My sister refused to pay my phone bill so my friend gave me money to pay that shyt

Lol he's popping the jawn right now

This ngga a G

Charles Schnur banned me from going to school, so I will not be taking classes this year



I need a fukkin cigarette!

Mike looked out!!

That cop said "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT" 😂

These young btches gon get me in trouble, I'm already on probation

That little btch said that she 16 😣☹️

The cops already on my ass bro

That shyt crazy

Meek my manz, but you can't tell me that this ngga don't look like Martin Luther King Jr

The disease of loneliness

I am talking about the loneliness that exists when you are surrounded by people

You should have a sense of family, and you should have a sense of community

No one gets me, no one can connect with me

Why are we suffering from this?

Because we live in a world where the sense of companionship has been lost

All that we have to do is click on our Facebook feed and we have thousands of friends that we have never met

Because you love them for the sake of Allah

Where is this companionship in our world today?

A sense of feeling understood and a sense of feeling accepted

How many of you sit here and feel alone?

This is a problem because loneliness kills

We live in a time where it has never been so easy to communicate

It's not torture, it's not physical pain it is solitary confinement

We have become a world where we are ashamed to show our vulnerability

I'm not afraid of acting when I'm sober

I like positivity

They kicked me out the homeless shelter because of marijuana possession, so now I'm in Philly where this shyt is LEGAL!

I got 201 n shyt

How did my life end up like this? 😕

I ain't even do nothing

The term drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment that is used to produce, conceal, and consume illicit drugs. It includes but is not limited to items such as bongs, roach clips, miniature spoons, and various types of pipes.

So a weed grinder would be considered as a drug paraphernalia

Weed and Wi-Fi

I don't watch Football

I watch basketball

Can't wait till the season starts

The Clippers gon be a FUKKIN PROBLEM THIS YEAR

I hate that btch Kiyanna

She was all smiling and laughing when they kicked me out the shelter

I hate her so much... I'ma marry her one day

She gotta fat butt

And she got pretty eyes

Her attitude nasty but I can put up with it

That ass tho>>>>> 😁

I'm in South Philly, I don't even know what I'm doing down here smhh

But if I wanna go back to the shelter in North Philly this what I gotta do:

Hop on the 25 bus to Columbus Blvd and Penns Landing

Then when I get there I gotta walk to the jawn...

Penns Landing

Then after that I gotta catch the 33 to Market and 11th

Then I gotta catch the train to North Broad Street Station

I'm sad 🙁

👰 Aww why u sad bae?

Just my life in general

I don't like the way that shyt is going

I'm homeless, and I'm broke

👰 Don't be sad bae... It'll get better

Gosh u really think so?

👰Yup, I do

I'm depressed n shyt

I don't have nobody, all I have is Allah

👰 He's enough

Say less!

I put my full trust in Allah

Also I'm sad cuz u not here

I be horny as shyt, and you don't be here to take care of me


👰 What's more important, your sexual urges or a roof over your head?

😓Is that a trick question?

I miss your lips...

I miss your embrace

I miss your warm touch

👰Awwwww... I miss you too daddy

No you don't! Ik you over there fucking them Angels n shyt

Sucking their dicks n shyt