights so he can't be going down the pole n shyt

He ugly as shit looking like cubix with a mustache n shyt

He used to sell marijuana when he was younger his nick hasn't was Big Tony

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a husky version of Martin Luther King n shyt


Ya Allah, I am your Slave. You are One. Ya Allah, raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears

Ya Allah, forgive me

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a husky fire hydrant

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like...


Ya Allah. PLEASE

How can I use my beauty in such fashion?

If she goes to sleep she won't wake back up, SHE WILL DIE!

It's 3:00 in the morning, I am being oppressed by that lady. My Dua has to be answered

I really don't wanna stay over at my dad's, this ngga cool and all but I'm not comfortable here in this little one bedroom ☹️. May Allah help me

I remember Allah in my times of ease, now I'm going through hardship I know that my Lord will surely remember me and help me. I don't have a speck of doubt in my mind. Allah is going to come through, surely!

I call upon Him, al Wahabb. To bestow me and provide me with a place of comfort and ease and PRIVACY in which I can permanently stay at

That lady named Salamatu has driven me from my home, I was in my room chilling. Allah is the best of those who judge, He is Al Faatah

I call upon Al Mu'min to grant me security and stabilization, I'm scared for the future, I don't want to suffer

May Allah be my Friend, my Wali right now when I don't have anybody, just my Religion, that is ENOUGH!

May Allah be my Waliy. May He be my Helper, may he help me get a place to live.

Allah has already helped me. He has willed for me to be helped right now. This something that my Lord has already willed. His Will cannot be questioned, the Qadr of Allah is powerful.

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad. And may he raise the rank of my father Ibrahim.

I have to remember to call comm transit to change my pickup address and go to the school on Tuesday to make them apply the money that they're going to send me to my winter semester classes, and they can change the delivery address to my dad's address. Because if they send it to my old crib and that lady sees it, she's going to rip it up into pieces and put it in the trash lol


Even though the Angels love me they can't help me right now, even though some of the people love me they can't help me right now, only Allah can help me. Only Allah, only Allah, only Allah, only Allah, only Allah

May Allah make my sister give me a little bit of money tomorrow so I can buy food, I'm hungry as shit. I been straight hungry for like three days now. Well I guess that's what I get for not fasting on Ramadan lol. I be calling upon Allah and praying to him every single day, and He gives me a task to fast for 30 days and I couldn't even do it smhh. I'm never doing that shyt again. If Allah commands me to do something I'm going to do it goddammit! IDC IF I DIE. I WILL DO WHAT HE COMMANDS. I am His slave.

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

This ngga Mufti Menk told me that it is not permissible to make jokes about Allah or anything pertaining to Him, I hear and I obey. I will never do it again, ya Allah forgive me.

It's done, Allah has already forgiven me 😑😏

There's a difference between not knowing about something and doing it, and knowing about it and STILL DOING IT!

If you persist upon doing it after knowing about it then... You're fucked.

My mother watched her child Ibrahim die from an illness when he was only three. Nuff said!

I hope, I pray that all of you can take my story and learn from it bruh, keep it a bean I'm just trying to prove to you all that Allah truly exists, He is real!

This ngga Nouman Ali Khan is smart af!! Wow. This ngga so wise bruh. He has taught me so much in that one video

Ya Allah. Verily Allah, Your existence is clear. You wanna know how I know that You exist? Because You have just provided me with bread and butter, and I bit into that shyt and it was SOOO GOOD! Ya Allah, that bread was popping! Who else could have provided me that bread if it wasn't for You? Ya Allah, You gave me that bread. I loved it Ya Allah. Time and time again You provide me with sustenance. Thank you. Alhamdulillah. All praise be to You O Rabb. Allah, right now Allah I am staying at my father's one bedroom apartment. That woman has drove me away from my home.

Ya Allah, You are One. You have no partners. Ya Allah this is what I'm trying say, it is You who has the power to do anything. You are not defeated in any way, you Know all and you Hear all. Ya Allah, please my Lord, raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. PLEASE!

Ya Allah, forgive me. I have sinned. This morning I watched porn and I masturbated, this are sins Ya Allah. This are sins that I, ME, MYSELF, not the Shaytan or anybody else. But I have done those sins, because I am weak Ya Allah. SO VERY WEAK. I am a weak creation, I am not able to fid my naffs. And it's not like it's impossible to do, no, Prophet Muhammad PBUH did it, he fought his nafs. Prophet Muhammad has never masturbated a day in his life. And he was a man just like me, he had urges, the Shaytan came to him on multiple occasions, but he never succumbed. Not even once. And here I am doing this shit every night. Smhh. Ya Allah, I'm sorry 😢. I'm sorry for being so weak and defenseless.

Ya Allah, this sin that I have done Ya Allah. I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Astaghfirullah. It will never even cross my mind. But if it does happen I will fight it, for the sake of You. AND. I. WILL. WIN!

Forgive me Ya Allah.

I am not addicted to smoking weed

The first step to rehabilittation is admitting

Admit what? I'm not addicted to anything so what's there to admit?

Inner self: Bro you dumb as shit, you're a pothead and you know it. You ever heard that song "Hold on we're going home" by Drake? Well change the lyrics from "cuz you're a good girl and you know it, to, you're a pothead and you know it" 🤣

You don't wanna admit now but I bet you'll admit when you high as shyt finna cross the highway and you get hit by a big ass truck and yo ass gets ADMITTED to the hospital

All your bones gon be broken and you gon be laying down in the hospital bed talking bout some "I ADMIT YA ALLAH"

You gon be ugly as shit

Astaghfirullah get df out my head I ain't scared of shit! I'm fearless, I am a Wali

Btch you gon die and go to hell. Btch Munkar and Nakir gon smash your head with a hammer

They gon be like "who is your Lord?"

You gon be stuttering n shyt like m-m-my Lo-lor-lor 😂

They gon be like "HUH? SAY WHAT?"



I gotta take a shit

On Fridays when I take a shit and I finish I gotta wipe my ass three times, on any other day I just wipe that hoe once or twice and call it a day. But on Fridays I gotta do that shyt three times, make sure I'm clean bro, I'M BOUTA GO TO JUMMUAH!

A couple weeks ago I helped this Christian lady named Caroline put some supplies inside a church for her. And they wasn't light, nope not at all. They was pretty heavy. Especially the first one. Ya Allah I did that for the sake of You

She wanted to pay me I was like "no, I can't take it. Just please pray to God for me"

How can I accept money from her if I was doing it for the sake of Allah?

I should be paying her!!

Because after all, there is only one God

That was a time of ease for me and I remembered Allah. Now I have been driven out of my own home and I have nowhere to go. Watch how Allah is going to come through and help me, you just watch!

Because when you are present with God you are present with the creation of God, you start noticing the wind in the trees

You start noticing the subtleties, everything around us. It becomes real

I love being here, especially on Fridays

She will be my 7th wife

Or 3rd Idk, Allah knows best

But what I do know is that she will be my favorite. She will be my Khadija, my Sarah 😗

Every time that I go to Jummuah my belief in Allah gets reaffirmed. He is in control. He is one. He is the only God. I KNEW IT!!

Allah is great, wow! Yesterday I was staying at my father's one bedroom apartment in which I was not comfortable, the day before that that lady called the police on me and kicked me out of my house and I thought life was over for me. Today I am staying with my sister in..... and I am SO COMFORTABLE! Finally I can stay in my own room and stretch my legs bruh, cuz I was not able to do that at my father's crib. I'm 6'3 that bed was maybe 5'11 in height, when I would try to sleep my feet would go overboard n shyt 😂. That was not fun. But now I'm here and I'm comfortable. I. am. happy.

This is how Allah rewards those who do good and have patience. And He is not finished with me yet, more rewards are coming, I CAN'T WAIT!

I wonder what the rewards are gonna be, whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be splendid 😊

May Allah keep me happy

Also that chair that I pushed in on school at 04-19-2017 was for the sake of Allah

And I helped a church lady named Caroline a couple weeks ago put some stuff from her car in the church for her. I did that for the sake of Allah

And I just prayed Isha for the sake of Allah

And I went to Jummuah today for the sake of Allah

And I stayed at the Musallah from before Dhuhr until 7pm for the sake of Allah

And... Umm... While I was going to Jummuah I saw a trash can on the side walk and I moved it out of the way so a Muslim won't get hurt. Who is the Muslim? ME! I'M THE MUSLIM!

And uhh... I just drank a bottle of water. I did not drink it because I was thirsty. I drank it to have energy to do my obligatory Isha prayer. I did that for the sake of YOU YA ALLAH


You see... I do all these good deeds so tell your kids to be like me, #BeLikeMe

Be like me bruh, I am a good archetype



All I do is smoke weed and watch porn all day cdffuupp

Don't be like me df

I'm not somebody to look up to, I'm somebody to look at and be sad for, frown upon me bruh, cuz I ain't shit

Do you know who you should look up to?

This ngga Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This ngga was the best. He never did any sins. How did he do it?? Because he was a Prophet chosen by God?

When I went to Shaykh Sayf's class today at Jummuah he told me that you can't use "he was a Prophet" as an excuse

Yes he was a Prophet. But he went through more pain then me and you put together

If you cut him with a knife he's going to bleed, just like me and you.

He even fell unconscious and lost his tooth at one of the battles, I think it was the battle of Badr

All of his children died except for one

His wife and uncle died in the same year

He was mocked and made fun of for preaching Islam, and he was pelted with rocks until his feet bled

And it's not like he was cyborg or something and he was impervious to the pain. NO. He felt pain just like me and you, the only difference is how he handled the hardships that he went through

I'm over here btching about not having a place to stay and the bed being too short and I'm over here making Dua to Allah to kill that lady. I should be making Dua to Allah and thanking Him, saying Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive right? I still have my Religion right? The most important thing to me is my Religion. It is my life, and my life is my Religion.

I exist solely to worship my Creator. And if anybody get in the way of me doing that I will kill you.

Ya Allah. I beg of you my lord. Please bless Shaykh Sayf, please bless Brother Anwar, please bless Shaykh Muhammad, please bless his father, please bless Ahmad, please bless the guy last week who smiled at me, please bless the guy from two weeks ago who saw me and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. Please bless all of them and their families, make them all have long life and let nothing bad happen to them. The are all pious Muslims, they have all attained taqwa Ya Allah. Please Ya Allah. You are my Lord. Who else can I ask but you. I love you Ya Allah, and I need you. I need you for everything. Please Ya Allah, bless all of them.

I come to you Ya Allah, I complain to you about my weakness, I am very weak Ya Allah. I'm sorry. And I come to you to complain to You about how that lady treated me, she had no right to physically assault me like that and kick me out of my own home, she had no right to slap my father and made him leave his house.

I call upon you Ad-Daar, I call upon You Al-Mudhill, I call upon you Al-Muqtadir, I call upon you Al-Qawiyy, I call upon You O Al Khaafid. Fight that woman, make her suffer Ya Allah, I wash her children and I teach them about You.

This woman is bad Ya Allah, destroy her and make her suffer Ya Allah. I hate her.

If it is wrong for me to supplicate to You for this then please forgive me because I don't know any better. That woman physically assaulted me and drove me out of my home, for no reason. Ya Allah, DESTROY HER, MAKE HER SUFFER. But please Allah, don't take her life, PLEASE. This woman she might be a terrible person but she can still repent and turn towards You and you will accept her back because You are Raheem and You are At-Tawaab. Don't take her life, please. BUT, if You decide to take her life than that's fine, You can do whatever you like because You are the only one with Will and Speech. I can only ask You sincerely, but I cannot force you to do anything.

You are Lord, You are one. I am nothing. I have no power, I don't have anything. It is You Who is all powerful. This what I'm trying say Ya Allah, YOU ARE ONE. AL WAAHID!

I ain't gon lie Ya Allah, keep it a bean like... I be thinking about You A LOT! You are in my mind always, You are the last I think about before I go to sleep and the first I think about when I wake up. I love you Ya Allah, You are my everything.

How's that gay??😕 Homosexuality is a major sin in Islam. Allah is not a boy or a girl, you sound stupid. You're gay for thinking that I'm gay!

Ya Allah, in a saheeh hadeeth a man came before Your Prophet and prostrated before him, and Rasulullah SAWS told him calmly that You have made that forbidden, but if You did make it permissible it will be for the wife to prostrate in front of the husband.

Ya Allah, that is a very sound hadeeth.

Don't take this woman's life Ya Allah. Have mercy on her, guide her, because You are al Hadee.


Bless Shaykh Sayf Ya Allah. Shaykh Sayf loves me and he wants the best for me. Bless that man Allah. Bless his children. Grant him long life and contentment in this world.

Bless Hajj Anwar Ya Allah

And bless that man from yesterday who corrected me in how to properly say your name. Bless him Ya Allah. He is a very pious Muslim. He has surely attained Taqwa, his piety is undeniable. Forgive him for all his sins and grant him long life and goodness in this world

Ya Allah, I will never disrespect You or Your Messenger ever again, forgive me if I ever did in the past

Ya Allah, I was eating and this dude came to me and shook my hand and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. And he made Dua for me. He said "may Allah make reward you greatly"

Ya Allah, he is a pious Muslim. He has attained taqwa. He fears You Ya Allah. BLESS HIM O LORD! PLEASE! I beg of you, make something good happen to go, make him happy. Ya Allah, He wasn't even dressed Islamically, he had on basketball shorts and a t-shirt. He was playing ball all the way on the other side of the state, he had to take a train, and two busses just to come meet me at the Musallah and shake my hand and tell me As Sallamu Alaikum. Ya Allah, he did not do that for me, or for himself, he did it because he knows that you are Al-Basir and that is a deed that you accept. Bless him O my Lord! Make that kid happy. PLEASE!

Bless Adam Ya Allah. He is a pious Muslim. He has attained taqwa, I can tell

Bless Shaykh Muhammad's father Ya Allah, he is very pious. And he has attained taqwa. He lives in Alaska Ya Allah. Every Friday he takes a plane and two busses just so he can come see me. He does it for the sake of You Ya Allah. BLESS HIM!

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary. Please Ya Rabb. He has given my so much knowledge. He did it for the sake of You. He is very pious and he has attained Taqwa. BLESS THIS MAN YA RABB! PLEASE!