Insha'llah I will fast on the Day of Arafah

Df, she really be on some shit

I'm not gonna ask her for nothing else

If you don't want to do something for somebody then just say "no" instead of making up lies and then say "I'm not gonna be able to do it"

Say that shyt from the rip then. She said that shyt and got my hopes all up and then she tells me "I can't do it 😐"

Smhh. I'm over here on a dummy mission waiting for her and she never shows up df!

Whatever. Idgaf.

I ain't asking her for shit! She better not call me too cuz I damn sure ain't picking up

But I ain't gon do what she did. I called her and she let it ring once and then she ignored the call.

Ima let it keep ringing until that shyt goes to vm

Insha'llah I don't move in with her cuz she gon fuck me up mentally, that hoe crazy

Living with this psycho bitch gon make me end up in a mental hospital or dead

This ngga Tim cool as shit

Insha'llah he will say his Shahada in the privacy of his home. Because you don't need NO WITNESSES to convert

You can just be by yourself and say it and now you're Muslim

Even though Tim is a Non-Muslim still he cool as shyt. I would hate to see nggas like that go to Hellfire forever.

Allah has made it so easy to go to paradise. Just say the Shahada. That's it

You can be a baby killer, child molester. You could kill a pregnant lady. But if you die believing the Oneness of Allah, than you are guaranteed Paradise

Vice versa applies also. You can build hospitals, give millions of dollars in charity away, save an old lady from drowning. But... if you die believing that God has a partner or a son/wife etc... if you die you will go to hellfire

Look at Martin Luther King. Look at all the good that he did in his life. He maybe was the greatest civil rights activist that we've ever had. He fought for equal rights for everybody. He did so much good in this life.

But if he died believing that Jesus is God or related to him in any way then he will go to hell

Who else? Rosa Parks. She freed the slaves. She did so much good in this life. But, if she died and she was not on Tawheed then she will go into hellfire forever!

Allah has spoken. That's the law!

Thinking about how she fuckin played me! If you say that you're gonna help me than FUCKIN HELP ME

Don't say you're gonna do that shyt then have me waiting for you all day looking like a dh n shyt.

This is why I hate putting my hopes on people, they ALWAYS LET U DOWN

Or they make up some bs ass excuse like she did

I'm hungry as shit. I'm thinking that she gon bring me some food and then she don't! That shit only made me hungrier df

She gon talk about some "I'll come to the library and give you $10 so you can buy some food

👏I'm glad that you know how much a dime bag of marijuana cost

And yesterday when I asked her to please bring me some food she gon talk about "I'll order you food and you can pay for it with the money I gave you"

😕BTCH... WHAT MONEY?? I spent that shit on my keycard for the bus to go to Jummuah and I bought some food and some weed that shit gone!

It's not like I'm asking you to give me money or for you to buy me something no

I'm asking you to bring me some fuckin food!

And you refuse to do it. What kind of fucked up, selfish human being are you??



Good Morning

I woke up feeling hungry as shit 😕

I still did Fajr though

I still did Ghusl and Wudu and prayed Fajr

I have to! Tis an obligation from my Lord

I'm hungry af though, my own sister don't wanna help me

She don't wanna give me money to buy food because she thinks that I'm going to buy weed with it


You damn right. I prolly am gonna buy weed and smoke with it. But i'ma also buy food df, and i'ma eat, and I won't be hungry no more

She rather me starve to death because she doesn't want me smoking smhh

May Allah have mercy on her future husband

Because if that ngga smoke cigarettes she gon take his wallet and throw away his car keys talking about some "I care about you I don't want to see you smoking and hurting yourself"


West side ngga, coming to the east side, east side
Slang dck throw peace signs, peace signs
Man I get high and I be fukkin btches in my free time

My dad and sister wants me to think that they're in some kind of a dispute and they're not talking. I'm going to just keep acting like I'm dumb and play along with their little game

Keep it a bean, I love my pops n shyt, he's a cool dude and I pray that Allah gives him long life and forgives him, AAMEN

But I am no fool

This man tried multiple times to kill me. He did the same thing that Salamatu did, he would take food and go put it in his room so that I wouldn't eat. He called the police on me and kicked me out of his house in the middle of the night in the rain. He has gone inside my room while I'm at school and stole money from my room. He made Dua to Allah so that He can kill me

After I had my brain injury and I came home my balance wasn't really that good and I had to use a cane to walk. Every morning when I had to go to school I would have to walk which would take me like a hour and a half, for the normal person it would take 20-30 minutes. And by the time I got to school I would be drenched in sweat because the walk was so mfn arduous.

Yeah my dad has done a lot for me, and I know that. But he does not love me, he hates me, he wants me to die


My elder brother's feelings towards my father is completely justifiable and understandable. Ever since we were little he has been abusing us, both physically and mentally

It's only because he's my father. But if he wasn't then I would be asking Allah to take his life everyday because people like him do not deserve the endowment of life

May Allah protect me from against him and may He take his life if he tries to harm me in ANY WAY. AAMEN!

My mother and father had some marital issues, and they got a divorce. Ever since I was eight my dad has been telling me "your mother is a celebrated prostitute, your mother don't love you, your mother does not care about you "

Trying to break the relationship between me and my mother. But NO! I LOVE MY MOTHER. I will bring her to this country one day, buy her a house, take care of her children, I WILL KISS HER FEET!


This ngga thinks that he can be my "mom"

He wants to be a father and a mother to me

You better stay in your place and be the way that Allah created you

Allah has taken away his carnal abilities. He was the one who chose to marry a BAD WOMAN LIKE SALAMATU TUNKARA


How df are u going to starve your own son and steal money from him??

I always make sure to proofread because I never wanna say nothing out of pocket or rude

I trap all day and I rap when I feel like it

Smhh I'm over here crying and bitching about being hungry while the people in Syria and Rohingya are dying smh

May Allah forgive me and may He help them

Them nggas dying!

Save them Ya Rabb😢

Allah is Haddee

He can guide, and He can also misguide

He is Ar Rasheed

Df, that's a stupid ass thing to say. "Hey, stop watching porn and jerking off and go to" 😕

Bitch shut the fuck up, don't fukkin tell me what to do. Stop putting up videos and delete your porn site then i'ma stop watching and jerking off


that's right you gon suck this dck for grandpa btch

Here's the thing about fasting, it is only difficult until Asr time. And it is only difficult if you're preoccupied with doing many things at once while using a lot of energy to complete those tasks. But if you're just chilling reading a book or sleeping and your fasting than you're good, you're not gonna die, you can do it! 😃

Human beings can go a total of two weeks without food and two days without water, you got This!


I still wanna get married, and Insha'llah I will. I'm just not going to put any more effort into it. Because it seems like wherever I put effort and look forward to I always end up being let down and disappointed. Keep it a bean, I'm just not trying to get heartbroken 💔, not trying sound gay or anything

She'll come to me soon Insha'llah. I'll wait

If not in this world than in the Hereafter Insha'llah

Insha'llah I will be able to fast on the Day of Arafah. I'm not going to kill myself over it though. If I don't have nothing to eat then "shrugs" I'm still going to do my five daily prayers and dhikr. Fasting on the Day of Arafah is NOT AN OBLIGATION. It's Sunnah, and Sunnahs are not obligations

Fasting on the Day of Arafah is a confirmed Sunnah. It is mustahaab and one will get many rewards for it. But it is not an obligation. You will not be punished for not fasting on that day. But you will be punished for not praying.

Right now I'm hungry as shit, my sister told me that she's not going to bring me any food. On the Day of Arafah if I find a way to get some food i'ma eat it df! Tis only a Sunnah and nothing more. I'm not going to kill myself over something which God did not order me to do. I will kill myself over Dhuhr prayer though. Happily 😁


Good Morning

She's happy about the situation, she does not care whether I starve to death or not

That girl at the Papi's store cute as shyt. She was making my cheesesteak and she looked back at me like 😊

I love her


I'm high


I'm going to fast for the sake of my Lord Allah SWT and I will supplicate to my Lord Allah SWT and ask Him to protect me against my father who hates me and wants to kill me

And my supplication will be answered because Allah answers the supplication of the one who is fasting

I just have to remember to make the intention to fast for tomorrow after Maghrib. Insha'llah I won't forget

Insha'llah I can hurry up and move df away from my dad's apartment before he poisons my food and kill me

Mocking the Arabic language in any way is blasphemy because that is the language that the Holy Quran is written in

Like for example, semen in the Arabic language is called "Meni". It sounds like the word "many" but not quite

It would be blasphemy for me to say like: I was fuckin this one btch from Iran and I was killing that shit from the back and I was like "ahhh im bouta nut!!"

And she can't speak English so she's moaning like "Meni? Meni?"

And I'm thinking like "wtf is this btch talking about saying meni meni?"


That would not be permissible to say because I am making fun of the Arabic language, which is the language that the Holy Quran is written in



-slaps knee

Nor would it be permissible to call a Muslim female a "bitch", this is a respectful and dignified woman, Allah created her and He honors her, so I should do the same

So what I just said when I was like "I was fuckin this bitch in Iran"

That was sinful and not permissible for me to say. This is why I always make sure to proofread so that I can never say anything rude or offensive, or gossip, according to the Islamic terminology


Her pussy prolly smell like fish. She gon drown me in an ocean full of dead sea animals

The dead sea n shyt. She gon drown me in a an ocean full of dead sea creatures

We are Muslims okay. We don't gossip. And how is gossiping defined in the texts of sharia?

Speaking about your Muslim brother or sister in a way that they would not like

Even if it is true! And if you speak lies than that would then turn to slander, which is a worse sin

No human is more detached from worldly matters than the Prophet Muhammad SAWS. He did not care about this Dunya or anything in it

Not luxury, clothes, fame, food. This ngga would go days without eating or breaking his fast. The longest recorded fasting is 21 days which is a title owned by Mahatma Ghandi. I can guarantee you that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS went longer without eating. But nobody recorded it

Think about how little we know. There were so many amazing things that happened to many Prophets throughout time that was not recorded

The greatest miracle by the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is the Quran.

The Torah is larger in volume than the Quran but the Quran is a greater revelation

The Torah was given to Prophet Musa PBUH

My favorite prayer is Maghrib

But the best prayer is Fajr

Similarly, my favorite day might be Tuesday. But the best day is Friday

My favorite Prophet might be Abraham AS. But the BEST PROPHET is Muhammad SAWS

My favorite God is... hold up

There is only one. Allah is the only One God. There are no other possibilities to choose from

All the money in this world will never make your happy

I'm thinking about the girl from this morning at the Papi's store who was making my cheesesteak

She was cute as shit. She looked back at me and smiled

I wanna impregnate her. I love her


Fasting tomorrow on the Day of Arafah tomorrow is not obligatory, only Sunnah. All that you have to do is your Prayers and your daily Adkhar and you're good.

Allah did not make fasting on that day obligatory

The Holy Quran takes precedence over the Sumnah


I will still fast. Why? Well because you see... I don't wanna die. I have to ask Allah for protection against my father

School finna start next week. I need to ask my Lord for help to do well in my classes

I don't have a place to stay right now. I need to ask my Lord to make me and my sister find a place so I can move away from my father's apartment

I want to get married. I need to ask my Lord to make me find a beautiful spouse in which I can marry

That woman named Salamatu Tunkara drive me out of my home and assaulted me physically. I need to ask my Lord so that she can catch breast cancer and chlamydia and fall down the steps and break her leg

All these things that I need. I need this and that!

Allah is willing to give

Allah is Wahaab!

Just because you have been Muslim for longer than the next person does not necessarily mean that you are better than him or her. It just means that "you are in a position to earn more rewards" but you certainly are not better

My father hates me and tried to kill me multiple times. He went to Sierra Leone two or three years ago and he went to some witches so that they can put a curse on us and kill us. But you see, I believe in Allah, GOD. All those witch doctors n shyt they have no power. ONLY ALLAH HAS POWER

If He wanted something to happen to me than it will. Allah does not abide by no rules. He creates His own




I'm amped!!

I just ate Suhoor

Suhoor is the meal that you eat before sunrise

It is Sunnah

Whatever the Prophet PBUH used to do is Sunnah

Ya Allah. YOU ARE ONE! You have no partners, I will never associate a speck of partnership with You my Lord. It is You Whom I worship. Ya Allah You are Al Mujeeb. You respond to every one of my calls. But I do not wish to call out to You. I just want to praise You. I want to praise You for being so Awesome. Clearly Allah You are the only God. I will never associate partnership with You, why would I do that? That's dumb Ya Allah. You are the one in which I love, I obey only You Ya Allah. Anything that you want me to do just tell me and consider it done! Please accept me Ya Rabb. Ya Allah YOU ARE ONE!

Ya Allah, my sins. My sins are like the mountain Ya Allah. Destroy that mountain! Please don't let it fall on me Ya Allah. Oh Allah, all the porn I watched in the past, all the weed I've smoked, all the times I had pre-marital sex, those are all sins Ya Rabb. Those are sins that I HAVE DONE! I did them because I am a weak creation and i am not able to fight my nafs. I completely regret doing those sins, why? Well because I have disobeyed my creator. My Creator is so Generous, He is so Merciful, my Creator gives me all these provisions and all that He asks of me is not to do these small petty sins, and I refuse, I still do them. I do not want your wrath, so FORGIVE ME! Ya Allah, I PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER DO ANY SIN AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE

Ya Allah, forgive me for all the rude and disrespectful things that I've said to people, please Ya Rabb, help me to control my temper and the words that I use

Ya Allah, You have placed me in a Dunya which is predominantly filled with gay people. They want me to be gay like them Ya Allah. Ya Allah I'm straight. I swear by Your name I am. Please don't let these gay people even come close to me

Ya Allah, today is the Day of Arafah. I love you Ya Rabb. You're the best!

Please help me get a wife Ya Rabb. I want to be able to cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population for the sake of You Ya Rabb

Fasting on the Day of Arafah today is great! I just fulfilled Asr. Keep it a bean I'm not really hungry like that like that, not eating the last couple days has really conditioned me.

In Islam if you are fasting and you forget that you're fasting and you accidentally eat food or drink something then your fast is still valid, as long as you forget

I'm thinking like: Who df is going to forget?? You have to be like a beginner or something. I mean it's cool and all if you forget but I mean like... come on. That's not a good look bruh

I wanna say a few jokes and make some rude remarks but I am not because I'm fasting

Fasting is not just abstaining from eating and drinking. You also have to watch what comes out your mouth and how you treat people. You gotta be nice. And if somebody approaches you and tries to bring harm upon you with either with their tongue or hands just say "peace, I'm fasting"

I love fasting, I love my Religion, i love my life

May Allah Help me get a wife with a large backside and long hair. Allah is Able

Please bless my father Ya Rabb. I love him, he's not a bad person, just misguided, guide him Ya Rabb

It's recommended to break your fast first and then eat. What if I'm eating tho and I choke on a piece of bone and die. When I face Allah and He asks me if I did all my prayers what will I say?


Good Morning

I changed my mind, I used to go hard every Monday and Friday, now I'm going to just do it every other day. This is going to be my schedule:

Monday: workout
Tuesday: no workout
Wednesday: workout
Thursday: no workout
Friday: workout
Saturday: no workout
Sunday: no workout

And the whole process repeats

The reason why I always workout and eat right is because this body that I use is not mines, it's a trust given to me from Allah, I have to take care of it and make sure that I use it to please my Lord

It feels so good that I fasted yesterday. All my sins for the past year and upcoming year are forgiven. But that does not mean that I am going to deliberately sin and expect forgiveness from Allah, no! I promised Allah yesterday and I am a man of my word!

I hate losing

It's not permissible to ask Allah to make all the Muslims enter Paradise because He has already stated in the Holy Quran that some of the Muslims will be in Paradise and some will be in hellfire. This will be blasphemy because it is asking Allah SWT to change what He has already made clear

Keep it a bean, I don't like to waste. I'm not a hoarder or anything like that, I just don't like to waste, I like to keep things and maybe use it for next time

Similarly, when I am having sex with a girl and I'm bouta ejaculate I never tell her. Because if I do then she gon want me to like nut on her buttcheeks or stomach and that will just be wasting

So what do I do? I ejaculate inside that hoe and get her pregnant then I flee 🏃‍♂️ the country

The Messenger of Allah SAWS never wasted anything

It's not sinful to throw things away in Islam but it's highly Makrooh(disliked)

Especially in large quantity. Even if it's like rotten food or something, don't throw it all away, just give it to an animal

I'm high as eagle pussy

That shit stank!

I don't even like to waste the bud

I don't wanna go to sleep I'm way too high dawg

You stick out of the crowd, baby, it's a no-brainer

In the middle!

Stupid fukkin song stuck in my head

One of the many differences between me and Prophet Muhammad SAWS is his veracity. If the Holy Prophet SAWS ate corn flakes for breakfast and you ask him what he had for breakfast he will tell you "I had corn flakes." If I ate corn flakes for breakfast and you ask me what I had for breakfast I would look you in the face and say "I had a roasted calf 😐"

Allah Knows best if Corn Flakes were around back in the time of the Holy Prophet SAWS. That was just an example

The people who hate this religion the most become its strongest defender once they enter it


He was going to kill the Prophet SAWS

They say you get paid when you think ahead Valentine's Day girl all you see is pink and red

May Allah bless that man I saw in the street the other day while going to Jummah

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary

May Allah bless Ustadh Wahaj Tarin

She's a freakin cum box!


Good Morning

Bless the entire Door Dash Ya Rabb

*ISLAM-The Worldwide Religion*


I'll be okay, I am a Muslim

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!




I'm going to Jannah today

I'm going to the House of My Lord!!

Insha'llah I will go to the Mosque today

I'm starting to get a bad feeling in my stomach, my sister suppose to come meet me and give me money so I can catch the bus to Jummuah

Her reliability though 😕

Insha'llah everything will work out fine and I will go

I wanna go there early so that the Angels can write down my name upon the first arrivals

Insha'llah my sins for this past week will be forgiven

All the weed I smoked, all the porn I watched smh, May Allah forgive me

Allah is Gaffar

He is At Tawaab



or if I go late

Keep it a bean, I love you and I want you to be happy. But more than that, I want you to be Muslim

Idc how I get there just as long as I GET THERE


She gave me money to go to Jummah and get a haircut

I'm here, I'm at Jummah!!

The longer I stay here the more sins of mines will be forgiven...

The one who stays at Jummah from before Dhuhr until Asr prayer...

I'm ready to receive knowledge!

I'm here at JUMMUAH

All my sins have been forgiven


Insha'llah I won't fart

We finna pray Asr. I LOVE ASR!

Asr is the second best. The first best is Fajr

Those are the best: Fajr and Asr

But my favorite is Maghrib

I'm on the trolley now going home

I feel so Good I went to Jummuah today and got ALL MY SINS FORGIVEN😁

May Allah bless my sister!

I gotta get my haircut tomorrow


May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad

Yeah I feel you bae

Keep it a bean, I think better when I'm sober

I love being sober more than being high

I don't even know why I be doing that shyt

It's the Shaytan

That ngga Ibliss be making me

He's like that one friend that you have that's always making you do bad shit

But you see, the Satan is not a friend of mine

My only friend is Allah

I live to worship my Lord

Yasmin be like "you feel me?"

-Yeah I feel you bae, come here

Any number that is 5x itself is "!-!-!-!-!" Five. For example "5:25" because 5 x 5=25. 8:40, because 8 x 5=40. "7:35" because 7 x 5=35. "3:15", because 3 x 5= 15



Yes it is a good morning because God woke me up!

I'm so grateful, how can I thank Him?


I woke up today and I felt good af cuz yesterday I went to Jummah and came straight home!

I'm done with those sins, I am a new man

No more smoking weed, no more watching porn!

This btch August Taylor is a freaking cum box!

Piety in Islam can only be achieved when one does ALL the obligations and refrains from ALL the sins

So just because you do sins does not render your Islam invalid

Are you a sinful Muslim? YES. But nonetheless you are still Muslim

Plus the Prophet PBUH said "the one who does a sin and repents from it is like the one who never even committed the sin"

Now is that a permission from Allah to just go ahead and do your sins?



Unless you repent

And do not persist

Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most-merciful, He will forgive you. He says so in His book. And His Prophet said so

And he does not lie!

We all lie, but that ngga. He is truthful af, in religious matters, and matters relating to the Dunya

Bruh, if you ask him (pbuh) what he had for breakfast and if he ate corn flakes he will tell you straight up "I had corn flakes"

If you ask me I would tell you "I had a roasted calf 😐"

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS loved to eat honey, he loved it

Me, I'm not able to taste sugar

Corn Flakes were first developed in 1906

So that was a bad example, here's another one:

If you asked the Prophet PBUH what he did over the weekend and if he just prayed and slept he will tell you "i just prayed and slept"

If you ask me "hey Abdul so what did you do over the weekend?" I would reply "I went on a fishing trip in Antarctica and stopped world hunger

The utterance of his mother gave some confidence

The most powerful being is the mother

Where there is greatness there is a mother who made it possible

She could have went and bought shoes that money but instead she went and bought an education that will last her forever and it will make people in the future look up to her

Malik wanted to be a singer, his father was paralyzed

He used to make arrows and sell the arrows

Their careers only last while they are young and good looking

You do not need money to create greatness

It is the capacity of the mother and the capacity of the teacher that builds greatness

His mother instilled within him his passion to attain knowledge, Imam Malik

Financially she was very poor, but she designed the whole curriculum of this young boy more than any scholar could

She took him to Mecca, go learn the Quran

Mercy Ummah had a fat butt

Keep it a bean that jawn wasn't really that fat when we first started dating

As we had sex more and more that jawn gradually progressed