I'm gonna start watching them Islamic lecture videos again

Soon as I move in with my sister

I'm going to school on Monday to make sure everything good with my classes

The basic principle for the Muslim is that he obeys whatever Allaah enjoins upon him, and refrains from whatever He forbids him, whether the reason behind that is clear or not.

It's not what you know, it's what you do with what you know

If this ghusl was required in order to remove major impurity, as in the case of janaabah or following menses or nifaas, then this ghusl is sufficient with no need for wudoo’, according to the correct scholarly opinion, because minor impurity is included with major impurity, so if the major impurity is removed by means of ghusl then the minor impurity must also be removed.

I want Jamirah


But she not a hoe tho, I gotta approach her differently

Jamirah looking good today, and she gotta fat butt. I gotta marry her

She gave me a granola bar, that's love

I like Jamirah more when she dresses like a girl. She be looking bad af

And she got great taste

She's just awesome af!

Thinking about my baby Jamirah

May Allah make Joanne not have cancer

May Allah give her good health and many years of life

Allah is not stingy

The knowledge that we are talking about is Islamic knowledge

The worst of people or those who know a lot about this world but they don't know nothing about Islamic knowledge

They are completely ignorant

The worst of the people are those who spend their whole lives Gathering knowledge of this world but they have no knowledge of the hereafter

Jamirah is sooooo baadd omgg

I wish I knew how to tell her that I love her

Jamirah's not here today 😔

March 22nd 1996 came and the hour did not strike

One of them is that the sun will appear from the West instead of the East

The Earth has been rotating around it's axis since the creation of the universe

My socks don't stink


I have a taste you know

I don't just want anything

Even though it may seem like it

Jamirah's here today>>>>>😍😘

While I was incarcerated I was having suicidal thoughts

Post Malone- Spoil my night

May Allah bless Asia

Two things I never trip about: 1. Girls 2. Money

I'm scared of doing the wrong thing and making mistakes

👵Well if you don't make mistakes how will you ever learn?

Shut up BITCH!!

Idk how to approach Jamirah

🎙️"you don't know how much, you hellpped me grow baby"


Next time I see Jamirah I'ma tell her that I love her

I like listening to females like Niykee Heaton and Bea Miller, but most of the time I like to get in my bag and listen to 21 savage

He be talking bout fuckin nggas b tches!!