I gotta take a dookie but I'm not really pressed like that

And I ain't even high. Cuz normally when I'm high I get constipated

Keep thinking that I don't know, or I'm as ignorant as you think I am

Nggas from the hood is the best actors

The Prophet PBUH received revelation in the year 610

That btch Adrian Maya is a freaking cum box!

The Prophet PBUH prayed for both Umar ibn Al Kathab and Abu Jahal to come through and find the beauty in Islam, only Umar ibn Al Kathab came through. Abu Jahal remained a blasphemer

Nowhere in the Qur'an does it say that it is permissible to bash women

Advice her, if she does not listen to your advice then leave her in bed, if she still does not listen then hit her lightly(not on the face), if she still persists then divorce her




Can't wait to go to Jummuah and have all my sins forgiven

Cdfupp "Long Dck Leonard" and "Kill Box Patrick'

I'm more of a long dck Leonard. But some days I'm Kill Box Patrick. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I just wanna kill the box, and sometimes I just wanna long stroke that btch and make her lose consciousness, it all depends on my mood, it changes

Similarly the whole creation changes. But Allah is not attributed with change


May Allah forgive me

He is Afuuw

I don't even know why I made a fb. That shyt corney af



I'm going to fast on the tenth of Muharram


Because I can only do it by the Will of Allah


Good Morning

YOU'RE NOT SELENA GOMEZ!! FUCKIN IMPOSTER!! ---------------------------------------------


Ima stay home all day today, I did too many sins yesterday. If I'm at home I can't sin

The jawn at Walmart yesterday was bad as shit, and she had a fat ass


I can't wait till the tenth of Muharram

I'm going to fast and Insha'llah all my sins will be forgiven

Allah is Ghaffar

He Forgives constantly and He doesn't even sweat it

Abdullah ibn ‘Abbaas is the most knowledgeable of this ummah about the interpretation of the Qur’an


Michael Jackson was a Muslim. He died on Islam

All of you fuckers who actually believed and accused him of molesting those damn kids is all going to earn the wrath of Allah

That ngga just sounded kinda suspect a lil bit, and the way he acted was kinda funny

But nonetheless, he was Muslim, he was a family man

He was a descent human being. And all of you stripped him of his descency

Why? Cuz he always had that little puppy with him? Because he liked to be around kids?

Shit I like to be around kids too, because kids don't know nothing and they don't be asking all the stupid ass questions you mfs be asking

I rather be asked "what's your favorite cereal?" Then be asked "Why do you follow the Religion of Islam and why do you love Prophet Muhammad so much"?

That's a stupid ass question. "Why are you Muslim?"

-Btch cuz it's the only Religion accepted by God

"Why do you love Prophet Muhammad SAWS so much?"

-Btch cuz he was the most loved by God

Stop asking stupid ass questions

May Allah grant the Prophet PBUH the highest point in Jannah

So the four sacred months in Islam are as follow: Dhū al-Qa'dah (11), Dhu al-Ḥijjah (12) and Muḥarram (1). Those three are all consecutive months. The fourth is Rajab

Rajab is the month in which I was born

The 27th of Rajab

The congregational prayer is 27x more rewardable than the solo prayer

My favorite prayer is Maghrib. But the best prayer is Fajr, and than it's Asr

My favorite day is maybe Saturday, but the best of the days is Friday

My favorite season is Spring. But there are others

My favorite food is Oreos. But there are others

Similarly, everything that is in existence has partners

But Allah He Exists, but He has no partners

You feel me you can't say like "My favorite Lord is Zeus, but the best Lord is so and so..."

That will not be permissible to say. Because Zeus is no Lord, and he does not exist, he is only a myth


May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Some people even worship Jesus

Is Jesus real? Yes, historically he existed, and he is still alive in the second heaven today

But does he deserve worship? Can he create? NO! ONLY ALLAH CAN CREATE

That girl from Walmart yesterday had a FAT ASS

I love her. I want her. I wanna marry her


You can't tell me nothing ik how df I feel. I want this girl

Why df would u follow him??? 😕

Yesterday this ngga Roszay was telling me about how this gay ngga pulled up on him talking about some "sex"

And the gay ngga called him to go somewhere and he followed him because he wanted to rob him

Why would you follow him tho? These gay nggas are capable of doing anything because they don't fear God

Because if you truly feared God than you wouldn't be a faggot

Similarly, if you truly feared God you would not smoke weed. Or watch porn. Or look at girls in a lustful manner

When the World Wide Web was first created the first thing that was sold was a bag of marijuana

And the porn industry blew up, via the creation of the world wide web



It is a good morning because God woke me up


Now I have risen, from my slumber

This ngga gay

All them open seats in the bus, why you gotta sit next to me? Faggot

Women have a strength that men do not have

Women's capacity for sexual desire is greater than men

It's impossible for men to understand the female condition

These faggots are beginning to team up against me. They be like #TeamFaggot

Smhh... fukkin fags

I will fast on the 9th, 10th, and 11th. Imagine the amount of rewards I will get!



It is a good morning because God woke me up

Tomorrow I will fast

I have to remember to make the intention today after Maghrib

I'm no longer sitting at that spot in the bus, because all them gay nggas now know where I sit

Btch I'm sitting at the back


I'm going to fast on the 9th, 10th and 11th of Muharram

Even if you did not break your Wudu, still renew it for every prayer. That's what the Messenger SAWS used to do

The intention to fast the next day has to be made between Maghrib time and Fajr the next day. Waking up early for Suhoor is enough for an intention

The intention is the first step for every act of worship one does

Whether that be prayer, hajj, fast, or anything, the intention has to be present in the heart

What is considered an act of worship in Islam?

Idk, but I'll tell you what, I'M GONNA FIND OUT

The Arabic term used for Acts of worship is Ibaadah. This does not mean worship. It means service. To serve God in the manner in which He has commanded his creatures to serve Him is Ibaadah. The term would include all acts of piety as well as the mandatory acts of worship.

Umm btch why would I need you? Your butt not even fat, and you're not even Muslim. At least if you was Muslim then I could overlook your butt not being fat

But you're not Muslim, and you're butt not fat. You gotta go!

This btch Violet Starr is a freaking cum box!!

Can a boy and a girl have a platonic relationship in Islam?

-umm no because Allah forbids coming close to Zina, and a platonic relationship would be doing just that, COMING CLOSE TO ZINA



It is a good morning because God woke me up


All of the Prophets/Anbiya are like brothers, from the same father, different mothers

Musa AS used to stutter, he had a stammering problem

One day one of the Prophet Muhammad's SAWS grandchildren, Hussein or Hassan, I can't remember which one, Allah knows best

One day while Hussein or Hasan was in a gathering, and a lot of people was there. He began to say something to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

And everybody was starring and listening

But he couldn't get out what he wanted to say, because of his heavy stammering

So he kept stuttering tremendously and he could not quite get out what he wanted to say. The whole time the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is just starring at him and waiting for him to finish with a smile on his face like ☺, he didn't rush him or interrupt him or anything

Everybody else starring at him like 😞

When he finally got out what he wanted to say and he finished

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS then said out loud so everybody could hear "he got that from his uncle Musa"

Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful verse in the Qur’an

Chapter 2 Surahtul Baqara, Verse 255

This ngga gay

This faggot ass ngga tried to talk to me in the elevator at school today smhh

He gon talk about some "so how's your day going"

Fukkin fag!

Lucky I had just finished praying Dhuhr and I was still in a state of Wudu and I was fasting. Or I would've told that ngga "FUCK OFF!" Fukkin gayberg

Fasting is EASY. I'm not even hungry

Keep it a bean I'm hungry as shit

Zam Zam is synonymous with Tawheed

Hasan lived to be 120


Tomorrow is the same thing

I can't mingle with people around my age cuz them mfs don't know how to act



It is a good morning because God woke me up


If Allah can wake you up after a night of sleep then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

That's dumb

You will die. You will be buried. You will have torture or enjoyment in the grave, then you will be raised back up so God can judge you, than you can know where your final abode will be, heaven or hell

If you're Muslim you go to heaven, if you're not Muslim you go to hell

What if the validity of your fast was based upon your Wudu?😂

So every time that you farted or peed your fast will be void cdffuppp

Nobody will be able to fast!!

Shit fasting is like 14-15 hours long, I won't be able to do it for like 30 minutes

I be farting like every 5 minutes. It be silent tho, a silent killer

Those are the worse. From amongst the flatulent gases

A lot of nggas is coming out the closet smhh

Hidden faggots n shyt

Faggots that are dressed in regular clothes living their daily lives

The only One Who knows about their homosexuality is Allah

She bad af, and her ass fat

-WHO?? 👀

I can't say her name cuz she might be Muslim, and I don't wanna gossip. Just because she doesn't wear Hijab does not mean that she's not Muslim

She's doing a major sin yes, but she still might be Muslim

She nice tho, her ass fat, I love her



your mom gotta fat ass, I love her

I luh yo momma bruh

YESS! Shaykh Gilles videos are still saved! I love Shaykh Gilles. He's a plethora of knowledge!

Finna break my fast. I'm not even hungry like that like that. You get used to it after a while

I was going to say "you get used to that shit after a while" but that would not be permissible, that will be blasphemy

Fasting is an act of worship, and mocking or cursing any type of act of worship is blasphemy

Tomorrow's Friday 😆




Violet Starr is a freaking cum box!

"Next move be my best move, she only call me when the rent's due"- DuLi

And I don't want no feature nggas gay gay gay

Nggas gay, I'm ashamed. But I'm still with that fukkin slaughter gang

That slaughter team, we paint the scene red

Young savage, living lavish, I picked yo hoe and then I took her to the cabin

She wanna be with me her ngga is a has-been

You wouldn't even know what to do if you had a bad btch

What you want for that pussy I'll pay pay pay


Good Morning!


I'm fasting today. Today makes it three consecutive days

I'm so proud of myself

I can't wait till Ramadan

Insha'llah I will fast all days

Our Dawah is intrinsically flawed because of this question

We were taught Islam at the point of fear

"If you don't do this Allah will..."

And unfortunately that has carried over with how we associate Islam with the world. That's really the most detrimental thing to a child. To teach him Islam at the end of a stick through punishment.

We forget that Allah introduces Himself in the Qur'an how? "In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate the most Merciful"

"Know for a fact that your Creator loves each and every single one of His creations more than that mother loves her child, unfortunately they themselves keep stepping into the fire"

The Creator since the beginning of time has always shown the right path to people. He sent Moses, Noah, Abraham, peace be upon them all. To show humanity the right path, and the wrong path

"This path if you stay on it will lead to eternal Paradise, forever"

"And this path if you stay on it leads to eternal punishment and hell"

And at the end of the day it is not the Creator who is throwing themselves in the fire, it is their own selves and their actions

They walk into it freely with their own choice

This is how Islam comprehends that idea

If Allah didn't have mercy there will be no creation. Nothing would exist if the Creator wasn't merciful

Because he would punish us immediately when we commit a sin, and not a single one of us will be left on this earth.

It is the fact that we do sin, and some of us return and repent to our Creator, that makes us so special, and that's what He loves the most about us

Yes, God loves everything, but He does not like when we disobey Him

He will punish us if we stay like that and we do not fix it

I hope that answers your question

-May Allah bless Yusha Evans

I have them btches running when the pipe come