I'm so glad that I did Dhuhr


I hate this life. I hate living here, I hate smoking, I hate sinning 😢

May Allah forgive me, and may He take me from out this condition, AAMEN!

When a believer is angry the wrath of Allah is evoked

Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there on Friday and he will help me get married

I'm dead


Tomorrow's Friday!! 😄

I WILL have a positive effect on the Ummah


Why does cooking put somebody in that state? Whenever somebody is in a kitchen cooking a large dish it makes one want to rant on about idle matters and curse everybody's mom


insha'allah today Shaykh Sayf will help me get married


All I have is Allah, all I need is Him


I'm at Jummuah, the sermon is talking about how you should act when coming to the Mosque

I've been coming over here for almost three years now and I have always been acting this way whenI come here

Insha'allah next week I will see Shaykh Sayf and he will help me get married

My faith in my Creator is strong

I always try not to do any sins on Friday, and Allah knows best. Normally on all other days I smoke weed and watch porn. But on Fridays that's a no, my Fridays are only dedicated to Jummuah and Salah

Recently while living with my pops in that area it seems like all I ever really do are sins 😞

And Allah knows best, may He forgive me. It's just something about that area in which I am living with my dad, it makes me want to sin, over and over again

Not saying that there's anything wrong with that area, it's actually quite pleasant and the people there are really nice

And that area has a beautiful view of the ocean, at sunrise I be like 😯

I am a very attractive man, I know this, I am very handsome

So knowing this, it is okay for me to recognize beauty, even if it is from the same sex, and IT IS NOT GAY!

The Prophet SAWS said that his brother Prophet Yusuf was very handsome and good looking. So does that mean that he was gay?

This is how a Muslim acts, only you mfs think that it's gay because we live in a country where two men can get lawfully married

If I have to deal with these comments and beliefs about me being "gay" in order for you fuckers to know that Islam the truth then I'll deal with it

The Messengers of Allah PBUH went through worse

Nggas thought that he was mad

Nggas thought he was on drugs

They thought he was possessed by a Jin

A JIN!! 😂

The Messengers of Allah SAWS said that every son of Adam has an Angel and Jin that follows him whispering good and bad. The Jinn whispers bad thoughts to the son of Adam(Waswas)

While the Angel whispers for him to do good. Every human being has them

"Even you O Messenger of Allah?" Asked one of the companions

He said, ‘Me too, but Allaah has helped me and he has submitted, so that he only helps me to do good.’” (Reported by Muslim, 2814).

The Jinn could only tell the Messenger of Allah SAWS to do good, but not me

Late at night when I be trying to go to sleep and my phone be on the other side of my bed the Jinn be in my ears like "go to xvideos, watch some porn bro just do it"

And I be like "nope, I am a humble slave of Allah Azzawajal"

He be like "you know Pinky gotta fat ass, and that other Latina girl nice!"

I be like: "yeah yeah I know she's nice and her ass fat but I'm a slave of Allah I refuse to be persuaded by you"

Then as the night progresses I reach over and grab the phone from the other side and I watch porn and beat off and nut

And in the morning I take a shower and get dressed and go pray Fajr like...

"Ya Allah, I have sinned. Forgive me "

Smh, I'm a piece of shit

I am so ashamed of myself 😦🙁




I'm just a lonely boy

Hold me Ya Allah

But Allah cannot hold me, Allah is not attributed with "holding", nor is that one of His names

Keep it a bean some girls be ugly af when they crying


well btch you shouldn't have trusted me

You should've known i ain't shit. All I wanted was some ass, MISSION COMPLETE! 😂

I'm gone 🏃‍♂️

I gotta body under my belt and you're stuck with a big ass stomach, all pregnant n shyt

Bet you won't make the mistake of trusting a good for nothing ngga again

I gotta fart but I'm at the Masjid and I don't want to break my Wudu

We finna pray Asr


I was watching porn last night and this white girl was not moaning. She was just laying there on the bed taking the dick like😐

Looking like a damn mannequin n shyt

That's how you know you a whore

When you've been dicked so many times that it doesn't even phase you anymore

When a female has sex it's supposed to be mfn enticing

Keep it a bean some girls coochie stink

How does your vagina smell like your butthole?

I listen very attentively, I absorb every letter and I contemplate on it

I was trying to buy some illegal marijuana but nobody had none 😞

Oh well, Allah's Qadr didn't allow it



I thank Allah for making me come home safely

Keep it a bean smoking would've fucked my whole shyt up. It's finna be sunset in like 45 minutes

And you know all the crazy mfs come out when the sun goes down

Ima be smoking getting high some weirdo old lady gon come up to me holding a cup full of quarters like "spare change sir?"

And my nice clememt ass gon be like "no I'm sorry I don't have any change but let's walk to the ATM I'll give you some cash

And we gon be at the ATM ima be taking out the money she gon pull a strap from out her bag and put it up against my ribs like "give me all your fucking money right now bitch "

And her voice suddenly gets deep outta nowhere. Ima be bitching like "😲🤤please sir"

"I got eight kids, don't kill me please"


"If I die she gon have to get a job at Hooters to support our eleven kids"

I'm high as shit trying to make up excuses n shyt




Then he gon shoot me and kill me

Insha'allah I will get Jannah Tul Firdos

May Allah bless that man in the wheelchair. May Allah make him be able to walk again. I will continue to pray for him until forever

My Lord has the Power to make that man walk again, HE IS ABLE!

I'm over here worried about smoking weed and getting high n shyt at least I'm able to WALK TO THE LOCATION TO PURCHASE THE ILLEGAL DRUG

Meanwhile that man can't even walk. He can't even walk to the bathroom Ya Allah. BLESS HIM YA RABB. PLEASE!

My favorite Calipha is Imam Ali Ibn Abi Tallib

I yawn a lot when it gets close to Isha time

Hmm... I wonder why?

💡😊 I knoowww!

Fajr and Isha are the hardest prayers for the hypocrites. Whenever you yawn you get tired and sleepy, some might even say "screw the prayer I'm going to sleep. But NOT ME! Isha is amongst the five obligatory Salah, I HAVE TO FULFILL IT!

And Fajr is in the early mornings. WHICH I LOVE!! I be up like two hours before Fajr time

Damn she had a fat ass

I think about girls A LOT

I just want to stick my thing into every attractive girl that I come across

But I have to preserve my chastity for the sake of Allah

Every average human being has 46 chromosomes, if you have 47 than... You are ... "mentally challenged

My eighth grade science teacher Ms. Senknow told me that


The time difference between Fajr and sunrise and Maghrib and Isha is exactly the same, on all days

When you completely dedicate yourself to prayer you start noticing some things about the prayer times

May Allah make that man in the wheelchair walk again, AAMEN!


That man can't walk Ya Allah 😢

He's not able to make sujood to you

He's not able to walk to the store

He's not able to run Ya Allah


You are Al Qaadir

You have the Power to do anything Ya Rabb

You are Able to make that man stand up on his feet right now and walk to the store


Ya Allah, I do not doubt your Power one bit. It is You Who can do anything

Bless that man Ya Rabb. Make him walk again. Please, I beg

Ya Allah I know that I am a sinful creation. I smoke weed and be watching porn heavily, those are all things that You have prohibited. I am in no position to ask You for anything Ya Rabb, but You love to be called upon and supplicated to. It is You Who is Al Mujeeb. I call upon You O Allah. I beg of you, please, PLEASE! Make that man walk again