Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and the first web browser

That's yo daddy fault


The Messenger does not speak from his own mind, the Messenger says what is revealed to him from Allah

Idk if He will forgive me all I know is that He is the most merciful

819 72%

Everybody you care about is rotten to the core, you are as well.

Tim Berners-Lee is also the director of W3Schools -------------------------------------------------------


Kindness to parents does not mean that you have to withstand their abuse

Df, it's better if you kill yourself and get rid of your life dh


Lmao bruh, it's better to be a fake Muslim than a Non-Muslim. Though the non-Muslims tend to act better than the fake Muslims

9:55pm 77%

Oh.. my.. fucking.. Virgin Mary!

Tuesday 3:30pm the 27th Dr. Puelo

8:40am 33% 72 degrees

8:36am 55%

11:55pm 66 degrees

6:33am 66 degrees

The alarm I set up did not wake me up, the prayer time did. The month of Ramadan 2017

The domestic issues I'm experiencing and the lack of food at home is preventing me from fasting. Ramadan 2017

Verily, I'm on the right path. Ramadan 2017

I walked so much yesterday bruh, my feet and entire body hurts, this the first time I couldn't do my prayers Ramadan 2017 June 22nd 2017

"If men had to give birth, painkillers would have been invented centuries earlier than they were" - Zom-b bride by Darren Shan There's a syntax error in this phrase, it should be "then" instead of "than"

Two things make a man a true man. One, their consciousness and full submission to God. Two, their carnal abilities

2:25pm 77%

"if I ain't got it then I'm killing someone for it" df

After the obligatory Maghrib prayer

Allah is the best. He is so good. Oh Allah, how can I possibly thank you for rewarding me like this?

May Allah continue to reward me

4:33am 77%

6:25am 77 degrees

6:33am 77 degrees

Islam gives me solace, amongst many other things

I am tempted to bring out your inner impish nature, I know it's in there. Your a freak

4:25pm 75%

Verily, Allah is there.

I don't know Allah, none of us do. But I know His capabilities. Allah is capable of doing anything and everything. And He has no disabilities, absolutely perfect

6:22pm 72%

1:25am 72 degrees

A man came to the Prophet and he said, “Advise me.” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Do not get angry.” The man repeated his request and the Prophet said, “Do not get angry.”

So it is clear that deliberately looking at a non-mahram woman and continuing to look after a first accidental glance is haraam. It is forbidden to look at any part of her body, whether you think she is beautiful or not, whether it provokes sexual desire or not, whether it is accompanied by evil thoughts or not, and whether it leads to immoral deeds or not.

9:36am 77 degrees

At the end of the day you just have to realize that Allah is the only One attributed with Eternal Power, and He Exists, Eternally. You know this. And yet you still are dubious and in a state of incertitude smh. You should be ashamed of yourself. NO PROPHET WAS DOUBTFUL!

When we say Allah is One we don't mean numbers, we mean He has no partners.

Allah does not have any companions because nobody has ever met Him

5:55pm 81% 82 degrees 83 degrees

Cruelty is a barrier, and barriers break people down

06:25pm Sun 6/25 82 degrees 83 degrees

7:25pm ---------------------------------------------------

9:25pm 77%

9:52pm 63%


Allah is All Seeing

Trying to conceive Allah will only lead you to blasphemy

5:55am 72%

Sanna Nielsen- Rainbow

Ronan and Loran are the two twin brothers -Ronan is the one that dies

Interactive multimedia information technology Associate in Applied Science

If nobody witness it then it's not considered a miracle

4:55pm 72%

6:33pm 77 degrees

8:25pm 75 degrees

8:55pm 73 degrees

The non-believers plan, but the best of planners is Allah

10:25am 73 degrees

73% 73 degrees

7:25pm 78 degrees

His intention is part of His Will

A thought is a creation because it exists. Anything and everything that exists is a creation, except The Creator. He Exists but He is not a creation

His father was Abdullah, the son of Abdul Mutallib, the son of Hashen, the son of Abdimineh, from the tribe of Quraysh, the head of the Arab tribe

1:34pm 66 degrees

10:50pm 77 degrees

U cannot use the word pleased referring to Allāh Pleased is an emotion, and Allāh ls clear of emotions

I reject that thought and I do not accept it

Allah is not "adamant" because He does not not refuse to do anything, the creations are the ones who refuses, and He is nothing like His creationis

11:55pm 75%

3:55am 77 degrees

7:55am 77% 78 degrees

⚠Your Salat is not valid until you make Wudu

⚠Eating salad is not valid unless you eat it with a fork. Your Salah will not be valid unless you make Wudu.

12:35pm 63%

5:55pm 77% 77 degrees

6:25pm 77 degrees

7:55pm 73 degrees

9:45pm 73 degrees

7:55am 73 degrees

The losers are the ones Allah does not forgive

Allah does not get mad, or happy. Simply He just accepts and declines. One must remember, He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever. NONE!

9:25pm 77%

9:45pm 77%

10:25am 77%

Allah has no similarity to us whatsoever. He is absolutely perfect, we are not. Not even close. Allah will always be the only One.

Insha'Allah Allah will bestow His mercy upon me and forgive me. After all, He is the most Merciful. Allah Allah ALLAH! Allah, I am your creation. You own me, you control me. Allah, please. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Allah please. Surely if you don't forgive me I will be amongst the losers in life.

1155am 77%

7 is secretly 5 So is 1

105!-!-!-!-! 113!-!-!-!-! 115!-!-!-!-! The one who catches these 3 is 5


Now that we have discovered that 7 is 5. Than 37=35

❌Allah will instruct him how to act as a Muslim. Alaah is the best of teachers.

735=725 727=725 735=535, 555

7 is 5 BRUH

No, it is greater than 5. But Allaah willed for 5 to be the best


They're not 5, rather they're in a league of their own that matches 5. You see, 5 has partners. Allaah has none. He HAS NONE! 5 is the best out of that league.

1, 3, 7

Insha'Allah 2 will be revealed to me soon

3:33am 73 degrees

7:55am 73 degrees

So Maghrib is sundown

8:19am 77 degrees

There's no reason to have pride because Allah is the One who does everything

Fuck that hoe Savannah

That btch Synquetta used to say I was ugly

Allaah has a way of leveling you down and making you know your worth

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has partners, 5 has partners, Allaah has NO partners, He is One.

1:33pm 35%

When I'm nice to a Non-Muslim it is not because I like you or because I'm a nice person. NO! It is solely because Allaah orders me to, but honestly I really don't give a fuck about you. When I am nice to a Muslim, it is because I truly love them. We share the same creed therefore we are brothers and sisters.

433-455 is BAD

455 is sooo good

7:25pm 95%

A marriage is not complete until a marriage contract is established

7:25am 73 degrees

Islam is an easy religion. I just have to remember to use my sound mind

You are a fool to not be cynical and to think that you are One like Allaah.

We transgress because we are all weak

Tuesday and Friday

No one has power over Allaah's Will.

Zom B Goddess

Lie to anyone but never lie to Allāh. He is God. He knows all and He has the power to do whatever He Wills. No one has power over Allāh. It is clear to see that He is the only One attributed with power and Oneness. So why would you lie to Him?

Allāh was so hard on me because I did not truly repent. In order for one to repent they have to leave out the sin and stop doing it immediately. I still commit the sin, so how can Allāh forgive me?

The feeling of "pride" is rather invalid because it is Allaah who does everything. So Allaah should be the only One to feel proud. But Allaah does not feel. The creations are the ones to feel, and He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever.

Allaah cannot transgress because it is He who creates acceptable and unacceptable moral behaviors.

Some things in this world should be unacceptable no matter what. -Darren Shan

-Yeah, like atheism. Like people like my brother. He's a chauvinistic atheist smh.

Living life as a libertarian will ultimately result in you gaining atheistic beliefs. Like my brother. He's a chauvinistic atheist

Salah is a form of sustenance

Me and you, every living thing needs sustenance in order to survive. Allaah is free from all these things

Idc if you ain't got it and I do my nigg I ain't bragging

Exhibitionism is a sin

If you don't pray and you do other acts of worship than they are not accepted.

We cannot say "under God" and accept atheism, that is a contradiction amongst itself

508 641

Salat is the best among all acts of worship. If it is accepted by the Almighty Allah, other acts of worship are also accepted. And, if prayers are not accepted, other acts are also not accepted.

This ngga said "I gotta take a urine sample"

❌You will not be able to see into the future because you do not have sight like Allah

I never truly repent, that's why

We are a close knit family not in the sense that everyone knows one another, but that everyone feels the same about one another

Allaah is going to be my friend, my protector, and he is going to help me

Why the hell do I exist I don't want to be your bitch

Why should that one mistake hinder my education and be detrimental to my financial aid?

Zhuhr prayer is not obligatory in Jummah

Rhukr- when one's palms reaches the knee

Everything else is 3 55 is 30 55 to 25

Islam is spread through proliferation

60 cubits= 90 ft tall

I may receive some information from Him, but I am not ordered to give that information to the people. Therefore it is not revelation.

I receive "guidance", not revelation.

Allaah's Will can never change


Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH) and Prophet Lut(PBUH) made Hijra for the sake of Allah, because they could not worship Allah properly in the area they were at

After his interaction with Namrud he migrated from Iraq to Sham

Sham today is made up of a few countries, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Those areas together, that entire region put together is called Ash-Shaam

I just smoked recently

12 Multiple of 2 12:36

Any multiple of two 19 33 52

Missing prayer is a major sin. -If he does not deny that prayer is obligatory, then the majority of scholars say that he is not committing major kufr in this case. - It is better to do the prayer at the beginning of its time, except for ‘Isha’ prayer and Zuhr prayer when it is very hot; in these cases it is better to do them at the end of their allotted times.


Darren Shan often writes novels in the first person point of view, but he be swearing he knows how others are feeling and what they are thinking. Like bruh. How can you know? Your knowledge is limited.

Allah does not exist in a place but He wills for all places to exist, and He has knowledge of all

10:50 is the second best, after 11:55

Church on Sunday is nothing more than a sanctimonious gathering

11:55am covers the whole day

Allaah is not third person omniscient because third person omniscient is a creation and Allaah revealed to us that He has no similarity to the creation

5:25 is the third best 1. 11:55 2. 10:50 3. 5:25

Friday is Ms. Crystal birthday

Giving false witness is just lying

❌Salat is a means of sustenance

Never get your hopes up, because when you do that is when you get too happy and thus you become susceptible to the shaytan

❌819=825 exactly

If you believe you have a soul then you have to believe in the Afterlife and Allah. Similarly to the fact if you exist than The Creator has to exist. He has to.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE that you passed wind (after performing wudu”), then you assume that you did not pass wind. As long as it is mere doubt, and you are not certain that any wind has exited, you should not heed it, for it is likely to be Satan trying to distract you from the worship.

11:11 is bad. Distance yourself away from it


Prophet Muhammad is the son of Abdullah, the son of Abdul Mutallib -we have to constantly make mention of his lineage to remind ourselves that he was indeed a person that once existed, and he was truthful

533 725 533 is better Because after all, 33>25

It will be impossible for me to go to hellfire because I cannot handle its' tortures

I need to start waking up earlier

Gluttony is one of the greatest sins that lead to doom and it causes many diseases and sicknesses, both spiritual and physical, because it leads to sexual desire, then the desire for status and wealth in order to fulfil the first two desires.

On Fridays everything stops

I don't wanna look you in the face btch coz you're sexy as shyt and Allah does not accept that deed. I wanna go to heaven btch!

Two things were extreme and so powerful when I came out of in-patient. When I got high, and when I ejaculated.

Speak little, sleep little, eat little

No Prophet ever swore or used profanity because that is a small mean sin that shows a low character

"you don't criticize a pony for not being a horse"

If you're 55th, 33rd, 22nd or 25th birthday a prayer time falls on 5:55, 5:25, 7:55, than you are a better Muslim than me

Drowsiness takes away reason, but sleep increases it.

As for the five things that corrupt the heart, they are those that are referred to: mixing too much with people, wishful thinking, being attached to anything other than Allaah, eating one’s fill, and sleeping. These five are the greatest corrupters of the heart. 1. Mixing too much with people 2. Wishful thinking 3. Being attached to anything other than Allaah 4. Eating one's fill 5. Sleeping

Sleeping at the beginning of the night is better than at the end, and sleeping in the middle of the day is better than sleeping at the beginning or end of the day.

Dul hmu exactly at 115pm like he said he would

Among the tortures in the grave for the sin of fornication for men they will be given their private part just so it can be chopped off by scissors made of fire. And as for women hot boiling rocks will be inserted into their vagina until it begins to bleed profusely. The pain would not cease but they will instead get a new vagina just so the same thing can happen cell again. Allaah knows best.

Have you forgotten the message of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses or Abraham? Certainly not me

It's clear to see why smoking marijuana is Haram. When smoked it leads one to want to commit the sin of Zinaa or Fornication. Also it leads one to eat excessively, sleep excessively, and makes one indulge in many wishful thinking. Which are all sin and can corrupt a person's heart.