I'm really good with females

Nggas be being top class actors when they be lying talking bout some "😐bruh I called you when we was sparking up".
Sdfup ngga if you would've called me that shyt would've came to my phone, but it didn't so what that mean dh?

One has to be firmly practical in all actions.

You're right, I am smarter then you, and I will be more successful, Insha'Allah.

Allah wills for anything and everything.

The reason why America is a predominantly Christan nation and not Islamic is because Christianity is an easier religion to follow then Islam. Christians have "Christmas"😄, we have Ramadan 😐

Mfs be so quick to forget

The need to need

I told this ngga Allah I don't even smoke 😂

A true believer never gets tired of receiving true knowledge.

My style sheet lacks continuity

I wish Allah (Swt) didn't make me so ignorant and susceptible.

You have a nice facial structure.

I'm not at the top, I'm at the bottom.

The only religion is Islam.

Just because you are ignorant does not mean others are.

Being sober is like having a bad headache and you like damn I gotta take some medicine to get rid of this headache, that's what the bud is.. Medicine. But the only messed up part is like damn, Ima always have this headache if I don't take the medicine, like you can't be high forever, shit I wish.

Omar Epps is the bul from love and basketball.

Just because one is bad does not mean they should be given up on.

How do you properly define a place?

Take heed young one, put God first, always.

Smoking cigarettes is permitted but it is highly frowned upon.

There are iniquities that Allah (Swb) does not make us aware of.

Two Liberians getting in a confrontation.

Now I just feel stupid for the loop that you threw me for.

All Atheists are stupid.

She thinks it's only tough love and I need to stop

🚫 There are many sides to Allah (Swt). His most powerful though is his Merciful side. Because that side is able to control and alleviate the harshness from any other of his sides.

There is no end to Allah (Swt)

Allah (Swt) is the most generous.

The world is not as scary as it looks, young grasshopper.

The world is already perfect, we are the imperfect ones.

Apostacy is blasphemy.

Take heed young one, trust Allah.

People take advantage of you when you are too nice.

But I am your child, you're creation.
-Haha as is all.

🚫🚫with Allah (Swt) anything is possible.

Trying to understand Allah (Swt) will only result in insanity.

That's nothing that I want more than for you to keep it real with me.

I write crazy books and hooks.

You can sin in heaven faithfully without feeling no remorse.

The artist hears the beat first, the audience hears the art first.

Understanding him is knowing that we will face him one day and we long for him, and we will be forced to argue with him, and we will ultimately lose.

I told this ngga God I'm bored and he created the universe.

Understanding him is realizing that you know nothing.

I lost my mfn grinder.

Don't be scared of the stigma.

My professor said talking about marijuana is not properly etiquette to talk about.


Our inequities are too great.

The Earth is really the one that's high.

Can you distinctify being "hot"?

Ignorance and susceptibility can lead to ridiculous stereotypes

Your body is a temple...

She didn't sit down even though I got out the chair before she came close. In stead she preferred to stand and say "I'm good'✋.
What a peculiar lady.

What if the high is not what I perceive it to be? What if tis' a malevolent spirit?

❌Allah (Swt) should be the ultimate judge of Shatan's faith.

I looked in my wallet I was hoping to find at least $10 I looked in that btch I saw 2 mfn dollar bills, I was scared as shit I was like "damn I'm broke af". Then I saw a $10 bill.

It uses recorded algorithm to optimize your listening experience.

Her voice was small and dull, like a terrified small child, plus a bit squeaky her voice was.

Allah (Swt) will not make it easy for us.

❌ every time I finish blowing from Conway and dip I ask Allah (Swt) for forgiveness.

Allah (Swt) Exalts but never exhaust.

Allah (Swt) is the exalted, but he never gets exhausted.

❌❌Allah (Swt) is never wrong, and always right.

It's nothing wrong with you personally, it's I that has the problem. I'm not used to you. Like my cousin DeMarcus, he came here from Africa he was like, "hello, my name is DeMarcus from Kabunja and I am a Mandingo warrior."
-df, you a warrior btch, you bouta fight for our independent rights n shyt

Two Mexicans getting into an argument and altercation

Doing what Allah (Swt) commands of me is my freedom.

Allah (Swt) can foresee the future, for he creates it.

Allah (Swt) knows best.

I can never be a police officer I stutter too much.

I am weak

Me thinking that the world is as bad as it really is can lead me to be overprotective at times.

The stigma is not something to be feared, it is something to be frowned upon.

I once got so high I forgot who I was and my purpose in life.

I rather stimulate your mind then emulate your purpose.

Basically the other competition is agreeing that they will accept the lower price pet consumer

❌Allah (Swt) loves all of you, even the parts you don't recognize.

How can we be friends if we share nothing in common?

You don't have to smoke wd to get high.

❌ Allah (Swt) is with me as I indulge in this perilous journey

Me and my brother came to a Mexican restaurant, and the lady gave us the menu and he said everytime I come here I can't understand shit on the menu. 😂

❌Allah (Swt) at times may decree bad things to happen to good people.

Social media is just live inscription.

If you don't sin then you're not human.

Ignorance is an attribute of imperrfection

No one knows all but Allah (Swt).

Every Muslim will enter paradise once they die.

The mercy of Allah (Swt) is for everybody in this life, and only for the true Muslims in the hereafter.

You can't imagine God.

Allah (Swt) is not in the sky.

You have to take the text of the religion literally unless the religion proves otherwise.

The Quran and Hadith don't contradict each other.

In Janah everybody is physically 33 years of age.

Don't ever wonder if I'm high, just know I'm always high bruh

❌He indeed is the reason it happened, but we cannot blame him for it occurring.

Old Iadies do not like me bruh

The one we see to look as if may have it good always have other problems.

❌ God (Swt) encased me in this reality I am in.


❌I aint look at her butt Allah.

The signs will come, whether you see them or not

The end will come, but none of us will live to see it.

Tis good to live in the moment, but one should not live for the moment.

❌Allah (Swt) is forever.

Allah (Swt) is the most merciful.

❌Allah (Swt) cares very little if you are on the right path. You are already doing what you have to.

I woke up from my nap and realized everybody is fake.

Always go for the right thing to do.

Allah (Swt) has nothing to prove to us, we are the ones that have to prove to him our worth.

It was on shuffle I asked for the chiraq song to play next, and it played. 😄😲

One should thank Allah (Swt) when bad things occur, even more then when a joyous deed occurs.

If I should record all the amazing things Allah (Swt) does for me, I would have to make a brand new list.

Allah (Swt), all my trust is in you.

❌Understanding Allah (Swt) is understanding that he always knows best.

I'm not susceptible by the common rhetoric scheme.

FA gave me exactly $33

We are only more powerful than Shatan if we side with Allah (Swt)

Allah (Swt) why do you tell us not to worry and then you put worries in our heart?

The praying mat cost exactly $5.

Wake up take a sip of ace of spades like it's water

There was 33 emails in my thing in my phone.

After Judah finished talking to me at the Masjid I looked at the time it was exactly 3:03pm, then I looked again it was 3:05, then again and again it was 3:13 and 3:15

Everybody is more fake than real

Tap that ax song

Some witches don't even know they're witches

We don't understand Allah (Swt), so we often question him.

My impetus is slower than normal.

It was raining, I'm at the bus stop for shade. I pull out my phone to look at the time, that hoe said 5:25.🙏

I aint have no bread. I spent the $13 FA gave me to buy tokens so I can go to the Masjid on Friday and Sunday. I went there on Friday and prayed for Allah (Swt) to help me out for financial aid. I didn't blow all day Friday. On Saturday my ss money came and i was able to blow. Let's see what happens next😆.

Common sense is not common.

Impetus is like vulgar.

There are no sins or iniquities on other planets, so they are better then Earth

Allah(Swt) is not stupid.

It's not an obligation for every Muslim to learn about the worldly matters.

Prayer is an obligation.

It is a personal obligation to find the prayer direction.


Allah (Swt) is not in the sky.

Ish Jihad is making an effort to find the Kaba.

Tell people to be Muslim and believe in Allah (Swt), then tell them to pray.

Never deny anybody that wants to be Muslim.

Prophet Musa asked Prophet Muhammad to ask Allah (Swt) to lessen the prayer less than 5, but he was too shy to ask .

Prophet Muhammad never went to paradise, he went there during his lifetime.

Mfs be like, only God (Swt) can judge me, meanwhile the Quran and Bible is out like... God is already judging you, he's clearly telling you how he feels about this specific topic, you just don't want to accept it because you wanna keep doing your iniquity.

You can't quit when you want to.

BRRRRUHHH! Ard I went to the Masjid after Alhaji talked to me and tried to convince me to stop blowing. He failed, but it was a nice try tho. I came back from the Masjid and went to 69th St to go home. It was closed, I wanted to buy tokens. Then I hopped on the trolley to go to Sharon Hill. The bus was coming at 4:45, I had to hurry up. I went to the Wells Fargo ATM to take out $40. I was going to give aunty $33, and buy Alhaji a $5 card so he can call his mom. I went to the ATM and looked at the time that hoe said 4:25. Then I went to the 7 eleven to buy Alhaji's card, I looked at the time that hoe said 4:30. Then I looked at the time while walking to the bus stop that hoe said 4:35. Praise Allah (Swt) 🙏

Technical terms/definitions
don't apply to the islamic knowledge

❌Allah (Swt) is permissible to say no.

ISIS recruiters just pitch a good game

❌Don't ever deny Allah (Swt), his Prophets and Angels, for he loves his Prophets and Angels so very much.

I gave aunty exactly $33

This ngga Ronnie told me "bro why would you wanna blow when it's hot as shit in Conway when you can just come to my crib?" I told him "I rather be high and take that long ass hot walk then go all the way to your crib and go through all these trials and tribulations just to make it home n shyt 😂 "

❌Allah (Swt) is the only true God.

I'm high as shyt walking to the bus stop n shit

I was sitting at the bus stop with this old lady I told her what a nice weather it was, she started talking and explaining I began to gaze off n shit.

The lady at the bus stop said she been waiting there since 7:35an.

I looked at the time on the bus it was 8:37 😐

It us a drug, but it's not a drug to me..

❌We pray that his mercy be relentless.

I think it's funny but white people be agreeing to everything. 😂

Buy, blow bud and write.

God fears no man, men fear God.

Driving is not a privilege nor a right. Tis' a necessity.

I just blew at Conway n shyt, I'm toasty.


That shit went exactly to 5:30pm when I'm bout to dip n shit

A person's impetus can be vulgar.

Don't chastise or scold me for your sin, worry about yours.

❌You can't be a a Muslim in private.

I can't even put some of this shit in words, I'm high tho.

❌This nxa Allah (Swt) so funny bruh, I'm reading the Haram list n shit 😂

❌Allah (Swt) I didn't know, please forgive me.

The average human impetus is pretty high.

We only exist to others.

" Be still, I am God (Swt)."

The punishment will exceed the pleasure you gained from committing the sin.

The bus coming at 7:18am

It was exactly 7:00am when I got to the intersection jawn
And at 7:03 was when I sat down at the bus stop.
And at 7:05 was when I pulled it back out to jot these down.

I'm high as shyt

I gotta stop cursing, it's Haram.

One can play and have fun with Allah (Swt), just know where you stand and your boundaries.

This ngga Ronnie said I'm loyal to C, I thought he said I'm sorry to see 😂

I looked at the time while sitting at Conway that hoe said exactly 6:10am.

❌ Because God (Swt) is loyal.

My family got some strong ass male genes

If you see it for what it appears to be then that's what it's going to be.

❌ We must not think of him as the number "1". Because there can be two 1's, but there can never be two Allah (Swt). Because there is none like him.

Everything's forbidden everything's forgiven

Getting high puts you in touch with your subconscious mind.

I'm not gonna flex.

Drunk words are sober thoughts.

❌The existence of God (Swt) is a transcendental fact most of us know.

Plan B is basic plan

The basic predominant belief is false, the older generations are always inferior to the younger generation.

❌Allah (Swt) talks to me everyday.

❌ Islam is not "a" religion, it's the only religion.

❌It's Allah (Swt) first, and Prophet Muhammad then Islam, then Allah (Swt) again.

Quality over quantity

Deb's birthday is on Wednesday, get her ice tea

Poor people in other countries abode to religion because that's all they have, then they completely lose it when they come to a richer country.

No practice of a religion can be done incognito.

Islam does not change for you, you have to change for Islam.

Just because he's blessing you does not mean that you are on the right path.

Space does not exist, not even bodies. Just imagination and thoughts.

Jins and humans are like cigarettes and marijuana. Cigarettes is Jins.

I got to from the bench at folcroft library after reading. I was omw to Conway to blow, I looked at the time that hoe said exactly 5:00🙏

Ard dude look. FA is going to the follower place to fix the desktop on Monday. May you please her with the payment. It's not that it's going to be a lot of money, less than $150 for sure.

I just don't want her spending a lot of money on me and the kids, I just don't want her to be cool you know

❌The pyramid scheme which reference to current and latter generations does not apply when it comes to the Almighty Allah (Swt).

FA lemme tell you what happened yesterday. So when auntie came home she came down to ask me, "did FA buy Alusine any cookie?. I said no. Then she started saying okay because I don't want my kids to do anything with FA

When Alusine talked to you earlier yesterday and he asked you to buy him cookie he went and told auntie. And Apa was

I will always submit

I had 4 tokens, which was exactly enough to go to the Masjid and back.

The only thing we need to know about Allah (Swt) is that he loves us unconditionally and he wants the best for us.

Wd didn't make me like this, I been like this. (not high)

I'm high

You catch the high when you blow out

when I came to the folcroft library and looked at the time on the computer it said 12:05, then when I looked at my phone it said 12:07

MS. Tony
MS. Elsie

The world moves with a rhythmic tune that I've lost sense of.

It's Haram to take nggas btches

I got exactly to the folcroft library bruh it was exactly 5:00pm. Then I looked again it was 5:03 exactly.

Philosophy is more concerned on why it happens.

Bus coming at 6:19am

I was in the middle of the mfxn street on the sidewalkn shit, I looked on the phone that hoe said 6:10. I'm like... WTF 🙏

❌I looked back on my phone to write " Allah (Swt) blesses us with mediocre abilities " that hoe said exactly 6:19am

MS. Julie- short white old lady
MS. Ruth

❌ Allah (Swt) blesses us with mediocre abilities.

That shit came late of course 😩

Give them a bonus pack, original soundtracks from movie and the actual film.

I'm so fukkin high

❌ Allah (Swt) sits on his throne and watches us kill ourselves and shakes his head in disappointment.
the whole world has been DuLified

You have to be bad to win.

Speech spotlight

My brains name is Robert

*Bus comes at 6:19am (08/10/16)

When I was walking from Conway I stopped exactly at the first bridge jawn at 5:55am
I sat down at the bus stop at 6:00

❌ Allah (Swt) can escape out of contractions.

My room mate the atheist

❌To not believe in God (Swt) is to not be human.

It was exactly 7:35am when the bus got to the school and a hot song that was playing ended

Dark skin match my entity


The bus comes at 6:19am(08-11-2016)

I woke up late, at 530am
.i blew at the bench at Conway
Got exactly to the bus stop at 6:11am

The creation will never know more than the creator

I got inside the bus at 6:25am

A hot song ended when the bus arrived at the school

All atheists have a strong fear of rejection.

Michelle Branch everywhere ended as soon as the cab came for me at the rehab place.

Prophet Muhammad said that this Dunya is a prison for the believers, and paradise for the nonbelievers.

Everybody else in the world moves at an impetus I can't emulate.

The computer at the library froze, I had exactly 35:35 left. It was exactly 10:55am when I looked on my phone.

Ms. Julie
Ms. Ruth

There are bad drugs and there are safe drugs.

❌All thanks goes to Allah (Swt).

I'm a man of my word.

The phone was charging at folcroft library. I went to go pick it up the time said exactly 3:35pm.

I'm always high, smoking weed just enables me to come to that realization quicker.

I'm at the library, this 47 chromosome ngga sitting next to me start like fidgeting and making lots of silent noises, I get scared as shit and start praying to Allah (Swt) that this ngga don't snap and go ham.

I'm at the crib finna get on my phone I look at the time it say 6:35pm exactly.

I was walking to the trolley station in Sharon Hill, I guessed it was gon be 10:18am. I looked on my phone it was exactly 10:18. I was the last one to get to the trolley at 10:25, then it pulled off.

The parent orders the child to pray at 7.
At 10 the parent hits the child for not praying at age 10.

No Muslim should be hit in the face.

If a Muslim committs a crime, and repents and serves his punishment them a stigma should not follow him and the matter should be dropped.

Checked the amount of space I have on my phone it said 133 mb

It's okay to learn from a women.

This ngga brother Anwar funny as shit. He said he think it's the Shaytan that's making him so tired, I told him naw it's prolly the hot weather, he was like no it's Shaytan.

I used to think that dope was crack

I arrived at the hut at Conway to blow exactly at 5:35pm from the Masjid.

❌ Allah (Swt) analyzes the prayer in great detail.

❌when I always shouldn't I still do.
Bruh I take a shower and pray n shyt, I finish and lay on the bed and turn on my laptop, I look to the right at the clock that hoe said 6:37pm.

We can coexist bruh, it's permissible.

Everytime I'm playing checkers and I look at the time on the game it say :33

Pray that FA gets the job.

I'm walking home from blowing with Ronnie at Conway I look at the time that hoe says 623pm

I'm at Conway reading n shit after I just blew, I look at my phone it says exactly 9:00am
I move from the hut to the bench cuz then fukkin ants start tripping. I look at my phone it says exactly 9:07am n shyt.
I'm still reading at the bench n shit I look at my phone it says exactly 10:05am
I looked at the time again it said 10:22. Exactly 33 minutes before ima leave at 10:55
I look at the time it says exactly 10:34am

❌Ima marry you, fuck you, multiple times. And I'll try my best to love and cherish you for all my life. Insha'Allah.

I'm sitting at the folcroft library bench reading, I look at the time on my phone that hoe said 11:55.

After I finished talking with Ronnie that hoe said exactly 12:00pm

❌There is no end to Allah (Swt)

I'm sitting at the folcroft library. Some old head comes next to me and starts smoking crack.

O.I.L. oreos is life

I just came back from folcroft library. I'm sitting at the bench in Conway blowing, I pull out my phone to make a post on social media I look at the time that hoe says 6:57pm.

I was at the intersection on Clifton Ave, I looked at my phone that hoe said 7:05pm.
I'm finna cross the street I look again at my phone that hoe said 7:07pm

I am addicted to smoking weed.

That's not even in the premise of what we are discussing.

Two libarians having a discussion about their week.

I smoke everyday bruh smhh

I'm at Conway blowing