I don't really have any friends 😕

Except Allah


I'm never buying from that drug dealer again, that ngga be lying

May Allah guide him

My question is: Can you trust a non- Muslim?: Hmm well, let's see, I could find the answer to this question somewhere but I am just going to use common logic

Well I know for a fact that it is permissible to eat meat that is slaughtered by the Jews and Christians, and it is permissible for men to marry the people of the book.

And in the Quran it praises the Christians in many Ayats and says that many of them are righteous and have piety

And me myself I've had many experiences with Christians in which I was treated well by them

So I suppose yes, it is permissible to trust Non-Muslims, but you just have to be careful who you put that trust on

Keep it a bean, I smoke a lot of weed. But, that don't make me a bad person, it is the marijuana which is bad but not the one smoking it

The same way a police officer posseses a firearm and he may use it to stop a criminal from robbing the bank

And the criminal also posseses a firearm, but he is using it to rob the bank

The marijuana is what is bad

Not the one smoking it

This is simple logic

It's "How You Use It?" that's what matters

I get high and do homework

Most people get high and rob banks and kill people

I'm high right now btw

But anyways umm...

So yeah it's how you use the product that's how the person should be judged

But please do not get me wrong

It is bad, it is a sin. Whether you smoke weed and go save a cat from a tree or you get high and go rob a bank you still smoking

God has made it into a a sin

Allah has made it into a sin

But we don't deny the benefits of it

We admit that "marijuana has many benefits"


The bad outweighs the good, Allah knows best

I'm hungry

I wanna eat some oreos 😕

But... I don't have any money

May Allah help my pockets, them jawns dry

Allah is the Enricher

That's one of His names

Hold on



I'm proud of myself

But what was I bouta say?



Speaking of eating oreos let's talk about fasting

Fasting is an important act of worship and it is one of the five pillars

Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the most important obligation

The month of Ramadan is during the summer in which the days can be sooooo long, from Fajr all the way unto Maghrib can feel like forever!

It's hard and difficult. But Allah does not want to make it difficult for you, He wants to make it easy

Try to fast in Ramadan, have the firm intention on ALL DAYS, then fast the very next day

If you find it too difficult and you cannot do it then try to finish the day and if you cannot than make it up during the winter time in which the days are not so long

All the creations declare Allah's praise except for the humans and Jinn

There are those who have more knowledge than me about the Lord I worship, I gain knowledge from them

It's natural for us to recognize beauty

If the impulse is there then suppress it

It is a problem when it emerges in the public place

When there's an open breach that's when it becomes a problem

Ayo I'ma tell you straight up, I know it's some of you young mfs that be reading my shit online trying see where I'm at so yall can run up on me

I'm tell you straight up, I be high as shyt

But I ain't no btch!

And GOD is with me. You might take me down but how you gon take GOD down?

As soon as Maghrib come that's when I come alive. I be alive throughout the whole day but sundown👌

I can do shyt on my own, I hate depending on others

What is Haram is what is prevalent

I wonder what that lady meant by "did you leave the water on"

Listen to PND west district album
Listen to PNB Rock New album Nowadays

If anybody can have it, I don't want it frfr. No matter how appeasing it may look, it ain't for me

Yall scared of Dajjal frfr, not me.

Allah does not make a fool of you, you make a fool of yourself. When Allah makes a fool of you you will certainly know it


I love coming to Jummuah. I love Fridays. I love being Muslim. I LOVE ALLAH!!

I still have a lot to learn. I'm not quite there yet, soon though, Insha'Allah

Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there next week and he will help me get married

My faith in my Creator is strong

I am not proud of the fact that I smoke weed and that I watch porn. I HATE IT I HATE IT SOO MUCH! It is from the Shaytan. May Allah forgive me and may He protect me

I call upon At-Tawaab and Al Muhaymin

I love learning, I love words, I love finding out new things, I love new challenges

My lips will never touch a blunt again. NEVER!

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

There is none like Him, and He is the All Seer

Next Friday I have to greet that kid who shook my hand yesterday at Jummuah. He is a pious Muslim

May Allah bless my sister

May Allah make it easier for me to worship him the way that I want to. Right now I'm staying with my dad at his little one bedroom

Right now I am only able to fulfill all my fard prayers, I'm not able to do no nafl. Normally I do all my obligatory prayers and so much nafl. But while I'm over here I am only able to do my fard prayers because if I do any nafl then he's maybe going to think "oh he's just showing off"

And I don't want that, insincerity is a major sin. I worship Allah alone with no partners

I love my father, I really do, may Allah bless him and give him long life. But... Two grown ass nggas can't be staying in the same room. Come on. I need a little bit of privacy

And this ngga always be farting and IT STINKS! And he always got the TV on loud so I'm not able to have any Kushoo in my prayers. I like PEACE AND QUIET!

I'm not giving my Lord the worship that He deserves and it puts me in a sullen mood ☹️

Insha'Allah I won't go into hellfire for not doing any nafl prayers


There are no nafl prayers after the obligatory Fajr morning prayer and the obligatory Asr prayer

I get stimulated very easily, I can look at a girl's hair, or just smelling her perfume. I instantaneously want to marry her and start a family with her

Buy a house in a quiet neighborhood to raise our kids n shyt

Take care of her family n shyt

Terror Jr- Death Wish

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

Sayf Mansaray

That's going to be the name of my first born son, if it's a girl then the wife can name her

I wish to marry a beautiful Muslim spouse, may Allah grant that to me

Allah comes first in my life, He suffices me, I don't suffice Him

Insha'Allah I will go to sleep in a state of Wudu tonight and an angel will stay with me until morning.

I go hard every Monday and Friday morning. Why?

Because The Prophet SAWS was born on a Monday, and Friday is the best day of the week

This song reminds me of Lindsay

I had a crush on her, I never told her though. I never told because I always knew that we could never be

I wasn't shy or scared though, I'd I want a girl then I'll just tell her df

She was a bit older then me and I was not in her league. She was very sophisticated and smart, she graduated from an Ivy League, I only had a high school diploma and a 2.3 GPA at a community college

Insha'Allah she has found someone that's perfect for her and she's happy 😊