When you have children your aspirations will be that your children are going to be better than you, overall in everything

You pray and hope that your child will do better and be better than you

If that's what you want then Allah will give it to you, he will give you amazing children who will grow to be better than you, Allah WILL and HAVE done that for many people in the world. Except for one.. The Prophet Muhammad SAWS

All of his children died, except one, Fatima

But even if they would have lived none of them would have been better than Prophet Muhammad

Hastiness is from the Shaytan

Never rush to do anything. Except a good deed for the sake of Allah

I really love my sister, her happiness means everything to me

You're all a bunch of fuckers

May Allah bless my sister for getting me that Oreo Mcflurry, shit was popping!

It's very subtle, but I still perceive it though



It is a good morning because God woke me up

How can I thank Him ?

Oh... I already prayed Fajr

The young lady yesterday was so nice. She was telling me about how her daughter went to college out of the country and that's where she met her husband

I asked her "is your daughter happy with her husband" she was like yeah, and I was like "well that's all that should matter then, her happiness. As long as he's not abusing her in any way

Then she was like "oh no, if that was the case then he would be buried in the back yard" cdffuupppp 😂

There's a difference between will and choice. Allah has Free Will, and He uses that to give us Free choice. So His Free Will is that He makes us do whatever He wants and He can make anything happen. He gives us free choice. We make choices of our own. You choose to smoke weed, you choose the woman that you marry. THAT'S OUR CHOICE. You do not have free will tho, if you did then make it rain right now

Lemme just sdfup and not say the wrong thing to this ngga/my father... I don't want to make him angry and earn the wrath of Allah

You have to be very meticulous when dealing with your parents

I just took a dookie


Allah sent Lut AS to a city that was filled with faggots

Lut AS tried to make them change their faggot ways and wanted to spread Islam all over the land, but them nggas was adamant on being faggots

"Idk much about Algebra but ik 1+1=2"

Beyonce sexy and all, and she gotta fat butt

But that is not the smartest lyric, Algebra consists of both letters and numbers. Like for example 2x+1y=

She gon talk about some "1+1=2"

Umm... where the letters at?

The song hot tho

21 Savage fuck a lot of btches

I listen to his music but I WOULD NEVER ACT OUT HIS LYRICS

He be talking about fukkin btches and killing nggas. I WILL NEVER

I gotta marry that btch first. I mean that girl. And she gotta be Muslim and she gotta have a fat butt

And I wouldn't hurt a fly!

Don't fuck my daughter

-Ima fuck ur daughter CUZ SHE'S A WHORE!

I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

Cdfupp "Robert Davilla" this ngga Nouman Ali Khan smart af

- I'm a dirty little slut aren't I

Yeah bae ur a dirty little slut jus keep sucking this dck and everything gon be better okay

- rubs her hair

"I love you so much baby I wanna marry you"

This btch Katrina Jade is a fukkin cum box!



The Prophet SAWS was born on a Monday


Idk how i'ma go to class for the next couple days, my transportation done smhh

Allah will provide

FUCK my sister!!

I don't have no more transportation to go to school, and I have class tomorrow. She don't wanna give me money cuz she think i'ma buy weed with it

That's crazy

It's coo

She's a fat ass fucking dirty bitch

Look what this btch texted me. I asked her to buy me soap and give me money to catch the bus to go to school she gon say...

"I gave you $40 last Friday. You told me you’ve bought tokens that will last you till the end of this week. I’m not coming there today. I have school and work. "

Smhh. She's my sister

When I asked her yesterday she told me "I can't do it today, I got you tomorrow"

Now tomorrow's here and I asked her and she like "no"

Why would you lie 😞


Don't have me thinking that you gon do it and then tell me no df

She's a fuckin hypocrite!

Because when she speaks she lies

FUCK her

I need to do Dhuhr

Fuckin liar

Women were created for two things: to have something natural happen to them, and habits!

I blocked that dumb ass bitch. Cuz I don't want anything to do with a fukkin liar! Someone who don't want to help out their own brother


I love my father. I hate my sister

Lying is second nature to her fat ass

While I was living with her ass and me and her got into an argument she gon tell me "GET YOUR CLOTHES AND GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE, MY NAME IS ON THE LEASE"

df, how can you say that to your own brother??

Listening to Rolling Papers 2

I fucks with this. His flow different on this album. Glad he's not talking about getting high on every song cdfupp

"I treat you special cuz u very special"

420 Freestyle is the hottest on the whole album


Ima download it, i'ma buy it. IMA SHOOT A BOOTLEGGER!

I wonder if he did this entire album sober?

Probably! this shit hot!!

It's not permissible to do any optional prayers after the Asr prayer, it's forbidden

That is except for the prayer of repentance,

I once got high as shit after the Asr prayer and I had sex with this btch. Immediately when I finished I started thinking "I need to go home and pray and repent to Allah Azzawajal"

But then I remembered that I already did Asr prayer, and it's forbidden to do prayers after Asr prayer.

I didn't know that it's permissible to do the prayer of repentance, I could have easily went home and prayed and ask for forgiveness and Allah would've forgave me, because He is the Most Merciful

It's also not permissible to do any prayer after Fajr up until 12 minutes after sunrise, but just to be on the same side just make it 15 minutes

So you can't do any prayers when the sun is coming up and when the sun is going down

Something about the horns of Satan, or summin like that. Allah Knows best

Cuz I don't know!


Good Morning

The Angels don't like the smell of onions

So if your breath stinks and that shyt smell like onions the Angels would distance themselves away from you

The Angels do not like impurity

The jinns love impurities

So if you in the bathroom taking a smash there's a Jinn right there next to you, you can't see it but that mf there

Go in the bathroom with your left foot and say Adkhar

Also you're not considered Muslim if you don't believe in the jinns

Because it was revealed in the Quran

If you disbelieve anything in the Quran then you are not considered Muslim

Likewise if you disbelieve in anything that The Prophet SAWS says then you exit out of Islam

This is because HE WAS TRUTHFUL!

"Hey Messenger of Allah, what did you eat for breakfast"

"I ate cornflakes this morning, and you?"

"I ate a roasted calf 😐"

Corn Flakes were first made in 1906 by Will Keith Kellog

Abu Lahab was the head of the hypocrites. He hated the Messenger of Allah SAWS, and he hated Islam. When he died the Prophet PBUH prayed Janaza on him

I'm only happy when my sorry head is filled with dope

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Allah is God, God is Allah, there are NO DISCREPANCIES

Tomorrow's Wednesday, so what that mean?

I gotta go hard in the morning, and then I'm going to do Fajr. Always save the best for last

The Fajr prayer is easy.. That workout is what's hard

High knees- 40
Squats- 83
Sit-ups- 55
Pushups- 225

Tomorrow Insha'llah I will incremnt

High knees- 50
Squats- 90
Sit ups- 60
Pushups- 235

Insha'llah. I will do it for the sake of Allah, so my Lord can be pleased

This body is not mines, I don't own it. So I have to take good care of it

Similarly this "penis" is not mines. Allah has so graciously given it to me. So what kinda person would I be if I misused it? Go around sticking my thing into every female that I come across. Df. Would that not be misusing it?

Now what if my dick fall off?

Or even worse... what if I'm in the middle of intercourse or getting some head and just when I'm bouta ejaculate Allah causes me to have a heart attack and I die? And you are resurrected the way you die

So I'll have to go face Allah with a boner n shit and Ima have to stand in front of Him with my shyt all hard.

Do you know how fuckin embarrassing that will be?

Allah has given me a LOONGGG MANHOOD!

And He has made it fat!

I can easily misuse it in any way I want. But I choose not to, why? So my Lord can be pleased. Plus I don't wanna die and have to go face Him with a hard on talking about some: "Ya Rabb, forgive me"

May Allah protect me, from that type of shame

This gay ass ngga in the terminal today smhh

That faggot ass ngga had some fukkin short shorts walking all fast n shyt swinging his hips

Smh... fuckin faggot

All the btches that's out here and you nggas still choose to be gay

These are the best songs in the album:

1. Hot Now
2. Ocean
4. Very Special
6. Holyfield
8. Mr. Williams
10. Real Rich
12. Hopeless Romantic
13. Late night messages
14. Rain
16. Fr fr
17. King
19. 420 Freestyle
20. B ok
21. It's on you
22. Reach for the stars
23. All of a sudden
24. Homework

Fajr and Isha prayer are the hardest for the hypocrites. This is because the hours of them are so late, you have to forsake your beds in order to fulfill them.

Fajr is the strongest prayer, Isha is the weakest

I wish this ngga would get off the phone, turn off the tv and GO TO SLEEP I hate inconsiderate people


Good Morning

*in my city I'm the young god, that pussy kill be so vicious*

Df is this ngga talking about? Allah IS THE ONLY GOD!

This is blasphemy

There is no God but Allah and I worship him with no partners

I just took a dookie

I only wipe twice on other days, but on Fridays I wipe THREE TIMES. Friday is the Day of Jummah. I have to be extra clean and I gotta be on my best behavior

Similarly back in the days when they did not have any toilet paper it was permissible to use like a stone for example, but you have to wipe three times, and it is not a condition to use three different stones, you can just use one stone and that's fine, but you have to use three different sides of the stone. You cannot use the same side. That would not be permissible, and it's disgusting af!

That's how they did it in the Prophet PBUH his time, and his time was the best of times. From the beginning of time up until Qiyama/the end of the world, his time is the best

He was the best, his birthplace is the best, even his companions were the best

The companions are: Those who met the Prophet PBUH while he was alive and believed in him, and died as a Muslim

Abu Jahl is not considered a companion, because even though he met the Prophet while he was alive, he did not believe in him, he did not believe in his Prophethood, he belied him and even tried to kill him on many occasions

My favorite companion is Julaybeeb. Insha'llah once I get married I will name one of my sons after him

Who is Julaybeeb?

This gay ass faggot ass ngga gon sit next to me in the bus today

And then when the bus got to the final stop he gon act like he sleeping so that he won't get up

Smhh... fuckin fag!!

Osrs, I'm not gonna harm u or talk bad to you if you a gay ngga and you just starring or sitting next to me or whatever

Because how can I get mad or harm you if you just sitting down not harming nobody?

But... the second that you open your mouth and say something to me or touch me in any way I WILL KILL YOU FUKKIN BTCH!


I'm tired of u gay nggaa


All the girls out here

Choose one btch. And get df out my face

Rs... The Messenger of Allah SAWS was the most forbearing, this ngga would be walking down the street and random nggas would just come on his path and start cussing him out and throwing stones at him for no reason!!

And he would just stand there and take it like 😐

SAWS. This is why he is the best. He knew how to control himself

Btch if you come in my way and say the wrong shyt to me or cast stones in my direction I'LL KILL YOU BTCH!!

What does me and the Messenger of Allah PBUH have in common?

Well were both male, we're both Muslim, we both love Allah. That's about it!

In Islam a Muslim wife is not supposed to talk back or argue with her husband. She's supposed to be obedient and keep her mouth closed!

But y'all nggas love that shit. Y'all love it when a btch argumentative or talks back to you, not me. I hate that shit. If that hoe like to talk a lot I won't entertain her. Ima just let her keep talking and 🚶‍♂️

Similarly it will not be permissible for a wife to fight her husband or physically harm him in any way

But I don't mind. I actually like a girl who likes to fight

We can fight bae. You not gon win tho. Ima beat u df up then take ya punkass to Victoria's secret or some shyt

I always make sure to do my prayer as soon as I hear the Adhan because sometimes I be thinking like "did I fulfill that prayer already?" This ngga Ibliss be coming to me and toying with my head, making me dubious n shyt

So if I get into a pattern of doing prayers early then I never have to worry like "have I done that prayer already?"





May Allah bless my Uncle Duncu. May Allah make him okay and sustain him AAMEN!

I used to love my sister, but I don't no more though. Since she showed her true colors to me two days ago. I now know that she's a fukkin liar and she don't give a fuck about my well being. Plus she not even Muslim. If she was Muslim or if she was even trying a little bit to be Muslim than I would be like "ok she has her bad habits but I need to try with her cuz she's my sister"

But I now know that she's a DAMN HYPOCRITE. She don't care about Islam, she don't care about me her own brother, all she fuckin cares about is herself and her happiness, and I hate people like that and I want nothing to do with them

When I was on the phone with her a couple days ago she gon talk about some "Insha'llah, yeah Insha'llah"


That's like entering a pie eating contest and ur allergic to pies df. Thus that will render it pointless

Similarly, one of the conditions of prayer is Islam. In order to pray YOU NEED TO BE MUSLIM

If you're not Muslim and you pray...

Allah will still hear you because He is As Sami, but He will not respond. Unless you are being oppressed

I only care about people who care about me, or care about God

You don't have to care about me but at least care about Allah df

And if you care about Allah then you have to care about me. Because Allah orders you to love and care about every pious Muslim.

And that is what I am, a pious Muslim. But even if I am not. How would you know??

YOU CAN'T! It's impossible for you to know the level of my piety. So YOU HAVE TO LOVE ME

If you do not then you will be sinning

I was walking home the other day and some random guy saw me and said As Sallamu Alaikum!

I love him. I pray that Allah gives him long life and prosperity

I don't even know him. Idk his parents! But I love him, why? Because he is Muslim. So I love him for the sake of Allah.

One of the categories of people who will get the shade of Allah on Judgement Day are two people who love each other for the sake of Allah

My father might be a sinful person, but at least he be trying. I be seeing him pray occasionally, at least this ngga know the name of "Allah"

But my sister. Smh. The name of Allah is not in her dictionary. Only name she knows is Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Umm.... BEYONCE DON'T KNOW YOU. She don't even know that you're alive. You replace the love that you should have in your heart solely for Allah, and you put a creation there. This is shirk. Associating partners with Allah. It is the biggest sin. Worse than killing a baby.

Ok so you don't believe in God, now you want to play the role of "God" in my life. Telling me what to do n shyt. I'm 23 years old you got me fukked up. You better worry about yourself and what concerns you. Trust me I'll be okay, I actually know the name of Allah and I am Muslim.

Last time I was living with her i walked in her room and she was on her knees praying to Jesus talking about some "Hallelujah"

😞Df, this is Shirk

Praying to anyone other than Allah is Shirk. "Jesus Christ" is a creation, he is a man like me. He has hands and feet like we all do. So he has similiraties to others. Allah has no similarity, He does not have hands or feet or none of that shit. This is easy knowledge, I'm sure she will know all this if she "actually cared" but she doesn't give a fuck.


Good Morning

How you?

I'm chilling bro how you?

Thinking about my sister and how much I hate this dumbass btch

I hate her cuz she only cares about herself

I hate her cuz she's self centered

I hate her cuz she's a pathological liar



She's a fukkin hypocrite. She goes to the Mosque for the Eid festival at the end of Ramadan and she puts on a Hijab n shyt just so she can take pictures and put them on fb and Snapchat

Couple months ago when I was living with my dad and she was living elsewhere she gon call me and ask me to tell her what's going on around the house and my dad. I told her "everything's okay" then she was like "Abdulai you're being short with me I feel like you're not telling me everything" and I told her: "yeah FA you know I'm Muslim and it's Haram to gossip" and you know what this btch said? I lie to u not she said "no that's not what gossiping is, he's my father I just want to know what's going on with him"?

I'm thinking like: "Df is this btch on??"

WHAT IS GOSSIPPING IN ISLAM: "saying something behind your Muslim brother or sister's back in which they would not want to be said in their presence"

Stupid as shit. My father might not be the best Muslim but HE IS STILL MUSLIM!

If I start telling her stuff like what my father is doing and how he's acting around the house will that not be gossiping? Because I know for a fact that he would not want those things to be said about him. Her sinful ass going to Hellfire now she wants to take me with her

This is what happens when you let a female grow by herself with no father figure or righteous male around

I can't wait for Friday so I can go to Jummah and pray against her. Because even though she might be my sister she is not Muslim. And the Shahada connection is stronger than blood. And I have tried with her, one day I asked her "FA you should come to Jummuah with me today" and you know what this btch said? She gon say "I can't come I have really important things to do today"


I'll wait...

And she be trying tell me wtf to do, "Abdulai smoking is not good and you should stop. Abdulai wear this shirt instead of that one"

She even said once that she wanted to wash me and give me a shower

Wallahi she said that!

Umm... how about this? Worry about yourself and become Muslim first then you can maybe start telling me what to do.

Dumb ass btch. She really be trying control me n shyt thinking that she owns me df.


Fuckin Non-Muslim!!

If you're not Muslim then you do not fear God, and if you do not fear God then you are capable of doing anything. These are the worst type of people.