I can't wait to go to Jummuah and have all my sins forgiven

That ngga had a fukkin bun on his head, fuckin faggot

Call that ngga Bun B

That ngga favorite song is "Hot cross buns"

Faggot ass ngga after he finish making hot dogs he like to slowly insert it in the hot dog bun n shyt

That ngga secretly wanna be a bunny rabbit n shyt

Hussein resembled the Prophet Muhammad SAWS most, especially in manners

About 25% of the world's prison population is in the U.S.

If we accept that I can cause something or that this can cause something than I am giving it some kind of intrinsic power

And if I am giving it intrinsic power than I am giving it something that is God's alone

I am taking something that is God's alone and I am giving it to a created thing, and in that way it is a kind of shirk

The optical illusion is of sequential linearity

The Theory of Everything Is God

Anything we do in this life is supposed to be only to worship Allah

So if I'm doing work that interferes with that worship than that work is no longer viable for a Muslim

Allah has created this Earth as a Masjid according to Rasullullah SAW

You pray when it's time to pray

That money is not coming from your job or your boss, that money is coming from Allah

If you place something in front of Allah than that thing has become your Lord

Rights are not inalienable, as they say in the U.S. constitution

We stand up for our rights

I don't care if you like me, you don't have to like me, but you will respect who u am and you will respect my religious values

You gotta do what you gotta do

I need to get a haircut! My head wolfing

I'm going to ask Allah, then I'll ask my dad

I don't like women who talk a lot. Some people love that shit, not me

Some nggas find that shyt enticing, stimulating n shyt

When your women argue with you or talk back

Df, not me



Damn I'm thinking about that guy at the Mosque today

May Allah bless him 😕

Please YA RABB


He told me his name was Muhammad

You become so negative. Not only are you negative about yourself, your negativity becomes infectious

Even people around you. Somebody graduate you say it's not like you really going to get a job

You just have to throw in some kind of negative

This is the pessimism of the devil

Because if a person is pessimistic then how can they have hope in Allah

How can they have pessimism and Reliance in Allah?

If they have already accepted defeat then they have no expectation from Allah

the most essential relationship that we have with Allah is us asking him

you're hopeless, and what is the Devil by definition? He is hopeless

He's hopeless and he wants you to become hopeless

These are his attacks from the front

If you accomplish this goal than everything will work out

And what happens when you accomplish that goal? There are like 30 other problems that you did not have before

It's okay to have goals, but realized that those goals are not your actual purpose, they are only a means to a higher end

People who are positive live longer

Being positive is not difficult but it does take effort

Allah is the most forgiving he is the most merciful

You cannot count the number of mercy and blessings from Allah

Gratitude is one of the most positive emotions

The only thing that you should be worried about is what will Allah say to me on the day of judgement

Our concern should not be what will people think of us, Our concern should be what will Allah think of us

The literary concept of people are all creatures of intellect. It includes human beings Angels and Jinn

In California everybody's smiling. "Hey man how are you doing 😀"

It has to do with the marijuana but still

Allah is the only God

I been thinking about this btch from Ig all night, she gotta fat ass

I feel better now that I have ejaculated


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Am I a hypocrite?

Please God I don't want to be a hypocrite

Losing hope in the mercy of Allah is tantamount to Kufr/disbelief

I can't paraphrase when I'm copying down Shaykh Gilles videos. I can paraphrase when I'm taking notes in school or other stuff, but I have to copy down word for word everything that he says, because everything is valuable and gold that he says

I just took a smash

I only wiped my ass twice. Idgaf, today's only Saturday

If this was Friday I would've wiped it thrice

The anger of Allah is on those who knew the truth and left it

These peanuts good as shyt. Fukkin these jawns up

No homo

My profile picture on twitter ugly as shit!

I'm ugly as shit

I don't fuck no btches

My dck still long tho so idc

Btch I can be ugly I gotta long dck and ik how to lay the pipe right

So that compensates for my ugliness



While making Dua you can ask Allah to forgive the sins of all the Muslims yes, but it is not permissible to ask Allah to make all the Muslims go to Paradise. Because He has already clearly stated in his book that some of the Muslims will be in Hellfire and some will be in Paradise

That will be blasphemy because it's asking Allah to change something that he has already said and made clear

His Speech does not change

There will be more women than men in hellfire

The reason for that is because btches don't be knowing how to act

And they're ungrateful to their husbands

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and even if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

I wanna watch some porn but ima wait till after Isha prayer because prayer comes first in my life and I am a humble slave of Allah Azzawajal

Ima put all this dck in you btch that's wtf ima do!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Suck this fucking dick you dirty fukkin slut

Your mouth feels so good

I love you I hate you btch

I wanna marry you

This btch Catalina Taylor is a freaking cum box!

This shit finna nut btch fuk what you heard!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

This ngga Ibis knows my schedule. He only comes and attack me at night time when I be waking up from my sleep with a boner n shyt

He knows that he can't get me during the day, so he goes for the night. This is how he works. He's a smart fucker

He ugly as shit tho. He fuck nooooo btches

Allah is the only true God

I just have to remain a Muslim and not blaspheme until the day I die and I'll be good

Shouldn't be too hard. Just can't throw the book of the Qur’an in the trash

Or any other blasphemy deed


May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet SAWS


I'm so tired of chasing these hoes, can't wait to call someone my own

Right now I'm riding down my side of town I'm high as hell you fly as hell you hold me down ima hold you down too!

It is not permissible to read Qur'an if you are not in a state of Wudu. So I just watched porn, masterbated and ejaculated. So u am now under major ritual impurity, so I will have to take a full body shower and renew my Wudu if I want to read something from the Qur'an

So I was trying to read Surahtul Al-Fil out loud because I've been trying to memorize it for some time now

But due to the fact that I masterbated and ejaculated earlier I will only have to say it in my head. I can't say it out loud cuz I just nutted

If I start something I have to finish it

Similarly, if I start talking to a girl and she bad and gotta fat ass I HAVE TO FUCK HER

Because if I don't then ima be thinking bout that btch all day and have many sleepless nights

This is why Allah said don't even come close to Zina


Good Morning

My dck fat and I fuck a lot of btches

Btch you finna get drilled!

Take ur titty out btch

I wanna see ur fukkin nippes

Lemme suck ur fuckin nippes!




Allah is the Most-Forgiving, the Most-Merciful


Anything that my father tells me I have to hearken and take heed, this is because he wants the best for me and he's older and knows more than me

May Allah bless my father

"Pretty teeth with a nice demeanor"- Kevin Gates

This song hot and all, but keep it a bean idrgaf about her teeth or her demeanor, I wanna know if that ass fat and she got some big breastes, that's all I care about frfr

Or if she Muslim, if that's the case than it's not a requirement for her to have a fat butt or large breastes

Her religious commitment will compensate for her flat butt or small breast

My right hand 💪 strong as shit, and it's not cuz I be doing push-ups

Ngga owe me a brick that was the three years ago

Seen him in the club ngga shot him in the throat


This song is haraam, it promotes violence and illicit behavior, I should not be listening to this

May Allah forgive me

He is Ghafoor

I'm never watching porn and masterbating ever again. Last night was the last straw. This ngga Ibis think that he can get me at night n shyt. Fuck that ngga

She always used to be saying like "TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL AND CHECK ME IMA VIRGIN!"

Umm... Okay why nggas gotta take you to the hospital and check you if you already said you a virgin?

If you already said something and you know it to be true then you ain't gotta prove shit to nobody, as long as you and Allah knows already than that's all that matters

If you try to prove them wrong then that only makes u look more suspect and conspicuous

Similarly, I already told nggas I'M NOT GAY! That's the truth, Allah and I know it and that's all that matters

Leave your btch or your mom in a room with me for five minutes. That btch gon come out the room 6 months pregnant

I've memorized Surahtul Fil

My life is complete

That btch say that she don't understand me

I be flexing my money come in handy

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I can't wait to pray Zhuhr!

The time gap between Fajr and Dhuhr is too long

The time difference between Fajr and Sunrise and Maghrib and Isha is exactly the same, on all days

It's permissible to go to sleep after Fajr and Asr Salah

No text in the Qur’an prohibits it, so the general rule applies: everything is permitted except that which has been expressly forbidden

So for example like during summertime, when the hours be long as shit

It's not permissible to masterbate or watch porn, ever. It is a major sin

"If having a bad btch was a crime I'd be arrested"

"Hoe. Shut. The. Fuck. Up"

It is a major sin to watch porn or masterbate


-u black as shit tho 😐

But when I do watch porn and masterbate then I do it after Isha, or after Fajr, or after Asr

So I can ejaculate and go to sleep and when I wake up I can catch my prayer time

My life revolves around Salah

Three more minutes until Dhuhr. I CAN'T WAIT! 😄

My favorite position is doggy style 🐶

Girl I will kill it from back

Ima hit it from the back all crazy and kill that pussy, I'm deadass 😐

"DEAD-ASS" Kill it from the back 😂

YOU GET IT??? 😂😂

People that are hasty to judge that's a sign of spiritual immaturity

It's a mercy of Allah That He does not expect perfection, He expects improvement

Those who are the best suffer from the most extreme form of arrogance

The rest of them suffer from clinical depression

He didn't ask you to be perfect

He attacks you from the front blinding your view

Motherhood is not a part time job

We should protect the sisters

We don't take advantage of our women

Allah will always be the greatest ever living, the first and last

One of the primary causes of depression is disobedience towards Allaah.

I can't wait till Isha prayer so I can pray it and go straight to sleep

This ngga Iblees think that he gon get me tonight foh!

I'm a slave of Allah Azzawajal

I'm impervious to your puny attacks

Trying get me to disobey my Lord you got me fucked up

I'm not even horny fr

I'm really not sexually stimulated frfr

Four times that the Shaytan is closest to you

1. When you're really hungry

2. When you're really angry

3. When you're really happy

4. When you're horny

Because when you horny you just wanna fuck and get ur nut out

So the Shaytaan uses this against you. He toys with you

He knows how you feel

This ngga Iblees

He ugly as shit tho keep it a bean

As soon as I pray Isha I'm going straight to sleep

This ngga Iblees think that he can get me tonight


Just prayed Isha. Good night




That btch got some sexy ass kneecaps


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Rumors are carried by haters

It is only carried by the foolish

And it is accepted by the ones who are stupid. So let us not be a part of it

It's important before we speak we think

"Letts havee seexxx"

"But not without the foreplay" 🎶

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

Sex is not an illicit behaviour. But openly discussing the topic and urging one to do it, whilst they're not married, is illicit

The Prophet PBUH forbade rushing into intercourse, he highly encouraged foreplay

And that the man and woman should dress up and clean themselves well so that they can look attractive to their spouse

Yes, Islam even teaches one the proper way of having sex

Yes, you are right: Islam teaches us all things and has brought all good teaching to mankind concerning their livelihood, religion, living and dying, because it is the religion of Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted.

Having the sincere intention of doing this thing only for the sake of Allaah. One should intend to do this to protect oneself and one's wife from doing haraam things, to increase the numbers of the Muslim ummah so as to raise its status, for there is honour and pride in large numbers. It should be known that one will be rewarded for this action, even if he finds immediate pleasure and enjoyment in it.

-so even if you nutt quick, like me, you still will get rewarded, you just have to have the correct intention


-based on your intention, yes

Intercourse should be preceded by kind words, playfulness and kisses. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to play with his wives and kiss them.

-that hoe can dress up as a school girl and ima be saying: YOU'RE A WHOREEEE!!

It is permissible for the husband to have intercourse with his wife in her vagina in whatever manner he wishes, from behind or from the front, on the condition that it is in her vagina, which is the place from which a child is born

-Damn, so I can't fuck that btch on her kneecaps

The Jews used to say that if a man had intercourse with his wife in her vagina from behind, the child would have a squint. Then this aayah was revealed: Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), when or how you will” [al-Baqarah 2:223]. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “From the front or from the back, so long as it is in the vagina.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 8/154; Muslim, 4/156).

-Ima hit it from the back. Then ima eat it from the back like 👅. Or vice versa. Order doesn't really matter. As long as I'm hitting it and eating it

It is not permissible for the husband under any circumstances whatsoever to have intercourse with his wife in her back passage. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), when or how you will” [al-Baqarah 2:223]. It is known that the place of tilth is the vagina, which is the place from which one hopes for a child. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “He is cursed who has intercourse with women in their back passages.” (Narrated by Ibn ‘Udayy, 1/211; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Adaab al-Zafaaf, p. 105).

-I can't fuck that btch in the ass, that would be sodomy, and homosexuality. Which are major major sins

-But can I put my finger in her butt tho? 🤔

Al-Baghawi said in Sharh al-Sunnah (2/9): “Ghusl for janaabah [impurity following sexual discharge] is waajib in either of two cases: when the tip of the penis enters the vagina, or when gushing water is emitted by either the man or the woman.”

-so you ain't gotta nut to take a shower. It just has to be inserted. GOTCHA

is permissible for the husband and wife to do ghusl together in one place, even if he sees her and she sees him, because of the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) who said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and I used to do ghusl together from one vessel between me and him; we would take turns dipping our hands in the vessel and he would take more than me until I would say, ‘Leave some for me, leave some for me.’” She said, and they were both junub (in a state of janaabah). Narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim.

-but what if I fuck her in the shower and bust a couple nuts?

-just don't fuck her in the shower. Or if you do just do ghusl again. Do ghusl, make Wudu and then fuck her

-it has to be in that same chronological order, it would not be valid if you fuck her, prayed, do ghusl, and then fuck her again. That will not be viable

-or just don't fuck her in the shower!

-I gotta fuck her in the shower. I gotta put my tongue 👅in her throat and my finger in her butt


It is forbidden to have intercourse with a woman when she is menstruating (having her period),

-😫. That's disgusting af

This is why ima have more then one wife. So if one of them is having her period I can go to the next one house and beat her shit

Ima be like "bae I'm going to the store to buy some milk and orange juice, you want something? "

Knowing damn well I ain't gon buy no orange juice. I'm going to the other wife house to get some ass. Then ima come back 2-3 hours later talking bout some: "damn the line was long

But it is permissible for the husband to enjoy his menstruating wife without having intercourse, because of the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) who said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would tell one of us, when she was menstruating, to wear a waist-wrapper, then her husband would lie with her.” (Agreed upon).

So even if she's on her period she can still give me head. Or jerk me off. Or we can spoon. So long as there's a barrier. Cuz I wouldn't want blood to get on my shyt. Allah Knows best

The Jews they would run away from their women in the time of her period. Shit I don't blame em, I'd run 🏃 away too




Attributing Power to anyone other than Allah is blasphemy

That's not what I meant by "the power of Christ compels you"

I was only joking

-still, joking is not an excuse for saying blasphemy. May Allah forgive me

He is Ghaffar

This btch Cherokee gotta fat ass

She's a freaking cum box!


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

With regard to anyone who believes in Allah and His Messenger and remains steadfast in obeying them, but denies some of that which the Messenger brought, out of ignorance or lack of knowledge that the Messenger brought it – even though that constitutes disbelief and the one who does it is a disbeliever – the fact that he was ignorant of what the Messenger brought makes it disallowed to deem that particular person a disbeliever, regardless of whether the matter has to do with a fundamental or minor issue, because disbelief means rejecting what the Messenger brought, or rejecting some of it, knowingly

-but them nggas was telling me that ignorance is not an excuse in Islam

The excuse of ignorance is something that is valid and established with regard to all issues of religion, whether they are issues of belief, tawheed and shirk, or issues of fiqhi rulings.

And Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “And there is no sin on you if you make a mistake therein, except in regard to what your hearts deliberately intend. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Ahzaab 33:5].

And the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah has forgiven my ummah their mistakes and forgetfulness, and what they are forced to do.” Classed as hasan by al-Albaani.

These texts indicate that whoever does something that is contrary to what he is obliged to do, because he forgot or out of ignorance, is to be pardoned. The one who is mistaken also includes the one who is ignorant, because the one who is mistaken is anyone who does something contrary to the truth without intending to.



It is a good morning because God woke me up


Water has a really good memory

The frontal lobe is responsible for reasoning, decision making and solving problems

The frontal lobe of teenagers is not fully developed

Teenagers have hormonal issues

This girl on the bus cute as shit

I love her

I wanna marry her


When I want something I go and get it

I put my finger in her butt and sniff it 👃


People blink about 15-20 times per minute

Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed

She said I need a job btch fuck a job

I want a foreign little btch

She put it all in her mouth

I want it so ima go get it

The number one thing that I hate is when people try to play me for a fool or try to scare me

I can't wait to pray Asr and vent to my Lord, something has been bothering me

This btch Rihanna on some other shyt. Talking about some: "you was just a ngga on a hit list"


Df, I don't like when girls act like boys. Boys, we are allowed to be whores and fuck btches and talk about it proudly

But when girls do that shit 😕. It's weirrdd

I once saw this girl smoking weed, she couldn't be more than 11 or 12

I walked up to her I was like, "you know that's not cute right"

She gon say some: "I ain't trying be cute I'm trying get high!"


What a dumb dckhead

So what happened next:

I sat down with her and we smoked together. I was high as shit

It's not permissible to do any nafl prayers when the sun is coming up or when it is going down

So after Asr and after Fajr

Why after Asr? Allah Hu Ahnam

I used to be getting high and getting head or having intercourse around like 4:30pm n shyt. Then afterwards I realized "oh shit I just did a major sin, I need to go home and pray and ask my Lord for forgiveness. Then I realize I can't, because I already prayed Asr, and there are no nafl prayers after it 🙁

But then... It was this year, a few months ago that I learned that the prayer of repentance can be done at any time

I come to my senses after I ejaculate

"Temporary forever, levitate with a ngga"

Keep it a bean this ngga Wale ugly as shit

How df do you pronounce his last name? 😕

Wale fuk btches tho

It's not a condition to have good looks in order to get a lot of twat

You just gotta have money. That's what btches like, they like money

Yeah "btches", that's what they like

But on the other hand, pious Muslim females. They could care less about monetary values

They don't care about clothes, jewelry, shoes, none of that shyt

Why? Cuz they actually got some damn sense and they realize that their final destination is the hereafter, so that's what they prepare for

This ngga Ace Hood talking bout some: "my pockets sitting too high, call that Wiz Khalifa "

He ugly as shit. He look like a fetus

An unborn child n shyt

This world is nothing but an elderly woman wearing jewelry

Allah is the only God

Just did my prayers, I fell asleep and missed Maghrib and Isha

But it's cool tho I just made them up when I woke up

Finna go to sleep now

This ngga Ibliss not getting me tonight. Nu uh! GOOD NIGHT


You finna get all this dck btch that's what you finna get!

Take off ur shirt I wanna suck ur nippes btch!

Take off ur pants lemme fuck ur kneecaps!!



I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Actually I didn't miss Isha prayer, the prayer was like at 8pm, and I woke up around 10, and performed it at 10:30pm

‘Isha prayer must be performed before midnight, and it is not permissible to delay it until midnight, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The time of ‘Isha’ is until midnight” (narrated by Muslim, al-Masaajid wa Mawaadi’ al-Salaah, 964).

It's a valid excuse to miss prayer if one forgets or sleeps

Sometimes when I be falling asleep after I finish smoking weed or watching porn, I wake back up knowing that I have to make up my prayers, but I be too lazy, so I be thinking like "I don't even remember. I was sleeping, I forgot"


But I know I remember, and Allah definitely knows!

Who df am I fooling? Certainly not GOD

He is Omniscient

Victory is for Allah and His Messenger SAWS

Our leadership is based upon our submission to Allah

I hate when you put on deodorant and wear your shirt and then later on in the day when you take ur shirt off there's a big ass deodorant mark all over ur shirt

They need to make deodorant THAT DON'T LEAVE MARKS

The highest level of Iman is Ihsan

Allah is the Eternally Besought (As Samaad)

The best verses and Surahs in the Qur'an are the ones that glorify and praise Allah SWT

U finna get fukked btch

This dck is all u finna get

I don't fukkin care about you!


Turn around lemme see ur butt cheeks

I wanna see ur nippes btch


I feel better now that I have ejaculated


Good Morning!

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Now I have risen

If Allah has the power to make you rise after your slumber then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

You will live, you will die, you will be buried, your body will decay, then Allah will raise you back up

When the punishment of Allah comes only those with knowledge will realize what it is

All the Prophets and the battlefield martyrs their bodies will not decay in the grave

Yours will, because you're a sinful piece of shit

Mines will too

African parents are the kings and queens of hyperbolizing situations *only two days go by*


*gets a stomach ache*



I was once fuckin this btch She had a fat ass


I can't say her name cuz that hoe might be Muslim

I mean ... "she" might be Muslim

She had a fat ass tho


Btch I told you I can't say!!

-I just wanna know



*and we was doing good if u ask me*

Till you start asking bout Tiffany and Ashley

*hit it from the back you was calling me daddy*

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

This ngga a fag. Why you gotta sit next to me? There's a btch sitting right there with an open seat. Smh.... fukkin fag!!

This faggot ass ngga got some pink earphones

He prolly listening to Mariah Carey n shyt

Don't try to scare me!

And don't try to play me for a damn fool!!


Allah's Mercy is beckoned by the fact that you remember Him

Can I hit it from the back and make that ass bounce?

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass


May Allah protect me from the fitnah of the grave

*The true believer would always want to be in a state of Wudu *

I be farting like twice every five minutes, and I be too lazy to go in the bathroom and renew my Wudu

My faets be silent tho

But they the worse. The silent assassins

They are the worse, from amongst the flatulent gases

Deadass, I would kill it from the back




You may recite the Qur’an without having Wudu

It was like 9 in the morning

I was walking somewhere, I passed by the playground

I saw this little girl on the park bench smoking weed and getting high. She was real young, like 10 or 11

I walked up to her like "you know that's not cute, shouldn't u be in school?"

She replied like "ain't nobody trying be cute nigga I'm trying get high!"

I was baffled! It broke my heart seeing her doing that, I was like 😮

Then I walked away ..

SIKE! I sat down right with her, I was like "scoot over"

We smoked up, I was high as shit

She had some blue dream

That's the name of a famous strand of marijuana

It's very renowned

Btches be having some ugly ass kneecaps. Jawns be all fat and black eeww!

How I'm pose to fuck ur kneecaps when them jawns look like a mole?

Kufr really means to reject

Shaytan is a disbeliever in the term of rejection

He had some elements of belief

He understands Who Allah is

But he had a destructive form of disbelief which overcomes the other

His Kufr was that he rejected Allah and had a sense of pride

If you pray five times a day but deny that it is an obligation than you are a disbeliever by consensus

Because it is a form of rejection and denying the obligation

Allah answers the Dua of every Muslim and every Kafr, who calls on him properly

This is a Lord Who does not break His Promise, this is a Lord Who is just

I don't even like bananas frfr

I like mangis, apples, strawberries and the like

Anything that's juicy, and round and fat

Similarly, your mom, she got something that's round and fat, and it's highly edible

I gotta brush my teeth every time I eat your mom pussy cuz that shyt stink

And the Angels won't come near you if your breath smell like onions

Or garlic

I don't know, Allah knows best

I used to watch Supernatural, the show, I loved it

I was watching it from Season One

But then when it got to like Season 8, they introduced an Angel, and they labeled somebody to be a Prophet

And these nggas even bought "God" in the picture

His name was "Chuck"

God was a character in the show and his name was "Chuck" df 😕


I stopped watching that show immediately!

Because if I continued to watch it then it will be like I accept their Kufr. And if you condone and accept blasphemy then that's blasphemy itself

If them nggas wanna go to hellfire then that's fine and dandy but you ain't taking me with you, FUK THAT!!

btch I wanna go to Paradise

Gardens with rivers flowing underneath

Your ass fat baby I love you so much





I feel better now that I have ejaculated



Good Morning

Three times that kid passed by me and told me Salam Wallaikum


I will pray for him forever

May Allah bless him and may He make him prosper and give him long life

May Allah make all of his dreams and wishes come true

May He protect him and give him long life


WOW! Three times!!

May Allah give him happiness in this Dunya and may He protect him from all evil

May Allah sustain him

May Allah bless his entire family

May Allah preserve him, and may He never be led astray


Cdffuppp 😅😂

"You are from amongst those who have been given respite"

This is his respite

But he will die, and go to hell

He knows that, he just don't wanna be alone

He doesn't want to be a lonely boy

He wants to take me with him



That btch August Taylor is a freaking cum box!

She got DSL

The Angels are incapable of disobeying Allah SWT

The root diseases of mankind are pride, envy, and desire

The Angel of Death his name is Azraeel. He takes souls individually

Israfil is the Angel who takes souls collectively.

He already has his lips puckered on the Trumpet



The girl from this morning on the bus

She sat next to me and she thought that I was gon try to talk to her cuz she was cute


She was thinking like: oh no this ngga gay!


You funny as shit!

Talk to you and risk going to hellfire?

I'm chilling. I don't want no parts

It's a decision that I have to make... You.. or God?



Btch you don't see the Shaytan sitting right next to us?

Whenever two people of the opposite sex are alone the Shaytaan is always the third company

She funny as shit

Btch you want me to talk to you, get ur number, call you up on the phone late at night like "wassup baby what you doing?"

You want me to fuck you, get you pregnant, I leave the country 🚄

And then You make Dua to Allah to kill me?

You funny as shit! Like I'm dumb enough to risk that

You got me fucked up. You better become Muslim and start wearing your Hijab and leave me df alone

Dumbass, that hoe used to nggas talking to her and fucking on the first day

So when she saw me and I didn't try to talk to her she immediately jumped to conclusion like "THIS NGGA GAY" 😂

no btch I'm not gay, I'm just hella pious, and u hella pretty, I don't wanna fuck you

Df 😕

Dumbass, next time think before you jump to conclusions

Fukkin hoe

Why would I wanna talk to you and ur not even fukkin Muslim??

Btch look at the way you're dressed


You're a Non-Muslim

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS said that a woman may be married for four reasons: beauty, deen, status, wealth

He said go for the one with Deen, i.e.

Do you think I'm dumb enough to not take his advice??



You going to hellfire now you wanna take me with you, why? Because you don't wanna be alone at night?

😂 dumb ass

Get df out my face you stank ass hoe!

Thinking I'm gay n shyt, that nut ass hoe trying spoil my name

She's prolly the reason why them faggots at school be trying to approach me

Stank pussy ass hoe

Btch Allah has a girl special in mind for me to be with and IT AIN'T YO ASS!


Good Morning

Not in the mood for joking around today

That dumbaas slutty ass hoe btch from yesterday morning fucked up my whole mood

Fuck her, may Allah curse her

Fuckin slut

Can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and ask Allah to curse her, ask Allah to never make her happy in life

Fuck her, fuck her life, fuck EVERYTHING ABOUT HER

I hate that btch!! And I hate all those who are like her

It's called "VERIFICATION"

verify shit before you start making stupid ass fuckin accusations

You dumb ass stank pussy ass hoe!

I'm over here trying to earn Jannah Tul Firdos, and that hoe thinking I'm gay because I don't wanna talk to her

You damn right I don't wanna talk to you, this is because you.are.a.hoe!

Your vagina is straight out the pits of hellfire btch

If I put my dck in you once that shit gon burn!! 🔥