⚠ Monday

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I'm hungry as shit

*bad btch girl I think I might get used to you*

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I have forgiven Salamatu Tunkara completely. Why? Because I love my little sister Assanatu and ik that she wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her mom. May Allah forgive her. May Allah guide her towards the straight path of Islam

I already prayed Asr and Maghrib won't come for like another two hours, so it's cool if I fart


That shyt went "ppffffffff"

The worst thing that Dajjaal will have is the psychological deception

He doesn't take over by using weapons of mass destruction, he takes over with the psychological war

The Dajjaal will not come until there are prerequisites

He will come out at a time when the world is ready to accept his deception

He is a man from the children of Adam

He will be young in his age, probably in the mid-30's

He's not tall, he's short, relatively short

He's very stocky, he's huge

His forehead is wide

Every Muslim will be able to read the letters on his forehead

He is impotent, he cannot have children

Yess... Yasmin has a new video! 😄

I missed her. Don't be leaving me alone like that bae

If you hold on to your Salah, no matter how you're feeling

When you're feeling depressed do you stop breathing?

Regardless of how high or low I feel, I have to keep breathing to stay alive

Salah is like oxygen, if you give up Salah it's like immediate death

The quality of the air in Cyro is really bad, so I'm just gonna breathe next month when it's better

His objective is just to make you go into despair

My advice to you is stay alive, stay alive spiritually

The Dajjaal can suck a dck

He a cold pussy

When he come btch ima go to Makkah ✈

There are no airports in Makkah

Makkah is located exactly at the center of the earth

The Dajjaal can't enter Makkah or Medina because there are Angels guarding there

Those places have been blessed by the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Angels do not age, they do not procreate

They are as they are

Creations from Allah Subhannahu wa ta'ala

Made from light

They are very fast and quick

Even quicker than air. Because when air moves you can feel it, i.e. wind

When the wind blows you can feel it yes?

"that's a cold breeze!"

But when the Angels move you cannot feel it

And they surround you more than the wind

I get notifications from fb like "today is so and so's birthday, wish her a happy birthday"

Btch idcc!

I don't give a damn btch, fuck u and the day you was born

The evidence in the Qur’aan and Sunnah indicates that celebrating birthdays is a kind of bid’ah or innovation in religion, which has no basis in the pure sharee’ah. It is not permitted to accept invitations to birthday celebrations, because this involves supporting and encouraging bid’ah

I just prayed Maghrib, Insha'llah I won't fart

Isha finna come soon

2. She is not going to wash properly after finishing her period, or tell him not to have intercourse with her when she is menstruating; she is going to make him do something that is wrong according to sharee’ah and cause him physical harm.

⬆⬆⬆eeewwww wtff!! 😣

Go clean ur vagina btch... all that blood n shyt wtff

These btches of the book be dirty as shit!

Btch if you on your period we ain't fuckin, simple as that!

You can gimme some head but that's about it!

3. He is going to be put in an embarrassing situation because of her careless attitude concerning dress and her mixing with men and speaking to them.

-umm... no df she ain't! Ima be telling that btch wtf to wear and she will not have NO MALE FRIENDS

4. The states and governments of these women of the Book will be on their side and will give them custody of the children if differences arise and divorce takes place. This will cause these children to be lost and to fall into kufr. Such cases are too well known to need mentioning here and too many to count.

-take the kids btch! Idgaf 😞. They not even mines, they don't look like me. Btch I'm lightskin! Them mfs black as shit, explain urself btch!!

-u black as shit tho 😐

-u not even black btch u purple

-u not even black btch you "bla-clack"

It is not permissible for you to force your Christian wife – if you do marry her – to become Muslim

-I ain't gon force her! While we fuckin ima just gently choke her and be like: say Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah


I just fulfilled my Isha prayer, it's cold as shyt and I was not trying to get up from the comfort of my bed

But I still forsook the comfort of my bed for the sake of Allah Azzawajal

watch how He rewards me, you just watch!!!

A woman was given to man as a gift, after great prayer

A woman was a gift to man

Let me remind the sister "live your life as if it's a gift, not a burden"

Wtf... this ngga snoring n shyt wtf 😴

That's disgusting af

Keep it a bean, ima light sleeper

Women were created from men

They were created from the rib of men

A rib is bent, and if you try to straighten it you will crack it, so be very careful with how you treat your women

I think a lot of the women don't understand that hadeeth, and they take it personally, or they take it wrongly

Be very careful with how you treat your women, be tolerant, be kind to them

Because if you try to straighten them you might crack them

You can't have your wife exactly as you want, no

No two human being are the same, there is a give and take

Cdfupp I used to skateboard

When I was younger, like 13-14

I stopped tho cuz I kept falling too much, and that shyt was hurting, I would always fall and fuck my knees up

I was like "fuk this shyt I'm done!"

One of my friends that I used to live close with put me on, "Abdul Green"

Cdfupp, he put me on n shyt

His cousin, Alex, he used to skate too

He was really nice, way better than me or Abdul

This ngga was like a pro street skater

He would do heelflips and kickflip variables over trash cans n shyt

But this ngga... he had a anger problem

Let's say me, him, and Abdul was skating somewhere

And falling was regular for me or Abdul, we was always falling and busting our ass, no biggie, everybody falls

But this ngga Alex, he did not like falling bruh 😕

If he fell once, he would take his skateboard and throw it against the wall like FUUUCCKK!!😠


This ngga would really be getting mad af!

I wanted to tell him like "hey calm down, it's not that deep bro 😕"

But I was scared for my life, I didn't want that ngga to take his skateboard and throw it at me

Sometimes when people are mad or angry you just have to stay back and let them have their moment

That was a way in which Allah taught me that, He is Hakeem

It is a part of our Religion to think about what has passed, and what will come to past

Think about what you have done, plan for the future

ac·crue əˈkro͞o/Submit verb past tense: accrued; past participle: accrued (of sums of money or benefits) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

So a bank investment will be a form of accrue yes?

Because if you make a deposit as an investment then that money will grow over time

So long as it doesn't involve interest

Because that shyt Is haraam, so it would not be an investment, it would be the opposite of that

What's the opposite of investment? 🤔

Allah knows best!

I'm too lazy to find out

I just farted

That shyt went "Ppffffffff!"

Promise Allah you will quit your drugs tonight

Promise Allah, no matter what it is

Even if it is something considered light by your friends

It is heavy in the eyes of Allah

It is serious, it is unnecessary

We need you as a member of this Ummah to serve this Ummah

Mercy Umah had a fat ass

Naw keep it a bean that jawn wasn't really fat like that like that

It gradually grew larger and incremented as time passed and we engaged in intercourse more and more

You have so many great qualities, don't spoil yourself by not throwing out this bad habit

May Allah SWT protect us all

She was my first love 😯

Cdffuppp SIKE!!

I've never loved a girl in my life

I mean I told them btches that I love them, but I didn't really

I only said it to get some ass

Sometimes you have to lie to get what you want

It's not my intention to lie so it's permissible


-go to sleep


I'ma light sleeper

When the Dajjaal come Insha'llah he will come during the night

So than he won't be able to see me and I can move around and he won't notice

Then ima pick up a stick and poke him in the eyeball

Then I'm 🏃

I'ma fuck his other eye up with that stick

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Allah is the only God!

He is ONE!

The fundamental message of Islam is Tawheed

The most important knowledge is the knowledge of Tawheed


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Today is taco Tuesday

Roszay babymom look like a fatass soft shell taco

It's not permissible to forsake your Muslim brother for more than three days

Exchanging words with a Muslim in argument is sinful and fighting him is Kufr

Saheeh Bukhari is considered the most authentic book in creation after the Qur'an


My grade for my class was 78% C. But I put in the work and did everything that I had to now it's 100% 😊😆

All praise be to Him

I can't wait to fast on Thursday! 😃

Last week I did it and that shyt was easy af!

If I did it last week I can damn sure do it on Thursday again

I really can't wait until daylight savings time on November 4th

I'ma be fasting on Mondays and Thursdays every week!

I got a lot of make up fast to do

Roszay babymom look like a fatass cheese cake

Sometimes a little bit of deprivation is good

It has its own unique form of blessing, but that does not absolve you of engaging and encountering those that are needy

You cannot claim that your heart is pure and clean and you do not pray

You cannot be successful if you are disconnected from your five daily prayers, and evidence for that is manifest in the Adhan

Allah will question us about our Salah first on the day of judgement, if the Salah is in order everything else will be easy

The call is bearing witness for us or against us

A blind man once asked Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He asked him: O Messenger of Allah, I am a blind man and I find it difficult to come to the Masjid, am I given an excuse?

At the end of the hadeeth the Prophet SAWS asked the man: "Do you hear the Adhan?"

The man said yes

Well in that case you need to answer it

At 6 years old Aminah died, Barakah then brings him back to Abdul Mutallib

And the elderly man takes charge of him, the grandfather

He used to come and sit on that place next to his grand-dad

He's not a baby baby, he's six or seven, moving towards eight years old

When the uncles used to give him the stare like "move Muhammad"

The grand-dad would say no leave him, great things are in store for this son of mines

The only two sons that shared the same mother was Abdullah and Abu Mutallib

Abdul Mutallib passed away so The Prophet goes to the house of Abu Tallib

At this stage he's eight years old

Abu Tallib was a loving uncle

The Prophet says "he used to feed me in preference to his own children"

There was limited food he'd make sure that I get to eat first before his children

The whole of Arabia turned against him. Abu Tallib stood behind him like a mountain

Only Allah knows how bad I really want this, because Allah is the Knower of all things

If somebody asks you for help

I just farted

If somebody asks you for help and you don't want to help them don't just tell them "no"

Say it in a way that they won't feel like a dickhead for asking you

It takes a lot of guts for somebody to ask you, because when they do it's like they're placing their trust in you as if you are the only one who can help. Don't just say "no"

When I asked him for help he's just gonna say "no" wtff

That made me feel like a dh for asking you


Treat others the way you would like to be treated

Or the way that you would want your own child to be treated

It's called "E-M-P-A-T-H-Y"

I mean I'm not mad or anything, I'm just... confused... and sad

In his teens he started shepherding, looking after sheep

The greatest learning happens on reflection

The shepherd has time to think

Working with different animals changes your character a little bit

There's a difference between the criterion required for hadeeth and the criterion required for seerah

Gon lie to me, and then when I ask you for help you just tell me no!

Df?? 😕

What typa shyt is that?

Your children can tell a lie to you, not everything that they tell you will be the truth

I nutted earlier so I have to say this Surah in my head since I am in a state of janaabah/major ritual impurity

The weakest person is he who believes everything that he hears

Don't believe tales

A person may commit a sin and that sin will take him to Paradise. A person may commit a good deed and that good deed will take him to the fire

Okay, so the stages of learning knowledge

The first one was silence: You have to be silent to actually process and learn the knowledge

Number two is listening: listening is very very important, meaning that you listen attentively

A person can be silent but his mind is wandering off somewhere else

The proper process of learning won't take place if your mind is somewhere else

So you have to be silent, and you have to listen attentively

Number three: memorising or understanding

We are listening, but you have to also understand as well

You have to understand what is being taught and the content as well

So you have to understand it while you're listening and while you're silent as well

Practicing is one of the most beneficial ways

You learn something, you put it into practice, that thing you learned will fully be embedded into your brain

There's always ways to practice it

In Islamic knowledge there are hundreds and thousands of ways to practice what has been taught

And last one, preaching

90% of what you learn stays with you if you preach it and tell other people about it

You tell other people about it, your preaching will benefit you the most

When you're teachers when you preach to other people, the knowledge will stick to you more

That's the best and most beneficial way, you teaching it to other people

And then there in the dry deserts of Arabia lived the Arab race, a semi-nomadic people, scattered across an endless desert, their land was harsh their climate difficult, their land barren, their people scattered, uneducated, undisciplined

You can be the lowest of low, the most unimportant insignificant, undisciplined disunited nation on the face of this earth

But if you were to cling to this rope of Allah, you will reach the pinnacles of human achievement

There is not a second truth beyond this

At the time the Prophet came, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Makkah. Historians record that there were eighteen people who could read and write in Makkah

By the time The Prophet left, Arabia had become teachers of the world

"I want to struggle until the Deen of Muhammad reaches every corner of the globe"

The secret formula for change and success is Islam

Df, it's 1:59am. I could've sworn it was just like 12:30 two minutes ago wtff

I'm still thinking about that shyt, smh...

Why would you lie??

The first time I asked him for help he was like "yeah I got you, just wait here I'll brb"

And then he left and never came back, and I was stuck there looking like 😐

And the second time, he gon lie to me about a A RELIGIOUS MATTER, he made me question the forgiveness of Allaah and almost pushed me to despair, and then later on when I asked him for help he just blatantly told me "no"


So two times!!

It won't be a third


May Allah make you have a son and somebody breaks his heart and make him feel like a dckhead

"Don't lie, don't jump to conclusions and think that you are all knowing like Allah, and DON'T.BE.AN.ASSHOLE!"


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I feel like shit

Six times now I seen that kid. May Allah bless him and give him long life

May Allah grant that kid all forms of goodness

May Allah bless his mother and father

May Allah forgive him for all his sins

May Allah enable him to die as a perfect Muslim

Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational use!!🤗

-soo what that mean?

Btch it means I'm moving 💼 🛬 to Canada indefinitely that's wtf it means!

*my seexxx drivee is soooo higghh*

*gurl you know what time you know what time*

*need, yourr, lovee right now*


This song is definitely haraam

This ngga talking about his sex drive n shyt wtf 😕

What typa illicit behavior is this??

You know who gotta fat ass?


Bea Miller

-no she DON'T! 😕

-she just hella pretty and she cute in the face

I ate her butt

May Allah bless that kid and make all of his dreams and wishes come true

May Allah grant him success in school

I don't like to waste... anything. I'm very conservative

I miss Mirrah... I'm finna text her, I still remember her number

This btch not replying wtff

I need to vent to her

She always was a good listener

How df ima get a hold of this btch???

Fuck Mirrah... Allah is enough!


But... I loved her

she was bae

-sdfup! you sound like a BITCH!!

-you only "think" you loved her

This dumbass btch live all the way in Minnesota!!

How df ima get a hold of her??

This btch...

I really loved her

She used to be sending me money

I used to be telling her like "bae I'm sober as shit, I can't eat, I can't sleep"

And she would be sending me money through Money Gram n shyt

And I would take that money and buy ALL THIS WEED!!

Fuck I miss her

I'm so alone 😳

I cheated on her couple times but just cuz I cheated doesn't mean that I don't love you

I tried to go to sleep to forget about her, I woke up and she still hadn't reply

Fuk it, Mirrah long gone, she not coming back

So what did I do when I woke up and realized she hadn't replied?

Btch I did my obligatory Maghrib and Isha prayer that's wtf I did

Mirrah goes, Allah STAYS!

Df is this ngga talking about??


Retarded af!!


Ummmm to plunge shit so the toilet can flush that's why

This dumbass ngga talking about "no no it doesn't need a plunger, just use this stick and it will flush" 😑


-this ngga is retarded af!!

That's that African mentality

"Using a stick as a plumger"


Stupid and retarded af

What is your intention? Why do you do what you do?

The Sharee’ah overlooks this Alhamdulillah

Small amounts of impurities are overlooked by the Sharee’ah

May Allah bless my father, may Allah give him long life

I intend to fast tomorrow!

Ya Allah I intend, it's a firm intention no bs

Insha'llah I will!

The intention has to be made between Maghrib time and Fajr time

Waking up to eat Suhoor/predawn meal is considered an intention

It's not a condition for the intention to be a phrase you visualize seeing in your mind

You just have to know... WHAT R U DOING??

The intention is the first step in EVERY act of worship

Hajj, Umrah, prayer, fast etc...

Prolonged isolation is very harmful and detrimental to your situation

The day that he got married was one of the most beautiful experiences for him, because that's what he was striving for

His wife becomes pregnant and they are joyous together now

He gets to the hospital, both his wife and his child has passed away

Pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and Allah SWT

But it becomes positive when it brings you back to Allah SWT

The punishment of Allah is not out of anger or wrath, the punishment of Allah is a means of cleansing you of your sins

The punishment of Allah is a preparation



You will never know what ease is all about until you have gone through difficulty

May Allah make us from among those who eat carrot rather than smoking cigarettes

The eyes and the ears are avenues that influence the heart that you have control over

So you have control over what leads to the way you feel at heart

Don't try to absolve yourself and say "I can't do any better"

The key is to start owning

The very first prohibition of the Qur’an was about female infanticide

"Don't kill female girls"

This is a social change. Islam did not just come with just theology

And even within the Quraysh there was a clear hierarchy

All human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah. It doesn't matter what your skin color is, it doesn't matter who your mother or father is

Abdullah ibn Masood was a non-Qurayshi, from a lowly tribe of Yemen

This is how the world worked, you're born into a class and you get treated like that class

I can't wait for tomorrow to come so I can fast and gain that reward from Allah Azzawajal and have my sins forgiven

Keep it a bean, it's already tomorrow, it's been tomorrow for like six hours now

It's currently 12:08am, Maghrib/Sunset was at 6:18pm

In Islam the day belongs to the night it precedes

So immediately as the sun go down its the next day

In America the next day starts at midnight

But God says the next day actually starts when the sun go down

Also it's not permissible to delay the Isha Salah past midnight

The Prophet PBUH said that

During the summer time the time difference between Isha and midnight is only like 2-3 hours, so it's best to just do it soon as you hear the Adhan, just get it over with. But DON'T RUSH. If you rush you're gay!

During the winter time, after the Adhan for Isha comes you be getting like 7 hours in between Isha and midnight

So you can go to sleep, do some work, fondle with your wife or whatever it is that you want to do, and you can have plenty of time to spare for your Salah

But the best Salah is that which is done immediately after hearing the call of the Adhan

The best muezzin that ever lived was Bilal, he was the Muezzin for the Prophet PBUH

Bilal was a slave, a black slave

The biggest mercy of all by Allah is al-Islam

Allah doesn't want to send us to the hellfire, he wants good for us at all times

"Allah is more compassionate with His slaves than this woman with her child"

But we as individuals need to seek that good as well

Allah will forgive all sins as long as you seek repentance from him

I'm watching porn this dumbass btch says "hey baby what's up? Are you seriously watching porn by yourself? Why don't you come webcam with me"

-😕uhh... yeah I'm watching porn by myself. Uhh... no I don't want to webcam with you

Btch idk a goddamn word you saying all ik is dis shyt finna nut!


"Things change people change feelings change too, never thought these circumstances would've changed you"

Allah does not change

He is not attributed with that!

He does not wake up in the morning and has new feelings

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Pause: Allah is not attributed with "waking up"

He doesn't sleep so He doesn't awake

That's fukked up smhh


How he told me "no" after I asked him twice... SINCERELY!!

First time he gon lie to me about a Religious matter. He gon tell me like: "It's a sin to keep on doing a sin while hoping on the mercy of Allah. Who says that he will forgive you?"


Umm His Messenger PBUH, His Book, every scholar of the Religion that's who df told me

It's Kufr to lie about Religion

The general principle is "Allah forgives every sin so long as u properly repent and you do not die upon that"

I do not like being lied to

If you wanna tell me no then TELL ME NO

But don't lie to me

Especially about something so dire


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning


Who df died and made you fukkin king??


Allah is still alive... so you are no king

What df was I bouta do??

😕 I be forgetting

That btch Tricky from Subway Surfers swear she gotta fat butt

That jawn not fat!

And she's flat chested

Nutass tanktop she be wearing