I'm high as hell on heaven's earth


May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

Insha'llah soon I will get married

I've been thinking about it a lot

I'ma get married to a beautiful Muslim chick, her ass gon be fat, she gon have long black hair, i'ma be fuckin her like crazy and i'ma get her pregnant and OUR CHILD WILL BE AMAZING!

Being a husband is cool but what I really want is to be a father


If I have a son that lil ngga gon be my friend. He gon talk to me ABOUT EVERYTHING! Me and him will do everything, except for Haram of course

I'm not going to smoke weed and get high with my son df. My life is already fukked up because of marijuana, now I wanna fuck my son's life up. What kind of fucked up person would do such a thing like that?


Good Morning

Allah woke me up today, Alhamdulillah

I have to thank Him

How can I do that??

FAJR!! 😊

Smoking weed is a heinous disgusting sin that I will never partake in


Smoking anything is repulsive

Give me your daughter

Wallahi I'll treat her good. I'm a good pious Muslim I'll treat her good. Don't you want grand-children? Wallahi I'll give you many grand-children! You will not even be able to remember all of their names. I do not not really have much, I'm broke right now. But Allah is Mughnee!

I'll make her happy. I won't ever make her sad Wallahi. I'll protect her and treat her good. Do you want corruption to be on the land? Well that's what's going to happen if you don't give your daughter to me for marriage. You love your daughter yes? You've been taking care of her ever since she was born and you never would want anything bad to happen to her? I feel you, this is what I'm saying. If you let me marry her I will honor her, love her, protect her, and I will give you many grand-children. Your whole house will be filled with little Abduls crawling around.

Keep it a bean, you not going to be alive for much longer. You bouta die. (Insha'llah may Allah give you long life and good health AAMEN) but this is what I'm saying, Allah did not create you to be eternal like Him, the life in this Dunya is short. You will not be alive for much longer but your daughter will. You will not be able to watch over her and protect her but I CAN! On condition that you give her hand to me in marriage. I want to make your daughter my wife and mother of my children, Insha'llah!

Mr. Krabs is a miser


Good Morning

Sodomy is a major sin in Islam

Sodomy is homosexuality

There is no God but Allah

Whatever that he decrees I must follow

Allah says that it's not permissible to have girlfriends

When I was younger before I found Islam I didn't really understand the wisdom behind not having girlfriends

Then as I got older and had more girlfriends I started to see why

It is not stable nor is it permanent

If you got a girlfriend and you get tired of her you can easily just break up with her without doing anything it is going to be an easy process

But if you are married to her then you will most likely try to work it out before splitting up. Because even though divorce is permissible in Islam sometimes the repercussions can be bad. There are right way to divorce and there are wrong ways. All the four rightly guided Caliphs went through a divorce. A lot of the times people do it wrong and it can have a terrible effect

The children are most likely going to be split from both parents

And what would that cause? Nothing but a messed-up childhood. So when the children get older they will never be able to say that they had a normal childhood.

So as they age going from parent to parent it's going to have an effect on them mentally

They might not realize it and the parents might not realize it but it will happen.

Cum put my dck in your mouth and suck it bae

You finna get this dck! RIGHT NOW!!!!

I'm not surprised by anything anymore

Mercy Umah had the softest lip😘

And she smelled nice

I remember I bit her cheek cdffuupp! She was mad af

I listen to Beyonce, Rhianna and K. Michelle and all them other btches, I just don't be singing along but I def be listening

Y'all fux with Kehlani?

She gotta fat ass.

K. Michelle gotta fat ass

Toni Romiti gotta fat ass

Who else gotta fat ass??

Cardi B def got cake!🎂 Alesia Cara. Her butt really not that fat. But she's cute in the face and she got long hair, so that makes up for it. Them other btches I can just bust a nut on they buttcheeks cuz that shyt so fat.

But Alesia Cara, that hoe different. I can look that btch right on her face and screw her lights out. Ima be hitting it from the side then i'ma cum inside her.

There's some girls who I just wanna fuck like a dirty whore and pull on her hair and spit on her face

Then there are some girls who I want to make love to. Don't pull on her hair or smack her ass or do none of that

I remember once I nutted so hard, tears came out my eyes 😢

I was high as shit, I smoked a facial. I was ALL THE WAY UP!

I was walking home then I saw this girl walking with some tight ass shorts and immediately I was awaken!

I quickly ran home 🏃‍♂️ and went to my room and got on my laptop

I was watching for like 3 minutes. I NUTTED!

I nutted so hard and tears came out my eyes. I WAS SO ASHAMED!

No one could see me in my room but THE ANGELS COULD, AND ALLAH COULD! 😢

May Allah forgive me

I used to love watching like NBA games on TV. But I stopped since I gained Religious knowledge and I learned that all them commentators wanna do is gossip! Them nggas love eating dead meat flesh.

I still like to watch basketball, I just turn the volume all the way down

55- All the Prophets, including Muhammad and Ibraheem AS, excluding Jesus

33- Solely Jesus

22- the Angels. Including Jibreel and those holding the Arsh

25- the Awliya of humankind














Good Morning

I remember my Lord a lot

Keep your piety a secret

Keep your good deeds a secret

Be secretive, be quiet, make people wonder

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

Being rejected is the worst

I hate it!!

The Prophet SAWS was rejected in Ta'if, on the last day

They threw stones at him, he was bleeding on his feet smh

And it wasn't like the men who were throwing stones at him

It was the slave women and children who were peltering him with stones, he said that was his worst day

Even worse then Uhud, when his uncle Hamza died. He cried so hard. He loved his uncle

Even worse than the Year of Sorrow

In that year he lost his wife who he had been married to for 25 years, then three months later he lost his other uncle Abu Tallib


May Allah protect me from all types of evil.. AAMEN!

May Allah bless my father and may He give him long life. I really love this guy. He's a character!

*clearly baby its you that I want*

These are all "!-!-!-!-!" five

1258 -1258






"!-!-!-!-!" Is the highest. It only goes up to five

There are others that are less like 832, which is !-!-!-! four

Four is still good af, though it's not good as 426 because it's a five, but nontheless, it's still pretty good


There are others

The top best are:

555!-!-!-!-!- all the Prophets excluding Eesa AS

525!-!-!-!-!- Solely Eesa AS

755!-!-!-!-!- The Angels

725- the Awliya of humankind

These are also "!-!-!-!-!" five

1155!-!-!-!-!- Ibrahim AS

1050!-!-!-!-!- Abu Bakr AS SADIQQ

525!-!-!-!-!- The Sadiqqs of mankind. Those who are truthful Muslims

And 525 x 2= 1050!-!-!-!-!

There's more. I had like a whole encyclopedia of them jawns in my old phone. But it broke 😔

It broke in Ramadan cdffupp

Smoking weed is not good for you bruh. I remember once I smoked and got high as shyt and went to sit down to wait for the bus

This old lady was there at the bus stop. She was really old, she had to be like 90 at least. I greeted her and sat down next to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere I just start shivering, I get cold af outta nowhere. So I zip up my hoodie and put my hands in my pockets then I ask the lady. "Where's your jacket it's so cold"

The old lady looks at me and smiles and tells me that it's not really cold outside. I'm thinking "lady you tripping it's cold as shit" then I pull out my phone and check the temperature outside, that hoe said "58 degrees"

That's really not cold! I was the one tripping. How df was a 22 year old mf like me shivering n shyt when this 90 year old lady just sitting calmly with not even a sweater on? It was the marijuana. Cuz I was high as shit!

Marijuana destroys your white blood cells which basically kills your immune system

Allah Knows this. Which is why he prohibited it

Being a husband is cool and all but what I really can't wait for is to be a father. I'm gonna be the best dad!

Me and all my children will be super close. I'll be close with my daughters, I'ma have tea parties with them and play dress up with them if that's what they want. All my sons will be the best. I'm going to be playing catch with one of my sons, with a baseball.


He gon be like: SURE DAD! 😊 LET'S GOO

Then we gon be playing. And he gon throw one really hard and I miss the catch so the baseball gon hit my nose, then it's gon start bleeding. Then i'ma be holding my nose up "WOW SON YOU GOT ONE HECK OF AN ARM"

He gon be like: Haha 😁, sorry dad

Then we're going to go inside the house to pray Asr

He will lead

My favorite companion is Julaybeeb

My favorite Prophet is Rasullullah SAWS

And then it's Ibrahim AS

And then it's Eesa AS

Those are my top three

May Allah bless ALL the Prophets

124,000 Prophets, 315 Messengers

The Angel Jibrill came to EVERY PROPHET

He is the Angel of Revelation. He is the best of the Angels

Every Prophet receives revelation from Jibreel. The Angel Jibrill AS also went to Maryam AS

-wait but I thought that he was the Angel of Revelation. So what type of revelation would he need to give a woman?

Maryam AS is Awliya, she is not just any women, she is the best of the women

The Angel Jibrill AS came to her to give her news of a righteous son

"How can I have a child when no man has touched ne?"

Jibrill- It has been decreed by Allah so it shall be

Is Jesus not a Prophet and a Messenger?

So that was the revelation

I remember Na'diyah. She used to always call me "youngbul"

Her cousin Charity was a freak

*if she ain't a virgin than that bitch is only average*

It's a lot of average btches walking around




Good Morning

This elderly lady got on the bus and there were no seats for her to take, she bad to stand 🙁

Df is my sister talking about??

I never disrespect her df

If you want respect u gotta give it df

She gon say "get df out my car"

And when I asked her to give me some money for food she gon tell me no , df

What kinda sister acts like that??

May Allah curse her

Crazy bitch

I rather stay with my father then stay with her crazy ass

At least when I'm with my dad I have peace of mind

That shit really made me mad. She gon call me talking about some "I'm not going to take any more disrespect from you"


She think that she can be treating me any way because she's older than me and she feels that she has superiority over me


Me and her supposed to be moving in a place together

She's living with one of her friends I think which I highly doubt, but Allah knows best

Meanwhile I'm living with my dad in his little one bedroom apartment

I admit, living with him is..... not the best. I have no privacy and I'm not able to do all the prayers I want. But... Alhamdulillah, I'm alive, i have food to eat, and I have a place to sleep. And plus my dad easy to live with, he don't be talking bad to me or anything, he's super cool at all times


wtf do she be on??????

She's always chastising me, she's always talking down on me she's always making me feel like a little ass kid

And I don't be saying nothing because I'm Muslim and I don't want to hurt her feelings


Who df hired her? She fuckin the money up

My mom called me and told me to call my sister. My sister be saying some rs. I love her. May Allah forgive her and may He bless her

My sister is beautiful and I love her. I would die for her

I do not like to go out much or be seen in public places why? Because my face is hideous, I'm ugly, I do not want old ladies to pepper spray me or for the police to arrest me for indescent exposure


Yes there are some bad members in the Ummah today. We live in a world where "Muslim" people blow up planes and kill babies in the name of Allah

We live in a nepotistic world where you cannot get a job if you do not follow the same religion as your employer

We live in a world where women are named Khadija and Aisha and they have Muslim lineages and they label themself as that, but go outside on hot summer days with miniskirts on and no Hijab

Smh, that's sad

But those are our brothers and sisters, we have to help them, any way that we can, so that they can get to Allah

Ik more than you think. Don't ever try to fuckin play me

Mfs be trying play me for a fool cuz my birthday on April Fools

The Messenger of Allah SAWS was the most forbearing and patient. People used to curse and yell at him, people from his own tribe Quraysh. They would see him in the streets and yell at him and curse him and he would just stand there like ☺

SAWS. He is the best.

Me, I am not like that. Btch if you yell at me and curse at me i'ma yell and curse back df. You got me fucked up thinking I'm just gonna stand there and take that shyt. Btch i'ma curse you and your whole lineage you got me fukked up!



Good Morning

I remember when I used to live in that house with that dirty btch Salamatu Tunkara. She used to oppress me, accuse me of molesting her baby daughter Assanatu and she used to starve me. Whenever she would cook and when she finished she would put the food up to her room so that I won't eat and I would have to wait until she goes to work and then go in her room and take some food and eat, just for a little sustenance to keep me alive. She was trying to starve me to death. So what did I do? I turned to Allah. I made Dua to Allah and said:

"Ya Rabb, You are one, and you Exist. I do not have a speck of doubt about Your Existence. Ya Rabb, please raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Ya Rabb, forgive me, for all my sins, I'm sorry. Ya Rabb, I do not want to die. This woman is oppressing me in this house. I take care of her kids so well and she treats me like this Ya Rabb. I beg of You, please don't take her life. Please help me Ya Rabb, please

So what happened? Allah stepped in. He released His jinns and the Shaytan on her, she began having dreams. The next day when I went to school and came back home she had cleaned my room and she put the food in the downstairs fridge so that I can eat

And she would always call me while I'm at school like "are you okay? Do you need something?"


That girl at the job fair was cute as shyt, she smelled nice

I love her, she's the one for me


May Allah bless Theresa

She approached me and was so nice to me

May Allah bless my sister. She gave me money to go to the Mosque tomorrow

This man that I saw in the wheelchair today. Ya Allah, I beg of you Ya Rabb. Make him walk again Ya Rabb, put him on his feet.

May Allah make all of those who are in a wheelchair walk again, Allah is Able!

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!

I can't wait to go to the Masjid tomorrow so my sins for this whole week can be forgiven. All the weed I smoked and all the porn I watched smhh

May Allah forgive me



I woke up feeling good today. It will be a good day today Insha'llah

The best day that the sun rises is on a Friday

Ya Allah, my sins! Please expedite them Ya Rabb.

Allah is Al Muqadim

May Allah make that man in the wheelchair that I saw yesterday walk again

May Allah make all those in the world who are in a wheelchair walk again


Damn she had a fat ass

I wasn't looking though, I'm omw to Jummuah I can't look at NO GIRL'S WAS. I left the crib today with my right foot and asked Allah to protect me, plus the Angels are watching me today's Friday, them mfs vigilent af

But Allah is more vigilent

May Allah bless Hajj Anwar. Every time that I come to Jummuah he is always the first one that I see. He is a great Muslim. May Allah keep him on this straight path and may He protect him from all types of evil. AAMEN!

My sins have been forgiven. I supplicated to Allah SWT to forgive my sins and He did just

YESSS! I'm at Jummah, I'm staying here until after Asr. I love being here, I love being Muslim, I love my life!

May Allah alleviate the pain of all those who are suffering worldwide, Muslims and non-muslims AAMEN!

I just farted. My Wudu has been nullified

It's cool tho, making Wudu is easy. All that I have to do is splash water on my face, hands, and wash my foot

And then I can pray Asr. I CAN'T WAIT FOR ASR

I can't wait for Asr! 😁


I'm at the crib now Alhamdulillah

I'm hungry as shyt

I just look at it this way, if something happens and I die I'm guaranteed Jannah


That ngga was gay smhh. Fuckin faggot

Btch don't ever try to distract me or divert my attention away when I'm at the Musallah for Jummah. I'm laying there listening to Islamic lectures on YouTube that gay ass mf just gon come sit next to me and play his music all loud distracting me from listening n shyt. So I get df up and move.

Btch don't ever try to divert my attention away from the remembrance of Allah

I used to be able to go for the entire Friday without smoking, or watching porn, like last year I used to be able to do it

Because Fridays are very sacred. It should only be dedicated to Allah and that's it. I used to be able to go to Jummah, come home, and go to sleep, and smoke the next day. But never on Fridays. Fridays are reserved

And I wouldn't stare at females in a lustful manner. Today I was starring at EVERY GIRL that passed me by "Damn she had a fat ass 👀"

Before on Fridays when I was going to Jummah and I would see an attractive female in the street and I would try to stare at her there was a voice that came in my head like "YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO TO JUMMAH. DON'T LOOK!"

now that voice has been replaced with "look at her buttcheeks" smhh

May Allah forgive me. I'm getting weak. My power to fight back is diminishing

Smoking weed and watching porn and blatantly sinning on the day of Jummah. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!! 😣

It's the mfn environment. Idk what it is about this place, all I ever want to do is sin. Sinning is so easy and accessible here. Smh. I feel so fucking ashamed of myself

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with this environment, the people here are all nice and it has a beautiful view of the ocean, in the mornings I be like 🤓

It's not the environment that's messed up, I am, I'm messed up. I'm SINFUL

This environment is beautiful, I'm the one that's ugly.


I'm a sinful piece of shit! I HATE MYSELF!!

May Allah forgive me. Allah is Al-Afuuw

Allah is Al Muqaddim


Those sins that I did, they're nothing. As long as I regret doing them and ask for forgiveness and I have a firm intention in my mind to never return back to it again I'm good. Allah pardons me


I'M DONE. You have my word Ya Allah. I'm finished with that bad habit.

For as long as I live

I would never lie to You Ya Allah

I would lie to myself before I lie to You

May Allah curse that gay ass ngga at the Mosque today. I could be wrong, but if he had alterior motives and was plotting on me please curse him Ya Rabb

And curse every gay male figure who try to approach me thinking I'm gay. CURSE THEM ALL AND DESTROY THEM COMPLETELY YA RABB

I'm tired of these people Ya Rabb. I wish to worship You alone but they are not giving me a chance


These homosexual faggots want me to be like them Ya Allah. But I cannot. I love women Ya Allah. I love You. HELP ME. PLEASE! 😢


Good Morning

I just did Fajr

I had to do Isha and Fajr. Yesterday after I did the obligatory Maghrib prayer I became Junub. So I had to take a shower this morning and fulfill the Isha Salah I missed and the Fajr Salah

Shaykh Mufti Menk said that the best deeds to Allah are those in which he has made compulsory, the fard

Plus this is the month of Dhul Hijja. I have to do the best that I can.

That gay ass mf had some pink shorts on looking gay af

That faggot ass mf gon sit in the section where the females at

And he got the nerve to come sit down next to me thinking I'm interested

Lucky it was Friday and that ngga a Muslim. If not then I would've cussed that faggot ass mf out, fohh. You better get df out my face with that gay shyt faggot!

How df is u gon be gay and be a Muslim at the same time df. Homosexuality is a major sin which requires repentance. And a condition for repentance is to stop doing the sin. Obviously you are still enveloped in your homosexuality which means you have not repented. Thus meaning: Your Islam has been rendered invalid because the Prophet PBUH said "none of you is a believer while he is drinking alcohol" that applies for all sins

I am not a Muslim while the blunt is in my mouth. My Islam is only regained when I have finished, then I am Muslim again.

I am not a believer while my dck is in that hoe mouth. I gotta bust a nut and stop fucking her in order for me to be Muslim again

Lemme see another gay ass faggot ass mf try to approach me again thinking I'm gay


The Prophet PBUH is buried with his two MALE COMPANIONS

And he said that he was going to enter paradise while holding their hands. So does that mean he's gay for holding two men hands??

You better go get a girlfriend and get df out my face fuckin faggot

All the girls and pussy that's out here, and nggas still choose to be gay smhh

May Allah protect me from all these homosexuals and may He kill any one of them who try to approach me thinking I'm gay. AAMEN!

Go be a faggot in the privacy of your home. Don't approach me with that shyt cuz I DON'T FUKKIN LIKE IT!

And damn sure don't come to Jummuah with that gay shyt.

May Allah smite you. AAMEN!! AAMEN!! AAMEN!!