I had to downgrade my phone, but at least I still have a phone. Alhamdulillah! 😁

I'm finna start getting back on ig and fb. I have the accounts I just don't be getting on there

There are 114 chapters in the Quran

I do not believe that my Muslim brothers or sisters would act like that, I have complete faith in them

If I want something I go and get it, df


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up

How can I thank Him?


I'm finna do ghusl, make Wudu, brush my teeth all for the sake of Allah


You finna get all this dck btch!

This btch Karlee Grey is a fuckin cum box!

She want the dck



Ima give you all this dck and Ima cum inside you cuz idgaf about the consequences

I want you btch!!!!

I hate apathetic people, selfish people, those who don't care about how others feel. I want them all to die and burn in hellfire forever

You know the nggas that be like "fuck your feelings"

-fuck you btch. May Allah deform your face

Allah knows best if she's a Virgin or not, or how many bodies she got

She's always saying like "Take me to the hospital and check me, I'm a virgin!"

Ok well if you're a Virgin then why nggas gotta take you to the hospital and check you. You already said what you is. Prolly trying to hide something

I'm not going to say no names because "slandering chaste women is among the major sins in Islam"

She could be a Virgin and have no bodies! Only Allah knows

They slandered Maryam. The mother of Jesus

Because she came in the town with a new born baby and everybody knew she wasn't married. And how do you get a baby? When a pens enters a vagina and the man ejaculates then the girl gets pregnant and nine months later she conceives

So nggas knew that Maryam was not married. And it wasn't like she was unattractive. She just was hella chaste, her whole life was devoted to the worship of Allah SWT

So when she came in town with baby Jesus everybody looked at her like 👀😕



she didn't say anything, Allah ordered her not to speak

Everybody that was accusing her of not being chaste was WRONG. Buy they knew not. They didn't know that Maryam was actually the most chaste and pure woman to ever live

But they didn't know. They knew not, while Allah knows all

I can't find any good HTML editor Apps. I HATE MY LIFE! FUCK THIS

I don't like not finishing things

If I start something I finish it df!

Similarly when I'm fucking a bitch I won't stop until that hoe cum a couple times. Plus btches be talking, gossiping like crazy. They gon tell the next btch how I perform in bed. And if my shyt not up to par than them btches not gonna want to fuck with me

May Allah protect me from that type of embarrassment


She gon tell all her friends like "You know DuLi? He fucked the shit out of me

And the other girl gon be like "omg you too"

She gon be like: "YAASSS"

Yup that's me, I lays the pipe down

There's your way of doing something and there's the right way, sometimes your way is not the right way. Nggas don't like that tho. They want their way to be the right way. Btch how???

These girls only want you when you're winning

Never get too attached to something

May Allah bless that trolley driver from SEPTA. Please bless him Ya Rabb


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


How Merciful is He

For him to wake me up after knowing that I watched porn and masturbated last night


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


I really don't remember this btch but ima jus say I do. Btches like when you remember shit that they tell you

When I'm sober I can think better, my head is more clear

When I'm high all I wanna do is eat and watch porn and sleep

This ngga Justin Bieber fucked Selena Gomez

Lucky bastard

He was all up in that pussy

Narcotics on me I be mad high

Ngga I be mad high!

Damn her ass was fat

I wasn't looking though

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and even if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

First to tell you muthafukkas trap or die that's me okay

I trap all day and I rap when I feel like it

I'm getting pressed, keep it a bean. I'ma end up getting one of these little btches pregnant.

I'ma get that hoe pregnant and walk out on her

While I'm fuckin another btch hitting that shit from the back all crazy she gon be laying in bed struggling to take care of my son n shyt and she gon make Dua to Allah against me

She gon be like: "please kill this ngga for me God cuz he ain't shit"

And Allah will answer her supplication cuz He just af

While I'm fuckin that other btch and right when I bust a nut I'ma get a heart attack and die

This is Allah!!

Lil B is the best rapper alive

And he freed the slaves

May Allah bless him and grant him long life

Wtf kinda name is "Stormy Daniels"?

Cdfupp I'm thinking about earlier today when I was on the trolley lmaoo

When the trolley got to the final stop and it was time for me to get off I rose up and the girl in front of me had a FAT ASS! I was starring hard like 👀

Cdfupp and I told the Septa trolley driver "thank you have a good day" as I was getting off, he was like "Mhmm Hmm"


Stormy Daniels got some big ass titties though, and she's hella nice. I love her, she's the one for me


This btch Simone Richards is a freaking cum box!


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Allah rose me from my slumber

If Allah can wake you up after you sleep then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

Sleep is like death, is it not?

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

I burped and I threw up in my mouth

Allah has not made me wretched and He has made me dutiful to my parents

Whatever happens I am content with it because I know that it happened by the Will of Allah

I love Stormy Daniels

I swear she had her titty out

This big booty robot btch finna get all this dck!!

I hate when I'm watching porn and the camera gets a close-up to the dude's face. He be ugly as shit. "GTFOH I AIN'T TRYING LOOK AT YOUR UGLY ASS FACE, I'M TRYING TO SEE THAT BTCH GET DICKED AND HER ASS SHAKE

"I ain't looking at your btchass I'm looking at your btch ass!"

Meek said that

Insha'llah I will fast on Ashura


Good Morning!

It is a good morning because God woke me up


I died last night

I can't believe I ate all that

Where does it all go? 🤔

Only God Knows

He is Aleem

Suhoor is the most important meal of the day. Why?

Because the Prophet PBUH used to do it

Whatever he used to do is the best!