⚠ Thursday

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Damn her ass was fat!

This girl, she had on some tights and a yellow shirt she was looking good!

I could've went right at her but I remembered I'm a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

Her ass was fat tho! I was starring hard 👀

Today's not Friday so I can stare at girls' asses if I want to, no sin will be on me



-do you hear yourself?

-you sound fuckin stupid


-is she your wife? Are you married to her?

No... but...

I have a firm intention in my heart to marry her


-go to sleep

The moon is 400x closer to the Earth than the sun

And the sun is 400x larger than the moon

In our solar system there are 166 moons

When the universe was created we had hydrogen and helium, but we need carbon in order for life to exist

You need three heliums to come together to form carbon

Everything is made up of atoms, but there are two forces that are holding the atoms together

The electromagnetic force, the nuclear strong force

So far fasting has been going good 😊

I'm not even feeling hungry frfr

My Suhoor was on point

I'm finna pray Asr now

I wanna watch this Islamic lecture video on YouTube but the guy has a low voice and the TV on, I can't hear 😞

Ima just save it and come back to it later

Mohamed Hoblos on the other hand 😂

Him, the TV can have the volume all the way up, music can be on, and I can watch his videos on YouTube and have no problem hearing


May Allah bless Mohamed Hoblos, may Allah give him long life

I can't wait to get married, she gon have a FAT ASS

"Fat ass" is not a compound word

Since I am referring to the girl, and I am saying that she has a "fat ass"

In that case then fat and ass are two separate words

Now "fat ass" can be a compound word, that is possible, but only if I am referring to something directly

Like if I was to say "Roszay babymom look like a fatass grilled cheese sandwich"

It's Sunnah to fast on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every month

But idk if I'm going to be able to do three consecutive days in a row

But I'm still going to try

The 13th of Safar will be on Monday October 22nd

Are there any Sunnah fast for Safar?

Prolly not...

I'm too lazy to find out

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

I can't get on fb or instagram cuz I'm fasting and if I get on ima just see posts of girls taking pictures off they buttcheeks n shyt

And I be getting turned on easily, so it's just better to stay away from it altogether

I need a girlfriend


She gotta have a fat butt

That's the Shaytaan talking

Ugly ass mf

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means: "May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and may He protect Prophet Muhammad's nation from that which he fears"

That's the meaning of sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Bae I need you to stay put while I go around and fuck these other girls okay?

What I would to kill for a girl that would say: "okay bae ima just stay at home and wait for you and keep my legs closed k "

-Ok cool baby can u make me a sandwich?

"What kind?"

-Chicken patty bae! Can you put lettuce and mayo?

"Ok yeah baby do you want me to make it now?"

-yes please honey. And then afterwards we can go in the bedroom and make babies 😊

-actually no, I prolly gotta wait like 30 mins. The doctor said I have to wait to go swimming 🏊 30-45 minutes after I finish eating

Do you know who I love?

I love ALLAH

I love God!!

Just broke my fast

I couldn't even finish the whole food

Not even hungry frfr 😞

Fasting conditions you

"I like your face bae, it's really nice... and stuff"

I'm gonna be an AWESOME HUSBAND

I can't wait, marriage is soo easy😊



Here u finna suck this dck btch

Btch you finna get this nut

Ik that's what you want


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

It's Friday morning, doing these morning workouts as a kind of expiation for my watching porn and masterbating

I worship Allah alone with no partners



⚠ Friday



I can't wait to go to Jummuah today and have my sins forgiven

All the damn weed and getting high, and porn and calling girls whores n shyt

Smhh... may Allah forgive me

*I'm fucking every bad btch twice, and if she doesn't wear panties then I fuck her on sight*

Clearly this song is haraam

I think maybe all this ngga songs is haraam

They all promote illicit behavior

I can't tell you who he is or say his name, cuz that ngga might have secretly said the Shahada and be Muslim, and not tell nobody

He could be like Michael Jackson, a secret Muslim n shyt

That's cool, I mean it's permissible for you to not tell no one

But that's... stingy af 😕

Islam is the truth! This shyt feels good

Wouldn't you want others to also know the truth?


May Allah bless him and give him long life

I ain't even got it in me...

Who df is sitting next to m???

It's probably a faggot

Smh, I'm done with these gay nggas

I told these faggot mfs specifically ""

They don't wanna listen

They don't wanna hearken

"girl let's get married let's get married let's get married"

This song hot, but it's haraam

Why? Because he only wants to marry the girl because of her physical looks

That's not the way to go

Thus, it promotes illicit behavior

May Allah protect that kid from every evil

May Allah grant that kid every type of goodness




You're about to go to the House of Allah

Every woman goes through physiological changes in their lives

In her natural state she is like that

If she wasn't than she would not be able to surpass the man

In being affectionate to the children

"O you believing men, take examples from the believing women"

She does not understand why she is getting angry

I'm HERE!! 😄

My sins have been forgiven by the Almighty

I love coming here, I love worshipping Allah, I love my Religion, I LOVE MY LIFE!!😃

When you lie to somebody trust is taken out

Going home now, leaving Jummuah. YESS!! I DIDN'T DIE!

All praise be to Allaah

"Me and babygirl been chilling all week"

"All we do is fuck drink and sleep"

Clearly this song is haraam

This ngga talking about chilling with and having intercourse with her and drinking alcohol n shyt

All that shyt Is haraam

"You telling me it's only been a couple other people that you've been with I'ma trust you I'ma give you the benefit of the doubt, and I'ma love you You can even call me daddy, I'll give you somebody to look up to"

Cdffuppp. #haraam

Let's analyze carefully, this ngga said "You telling me it's only been a couple other people that you've been with I'ma trust you I'ma give you the benefit of the doubt"

😑 btches be lying. She gon tell you that she only gotta couple bodies but that hoe lying!

Well idk, she could be chaste

Slandering chaste women is among the major sins in Islam

That's what they did to Mary, the mother of Jesus

She came into town with a new born baby Jesus, and nggas knew that she wasn't married, and back then fornication was something really big, it's not like it is now today

So when they saw her with new born baby Jesus they immediately jumped to conclusion


"How could you Mary?"

"Your mom wasn't whoring, why you gotta be creeping all the time?"

Smhh... they didn't know that the woman that they was making accusations against is really the greatest and most pure woman to ever live

Angel Jibreel was the one who blew into Mary, and that's how she became pregnant

And then this ngga said "and I'ma love you You can even call me daddy, I'll give you somebody to look up to"


So now you gon lie? I be telling the same shit to btches in order to get some

Sometimes you gotta lie to get what you want

It's not like I be trying to lie 😕

It's not my intention, so it's permissible

No sin is on me


-do you hear yourself??

-you sound fuckin stupid

-Lying is only permissible in three cases: a man speaking to his wife to make her happy, lying in order to reconcile between two people, and lying in times of war

I farted right after Asr prayer

Idgaf 😞

Ima just renew my Wudu and pray Maghrib when I go home, that shyt easy df

Don't promise people things you can't give them

I'm home, I'm sober, I'm safe, I went to Jummuah today, all my sins have been forgiven 😊

Roszay babymom look like a fatass grilled cheese sandwich

"O you who believe, fear Allah and always speak the truth"






There's a lot more, I forgot them though. I saved them on my old phone but that shyt broke


All praise be to Allah

The Lord of the Throne

May Allah bless my father and give him long life

This ngga Iblees gon haul ass at the Battle of Badr 😂

He saw the angels and he 🏃

The nggas on his side was like "Why are you running what's wrong"

This ngga Iblees like "BTCH I SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT!"

He then gets on a plane ✈ and leaves the country

The Battle of Badr was the first battle of Islam

The best kind of sleep is that in which it's really need

I just ate, it's mustahabb to eat after Maghrib

Insha'llah I won't fart

Isha finna come soon

Can't wait to pray Isha then ima go straight to sleep

*yawns* I'm tired af

As soon as I pray Isha ima sleep like a baby, and I will not get on ig and watch girls shake their backsides


I can't wait to get married

Ima be the best husband

"Good Morning baby. How did you sleep you want me to make u some breakfast honey boo boo?"

"You're so beautiful baby I love you so much and I never want to lose you"

shake ur ass right df now btch

That's it baby ur ass soo fat I love you

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!

Sdfup and get this dck btchh

Btch I can't understand a damn word that's coming out your mouth but that shyt sound sexy af

Btch sdfup while you taking this dck

Sdfup and get this dck btch. -chokes her


Btch don't be so damn quiet while you taking this dick

Put my dck in your mouth and suck it bae

This shyt finna nut right inside you btch

fuck you btch I fukkin love you

Suck my dck btch this shyt finna nut in your mouth

Naw it's gon nut in your pussy

Naw your mouth

Naw your pussy


That shit nutted

It was a spontaneous combustion

I couldn't make up my mind as to where I should direct the semen

So I just nutted in your left 👂 earlobe

"can you make me a sandwich"

-smacks her ass

I can't wait to get married Ima be the best husband☺

If I find your daughter ima fuck her, simple as that

Can't get any more simpler

Btch ima insert my penis in her vagina and stroke vigorously

Find someone and help them, relieve their stress, trust me you'll feel much better

Peer pressure can be positive and it can be negative

Pornography and masterbation, who led them to this? Peer pressure

Who taught this nice innocent young girl how to lie?

"Oh we have a school project mother, we have to stay late"

Men will be on the religion of his close friend

The first thing that the Prophet PBUH did when he came to Medina was make a brotherhood between the Ansar and the Muhajireen

All of them accepted Islam because of positive peer pressure

It is not permissible for you to harm a dog, it is not permissible for you to harm a pig, how dare you harm a Muslim brother of yours?

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān, also known by the Latinization Geber was a polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astrologer, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and pharmacist and physician.

He was also the founder of modern chemistry


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

I start with the name of Allah

Sometimes in the morning I be too lazy to get up and get in the shower and make Wudu to pray, but I still do it, why? Because I love Allah and I want the rewards that He promises me

8:33 is "!-!-!-!-!" because 25+8=33

You ever seen dragon ball z you know the pink demon, Majin Buu, the fat pink blubbery dude, you know who I'm talking about??

That's what Roszay babymom look like


Immediately when they commit sin they remember Allah and they repent

They're not perfect but they don't procrastinate in repentance

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result

Don't talk about women or food in our gathering. This was the discussion of the Sahaabah

They are people who place their trust solely on Allah

The 70,000

I never understood why nggas like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne and all them famous rappers be smoking so much weed. Them nggas rich af, they got so much money, they can literally do whatever they want. I mean I smoke weed too but I only be doing that shit cuz my life is fucked up and I don't wanna think about it. But them nggas got great lives. So why waste it by smoking weed and killing your brain cells and health? 😕

630 is "!-!-!-!-!" Because 6x5=30

Roszay babymom look like a fatass baloney sandwich

Abu Jahal's first cousin is Umar's mother

And so Abu Jahal and Umar have a blood relationship

Umar ibn al-Khattab was one of the very few people who learned how to read and write in the times of Jahilliyah

When Islam came only 15-20 people knew how to read or write in Makkah

Umar ibn al-Khattab was one of those who knew how to read and write when Islam came

Umar ibn al-Khattab was into education, he was into sciences

Like most young men at the time he grew up as a shepherd

"al-Khattab was a very hard and brutal man, he would rebuke me even if I worked hard"- Umar

Shaytan comes and does waswas to all of us

Being a shepherd is a very humbling thing, it's not something that you boast or brag about

"That was my salary, to get a handful of dates"

He was known for being strict and harsh, and Islam needed that at the time

But underneath was softness and mercy

That was the only education at that time

To attend those gatherings and listen to the poetry

Umar ibn al-Khattab would attend the gatherings frequently and participate

Allah is preparing him for political leadership

He was going to preserve the rights of the Quraysh

He was a very sincere and a very loyal person

During the day I'm hella quiet and good af because other people can see me and I don't wanna give a bad name to my Religion

But as soon as Maghrib comes...

His opposition to Islam was not theological, it was cultural

Umar ibn al-Khattab was not one who was passionate about the gods

The reason why Umar was persecuting the Muslims was because he felt that the Muslims were breaking away from his society

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

From the Quraysh and from the ways of his ancestors, that is why Umar ibn al-Khattab was acting the way that he did

He married at least seven women in the course of his life

From his first wife he had his two most famous children. Hafsar and Abd-Allaah ibn Umar

He proposed to the daughter of Abu Bakr, and she refused

She said his lifestyle was below his standards

"He lives a too frugal lifestyle"

Frugal- sparing or economical with regard to money or food. "he led a remarkably frugal existence" synonyms:thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent, provident, unwasteful, sparing, scrimping;

So she turned him down because she claimed that he was too cheap, cdfupp


It's human nature, it's nothing wrong. A woman wants to live a comfortable lifestyle

"I don't have any desire for women, were it not for children"

"The only reason for me is that u want to have lots of kids"

His brother and sister embraced Islam before him

The actual conversion of Umar ibn al-Khattab took place in the sixth year of the Dawah

315 is definitely "!-!-!-!-!" because 3 x 5= 15 and the number of the Messengers is 315

His anger never went to the point of killing another convert

He was harsh in his demeanor

Every person has a protective jealousy. Especially over their wives or daughters

Metallurgy- the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals and their production and purification.

Metallurgist- a person who studies and knows about metals

Use that word in a sentence: Jason's mom is a metallurgist because she's a whore and she likes to study my metallic penis.

-screw u btch

Umar ibn al-Khattab was stabbed to death

Whatever happens, once you take care of the situation the Salah has to be completed

The very first question that he asked when he woke up from his coma was "have the people finished their Salah?"

Blood that flows from a wound that cannot be healed is forgiven

"Alhamdulillah the person who killed me was not a Muslim"

"I wouldn't want a Muslim to commit a major sin"

He passed away begging for Allah's forgiveness

He died at the age of 63

He ruled for 10 years and six months

He passed away on a Wednesday

All three of them died at the age of 63

The Prophet PBUH, Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al-Khattab

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Uber driver

I can't believe I said that!!

Wtf do I be thinking??

-clearly you don't

I be thinking about your mom... a lot

-btch say one more derogatory statement about my mom!

I need to learn how to speak Arabic

I need to go to Makkah

I need to stop being weird

I need to get married

Just prayed Maghrib

Waiting for Isha to come in so I can pray it and call it a night, I'm sleepy af "yawns"

Anyone who doesn't fear Allah/God is capable of doing anything

For Halloween this year I'm going to be Captain America

Or I'm going to be Roszay babymom. So this means that I will be dressed as a minivan

You so precious to me baby, you're all that I need, you're all that I want

You my rock baby I never wanna lose you

I want you in my life forever

Come here baby, gimme kiss 😘

shake ur ass btch

Lemme see ur buttcheeks swirling in a rapid motion btch

open ur mouth and suck my dck bae

Look me in the eyes while this dck in ur mouth bae

listen, you're a slut okay

Just take this dckk and sdfup



I nutted.

It wasn't a spontaneous combustion though, I knew where I was going to ejaculate from the rip, from day one

Immediately as that btch started shaking her ass I knew

I nutted in that btch armpits

It's cold as shit!!

Many false prophets have come and gone

Only Allah knows when the Hour will take place

Ima nut again soon as the Adhan for Fajr comes in

My life revolves around prayer times

I have to fulfill the Fajr Salah before sunrise

Today, the time length between Fajr and sunrise is 1 hr 14 minutes

But I only need like two minutes

Do you know a day will come when they'll have a homosexual Imam, and there'll be homosexuals praying behind him, and they will think it's normal

5:08 is "!-!-!-!" why? Because 25+8=33 so 5:08 + 25 minutes = 5:33, and 5:33 is among the best


The weakest form of faith is the Shahada

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Women are inscrutable

Especially lightskin btches with big ass foreheads, them btches inscrutable af

The definition for the word "inscrutable" is: impossible to understand or interpret.

Now, Allah is impossible to understand, even the best of us and the most knowledgeable about Allah, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even he doesn't understand Allah fully

Lightskin girls with big foreheads are inscrutable because they are impossible to understand

Allah is impossible to understand, so us He also inscrutable? 😕

No, because the word "inscrutable is an adjective, and an adjective is that which describes a noun, i.e. a person, place or thing

Allah is not a noun because He is not a person, place, or thing

So it would not be permissible to label Allah as "inscrutable" , that would be blasphemy

Because it's likening Him to the creation

There are three categories of blasphemy/Kufr

1. To liken Allah to the creation

2. To bely the Religion of Allah i.e. to contradict something that is explicitly expressed in the Qur'an or the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH. Like for one to say "homosexuality is okay in Islam and there's nothing wrong with it" that would be blasphemy because the Prophet PBUH and the Qur’an has specifically stated that homosexuality is a major sin and we should refrain from it

3. To deny the existence of the Creator - this is the worse. i.e. to be an atheist

I'm trying to memorize this Surah but I ejaculated earlier so I am in a state of janaabah i.e. major ritual impurity

it is not permissible for the one who is junub to read Qur’aan or touch the Mushaf


I gotta brush my teeth and hop in the shower before I pray cuz I nutted

It's cold as shit tho, I'm definitely not trying to get in the shower

But I have to pray Fajr

And I can only pray Fajr if I take a full body shower, so what that means?

Btch it means I gotta hop in the shower and pray df

It's easy af!

Ima brush my teeth, take a bath🛀 , make Wudu, and pray Fajr, all FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH

watch how He rewards me, you just watch!

I'm finna go in the bathroom and take a bath right now!

Right after I nut

Take off ur clothes btch

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!

Do you wanna go to jail btch?

You've stolen some stuff, the cameras saw u btch

Ur a shoplifter

I should call the cops on you

You gon go to jail forever btch!

-oh you don't want to go to jail?

Put my dck in ur mouth and gimme that pussy and i won't call the cops

I don't want you to go to jail but I have no choice

Unless you're willing to help out and we can work something out

Just relax -rubs her titties

Oh you can't do this? 😕

Oh I'm sorry

Just let me notify the police officers and tell them

Ur either going to go to jail or ur gonna suck my cock

Those are ur only two options

You made the right choice btch

-rubs her hair

You're very wise indeed


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I prayed Fajr before sunrise 😊

Now I'm just going to sit here in my place of prayer and remember my Lord Allah Azzawajal until the sun rises

A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He was wearing all white

No sign of travel was on him

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

I'm not able to taste sugar but I can taste the absence of sugar

So what does this mean?

Coffee has sugar in it right? I've tasted coffee before and I know for a fact that it contains sugar in it, I've drank coffee prior to my brain aneurysm and I know that it has sugar in it

So now that I'm not able to taste sugar, once I drink coffee or tea, or any of them btches

Even though I can't taste the sugar in it I'm still able to taste the "absence of sugar"

The only reason I'm finna drink this tea is cuz it's cold as shyt 😞

I only take word from Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or any other pious Muslim male

That's it, I don't listen to nobody else, I don't take advice from anybody else

Damn sure don't listen to no woman

Maybe when I get married I'll listen to my wife, or my daughters

But I will only listen and take advice from them because I know that they will love me and they will want the best for me


Just my wives, and my daughters

And my mother

I cant listen or take advice from no other female because if I do then it's like walking into a pothole

Btches be lying!

Btches be ignorant!

"Btches" not Muslim females, I'm talking bout these hoes that be out here wearing skin tight clothes and displaying their ass and titties

All them btches dirty af and they stink!

Every Muslim female is beautiful and they are all blessed

May Allah bless all the Muslimahs and keep them all on this straight path of Islam

May Allah help me find a beautiful Muslim girl with a large backside and a good head on her shoulders

-😕But I want Keke with the fat ass

-yeah that's what you WANT but what do you NEED?

-a nice Muslim girl that can help you cultivate your seed and increase the Muslim population

-bruh you ain't heard that song by The Weeknd where he be like "He's what you want, he's what you want, I'm what you need"

-listen to that ngga bro, he get more btches than you

-listen to those who know more than you

Stop saying that you are a homosexual, you're not a homosexual. You are a FAGGOT!

A homosexual male is defined as: A person/male who is aware of their homosexuality and they do not like the fact that they are gay and they are putting efforts towards not having these feelings.

A "faggot" is defined as: A person/male who is aware of their homosexuality and completely love it, they publicly declare their homosexuality to the entire world and they put no efforts towards not being the way that they are, they see nothing wrong with the fact that they are gay

Someone who's gay is in between

It is not your actions that will attain your ultimate salvation but your actions will qualify for the mercy of Allah subhannahu wa ta'ala

Therefore you should act within that spirit

He knows when the time is right, He knows what is better for you

Music and drugs is really not the reason why I be watching so much porn

I'm just a horny little fucker 😕

You can't run away from the Qadr of Allah

Where df is u gon run to? Everywhere belongs to Him, Azzawajal

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven

I inserted my naked penis into a girl's vagina

I wasn't married to her or anything. So did I sin? 😕

Umm... no because I was only seven, I had not reached pubescence yet

Pubescence is when you turn 15 lunar years of age. I was only 7

I once nutted so hard I gotta mfn cramp in my toe


Jk. I endured the pain seeking the pleasure of my Lord Allah Azzawajal

Believers in Islam have beautiful hearts

There is good inside you, find that good and let it come forth

*she think im still peeping everytime i tie my lace n look behind im tryna find my place in this world dats why i took my time* -DuLi

The greatest ingratitude is to turn away from submitting to Allah

To not be a Muslim is kufr

The greatest ingratitude is to not accept the Religion of Islam

Shukr and Kufr are antonyms

Shukr is one of the highest levels of Iman

I wanna have a daughter

She gon be cute as shit

That's why I gotta get a pretty wife cuz I ain't trying have no ugly ass daughter

And she will not be like these girls/hoes out here

She's going to be highly sophisticated, intelligent, good manners


I just gotta get a nice Muslim girl and marry her and fuck a baby in her

That's all

-I thought you wanted a son tho?? 😕

Btch idcc, boy or girl idgaf. I just gotta fuck a damn baby in some girl damn!

Ima have tea parties with my daughter and I'ma be taking her to the zoo and everything, ima be the best dad!


Because I certainly know "how not to be a good father"

One of my worst fears is to have a child, and that child grows up and becomes somebody and then when somebody asks them "wow you are really successful, I bet you must've had a great father to teach u the ropes"

And then they say: "what father?"

A dirty mind thinks very dirty

Have good assumptions about people

We need to be those who think good of others

Everything about him was moderation

He had a full hair, and his hair was wavy

His eyes were very dark

He had a high beautiful cheek

He had a mouth that was full, so that when he spoke his pronunciation was perfect

His teeth were beautiful, there was a slight space in the teeth

He had a strong build and it was all perfectly formed

He had a large forehead which in physiognomy traditionally was an indication of high quality

He never made people feel depressed

His presence of his Lord was so intense that his face would have a sense of being completely absorbed in thought

He smiled, he always looked at people and he smiled

He laughed at things

Aisha said "he was always joking with us in the house"

He joked but he would never tell a lie in his jokes

Bread and butter be popping!

Btches be ugly as shyt getting all jealous n shyt 😕

I don't even know you like that fr idk why you getting all jelly

Umm... you're not my girlfriend

I mean WIFE!!!

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

Naw keep it a bean I been farted

I be farting and forgetting that I farted

But it's cool tho, as long as I don't remember that I farted then it's all good, I do not have to renew my Wudu

Allah knows best how He created me😅

He knows I be farting and forgetting


you ever farted or think that you farted so when the prayer time come in u start thinking like "hmmmm... did I fart? 🤔 *scratches head*

You're not going to remember if you farted but you damn sure will remember if you pee or take a shit

I wanted to fast tomorrow on Monday but I'm not, I'm just going to do it on Thursday

Take it one step at a time feel me?

That's how life is, whatever you do you gotta take it bits by bits, that's the only way you're going to get there

The problem nowadays is: most people just want to go from 'A' to 'Z' in a flash 🏃, without going through the rest of the letters

They just want to go to 'Z' immediately without having to go through 'B' 'C' 'D'...

They don't want to go through that process, they just wanna get there!

But what they don't realize is... that process is what it's all about... it's so sweet

A Prophet of Allah, idk his name, Allah knows best

But he was swallowed and eaten by a whale! 🐳

While he was in the whale's stomach he called out to Allah praying and begging for Him to get him out of the whale's stomach, he prayed and prayed and prayed

Until Allaah finally took him out

If you ask him(the Prophet) what were the best days of his life? He will tell you "my best days was when I was in that whale's stomach"

When I was living with that btch Salamatu at her house she was starving me, she didn't want me to eat, she wanted me to die!

So what did I do??


What else is there to do?

I woke up in the morning, did my push-ups, brushed my teeth, took a bath and made Wudu and I stood before my Lord and I asked Him to help me and save me. I told my Lord that I didn't want to die and I supplicatied to Him and begged Him. "Ya Allah please save me, don't let this lady kill me, please Ya Rabb, You're all I have"

And my Lord heard me, and He took me out of that house


This is all to teach you how to be human beings

The first creation of Allah SWT was The Pen

The first command that was given to the final Messenger SAWS was "to read"

Every single individual is a potential Muslim and a potential good person

Keep relations with those who cut you off

Do good to people even if they harm you

Speak the truth, even if it is against yourself

Allah does not like those who have oppression over the weak ones when they have power over them

That'd Ihsan, and it's hard. Don't think that this is an easy Religion

Yes, there are three degrees of Islam, which are: Islam, eemaan and ihsaan. Each of them has a meaning and certain pillars or essential parts.

If a person bears this in mind and acts accordingly, then he will be sincere towards Allaah because this awareness will prevent him from paying attention to anyone other than Allaah or doing anything for the sake of anyone else

Roszay babymom look like a fatass laffy taffy

She look like a fatass chicken breast, drenched in onion sauce

Why df was that btch following me??

Fukkin weirdo

That btch name Ciara

Roszay ugly as shit And fucked up

His babymom ugly as shit And fucked up

The only one that's actually normal out of all of them is their daughter

Df, that btch thought that I didn't see her?

Fuckin weirdo ass btch

Lemme delete her number from my phone

How df is your own babymom taller than you???

Her neck fat as shit

She ain't even got no neck, her neck look like a mfn baked potato n shyt

fuk outta here!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass wooden chair

A fat ass air conditioner n shyt

I wish I had a wife, I can be like "bae I just farted, remind me that I have to renew my Wudu for Maghrib"

She gon be like "okay bae"

Roszay babymom look like a fatass penske truck

Finna pray Maghrib in a little bit

I gotta remember to renew my Wudu cuz I farted earlier

I think🤔


Since idk then I can pray without making Wudu

Cuz ik for sure that I made Wudu for the obligatory Asr prayer

Things are judged to remain as they are until there is certainty that a change has occurred, and having doubts does not alter the fact.

So certainty over doubt

"If my Lord does not guide me then surely I will be astray"- Ibrahim AS

Tomorrow's Monday! 😆 I can't wait to do my morning workout

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born on a Monday

He also fasted on Mondays and Thursdays

Just prayed Maghrib

Isha needs to hurry up and come so I can pray it and go df to sleep

Knowledge is judged on how much of it you put into practice

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass

-WHO??? 👀

I can't say her name cuz she might be Muslim and I don't wanna backbite

Just prayed Isha, going to sleep now, goodnight! 👋

take off ur pants btch

Bend df over and touch ur toes btch

Btch u finna catch all this nut

Don't start crying now btch, you only getting a lillttle bit of this dck

Shhh don't cry don't cry shhhh

Spread your buttcheeks btch


shhhh don't cry baby, don't cry ok

-rubs her hair

spread ur cheeks u whoorree!!!

Btch look me in the eyes while you sucking this dck

I want your undivided attention btch

Close ur eyes btch don't look at me

don't fukkin look at me!!!


I nutted

It's 4:06am, I'm finna do my morning workout, hop in the shower, make Wudu and pray Tahajjud

Lemme see ur titties btch

I wanna suck ur fukkin nipples!!

I gotta nut in you btch!

I have to!!!


Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

There is no god but Allah

Once Allah or His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordains something, you are not in a position to say "no I don't like that, I rather do it this way"

NOPE! You are the slave



all of you fuckers who made accusations against him is all going to hell

Making accusations against a Muslim without valid proof is a major sin

A sin is a sin, we all sin

Just cuz ur sin is different than mines doesn't put you in a position to criticize or judge me

"you sin too much, and the sin you do is dirty, u should be ashamed of urself"

I got one reply for you: eat.a.dick. ☺

Though there are different degrees of sin... the worse is Kufr, and then murder

Rasulullah SAWS is telling his companions, this is in a saheeh hadeeth

Narrated by Al Bukhari, in the chapter of repentance, look there and you will find it

So Rasullullah SAWS is telling his companions about a man that murdered and killed 99 people

This man literally killed 99 PEOPLE!

And Allah had mercy on him and forgave him for all his sins


And killing unjustly is the worst sin after Kufr

This man did it

99 TIMES!!


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up

I already prayed Fajr so it's cool if I fart


That shyt went "ppffffffff!"

It was silent

But those are the worst

Among the flatulent gases

Don't let nobody despair you from the mercy of the Most-Merciful

He forgives, on and on again

But that is not a free pass to sin


If you sin ONCE, Allah will send you to hellfire

Nggas be like: Oh it's fine, Allah is the Most-Merciful, He will forgive

*takes a drink of beer*

*two seconds later he has heart attack and dies*

-arrives in Hellfire

"but-but-but, I was a Muslim, what am I doing here?"


Allah didn't forgive you btch, that's wtf u doing here

Df u thought u was going to get a noble entrance into Paradise with a house and 72 virgins?? 😂😂

Sawdy as shit dhh

Roszay babymom look like a fatass duck!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass saltine cracker!