MS. Julie- short white old lady
MS. Ruth- saw her at the folcroft library
MS. Tony
Keith- really cool taxi driver
Connie at #4
2158 9:05-
4163 11:15-12:10
P. 195
Dr. Shanwar— patience
Mario- cab driver
Randal King- old English professor

Live and you learn, give and you earn.

I had 6 tokens exactly. I asked Allah (Swt) to allow me and Alhaji to go to the Masjid Friday. Alhaji said he was sick so I went myself. I had exactly enough tokens to go on Friday and Sunday.

I'm sitting at the bench and blowing n shit, I look at my phone that hoe says 5:13pm

Ik I'm doing it, but why are you doing the same thing and trying to chastise me about it? You're a hypocrite bruh.

I'm at the intersection jawn, I look at the time that hoe said 5:25pm

The whole plot is a convuleted story made to look simple and unprotentious

I come to the folcroft library to use the computer, the volume was already set to 35.

If you don't forgive and forget then you haven't really forgave.

I'm at folcroft library bouta charge my phone, I look at my phone that hoe says 2:25.

Anything can be altered and made better except for Allah's (Swt) declarations.

I was sitting at the bench at folcroft library bouta go to Conway to blow, I look at my phone that hoe said exactly 5:00pm

❌You can never be a true Muslim unless you truly understand Allah (Swt). Prophet Muhammad truly understood Allah (Swt), that's why he will forever be the best Muslim.

❌I was laying on my bed it said 5:50pm, I turned it on and looked again it said 5:53. And now as I'm finishing writing this it's 5:55

Monogamy is not real but it can be

❌I despise you because I prayed for something to Allah (Swt) and you stood in the way of it coming true.

Allah (Swt) exists and he's real.

The only true religion is Islam.

I don't want to be alone.

There's a blessing behind every curse, and a curse behind every blessing.

It is better to pray in unison then by yourself.

I'm at the Masjid on Sunday, I thought I felt my phone vibrating. I look at it, that hoe says 2:25

My alarm goes off at 7:35pm on my phone and Apa and auntie walk in the house.

I just finished rolling up in my room, I look in my bed that hoe says 8:36am

No, love is not transferable.

My phone was exactly on 33% .

I just blew at Conway. I'm at the intersection jawn it's exactly 8:33pm

That ngga slapped me and was like YES!

Love is not transferable, at first.

I be thinking of all this shyt that be going on, I just don't ever write it down. I be too lazy n shit, and Idk how to put it into words.

There's a lot I don't know.

I don't know more then I know

Time escapes nobody
When I pulled out my phone to write this quote that hoe said exactly 11:55am

I got to the folcroft library and sat down on the computer at 12:25pm

I picked up the phone from the chearging jawn at folcroft library at exactly 2:37pm

I'm at the hut at Conway finna get up that hoe says 4:15pm

Blame Allah (Swt) only for the goods.

❌I'm at the hut blowing at Conway finna go to the library I look at that hoe it says 11:36am

Prepare for the worst, always.

❌ successful submission is giving up and carrying out all of his demands, even if they may seem the most heinous.

I'm at the library, I'm writing this at 12:05pm

❌ Don't blame God (Swt), blame Shaytan.

❌ It can be so easy to blame God (Swt).

I smell like a pound of grass cuz I blew a pound

I'm getting ready to go to therapy. I'm in my room changing I look at that hoe it says 2:33pm

I stopped the treadmill at therapy at exactly 10:35

I'm the one that got tired, not Allah (Swt).

I looked at the time exactly at 9am. When the library opened exactly.

Make me ended as soon as I got to the library.

I'm at folcroft library, I'm charging my phone. I come to get it that hoe says 4:35pm.

I'm at folcroft library, I look at that hoe it says 5:05pm.

I'm at the hut at Conway, I just finished blowing. I look at that hoe it says exactly 5:35pm

Everything with Islam makes sense.

Muslims be out of breath while talking

The anticipation kills me

Allah (Swt) values his privacy.

Allah (Swt) is not taking long or being unfair, I am.

I just had sex with this girl, I totally inserted my penis into her vagina.

Picked up my phone from charging at the folcroft library, that hoe said 2:33

I'm at Ronnie crib blowing n shyt I look at that hoe it says 4:01pm

❌Nobody is invincible to Allah (Swt)

I came to my crib after blowing at Ronnie's that hoe said 4:36pn

❌ I was gonna say I didn't do push ups but I prayed, but Allah (Swt) blessed me to be able to do both

Fuck what you heard. It's what you hearing

Likening Allah (Swt) to the creation is blasphemy.

God (Swt) doesn't like ugly.
- ugly does not exist to him.

I stopped reading at Conway for a few hours that hoe said 4:10pm

I walked downstairs as soon as the fam came in the door.

I wanted to pray and ask Allah (Swt) to go easier on me. Instead I prayed and thanked him for all he does.

Just because something is scary does not mean it should be feared.

8-29-16 ( I been sober for a day)
Allah (Swt) please let me smoke today, I'm begging you, please.

Allah (Swt) came through, he always comes through. I'm weak "sighs"

❌only Allah has true freedom.

I aint hard to find

Bro lemme get a piece of chicken

❌Allah (Swt) is bemused by none.

Gosh Allah (Swt) is great.

❌Gosh Allah(Swt) is great.

❌Allah (Swt) is inconceivable

I walked from blowing at Conway to the southeast center. I looked at that hoe it said 8:33
❌Now as I'm finishing writing this that hoe said 8:36

I'm chilling at the southeast center finna do promo I look at that hoe it says 9:34

❌Allah (Swt) sees all, but none sees him.

I'm still at the southeast center on the computer now finna listen to Pandora, that hoe said 10:33 ❌- now it's 10:35

I was doing promo I fukked up at 635 on twitter

Alusine was on the computer at sm Sharon Hill, I was in the bathroom rolling up. I got out and logged in for him again it said "this session will last 35 minutes".

❌This shyt crazy. I just came home from blowing at Conway that hoe said 8:55pm

Y'all don't even know about the ice caps

I'm exactly at the intersection jawn that hoe said 7:00am exactly.

Things always happen that you're unaware of, but just because you are unaware does not mean that it cannot and won't happen.

'"what is" is not always what matters.

I got in the bus exactly at 7:25am
Well that's when I sat down and looked at that hoe.

"your eyes look different"

I met Roszay at Darby and blew with him.

Blowing Reggie is like, "shit, I might as well be sober"

❌Shaytan is Allah's (Swt) fury on mankind for being as flawed as it is.

Obey me, but obey Allah (Swt) first.

I just reached the Chinese store in darby near Walgreen's that hoe said 1:35p

Bus comes at 6:19am

I looked at that hoe when I'm sitting at the bus stop, that hoe said exactly 6:19am

I fuk hoes in dirty clothes

❌Allah (Swt) only tells me to do the good deeds, so that is only I will blame him for.

Chill can be in vibe but vibe can't be in chill

The time and song ended at 7:33am

❌I've lied to Allah (Swt) 😲😱

❌I did all this shyt, said I was at the Masjid when I was really blowing with Roszay.

❌Got exactly to the crib at 535


❌Auntie called me at exactly 12:35pm when I wanted to dip from blowing at Ronnie crib to go to the folcroft library.

I'm not the only one and i'm not alone.

Allah (Swt) focuses a lot on making this Dunya pleasurable for the good hearted nonbelievers. But in no way does he value the nonbelievers more than the believers. That is why there is the hereafter. May Allah's (Swt) mercy be upon us.

He will be incredibly good in the game of checkers

Chess is Haram because it encourages gambling and is a waste of time.

There is no luck in Islam

A person doesn't need a lot of knowledge to embrace Islam.

A person with a sound mind will believer in the existence of Prophet Muhammad, because thousands of people witnessed him and his attributes.

The Prophets are the best of the creations.

No Prophet ever lied.

God (Swt) created the world to show his power.

Men is not created in the image of God (Swt)

The sound mind accepts God's existence.

God (Swt) has many attributes that we can't count.

We are accountable because we are free to make a choice.

The first creation was the original water.
This water existed before light and darkness.

We don't know God's reality.

We don't know God's reality but we know his attributes and character.

Apostacy is when a Muslim committs blasphemy.

It's better for a person to be a sinful Muslim then a non-Muslim who sins.

A martyr in a battlefield is one of the best ways to die.

Paying Zakat
Making pilgrimage

Collab can be in synnergize but synnergize cannot be in collab.

Sitting at the hut in Conway bouta blow that hoe said 5:25pm

Entered the crib at exactly 535pm

❌I do not believe in luck, I believe in Allah (Swt) only, and he is God of all.

❌Just like you have never met
Leonardo DaVinci, you know only of what his followers told of him and the stuff he left behind confirming that he indeed existed, the same applies for Prophet Muhammad.

Mr. Crepsley left Seba at exactly page 135.

If you are a Muslim who believes in luck than you never will be lucky... Never!


I'm bouta blow at the bench on Conway, I look at that hoe it says 6:55am

Bus comes 7:18-7:22am
I moved to the hut cuz ima need somewhere to put the jawn on
As I'm finishing writing this I looked at that hoe it said 7:07am

The number 8 bemuses me

I asked her if she wanted to sit she was like "no thank you I'm good."

Got in the bus and looked at that hoe at 7:29am

❌Allah (Swt) does not need to change for us, he never changes. We are the ones that have to charge for him.

Kehlani the letter ended as soon as the bus got to DCCC

I balled up the piece of paper with a Surah on it this ngga Judah was like "no, no, that's Quran bro".

Picked the phone up from charging at DCCC exactly at 1:55pm

Exactly 25 songs on 8 tracks

❌ Allah (Swt) works in mysterious ways brother.

Allah (Swt), I don't blame you for it hairline but I blame you for causing it to happen, thank you.

Bus comes at 6:28am

Got up from the hut exactly at 6:...

I'm confused af, some crazy shit happened tho. I'm high😃

We have to act as if they're like a child

❌ Allah (Swt) is the only audience you need.

Michelle Branch breathe ended when the bus got to the school.

Exactly 35% battery left on my phone when I checked it at the financial aid place at DCCC

I stay in the crib and get lit

Sup bae.
You're my girl

90210 ended as soon as I got to therapy in the cab

❌I remember once I went to put the timer on that hoe it said the exact minute left on that

You think the government is trying to conspire against you

❌ Allah (Swt) is inconceivable.

We should all try to emulate Prophet Muhammad.

❌ Us Muslims don't believe in luck
Instead we say "Allah (Swt) is God of all and he decrees all".

Bus comes at 718am
I leave from the hut at 707

Reached the intersection jawn at 711

Got to the bus stop at 714

Both them nggas gay bruh, don't ask me how I know I just do.

Got on the bus looked at that hoe it said 725

Ima dog too ended as soon as the bus reached

Us humans need too much.

Us Muslims don't believe in luck
Instead we say "Allah (Swt) is God of all and he decrees all".

❌The best way to be a Muslim is to make Allah (Swt) your only audience.

One for all.

❌You are contradicting yourself rather than Allah (Swt). Because how do you explain your entire existence.

Took a shower finna pray I look at that hoe it says 737pm

Rationality is based off the sound mind, the sound mind is based off life, life is based off God (Swt). God is based off everything and nothing.

Bus comes at 722am

I looked at that hoe at 555,600,605

613 I'm still sitting at the hut jawn!!!!!.😲.i get up and start dicking it 🏃

Get to the bus stop at 617

Got in the bus exactly at 630

I asked that btch for some lotion she gave me the stank look and was like "no, I don't have any".

Drake brand new ended as soon as the bus reached the school

- are you trying to like get with me? I mean that's cool, I would totally be interested but I have like... A girlfriend. Which would make things very awkward

Muhammad is a prophet to all the people.

The correct belief is to believe the angels, the books, and the prophets before him.

The prophets informed their followers that their will be a prophet at the end time known as Muhammad, and he should be followed.

The Jews recognize the Prophet as if they recognized their own children.

Doctors and scientist often tend to rebuke the Quran.

It is not suitable to take knowledge from these people, for they do not believe in the existence of God (Swt).

Apes are not the image of men, they are the image of Prophet Adam. Apes existed before the Prophet.

Just because we do not see it does not mean it's not real.

At the Masjid caught that hoe exactly at 6:35pm

Left the Masjid at exactly 642pm

I was waiting for the bus I knew it was gon be exactly 645, I looked at that hoe it was exact.

I'm on the 102 trolley I got my headphones in I hear this lady asking what time is it, I tell her it's 725pm

This ngga Ronnie gon lie and say he got bud n shit and he trying match up, that ngga come to the hut I find out he bullshitting smhh

I remember this ngga Alhaji once called me and when we was done he was like "love you bro"😣

I pray to Allah (Swt) that I may be forgiven of all my sins and he will bless me in this Dunya and the hereafter. Also I pray that Allah (Swt) will raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation. Please Allah (Swt)

Bus comes at 942am, I'm going to the folcroft library

Got up from blowing at the bench at Conway at 929

Writing this at 932

❌Now it's 935

❌I violated the same bathroom I prayed in

I'm sitting at the bus stop near folcroft library finna go to Conway to blow. I pull that hoe out it says 435pm

The ability we have to go from one place to another is really quite spectacular

Exactly 535pm when I got home

Now ima set it for 555, bouta do push-ups n shit

❌We are all semi-perfect, only Allah (Swt) is the true definition of perfection.

Still haven't gotten in the shower yet, mfs using it. It's 551

❌The alarm went off when I was in the shower, it's 607 now. I'm bouta pray now.

I payed and now I'm laying down tired as shit, I did 8 Rakats. The other day I did like 16 of them jawns

I'm downstairs bouta eat I look at that hoe it says 635pm

It's better to know that God (Swt) exists and choose to go against him then to deny his whole existence completely.

I'm waiting for the bus at Hook and Clifton to go catch the trolley and go to the Masjid, I get on the bus and look at that hoe it says 935am

That hoe= my Samsung Galaxy Note III which is always in my pocket Where is the best place to keep your girlfriend hidden?
-Idaho I'm so me.

Anything that comes out of the private part except ejaculation invalidates Wudu

Losing consciousness

Touching the private part of a human with the inside of your hand with no barrier

Skin to skin contact of marriagable people. Hair, nails, tooth don't count.

Just because one committs a sin does not mean they're a blasphemer

If they say it's okay then it's blasphemy

A Muslim man can't marry an Atheist

If a Muslim man touches the skin of an atheist woman that breaks their Wudu

A Muslim man is able to marry a 13 year old girl.

Yanni - it means

Allah (Swt) creates, but we choose.

Sodomy- voluntary sexual intercourse in the anus

Slavery is Halal

Islam encourages freedom of slaves

It's Haram to separate a slave woman from her child.

Islam encourages educating the slaves.

If you own a slave what they make is yours, and you are obligated to take care of them. That is beneficial to the slave.

Urine, feces, blood, puss, animal that wasn't slaughtered properly, alcohol

You get rid of nedges by removing the color taste or smell

Sunnah- permissible, okay(I'm not sure)

Heavy nedges- filth of the dog or the pig, or even touching them

In Islam there is more then one way to do valid things, except for the basic stuff.

I'm at the Masjid I look at that hoe it's exactly 155pm

Nedges transfer by moisture

Do what Allah (Swt) orders you.

I wanted to leave 69th St at 335pm to go to the trolley
Instead I left at 327
I'm sitting where the trolley is at I look at that hoe it says 333

I caught that hoe at 335

I got up and let the little girl sit, at the bus stop.

❌Allah (Swt) uses the oldest trick in the book on us.

Put mic in computer rooms

❌Lmaoo this ngga Allah (Swt) like "naw you not high enough to do that shit bruh." 😂

I'm dead, I'm not breathing. I just finished doing 80 push-ups, I'm finna take a shower and pray n shyt. I just caught 535pm

Everything is told in regurgitation somehow

❌Allah (Swt) is the most forgiving because he asked us to be Muslims and most of us do not even know what it means.

There is only one, Prophet Muhammad, and he will always be the only one.

I'm laying down I look at that hoe it says 725pm

I caught that hoe at 335am. I'm watching straight outta Compton, this shit ass.

I'm downstairs eating finna go to class I look at that hoe it says exactly 525am

I'm blowing at the hut at Conway, I look at that hoe it said 550 and 553

❌Caught 555am
I rather look at the time then blow the blunt

Dipped from the hut, last time I saw was like 558
❌now I'm sitting at the bus stop that hoe said 606-607

Ima just wait for that shit when it comes, at like 619am I guess

Young DuLi blowing heavy dro, you already know

I was sitting down a lady came and sat next to me and I asked the other lady standing up if she wanted to sit down, she said no she's fine
Another lady came and I asked her the same thing, she said she's fine as well. Df is going on😱 none of you hookers wanna sit down
As soon as I finished writing that the bus came
I'm high as shyt

And I gotta take a shit bruh, I'm trying not to think about it tho. The more you think about it you're more likely to feel it bruh, that's a fact. Trust me bruh I know what I'm talking about i did my research. It was a science project I did3 IP p
in 5th grade! Lemme tell you about that jawn!
P.S.i skipped the 5th grade. Oop😯

❌Us Muslims are flawed greatly and perfectly.

❌This ngga Brother Anwar funny as shit! 😂

❌Lil Dicky - how you an atheist and you look like Jesus?

❌How can you say he willed it when you are free to choose?

❌ Prophet Muhammad was very unfortunate during his lifetime.

The worlds greatest by R Kelly started praying as soon as the bus reached the school

This ngga Prophet Muhammad had such a bad luck bruh 😂

I'm on the 115 going home from school I look at that hoe it's exactly 525pm

We can emulate Prophet Muhammad, but not Allah (Swt)

Nobody in this Dunya has the same reality, it's very alike, but different.

I'm blowing at the bench at Conway I look at that hoe it says 645

At the intersection 653pm

❌How can you say Allah (Swt) is to blame when you are free to choose?

Allah (Swt) always creates but he don't always will.

I am not an advocate for violent rap music, that shyt is passe and too cliche

Wd is not all I care about you know

I reach the hut and sit down finna blow that hoe says 545am

I am an advocate for Allah (Swt) only.

I'm blowing in stop to look at that hoe it says 553am

How come wd smells different when you're blowing it then when you smell somebody blowing it?

I thought I set the alarm. Turned out I didn't, I stopped to look at that hoe it said 553, now it's 557

❌Allah's (Swt) will never changes

It's an addiction really...

❌Whatever Allah (Swt) wills will occur.

Getting high in the hyperbolic time chamber

Sup bae, is she kicking yet?
-puts hand on her tummy

Got on the bus at 627am

❌Oh but Allah's will is inscrutable and impossible to understand.

At least this ngga don't stink

Who i am hates who I've been ended when the bus came to the school at 750

In the end everybody is only concerned about themselves.

How many times stopped playing when the bus reached the crib, and my phone bouta die. 11%

That ngga not even Kev

Phone on 5% Superdreams playing while I'm walking to the bench at Conway

❌God (Swt) exists and he's real af

My phone died I couldn't set it for 735. I caught that hoe at 742 tho, what does it mean?

Allah (Swt) has freedom and preferences, he is not like a robot.

Last night I woke up still high at like 10pm I could've sworn I heard auntie and Apa kicking Alhaji out.

Everybody exists but not everybody's real.
Allah (Swt) creates all but he doesn't will all.

I caught 835pm

Caught 33% on my phone

This can't be life.


I ain't blow this morning cuz I ain't got no wrap

A sober mind is refreshing once in a while

Got on the bus checked that hoe it said 627am

Caught 730m with no alarm

Caught 735(with alarm tho)

The world's greatest played when the bus got close to the school

Caught 755 with no alarm
Soon as I caught it everywhere Michelle branch came on

Bus reached the school at exactly 8am

That was a joke

Caught 835

Caught 955

I'm in IMM class the professor is showing a PowerPoint, one of the slides show an IPAD with a time of 1035

Caught 135pm on the bus

My cab driver high as shyt, I can't hear shit this ngga saying tho.

The alarm went off for 535pm as soon as I got to the bathroom in therapy to roll up

I got in the cab I'm thinking about no remorse and that hoe plays it.

❌ God (Swt) did not create us from the image of himself, he created us in the image of Adam. And he created Adam out of.

❌ Allah (Swt) please let me go to the Masjid on this coming Friday.

❌Allah(Swt) has free will more then anybody

Got to the crib at 735pm

This ngga Alusine took off his pants in the kitchen I had to beat them n shit I wanted to catch 935pm I ended up missing it instead I caught 937


I thought my phone time was wrong cuz the time on the wall said 5:33am , my phone said 522
I refreshed it then it said 533
Now it's 535

I don't see no difference between Donald Trump and Hitler. Except looks

Why is it called pot? Do they make it in a pot?

Alarm caught 535 am for me

Dipped from the hut
Last time I checked was 555am

Got to the intersection at 604

Sit down btch

Got in the bus exactly at 627

Get high and talk to the old lady at the bus stop

Song ended exactly
The alarm caught 735 for me

Takeout ended as soon as the bus boy to the school

If you believe it won't happen then it will

Dream ended I mean

Convo with the high cab driver talking bout his kids n shyt

Almost forgot to set 555pm. I finally remembered to do it with 13 minutes left. 13!!!!!

Df is wrong with it? You smoke wd and you get high. Then you go home and beat your wife df

I thought I was gon give C 35

Exactly 735pm when I'm bout to pray

I firmly believe that Allah (Swt) is the only God and Prophet Muhammad is his humble messenger.

Please understand that Allah (Swt) is the only God and Prophet Muhammad is his humble messenger.


We cannot coexist with God (Swt)

Finished dressing and looked at the clock that hoe said 525am

The first task is being a Muslim, the next task is actually being Muslim

Reached the interaction at 535 when the alarm went off

Dipped from the hut at 555am

Now let's see what time I get to the intersection

Got to the intersection at exactly 558

The bus stop at 601am


❌Allah (Swt) likes to create miracles out of a miracle. Like bemuse you n shit.

❌He's teaching me to understand him. Slowly but surely bruh 😂

❌It declines using violence but it approves you protecting yourself, I think.

Cuz that shit ain't coming no time soon
No I'm cool
All my nxas prolly went to Motown school

Got in the bus exactly at 627am

The old lady ain't wanna talk, or perhaps she ain't hear me, one of those two.

Or tragedies out of a tragedy

656 on bus 😑

I listen to anything when I'm high fuk it

❌By submiting you ultimately win.

I always peep the darby and eagle, Oakmont

I just know he likes it, but i don't know to what extent.

735am on bus alarm went off with withdrawals playing

In the bus got to media Line Rd when cry of the wolf ended at 745

Applaud started when the bus reached Highland Avenue

Damn 835 😱

If all of us go against God (Swt) he will will win undoubtedly. If one of us go against Shaytan with Allah (Swt) we will win undoubtedly.

The 21 bus to go to the Masjid was ready as soon as I got to the stop

Exactly 530pm when I looked at that hoe when I'm sitting at the bus stop from praying at the Masjid.

Bus came exactly at 535pm when the alarm went off. Bruuuuh!😱
I thought of it happening before it did

C gon dip at 7

Called C to see if he still around then the trolley pulled up simultaneously. That shit CRAZY! today has been a heck of a day. Since this morning blessings have been showering on me.

I thought the trolley was gon leave at 627. Instead that shyt left at 613.

Who knows, maybe you can be the next DuLi. It won't be easy, but you gon try.

Hot ngga ended as soon as the trolley got to Sharon Hill

I saw the bus coming but I aint try to catch it

No Flocking started playing when I got up from the hut.

Got to the intersection at 735!!

Wiz Khalifa up stopped playing as soon as I got to the crib


I lost the mfn kool-aid jawn

Exactly 911 when I'm laying down in bed.

There are other religions, but Islam is the only one that matters


I missed the bus. I thought that shyt wss coming at 947. Turned out I missed that hoe it's coming next at 1022am.

I was reading, I stopped to look at that hoe it said 10:05am

I'm reading I look at that hoe at exactly 1025am

When Slawter became really convoluted I was getting high a lot n shit

Finished reading exactly at the end of the chapter

I look at that hoe at exactly 1033am
Before I go charge it, at folcroft library

I look at that hoe at exactly 1040am

Laying down in the folcroft library I look at that hoe it says 12:35 exactly.

It's really not that funny bruh.

Both times he texted me I predicted it.

Caught 225pm exactly

caught 335pm with no alarm

Everybody has a fat friend

Caught 425pm exactly at the Wells Fargo bank with L

Thank you Allah (Swt) .

Caught 533pm as soon as L dropped me off

❌Allah is too great.

❌ Got to the intersection at 555
557 I mean

The allegory of the cave

❌Finished praying and bout to do crunches exactly at 630pm

Finished doing push-ups laying on the bed I look at the clock it says 636. Then I look at that hoe it says 635pm

❌ Can't believe this ngga actually gave me $40 now I have exactly $55 !! 😱😲

You should never mistreat another Muslim individual.

You did not change for the better at all, you changed for THE WORST!

Sometimes you have to be a separatist to be liberal

Are all liberals separatists?
No but I'd say a good amount

Alarm caught 735 for me

I don't entertain that fake shit. No sireeee Bob

In this Dunya Allah (Swt) helps all.

The power of Christ compels you


Forgot my headphones at home

Got on the bus looked at that hoe it said exactly 933am

Tried to call this ngga and tell him happy birthday but his phone off. Called auntie instead and told her to tell him for me

Got to the trolley station exactly at 945

I'm on the trolley I look at that hoe it says exactly 1010am

Waiting in the terminal I look at that hoe it says exactly 1025am

Which one is more of a truth? 2+2=4 or the existence of God. The existence of God (Swt) of course, 2+2=4 is arcane.

Everything Allah (Swt) does he do it for a reason.

Came out the terminal at 1115the 21 bus was already there waiting, the driver wasn't inside though.

Driver came in like 3 minutes later
Or two

I love God (Swt). I obey Allah (Swt)

Exactly 1140am sitting down on the steps at the Masjid.

I'm really getting tired of writing these down. It's so much you know...

My lasciviousity is based on my childhood growing up.

Just because the Christians teach it does not mean that Prophet Jesus taught it. He taught Islam only. People changed it over the years to what Christianity is today.

In the Masjid, we bouta pray, Brother Anwar goes to make Wudu I go over to my phone that hoe says 1255pm
I knew it was gon be special

Caught 235pm. With no alarm.

I'm looking at ya btch, but I don't want her tho

Trolley left at exactly 315pm
115 bus on Chester pike comes at 346pm
Insha'Allah I'll catch it

Caught 325pm! 🙌

I caught the bus!!

Once one truly understands Allah. They understand that he cannot be questioned.

Caught 335pm with no alarm!!

Caught 455 while blowing with Ronnie

Came out the shower at 535-5:36om

❌Finnna pray

555pm the bul came in the door with Alusine and Assanatu

❌Allah (Swt) likes to see determination

Caught 845pm


Thought I set the alarm to wake me up at 330am. The alarm wasn't set and instead I woke up at like 420am. I still had time to do everything I wanted, make mac and cheese and eat breakfast. Now I'm laying down on the bed in my
room finna get dressed and dip. Right now it's 518am
Watched porn instead of pray, forgive me

I thought Alhaji took my ear phones in my room, I checked in the Jean pocket L bought for me that hoe was there.

Looked at the time while blowing at the hut that hoe said 550

Let's see if I can catch 555 with NO alarm

❌Caught 555 on the dot! 🙏

Got to the intersection at 600

Got to the bus stop at 603am

A mfn old white dude is here with his car

He just dipped tho. Bye 👋

605..just starring

All these rappers and their followers wearing tight clothes is only a step towards them being more feminine and ultimately a homosexual.

Nggas wasn't even born yet what r u talking about? 😞

Buts came at 628am

I was so convinced it was him

Did I catch 735?

Snare is key

All girls sat next to me on the bus Well, except for one.


Got to the school at 830

My mind be playing tricks on me.

1:36pm I caught the time on the computer at school

I caught 1:55pm in the bathroom taking a shit.

Caught 535pm on the bus

Finna go to the hut at Conway and blow.

Telling me to stop smoking is like telling me to stop breathing.

Advertisement idea- Put logos on leaves and trees

Wi-Fi not on at the crib
I can just put movies in a flash drive

6:34 when bus dropped me off at intersection

Left at 655pm from blowing at the hut at Conway

Got to the intersection at 658pm

Being high just brings everything out more, even those that we think can never be emulated. That's why it's called the hyperboliczing time chamber.

❌ Finished praying at 735pm

I walked in the crib everybody was like I stink

When YE dropped in 04 and 05, that shit was cray!

836pm I'm flossing in bed

❌Allah (Swt) doesn't use linguistics to communicate because he doesn't need to.


Caught 525am while laying in bed after praying

Of course there are other religions, but Islam is the only one that matters.

started rolling in my room at 533am

633- watching porn, midst
635- 🍼

Islam never changes, similar to Allah (Swt)
725am when I wrote this

Finished therapy exactly at 9am

Lights always turn green when I approach them.

If you see trash on the street, and you step on it, or you come into contact with it, it then becomes your responsibility.

Caught 935. Waiting for the taxi at therapy.

All I do is get high

Oh how Allah (Swt) loves his believers.

I'm at the southeast center DCCC. Fire drill comes on. Shontelle Impossible came on. It ended as soon as it was time to go back in.

Caught 1135 while playing checkers

I keep losing at checkers Idk why

Caught 1225 at the learning commons

All praise to the most high

Caught 433pm while studying

Caught 5pm while on computer at DCCC

That song pull up Wiz Khalifa I was thinking bout it all day and it played last before I left at 525

I won the last game before I left at 535pm

Allah loves those he test the hardest

6:12pm got up from the hut at Conway

Got to the intersection at 617

Got to the block at 622pm

628pm-. Finna take a shit and hop in the shower

0 is in fact a real number.

I disagree with the logic that 0 is a real number

0 is an existing number, but we do not know if it is real or not.

It's an unknown number.

Finna pray it's 645pm
648 went to phone to see what prayers I gotta do

Finished praying at 700am

❌Allah (Swt) is not obligated to us, we are to him.

❌Even if we disobey him he still blesses us.

Seeing is not believing, sometimes your eyes play tricks on you.



Started at 525am
Finished by 529am

547am- got to the hut

Left at 557

Got to the intersection at 600am

❌EVERYTHING is Allah (Swt)

Got to the bus stop at 603am.

They said the bus coming at 624
It's 611am now

Ohh shitt! It's 618 😂

Caught 620am

Bus came at 629

Missed 635am

This girl sat with me on the bus for the whole ride

Texted L at 725

Test was cake

Had to take out loan for my classes

Caught 735 when give it away playing

❌The answer has to be God (Swt)

78 trillion

How you remind me ended when the bus got to DCCC

Caught 855am

Missed 1035,1036 instead

Won exactly 5 checkers game

Got back to the learning commons at 235 from taking a smash

425pm gonna charge my phone for the last time. Fetty Wap wake up last song

Finished doing promo at 435

I lost every checker game

Allah (Swt) loves consistency.

About a year ago I asked Allah (Swt) to please don't let me ever fall. I aint fall yet. Today I'm gonna pray and tell him it's okay if I fall.

Caught 535pm on bus (with alarm)

Caught 550pm. Out of nowhere on bus.

Caught 555pm

Thank you. First and foremost

Caught 6pm exactly

I stopped doing push-ups like that cuz I got tired of not being able to breathe when I'm done Lmaoo. I'll never stop praying though.

Downloaded kid ink that's on you, sing finished playing as soon as I got off the bus.

Blowing at the hut at Conway
Bouta dip, it's 615pm

Got to the intersection at 719pm

❌Prayer comes first, after you become a Muslim.

The belief and confession comes first, always.

I'm trying to say, my body is emulating at a different impetus then everybody else.


1233am I finished rolling up in my room and looked at that hoe

I'm eating I look at that hoe it says exactly 635am

Stood up to tighten my pants looked at the clock that hoe said exactly 7am

I went to set 735am, 27 minutes was already set.

Caught 725am, discarded the alarm set for 735am

Missed 755am. Roy Woods why ended as soon as I got to the waiting area at therapy.

Got back to the therapy place from buying roll ups at the store at exactly 915am

Allah (Swt) wants what you want.

I'm saawdy as shit, I was waiting for the bus near the folcroft library

Caught 225pm

I finished rooting at 247pm, but this shit acting up.

Caught 335pm

Caught 425pm

Caught 525pm

I leveled up to green on checkers before I left at 535pm ! 93 baby! 🙌

5555pm alarm went off as soon as I got to the end of Clifton Ave

Dipping from the hut now, it's 613pm

Got to the intersection at

Got to the crib at

❌Apa is like Prophet Muhammad, not God (Swt)

❌Because the creator cannot be likened to the creation in any way.

Caught 633pm out of nowhere. Sitting at the front watching these two n shit.

Missed 635pm tho. Forgive me, I'll catch the next one tho

I was sawdy with the rice.

I missed 735pm, caught 736 instead

When we are born we know nothing, and we remain that way for the rest of our lives.


Alarm went off at 325am. Woke up, did Wudu, prayed.

Caught 535pm 😁😄

I'm watching porn, I look at the clock that hoe says 4:17, I look back later it says 415, WTF!! 😱 I finished exactly at 417 again.

Missed 435am. Caught 437 instead. I'll catch the next one tho for sure

Caught 445am. If that means anything

I set it for 14 minutes random

Was that the bus?

Caught 550

Leaving at 551pm

Got to the intersection at 555am

Got to the bus stop at 558am


A megabyte is higher then a kb.

I uninstalled

634am got in the bus

❌The main difference between me and most atheist is that they bslieve in sheer luck, I don't. I only believe in Allah (Swt), and he is God of all.

Missed 635am. Caught 638 tho.

Saw 33 somewhere in WWF

Can i ask why ypu do that?


I wasn't writing shit cuz I took the swype off.

I gotta 55% on the DPR Project

97% on the math quiz

Come and see me ended as soon as I got to the DPR class

Caught 235pm

Caught 255pm

This ngga said "what is your attribute?" Name?

This swype is much better

Salam- peace

It should not be taken literally if it goes against the religion

Caught 425pm in bus

Prophet Musa was raised by an Egyptian prince blasphemer and he became one of the best prophets.

Another person was raised by Angel Gabriel, and he died as a Kufar.

Caught 433pm

Missed 435pm

Fast forwarded the song it went to :35

Allah (Swt) exists without a place.

She didn't give me no bread, I'm assed out. I still have faith in Allah (Swt) tho, for he always comes through.

I can't do it without Allah (Swt), Idk bout you.

Caught exactly 7pm

THE ATM at wells fargo out of service

❌ She went to the back and gave me a dub

Left hut at 735pm

Missed 835pm

Ima catch the next one tho

Missed 935

Prayed at 1035pm
I lost the checkers game tho right before

Allah (Swt) does not exist in any transcendental place

Know hens sleep


I caught 835am

Caught 925am

Caught 1033am at folcroft library taking a shit

Darren Shan and Dean Koontz both start with D, just like DuLi.

Missed 1235, caught 1236 tho

Caught 1255

This lady at the folcroft library grumpy as shit

Caugbt 235

The bus reached my stop exactly at 3pm and song ended pull up swagglyf 21

255 got to the second intersection

333 peeped the time

Caught 335! With no alarm

❌Oh how Allah (Swt) loves those who pray to him alone.


I caught 535am, with no alarm

Now lets see if I'll catch 555am with no alarm

Caught 555am. With no alarm. Lost checkers game though

Came right at 735am

Bus comes at 934

Let's see if i can catch 835
It's 827 now

I caught 835😀

Let's see if I can catch 935
It's 917 now

I caught 925 on the intersection going to the bus stop.

I caught 935😊

Now let's see if i can catch 1035

I had enough money to grab a wrap, I was worried

Caught 1025am

Didn't catch 10:35

Caught 1055am

Caught 35% of battery left on my phone

Left the terminal at 1120, 21 bus was waiting and as soon as I came it left

Caught 1125am

Allah (Swt) never forgets a prayer.

Caught 1135am
Didn't really catch it but the bus reached at that time

My happy ending ended

He will sweat profusely.

I have billions of brothers and sisters.

I caught 135pm, I'm at the Masjid.

There's so much I don't know.

I hate not knowing.

Allah (Swt) can never be tricked.

There are odd numbers and there are God numbers

Caught 325pm

Playing words with friends I played and the music stopped playing, I missed a part I really wanted to hear in the music. I went to rewind it that hoe said :35.. Then :25

The alarm went off, at 3:36 though, I'm mad as shit.

The bus comes at 446, it's 407 now I'm on the trolley at Aldan. I aint waiting for that shyt

Brother Anwar went to wake up, he left some religious books on the floor, I picked them up and held it till he came back.

This Christian lady gave me a pamphlet, I didn't throw it away. I sagely put it in my bag, though I will never read it.

Caught 355

I feel like the religion of Islam only applies to me

The timer was already there

515 at intersection

The first part of the universal half was easy, now here comes the hard. That's why Prophet Muhammad was introduced to us.

535 alarm went off when squats started getting hard, around 20.

I had 133. Playing this nxa and I lost

I beat this nxa after I lost with 133 with exactly 8:35 left

Now I got 125 pts, it's 734pm

Missed 835. It's 836

Missed 935,caught 936 instead

The only way to define true inconcevibality is Allah (Swt)

Belie, deny, liken


I caught 335, 355am, 405, 420

Caught 435am

Caught 455am

You can practice any other religion in privacy but not Islam, because Islam is the truth.

I missed 535am, caught 537 tho

This ngga Ronnie likes to cavort through beats n shyt

Caught 555
Started blowing at the hut

Bus comes at 626am
It's 603 now

Leaving at 607

Got to the intersection at 611

Got to the bus stop at 613
Right when I went to it switched to 614

❌The correct definition of a Muslim is "one who submits to the will of Allah (Swt). Islam is the practice of submitting to the will of Allah (Swt).

The basics of politics is basically how to control the role of government in a society.

Our neutrality is not acceptable

Get high and talk to the lady at the bus stop about cold weather.

The bus came at 630am

Let's see if I can catch 635, it's 633 now

Pts in a WWF move is worth exactly 33

This ngga sat with me, then when he got off this bad ass jawn came to sit with me Right when I finished writing this can't help but wait ended

❌Allah (Swy) only wills for good to happen.

Caught 735🙏

Now lets see if I can catch 8

Caught 755sm. With alarm

Wicked games ended

❌Bus got to school at 805

Caught 825

Caught 835
I worked on the 33rd question on the math homework

Finished hw at 845

Caught 855
Right when I'm bout to dip to class

Allah (Swt) created for you what you chose.

Missed 1135, 1137 instead

Caught 1225

Caught 155pm

Caught 335pm. With no alarm
I missed that shyt, 336 instead. Ima catch 355 tho

528 now, going to Conway to vote

Main chick started playing as soon as I got off the bus

535 alarm went off when I'm walking to Conway to blow

❌This crazy! 555

I stopped playing song soon as I reached at 600

That shit funny he like idk what you are talking about

❌ we only know him through his revelations

❌Gracious revelations they were

❌Caught 655pm

❌Think about it though, God (Swt) didn't have to reveal himself to us.

❌We are taking about God (Swt) people! The creator of the galaxy and stars! HE IS IN THE BUILDING!

Well... He been in the building but y'all get wtf im trying say. Would they be like Earth go hard?

❌Jesus had the baddest of luck as well. 😂


I caught 525, and 535

Caught 655

People don't like it when you go against their beliefs

Caught 725
I caught 735 as soon as I was done wwf. L called me at exactly 735 Finished wwf

Caught 755

This ngga always talking about he gon graduate next winter
African dude

Please let me catch 9:35

Caught 925

I missed 935 but I caught 925 so it's cool

Let's see if I can catch 1035

I caught 1255

Caught 235. Right when the dude from Pandora emailed me

Caught 335

Caught 445

This ngga Randy funny as shit 😂

Allah (Swt) loves when you try

Right when I finished blowing pull up wiz khalifa ended

Now time playing

Damn bruh too much to put

❌Allah (Swt) blesses us even when we do wrong

529pm now

❌Got to the crib at 555pm

The ngga that been with every religion, Brother Ali Jones.

She always talking about she real n shyt and she be the main fake one

Caught 635pm

Caught 735

Caught 835

As soon as i finished on ig my computer finished restarting and updating.


Missed 525 and 535

555 alarm went off when I was crossing the street to Clifton Ave

607 now, ima dip at 615

Bus comes at 620

Got to the intersection at 614

Bus stop at 617

Bus came at 627
Looked back at it that hoe said 630

Such vulgar impetus.

Uncover ended as soon as the bus got to Darby terminal

The higher you get the looser your mind gets

Right when no remorse ended the pretty girl sat next to me on the bus

Missed 725 caught 735

Whoa ended as soon as bus came to school

Charged phone exactly at 8

Caught 1025

Caught 1035

Caught 1055

Break your heart ended as soon as I got to 4163

One has to act accordingly with God (Swt). Realize who df he is.

Caught 1225

Exactly 33 pics on ig album

Caught 1255

Caught 235

She was like why?? 😂