I was going to go to therapy tomorrow but fuk that I gotta go to school and tell them I ain't living in that house no more so they can send the check to my sitster crib and they can apply some of the money to my class for the Fall semester, and I can use some of that money to buy a laptop, everything's going to be okay for me, Insha'Allah

May Allah help my sister find a place for us to stay

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

I'm tripping. I'm thinking today is Sunday when it's Saturday. Df, I woke up from my nap thinking that it's the morning, I did my Fajr and sunnah prayer and took a shower n everything, now I have to redo my prayer because my intention was wrong

I gotta stop cursing, the Messenger of Allah PBUH never used obscene language, that shit not cool

Shit, that's a curse word



I am a pious slave of Allah SWT

Allah is my Waliy

May Allah bless Mohamed Hoblos

I rarely ever dream, but when I do dream they are always true

True dreams are part of Prophethood

May Allah bless my father and forgive him. Forgive that man Ya Allah

You are the most forgiving, you love to forgive, so forgive him Ya Rabb. PLEASE!

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad's father. Ya Allah, this man lives all the way in Canada. Every Friday he takes an airplane and two buses just to come see me, he does it for the sake of You Ya Rabb. BLESS HIM!

Good weed, white wine, I come alive at the night time

Keep it a bean, I'm ugly as shit

I look like Kunta Kinte's third cousin n shyt

I look like a mandingo warrior n shyt

I'm black as shit, I look like 2:30am in the morning n shyt

I look like a Jinn n shyt

My head long as shyt that jawn look like a boner, an erection n shyt

I look like my dad n shyt

I gotta wake up for Fajr on Sunday tomorrow

If I miss that hoe my soul gon go straight to hellfire

I could, but I'm not

Df. Them nggas at the Masjid was telling me that every non-Muslim was going to hellfire forever, they was giving me saheeh hadeeths n shyt from the Prophet PBUH. I believed that shyt I was like 😐 they're speaking the truth! Now I'm watching these YouTube videos and they're telling me otherwise. Df!

Oh well idc, all I know for sure is that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger

I call upon AR-Rasheed. May He guide me to the straight path and protect me from falling astray

"Thank you for placing your order" THANK YOU FOR SUCKING MY DCK BTCH!

"Here's a receipt of your summary" HERE'S A RECEIPT OF MY NUT STAIN ON UR MOM BOTTOM LIP BTCH!

Oh shyt, what if them nggas Muslim? 🤤


The first battle of Islam was the Battle of Badr

This ngga Mr. Spica used to be like "GET ER DONE!"

Ok so there are three types of dreans: dreams from Allah, dreams from your nafs, and dreams from the Shaytan

I never dream. My "Random Thoughts" are from my nafs, Always are from Allah. And the Shaytqn is not in any one of these

You might think that the "Random Thoughts" or "BARZ" are from the Shaytan but naaw. They straight from my nafs bruh, that's all me 🤓

I'm ugly as shit tho keep it a bean

I look likem..

What I look like?

I looked like some overcooked bacon!

Turkey bacon

I need to find a good Muslim woman to marry and complete half of my deen


I'm ugly ☹️

Nobody wants me. Ima have some ugly ass babies

You know the story of the ugly duckling? That's what I look like. I look like a ugly duck


Watching lesbian porn is cool and all, but it doesn't really arouse me like that. That shyt do not make me wanna nut bro. I rather a ngga fucking that btch so I can see some ass clapping n shyt and the ngga bust a nut on her face or her left buttcheek, either one is preferable

These are the six:
1258 & 1259 740

These are the four: 555- these are all the Prophets, excluding Eesa ibn Maryam PBUH
525- solely Eesa
755- all the Angels, including Gabriel
725- the pious Muslims of humans and Jinn



I need to get a laptop, for the sake of Allah. So I can umm... Use it to increase my Islamic knowledge and spread the message of Islam

May Allah allow that check to come from school so that I can use it to buy a laptop

Swearing and cursing is not from our Deen, no. I will never swear again

I don't want to look in the mirror BECAUSE I'M UGLY!

Islam is a very broad Religion, but you can narrow it down to a simple sentence. "Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

Knowing Allah, is knowing that He commands us to do all good deeds, and the best good deed that you can do is say your Shahada and become Muslim and prosper

I'm mad hungry but I'm not going to get up and eat something until 8:19am. Because 819 is among the best and prayer has put order into my life

Ya Allah, I call upon You O Al Mujeeb. My father is my father. Yes he has wronged me, he has oppressed me and made life difficult for me in many ways. But he is my father Ya Allah, I don't wish bad on him, I don't want anything bad to happen to him, I love him Ya Allah, please bless that man and guide him, make this Dunya easy for him and give him a long life of enjoyment and peace.

But this woman Ya Allah, this Salamatu woman. I don't even know her. Idk her parents Ya Allah. She just came in this country and drove my father, sister and me out the house. What did we do to this woman? My father worked tirelessly to bring her to this country, my sister paid for her plane ticket, on my 22nd birthday I walked all the way to Wal-Mart and I sweated so hard and even vomited because of the arduous journey. Just to buy her children some clothes and toys.

Ya Allah I hate her, I hate her for the way she treated my sister, my father, and me. I hate her completely and I do not forgive her. Please DESTROY THIS WOMAN! Ya Allah in a hadeeth Qudsi You said that You will wage war against anybody who oppresses a close friend of yours, Ya Allah, I am your very close friend. I don't have no friend but You. Ya Allah, wage war against this woman! But please Ya Allah, don't take her life, don't take this woman's life Ya Allah. She can still turn to You in repentance and You will accept her because You are At-Tawaab. I pray only to You O Allah

Please raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears

There are three:
1: 1155-this is Prophet Ibrahim(AS)
2: 1050: this is Abu Bakr As Saddiq
3: 525: the Awliya of Allah from humankind

I'm so glad I'm finally out that house and away from that lady. That ho was calling me every 15 minutes talking about some "I just cooked when are you coming home?"

She trying use the fact that she just cooked as an incentive to try to get me to come home and watch her kids, and as soon as I would come in the crib she would say "can you call SEPTA for me a and check what time the bus coming" 😒

She really thought she was smart, I peep shyt I just don't speak on it

Fuck that hoe and her nutass cooking!

Oh shyt, I'm not supposed to be swearing


I call upon Al-Mughnee to help my pockets, them jawns empty af

Ya Allah. Please help my financial difficulties

Sometimes you don't know what you have until you have it no longer

If you gotta good girl and she's loyal and give good head and cook nice food then MARRY HER, DON'T WAIT. Make her the mother of your children, say Insha'Allah you will wife her. Cuz if she ain't your wife then, what r you doing?

Part of the wisdom why Jesus's Prophethood was so short lived and he died at such an early age is because he will come back and rule, and his life would be veerrry lonngg

Well he never died, he just left this Earth at an early age

Jesus is in the second heaven with his cousin John the Baptist/Yahya ibn Zacharia

The only thing I pray for now is so that my Lord can help my sister find a permanent address where we can stay and for the check from school to be sent to me so I can pay for my fall semester class and buy a new laptop, for the sake of Allah

It's done. My Lord has already willed for it to be done because 1. It does not involve any sin and 2. I'm doing it for the sake of Allah

Tis done.



Mercy Umah had the softest lips

And she smelled good as hell

I loved her

Lov(ED). I don't love her no more tho, I love Allah now. My heart belongs to Him. I love my Lord, and my Lord loves me 😊

How's that gay??


Allah doesn't have a gender dh

You're gay for thinking I'm gay😕... Faggot

Some gay nggas be coming up to me at school and try to initiate a conversation. This one gay bul came to me talking about some "hey can you help me print this paper out?"

I wanted to be like: BTCH!! FUCK OFF!

but then I remembered how the Messenger of Allah would react. And then I calmed down

Because that gay ngga could be a potential Muslim

He could be a faggot Muslim

Well... No he can't, homosexuality is a major sin in Islam

It's only a sin if he acts upon it or speak on it

Don't let nggas know you gay bruh df

If you tell me that you're gay and you're Muslim ima distance myself away from you.

You gon come in the Mosques trying to give nggas hugs n shyt talking about some "As Sallamu Alaikum" 🤗

I'm a stretch my hand out and be like Wa ‘alaykum al-salaam 😐

Allah made it an obligation to return your greeting but He didn't make it an obligation to return your hug

I took Mercy Umah to some place to get ice cream I was like "bae you wanna get some ice cream?" She said yeah

So we went and the dude that was serving the ice cream was hitting on her. This ngga was literally HITTING ON MY GIRL, I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE

I was bouta fuk eem up!

I'm very protective over what's mines

Btch don't be looking at my girl. Yeah I know she hella pretty and gotta fat butt but that don't give you the right

Btch get your own df

I think it's called "gheerah" in Islam

Protective jealousy= gheerah

The Messenger of Allah PBUH said: Are you impressed by the gheerah of him? Well I have more gheerah then him and Allah has more gheerah then me

That is a saheeh hadeeth

So it's safe to say that being jealous over what's yours is part of the Islamic Religion

So was it right or okay for me to be jealous over Mercy Umah at the ice cream place when the dude was trying hit on her?

No. Because SHE WASN'T MY WIFE. We were only dating

Allah forbids that and He will not fight for me, I could get jealous all I want. Mercy Umah was not mines

She's only yours if you are married to her

If you ain't married to her then she ain't yours you might think she's yours, but that girl ain't yours

She belongs to the world bro

Just let her go 😯

Mercy Umah was a freak ☺️

She was "my freak"

My question is: in the Islamic Religion. If you are not pubescent and you commit adultery is that considered a sin?

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven. There was this white btch who used to babysit me and my older brother. One day my older brother was out somewhere and I was alone with the white btch in my bedroom. That hoe got on top of me and started riding me like crazy. I'm like: what r u doing? This is haram, the Angels are watching!

Well I ain't really say that but in my mind I'm thinking like what is she doing??

And then that hoe takes off her pants and my pants and starts riding my shyt faster

She was doing that shyt, it started feeling good, and my shyt started getting hard

This was a new experience for me, I didn't know what was going on, all ik was that shyt was feeling good

And then she started pounding my chest like a gorilla talking about some "CUM INSIDE ME"

I'm like "what?" I've never heard of the term "cum" before, I didn't know what that btch was talking about

I'm thinking like "this btch crazy"

So she keeps hitting my chest harder and riding faster and keeps telling me to cum in her

So I choked, I panicked

I peed in that btch

I fornicated with her, but I didn't sin

Because I wasn't pubescent

The signs of pubescence are three for girls and two for men

Girls: if she reaches the age of 15 lunar years, if she gets her period, if she ejaculates

Men: if he reaches the age of 15 lunar years, if he ejaculate

Allah is one, Al-Waahid

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad

May Allah bless my sister and give her good health and long life

Shaykh Muhammad's father be coming all the way from Zimbabwe just to see me every Friday Ya Allah. BLESS THAT MAN!

I'm not addicted to watching porn

-the first step to rehabilitation is to admi

Admit what btch get df out my face

-btch you gon be in the midst of watching porn then you gon have a heart attack and die btch and be resurrected with your dck in your hand

-Munkar and Nakir gon come to you they gon be like "Who is your Lord?"

-you gon be stuttering n shy talking bout some "M-m-My L-l-l-lo-lo-lor



Before I watch this video I'm going to try to answer it

The video is called "Where is Allah?"

Now let's think about this? Mhmm

We're talking about God, where can God possibly be?

The only possibility is that He is in a place

But He creates places correct?

And if He is in a place then that means that He is in need of that place. God cannot be in need. Because if He is in need then that must mean that He is weak. And God cannot be weak.

So God exists, but He does not exist in a place

There, I just reached that conclusion by using simple deductive reasoning strategies

May Allah make the Dunya come to me

May Allah bless my father and guide him

May Allah bless my brother and guide him

May Allah punish that lady and guide her

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

May Allah bless me

I wish it would hurry up and be 8:33pm so that I can do Maghrib and talk to my Lord

I gotta Tell him something

And He is the best of those who listen, He doesn't interrupt you when you're talking or anything, He just listens...

Unlike these lightskin girls with big foreheads, them btches always got something to say, always wanna interrupt you when you're talking n shyt



I mean, your vagina has a foul odor

Similar to a school of fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟

I can't wait to do Maghrib! My favorite!! 😃

Ima be like: Ya Allah. I am weak. You are All-Powerful. You are my Lord. I am Your slave Ya Allah. I call upon you Al-Mujeeb, I call upon You As-Sami. Raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad Ya Allah. I call upon You Ar-Raheem, forgive me for my sins.

I call upon you You Al-Muhaymin. Please, protect my mother. That woman gave me birth, she watched over my as a child, she took care of me Ya Allah. You only gave me one mother Ya Allah. Please bless that woman, I love her.

Please bless my father Ya Allah. Forgive that man and bless him Ya Allah. I call upon you O Hadee. Help him O Allah. Forgive him, give him another chance Ya Allah.

Please bless Shaykh Sayf Ya Allah. Bless him and his children. Please bless Shaykh Muhammad's father Ya Allah. That man lives all the way in Ethiopia. He has to take two planes and a bus every Friday Ya Allah.

Bless Hajj Aminn Ya Allah. He shook my hand and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. He is a very pious Muslim Ya Allah. He has attained taqwa. Forgive him for all his sins and grant him entry into Jannah

Bless my brother Shakur Ya Allah. Shakur saw me and said As Sallamu Alaikum, then when I left he ran to me and stood up the hill and came towards me, and he gave me the bottle of oil. I declined and said "no no brother I don't have money to buy it." He said: "no take it, for you, it's free" and what did he say before he left, he said: "for the sake of Allah" and then he left

Punish that lady Ya Allah. For driving me my father and my sister out of our home. PUNISH HER MY LORD. I CALL UPON YOU AD-DAAR.

then guide her, please don't take her life

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Bruh, I have so much knowledge bruh, Idk what to do with this shyt, it's only right that I spread it and share it to the people, for the sake of Allah

Bruh, I have so much semen, it's only right that I spread it to every beautiful Muslim woman I come across, after I marry her of course. So I can cultivate my seed and increase the Muslim population, it's for the sake of Allah. My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

I just wanna go to Jannah, that's all I think about. May Allah give me long life so that I can gain as much rewards as I can and secure my place in Jannah

Nggas be jumping off a cliff talking about some: MY LORD BUILD ME A HOUSE IN JANNAH!!

Then they end up in hellfire where they see that ngga Malik talking about some: "what happened? I died as a Muslim 😮

Actually no you didnt btch. You died as a dh.

Committing suicide is a sin in Islam. And you regarded it as permissible so that took you beyond the pale of Islam. So you died as a blasphemer, not as a Muslim.


You dumb as shyt but you ain't gon stay in hellfire forever though, as long as you said lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh in this life you gon eventually come out of hellfire. Yup, the Prophet PBUH said so, and he's truthful

I be thinking I have a lot of knowledge but this man Mufti Menk has soooo much knowledge. He knows so much. Ya Allah, increase my knowledge. I want MORE! MORE! MORE!

When I arrive in paradise that's when ima be like: "OK I've had enough knowledge"

I love Allah, I wanna see His beautiful face, in Jannah Insha'Allah

How's that gay? 😕

Allah is not a "His" nor is he a "Him"

If an Angel was to appear in human form they would not be females, they would be males, and they will not have private parts

Every Prophet from our master Adam to Muhammad. Peace be upon them all, they were all males

This is part of the reason why we label Allah as a man

Plus He has male attributes. He's Mighty. Powerful. Strong

To label Allah as a female would be Kufr because it would be saying that He is weak. Females are not as strong as men.

To label Allah as a man would also be Kufr. Because men are also weak

This is why Allah said in Ayat 11 of Surat Al Shura: He does not resemble the creations in any way

"We don't go around telling people you're going to hell, Islam is a Religion of hope"

-word? The knowledge I was getting they was telling me like "every non-Muslim is going to hellfire for all eternity" I was scared as shit like 😓

I don't wanna burn btch. This ngga Malik don't show no mercy bruh, I instantly jumped on the boat🚣‍♀️, said my Shahada and started praying

I don't wanna burn btch. I'm already black enough

That ain't right man, cuz I was telling other people who were Non-Muslims like "if you don't become Muslim and you die you're going to go to hell forever!"

Scaring nggas n shyt 😂

Oh well... All I know is that Islam is the correct Religion to follow. I may have gotten some wrong information but Allah is Hadee. Long as I'm making an effort to learn everyday ima be good, Allah will not let me fall astray

I remember when I first converted to Islam, Salah gave me the Quran and told me to read it. So I took it home and started reading. I opened it up and started reading and when I did tears started coming out my eyes

And I wasn't laying down or anything, cuz you know when you laying down in a funny position tears start coming out your eyes from the position that you're laying in. I was sitting straight up on my bed reading it. That was the same year I started dating Mercy Umah. And a few months later I had my brain aneurysm and was in a coma n shyt.

I wonder what it all means😕

Ya Allah, bless Shaykh Muhammad's father. He's from the moon! He has to take a spaceship just to get in Earth's orbit and come to the Musallah at 4431 Walnut St. Just to shake my hand Ya Allah. Bless his soul Ya Allah. PLEASE!

May Allah calm my nerves and help me get through all my difficulties and worries

May Allah help me get married. Insha'Allah there's a good Muslim woman out there who will love to look at my hideous face. And she won't run away and call the police on me. She's out there

Prophet Muhammad PBUH found Khadija, she married him and loved him

My father Ibrahim PBUH found Sarah, she loved him

Who am I gonna find? Who gon love me?

-nobody btch cuz you ugly


My father Ibrahim and his wife went to Egypt after there was a drought in Asham

They had heard how corrupt Egypt was was at that time but when they got there they found it to be way worse

In Egypt there was this king, he was so low and disgusting, and he was a womanizer

He would take any beautiful woman that he wanted, whether she was married or not, with her permission or not, he would take her and do whatever he wanted with them

And he used to have spies who would go out looking for every beautiful woman they come across and bring them to the king

So when Ibrahim AS showed up with Sarah, who was at the time the second most beautiful woman in the Dunya, the spies saw her and immediately went and told the king

"there's an outsider who came and he has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with him

The king said: bring her to me! And ask her whats her relationship with the outsider. If he is her brother, father, etc... Then leave him be. But if he is her husband or anything like that then KILL HIM!

So what happened next?

Allah sent the Angel Jibrill to inform my father

The Angel told him of the king's plot

My father is very intelligent, very wise. He is a Prophet and a Messenger. He cannot lie

So he told Sarah: when they come for you tell them that I am your brother and you are my sister

"Me and you we both say lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh so you are my sister in faith and I am your brother in faith, so he did not lie. HE DID NOT LIE!

So the spies came, and they took her

They took his wife Sarah away from him. How did my father react? He resorted to Allah, he made constant Dua

"Ya Allah, bring my wife back to me, Ya Allah please, please bring her back"

They took Sarah to a room where the king would see her, when he saw her he would see the most beautiful woman that he had ever laid eyes on

She was so beautiful, he couldn't even touch her, he just starred

He's adorning her with gold, jewelry, silver etc...

But she doesn't want any of it because she is sooo sad. So how did she react? She resorted to Allah

"Ya Allah please bring me back to my husband. Ya Allah please. I have stayed chaste Ya Allah. I've stayed pure only for my husband Ya Allah, please get me out of this

In the midst of this the king falls asleep, and in his sleep he has a dream

In this dream he sees that, he was to leave this girl Sarah alone and if he touches her then he would see his end

The king wakes up, he tells Sarah "you're free to go" and he gives her a gift, a slave girl named Hajaar, a black slave girl

He says: take her and go

So Sarah runs back to his husband they hug and kiss and thus live happily ever after

So the moral of the story is: Never mess with a Prophet or a friend of Allah.

May Allah give me many beautiful wives so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdo

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

If you're shy or ashamed of your Religion then I guess you'll be too ashamed to go to Jannah then

I never joke because there is nobody here reading these. It's only Allah. And He certainly doesn't "laugh". Allah is not attributed with laughing

It's really bad if you're short and ugly. Cuz when people make fun of you they can see your facial expression and see that toy bouta cry. At least I am tall and ugly so nobody can see me crying when they make fun of me

When you joke never make fun of other ethnicities or race or religion, don't make fun of people in general. You gon fuk around and make fun of a pious Muslim and as a result you gon lose your job and get hit by a car n shyt

We all love to laugh "haha!" It's all fun and games until you say something that will end up you falling a depth of 70 years into hellfire

I love to make jokes. Come on bruh, I was born on April Fools and my name is Abdul(ai), there's so many jokes I can say about Allah, the Prophets, Angels etc... But I don't. Why? Because I restrain myself for the sake of Allah. I wanna go to Jannah bro

1258 is one of the six
633 is among the best
625 is among the best

I can't wait till Friday😊

I can't wait to do Fajr tomorrow morning 😊

I can't wait to go to Jannah

My castle awaits me!

In Jannah there's no sadness or calamities. Nothing bad will happen there

Bad things happen in this Dunya. Because it's a stepping stone to get over there. You want a life with no calamity and hardship? Fine, you can have that, but you have to earn it? And how do you earn it? By dealing with the hardships and calamities in this life in the appropriate manner?

Don't rip your hair out and start wailing when your mom dies. Don't do it! Why? Because that shows impatience. Allah is Saboor and He loves those who are patient

My father Ibrahim AS was very patient. He had his first child at the age of 86. He could not have a child with his wife Sarah because she was barren. So what happened?

Sarah could see that Ibrahim wanted to have a child so desperately and she felt bad that she couldn't give it to him, and Ibrahim had done so much for her

So Sarah gave Ibrahim her slave Hajaar

"Here you go Ibrahim. Take Hajaar, marry her, have children with her, and may God bless you, and may God bless us!

So Ibrahim accepted Hajaar, he got married with her and had his first child at the age of 86, Ismail AS. He was also a Prophet

Ibrahim had to marry Hajaar in order to have a child with her because no Prophet ever fornicated. Because that is a major sin. And as we all know the Proohets do not commit blasphemy, major sins, or the small sins that show a low character. Like stealing one grape or lustful looking

So Ibrahim had his son Ismail AS and he LOVED HIM SO MUCH

but then Allah ordered him to take his wife Hajaar and his new son Ismail to the Valley of Makkah, leave them there and come back to Sarah. Ibrahim agreed

And a few years later when Ismail grows to be a fit teenager he grows beautifully, he has wisdom and he worships Allah day and night, how beautiful is this for the father to see?

And then the next order comes from Allah SWT. SLAUGHTER YOUR SON!

Ibrahim sees in a dream him killing his own son Ismail. Every dream that a Prophet gets is Wahi. So he knew it was true.

Allah ordered Ibrahim to kill his own son Ismail. What was the response of Ibrahim?


I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah has no partners

The reason why I wasn't able to fast in that house was because I was taking care of that woman's kids and every two minutes them nggas would be asking for food

I'm so glad I'm out of there now and I will never go back! I hate her and I do not forgive her. I'm going to pray against her until I die. Because that woman did me wrong, she treated me so bad. May Allah destroy her permanently

then may He guide her

I hate her because she got in the way of my Religion. She made me lose my cool and tranquility. I was at peace, I was composed. Ya Allah, KILL THIS LADY!! KILL HER COMPLETELY!

O Allah, your mercy supersedes your anger my Lord

I am A MUSLIM GODDAMMIT! it's about time I start dressing like one

This is how I make Dua to my Lord for every obligatory Fajr and Asr prayer

1. Allah: I start with the name of Allah, I praise Him because He is Hameed. I call Him by all His beautiful names and attributes that I know and I confess my weakness to Him
2. Prophet Muhammad PBUH- I send my blessings and salutations upon the holy Prophet of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. On Fridays I send peace and blessings upon all the Prophets and the Angels
3. Tawbah & Ask- I ask my Lord to show me mercy and forgive me for my sins. I confess the sin to Him, I tell Him that I regret having done it and I make the intention to never do it again. Then I ask my Lord for whatever I need. Whether that be to pass an exam, grant me long life, bless my mother and father etc...
4. Dua- I make Dua for all my Muslim friends and brothers, Shaykh Muhammad, Shaykh Sayf, Brother Anwar etc...
5. Allah- I finish off with the name of Allah. I praise Him more and I ask Him to bless me
Now that I'm out that house I am finally free! That woman and those kids were holding me back from spreading my wings and flying! You know what ima do? I need to get married cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population.

But I'm broke tho, how ima pay the mahr bro?

And I'm ugly 😣. Who gon want me? I need love too goddammit!

I call upon Allah to make me get married to a beautiful Muslim woman so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

Btches be ugly as shit acting like they on they phone when they want a ngga to talk to them 🤣

Keep it a bean, the urge not really strong for me to smoke weed anymore, i was sober for almost all of Ramadan, that shyt really dried me out.

I mean... The urge is still there, I'm still going to do it. But, it's not the main thing on my mind. I remember I used to be sober for like two days and I used to be thinking about that shyt all day biting my nails n shyt. Now it's just like, irdc 😕. Now all I'm thinking about is pleasing Allah, doing good in school, getting a new laptop, getting a new place to stay with my sister, getting some new clothes, all of these will be accomplished Insha'Allah.

I have complete faith and trust in my Lord. As long as all of these are Hala and I want to do it for the sake of Him than I'm ok. Allah is Al-Wahaab, He is the bestower of all, I love my Lord and my Lord loves me 😊

How's that gay?? 😕

Islam has changed my priorities in life, before I was working for the Dunya, trying to to get high, trying to stick my thing in every attractive girl I come across, eating and sleeping and not caring about a thing in the world. Now, I have to please Allah SWT. When I wake up I'm thinking like, "what can I do today to make my Lord happy" as long as my Lord is pleased with me then I'm okay. I can die, idc, because it is to Him I will return. Soo.....??

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf and may He bless his children

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad and give him long life

May Allah bless Amir Muhammad and give him long life

May Allah bless that lady I saw walking down the street the other day

May Allah bless my fourth grade teacher Mr. Cohen

May Allah bless my brother and guide him, I call upon you Hadee, Ar-Rasheed

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

The reason why I watch porn is because there's an empty void inside, I need help 😢

Allah is enough of a help

The empty void that I feel inside can only be filled if I get married to a beautiful Muslim woman

Then me and her can watch porn together and the void can be filled!

May Allah destroy this lady and make her go to jail for a long time because she is bad. I hate her Ya Allah. She drove me and my father from my home

Allah is Muhaymin and He is Mujeeb

Please Ya Allah, destroy this lady. She drove me out of my home

This lady, she's not even my father's wife Ya Allah, I don't know her. Idk her parents Ya Allah. DESTROY HER

The reason why this lady thinks that she can act like this and get away with it is because she is in America. This is an illiterate, she don't know her ABC's, and she is a foreign lady. She came to this country, she saw how it was, and from her perspective she seen that America is stupid, and that she can act any way she wants to and not get reprimanded for it. The judicial system here is heavily flawed. We live in a country where the word of an illiterate female is taken over a man's word simply because she is a woman and she has children.

I agree, protect the woman and children. They are very important. But sin go over to stupid la la land while doing it

This is what I'm trying to say, America is flawed, the U.S. Government is flawed, the judicial system is flawed. But, ALLAH IS PERFECT! ALLAH HAS NO FLAWS.

May Allah bless my sister and not let anything bad happen to her, Ya Allah, please bless her and forgive her for all her sins

May Allah allow me to have wonderful children and a wonderful life in which people can learn from so I can leave a positive legacy like my father Ibrahim AS. Aamen!

I have to go home and pray Dhuhr before she fuk around and get in a car crash and I die 🤤


Please Ya Allah, I just want to go home and do Dhuhr. I DON'T WANNA DIE!!

I am not going to eat a single thing until Asr prayer because I am a pious slave of Allah and Salah has put order into my life 😐

I will never be sad because I know my purpose in life, my purpose is to please Allah SWT

Four times the Shaytan is closest to you. 1: When one is really angry 2: When one is really happy 3: When one is really horny/sexually stimulated 4: When one is really hungry

What happens in the month of Ramadan? We abstain from eating, so we get really hungry, so the Shaytan is really close to us correct? NO because in the month of Ramadan the Shaytans are all tied up and locked up. Allah knows best

This is not Mujahara because I'm not publicizing it, no one knows except Allah

She was like "I'm getting messed up and nobody even cares"

😂Umm... Df is she talking about? You messed up your own self up df 😕. Nggas warned you about it and you still chose to do it, so who's fault is it??

May Allah protect and bless all those who are suffering in Syria. Aamen!

Ya Allah, You are one. You have no partners. I worship You and I praise You because I know for a fact that You have no partners and you are absolutely Omnipotent.

I come to you Ya Allah, please raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Ya Allah forgive me for this sin that I have done this morning. I watched porn and I masterbated, those are sins that I have done and I regret having done it because I have disobeyed my Creator, I will never do it again Ya Allah

Allah I come to You, I ask of You. Please my Lord, allow my sister to drop me off at school early this morning so I can do the explanation of Your 99 names. I only wish to do it for the sake of you Ya Rabb. I want the rewards that you promise me. Please Rabb, You are Able. Please do that for me

May Allah punish that lady, I call upon you O Ad Daar


She oppressed me, my father and my sister

She drove us all out of our homes

She slapped my father

She went to my room, stole my clothes and sent them to Africa

You are the Seer and Knower of all

Ya Allah, the sun hasn't risen yet, and I am still in a state of Wudu, please answer my Dua

I am a believer, idc who sees. Allah Sees, and He approves. So irdc how you feel

May Allah help me get married so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

The only way to do that is to have many wives and have intercourse with them and have many children

I do it for the sake of Allah

-sdfup ngga u doing it cuz ur a horny dog!


-no you just wanna bust a nut

Fuck you weirdo

-Well I'm not the one talking to himself... So which one of is weird?


May Allah deform your face

I didn't mean that, may Allah forgive me

This ngga Iblees ugly as shit

He look like a fox

My sister gave me $10 on Monday, I used $5 on my septa Key card, now I have $5 left, she said I can just use that $5 on food or w/e and she'll give me more on Friday when she gets paid.

Nope. I'm not even gon risk it, I have to use that $5 for when I go to Jummuah on Friday to buy food so I can stay Insha'Allah for the 6:00pm class. It's all for the sake of Allah, I live for Him.

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

Let me stop praying against that lady before something bad happens to her. Rather I will just pray for all those suffering in Syria, cause that's where the real pain is at. 😔Them nggas dying. May Allah bless all of them. He is Al Mani

I just ate this cooked fish and I felt soo bad 🙁. Tears welled up my eyes as I bit into it. That fish didn't do nothing to me poor fish. May Allah bless that fish family and grant it Jannah Tul Firdos. Aamen!

I have to constantly remind myself that I'm ugly because I don't want to cast the evil eye upon myself

I look like Akon

May Allah protect me from the fitnah of Ad Dajaal and the fitnah of the grave

When the Dajaal comes I'm going to Makkah. Bye 🛫

He can't come there because Angels are there protecting the city

Three places he can't enter into, Makkah, Medina, and I believe Damascus/Sham

Though I'm not entirely too sure about Sham, Allah knows best

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching me and He Knows all

All I do is get money and fuk btches

Malik is the gatekeeper of Hell

My paraphrase game on a bean

Allah taught me. He is the best of those who teach

Who is Ibliss?

Ik who he is. He that ugly ass ngga standing in the corner looking like a fox n shyt

I get very pensive late at night, idk why

I hear all these amazing stories of Jannah and I just think WOW! I want that, I'm going to get it, Insha'Allah! 😊

But then I hear stories of hellfire and the type of people who go into it and I just think like... SHHHIIIITTT! 🤤

This is the main reason why I don't want to live a short life. I want to accumulate as many good deeds as I can so my spot in Jannah can be secured

And I also would like to live as long as my children, and their grandchildren, and their great grand children, and their great great grandchildren

Insha'Allah Allah will elongate my life span

Allah showed the Prophet SAWS Jannah and what it would be like, so that's maybe one of the reasons why he chose to go at such an early age "63"

Me... I haven't seen it at all, I've heard about it yes, but I haven't seen it. I'm sure if I see it I would be like "TAKE ME ALLAH 🏃‍♀️" but I haven't, and I ask Allah not to show it to me until my death and I get there Insha'Allah

Don't sleep on Lil Dicky, white boy got bars fr!

But he's an atheist 😐

How you gon be an atheist and you look like Jesus PBUH?

That's a live contradiction n shyt

Keep it a bean I need to get married frfr. The Prophet PBUH got married at 25. Hopefully I can get married younger then that Insha'Allah.

But who would want me?? I'M UGLY!!



Allah discloses certain things to me in which I will never make public, it's not that I'm stingy or anything like that, it's just that He tells me not to

Some of my wives will know

I have complete faith in my Lord

As long as I'm Muslim and I'm not sinning heavily and I pray to my Lord daily then He will come through for me

Only thing I ask my Lord is to help my sister find a place in which we can stay

Allah is Wahaab

The Bestower

May He bestow me with a place to stay

I can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow so I can pray for that

The more exclamation marks the better, the maximum number of exclamation marks is five, these are the top ones, the absolute best 555!-!-!-!-!



Another five are:

There are no nafl/optional prayers after Asr prayee

Why? Allah knows best why

Maybe part of the wisdom is this: Asr is in the late afternoon, us humans we get really excited and energetic during this time.

There has been so many times that I've smoked, drank alcohol, had premarital sex during this time and afterwards I thought to myself "oh shyt I have to go pray and repent for my sins before I die"

But then I remember, Allah has made it forbidden to do any prayers after Asr prayer

It's forbidden for the "Asr prayer" not the "Asr time"

So for example, let's say Asr time is at 4:33pm to 7:25pm. You can pray as many prayers as you want between that time as long as your intention is NOT for the Asr prayer. So you can pray at 7:05pm if your intention is not for Asr, but as soon as you make the intention to pray Asr then you can't do any more optional prayers. You feel me? Allah knows best bro

According to Arab custom and Islamic teaching, the night belongs to the day that comes after it, not the day that comes before it

So after Maghrib it is the next day

Maghrib time not prayer

May Allah protect me from the ignorant people of this Dunya and may He take the life of anybody who wishes to lead me astray, AAMEN!

I shut my eyes and try to go to sleep but I can't! Because Allah is always in my head

Ya Allah, I know that You are not like me in any way, You share no similarities with me, and You do not sleep. But I do Ya Allah. Please my Lord, just let me get some sleep so that I can wake up for Fajr tomorrow and go to Jummuah.

Allah has 13 perfect attributes that He shares with no one else. Among those attributes is Power. Allah has Power to do all and He is not weak or deficient in any way. His Power is perfect

He is the only one with Power. No one else has Power but Him

Donald Trump, he is the president of the United States and he is very rich. If he wants, he can bomb Mexico, Insha'Allah he doesn't, but that's just an example.

Him being able to do that, does that mean that he has power?

No, my brother Judah told me that Allah puts him in "a position of power"

But he doesn't really have power. Because he cannot create. Only Allah can create!

The hottest songs on the album are:
1. Survival
2. Nonstop✔️
3. Elevate✔️
6. I'm upset✔️
8. Mob ties✔️
11. Talk up
13. Peak✔️
14. Summer games
15. Jaded✔️
21. In my feelings✔️

This btch trippin, I need to get married and get df out this vacinity ASAP

Haha may Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

Next week I'm going to ask him to help me get married Insha'Allah

Yoo... May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad. That 6:00pm class was something else. He gave me sooo much knowledge

May Allah bless my brother Judah. Every Friday he comes through for me, wow!

May Allah bless Brother Anwar, he taught me how to say lā ʾilāha ʾillā llā properly


Shaykh Sayf instructed me to make a lot of Istighfar when I asked him to make it easier for me and my sister to find a place to stay. And this whole week I will, Insha'Allah. And next week I will ask him to help me get married 😊

I can't wait!!

Shaykh Sayf is going to find a most beautiful spouse for me

I know that he's been trying to make me get married. But I just wasn't ready because of the many circumstances in my life. But I'M READY NOW

Next week Insha'Allah

May Allah make it easier for me

Ya Allah. Bless Shaykh Sayf, bless that man Ya Allah. Bless his children and his entire family. AAMEN!

Allah created for Prophet Adam PBUH Eve because he was feeling lonely, me although I don't have a spouse I'm not lonely. Because how can I be lonely if I know that Allah is always with me? He's always close.

I just fear sinning, the nonbelieving girls got NO PICKS. They see me and they immensely want me, they don't want to get married or anything. They just want to do haram with me and take me to hellfire with them.

That's why I want/need to get married. I fear sinning. I don't want to fornicate and fall into hellfire 🤤

Yes, I'm very picky, Allah knows this. This is why I'm going to have many wives, and it would be permissible. In the 6pm class yesterday Shaykh Ahmad told me that there was a Prophet who had over 1,000 wives, and another Prophet who had over 100

But I'm only going to start with one though, and then gradually I will work my way up

I don't think that I'm going to have 1,000 wives, or even a hundred. But Allah knows best.

Another reason why I really wish to get married is so that I can watch porn with my spouse.

May Allah bless my father, yesterday he called me at the mosque and he was like "why don't you ever come visit me?"


May Allah bless that man and give him long life, idc how he has treated me but that man is my father, I have to honor him and never forsake him, tis an instruction from Allah. I have to do it. I HAVE TO!

May Allah bless me to be able to bring my mother to this country so I can kiss her feet and buy for her a house and take care of her children. I love that lady so much!

It's this BTCH SALAMATU. I don't even know this lady, she oppressed me in that house, did me dirty, drove me, my father, and my sister out the house for NOOOO REASON! I hate that btch and I wish death upon her, I hope that she catches a serious illness and she gets paralyzed for life

I was going to stop praying against her and just focus my prayers for the people in Syria. But I will pray for the people in Syria and against her. My Lord can do all. He is Al-Qaadir!

Allah is Able to respond to all my prayers

Females are emotional, it's very hard for them to control their emotions. This is how Allah made them. So you have to understand this in order for you to not get killed by them, cuz they will kill you. And they will repent later. And Allah will accept their apology, because He is the Most-Forgiving

So it would be like you died for nothing, don't ever try to argue with a female, just let her have it. Live to see another day bruh, it ain't worth it

I never argue with my sister, even though I know she be wrong 99.9% of the time, I just bite my tongue. Because she be behind the wheel, and I don't want her to lose her cool and crash and make me die!


I have to go home and pray Asr, it ain't worth it bruh. It's just not

Islam teaches us that females were created to have habits and natural things occur to me.

Mensus is a natural thing correct?

My little sister sucks her finger a lot, is that not a habit?

Girls can be pathological liars. That btch at the crib named Salamatu be lyiiinngg, and she's hella good at it. Is that not a habit?

Pious Muslim girls are created differently, though they get the same emotions and feelings that the rest of the girls get they HANDLE it differently.

Allah has trained them, they are programmed differently

Some people just don't like me. Yesterday while I was waiting for the bus I decided to walk up to the septa bus driver that was sitting on the bench, as I was walking up to him I said "🖐️ hello sir how are you doing?" And then that ngga just said "I'M NOT THE ONE"


Btch all I said was hi and you over here talking about some "I'm not the one!"

😑 Btch idc if you ain't the one, you can be 3rd person for all I care. IDGAF!

I just said "okay" and I walked away 🚶‍♂️

I don't want noo problems

So many things I could've said to that ngga but I didn't for the sake of Allah.

I was just coming from Jummuah and I didn't want to say or act in a way that will mess my Friday up

May Allah bless that man and his family and may Allah guide Him, Aamen!

But you ever seen Sharkboy and Lavagirl the movie?

That's what he looked like, he looked like a older version of Sharkboy

You don't think that people hated the Messenger of Allah PBUH? Oh yes, they hated his guts, and some even conspired to kill him, but none succeeded, Allah protected him, He is Muhaymin

Allah will destroy an entire nation if they wish to bring harm upon a single believer, that is Allah SWT

That btch a liar. May Allah destroy her

I was getting high, getting drunk, fuckin btches left and right and that shyt was feeling good yeah. But deep inside I knew what I was doing wasn't right, this can't be life bruh, there has to be more to it.

I had nobody to talk to, nobody to confide to n shyt

I was feeling something inside but I just didn't know what it was, keep it a bean. I'm not trying sound like a btch or anything but that's just what it was. I was lost and confused 🙁

But then I found Islam 😊, and Islam told me about this guy named Ibrahim PBUH

I love Ibrahim, as well as all the other Prophets, PBUpon Them All

How's that gay? 😕

I love them for the sake of Allah. It's an obligation from Allah. We have to love all the Prophets

Irdgaf what you say or think frfr

As long as Allah is pleased with me then I'm good 😃

Prophet Sulaymaan PBUH had 100 wives

Insha'Allah I will have close to that amount and I will have wonderful children and they will all be believers and intelligent. INSHA'ALLAH!

May Allah bless my future children, I will love all of them so much. And I will be very close to all of them so they will be able to talk to me about anything, sex, drugs, school, ANYTHING!

That's the kind of father I'm going to be, Insha'Allah. If the Almighty Allah Wills.

I'm going to find a spouse and marry her the next day

I'm not going to be scared of Dajjal. Fuk that ngga. He gon be ugly as shit. He gon be short and stubby. With his left or right eye looking like a floating grape n shyt.

He gon be ugly as shyt. Eesa PBUH gon come down from the second heaven and kill that ngga

He a btch. I have Allah on my side.

Let him come, I'LL GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY Mind 👊🤛🤜

-btch yo ass gon be in Makkah 🛫

Insha'Allah by the time Dajaal comes I'll be working and have enough money to stay in Makkah

The Dajaal fuck noooooooo btches

That's why he's like that

Nobody like him and nobody wants to be his friend

So he's miserable

I need to get a laptop and start doing my own thing, I hate depending on others

Friday needs to hurry up and come