⚠ Thursday

My favorite color is black

I did everything! The only thing that I didn't do was pay tmy stupid student loan

But ima just pay it tomorrow

I'm gonna take advantage of ur daughter and fuck her lights out because I'm stronger than her and I do whatever df I wanna do

Fasting for today: complete!

Shit was liighht

I'ma boss

I just do a good deed and forget about it

It's whatever

This btch bad as shyt on fb, I'm finna poke her

Hopefully she'll get the hint

Poking means: I want to insert my penis in your vagina and stroke vigorously

I poked the shit out that btch 😁

I was like "POKE POKE"

I tried to add this other btch and then I had to quickly cancel the request cuz that btch looked like a straight MAN! 😣

Your endeavors on this planet are diverse

I miss Mercy...

I miss her lips

This btch Baby Cakes is a straight cum box!

I hate when it rains and it's hot, cuz u don't know whether u should wear a hoodie or not

I'm just not gonna wear a hoodie

I love the rain anyways

Plus today's Friday!

I can't wait to go to that new Mosque today


⚠ Friday




You're going to the Jummuah

And she has on her Hijab

What's wrong with you??


I'm here, I'm at the Musallah. Allah is GREAT!

It's a walking distance back home!

I'm gonna be coming here now every Friday. This is my home!

I'm ready to gain knowledge, I'm ready to have my sins forgiven!

This sermon is soo good and this guy is so knowledgeable

I wanna record this but my phone battery low

I'm home now, I'm sober, I'm safe


All praise be to Allah

The Lord of the Throne

The Creator of all

The king of the Day of Judgment

The One Who does not need

The... "pppfftttt!"



I'm sick of this shit!!

I'm sick of always farting

"Easy ways to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

I love that Masjid!!! 😄

I love it love it LOVEE IT!

That's my new home

I already purchased my illegal marijuana but I don't plan on smoking today, cuz today's Friday

Just gonna do it tomorrow

I mean...


I went this long without it I think ima just stop permanently now

Yup, never smoking again!

-btch you just said you gon do it tomorrow

No I didn't

-it's right there!

Prove it


I love Cap'n Crunch

Shit be popping

I'm going to memorize this Surah by the end of this weekend

I put that on my life!

I was going to say "I'm going to memorize this fukkin stupid ass Surah by the end of this weekend"

But that will not be permissible and would be blasphemy considering the fact that this Surah is Qur’an and the word of Allah Azzawajal

I can say "I'm going to memorize these stupid ass fukkin spelling words by the end of this weekend" and no sin will be on me

Except for the sin of cursing

Don't fukkin curse

If u curse you're gay!

There were no woman Prophets, all of the Prophets were male human being

If there were any female Prophets it would've been Lady Maryam, the mother of Jesus

But she wasn't a Prophet

The nafs are intrusive internal thoughts

causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited. "that was an intrusive question" synonyms:intruding, invasive, obtrusive, unwelcome, pushy; More

Waswas are intrusive external thoughts, from Satan

The thoughts are within a person, but triggered by an external thought

What is scrupulosity

Patients obsess over particular acts of worship, worrying that they did something to invalidate it

💡ohh ok, like sometimes I be making Wudu and when I get ready to pray I feel a fart bubble build up n shyt, and I be trying hold it back Wallahi but a little bit be seeping out

And I be like "hmmmm did I fart 🤔?"

And I'm the typa person if I'm not sure about something I just do it anyways, better safe than sorry!

There's also a waswas about conviction of faith, so you start questioning like "does God really exist? Does he look like this? Is he a girl?"

I never have those. I may get waswas about whether I farted or not but I never ever get waswas about whether or not God exists, and if He looks a certain way


Intrusive thoughts are just thoughts, and they do not reflect on you as a person

The problem is not with the thought itself, but rather how you cope with the thought or urge

Every time that I yawn hard tears be welling up in my eyes

The single most important part of our faith is the Kalimah of la ilaha illa'llah Muhammadun rasul Allah

The Prophet SAWS spoke out against all false gods

Those false gods divert them from the worship of the true God

Islam is sent to liberate the people from the false gods to the one true God

We always need to prioritize worship to Allah SWT

Our Religion is not just about theology, it's also morality and ethics

Female infanticide is haraam

Our job is to preach the truth and stick by it no matter how unpopular those truths may be

The goal is never just to be accepted by society

The goal is never just to live a comfortable life

The goal is to be role-models of truth

Being persecuted for one's faith is nothing new

Migrating for the sake of Religion is one of the greatest acts of worship

From the Seerah we learn that hatred blinds people

This is food for thought for all Muslims and all minorities

These are all natural phenomenon

They are the results of environmental factors, coming together in a particular way, that results in an excessive amount of rainfall, excessive flooding, excessive winds

These natural disasters are the cause of what man has done, they are the cause of what men has concocted themselves

In order that they may return to the right way

It may be a warning, reminder, or test from Allah SWT

Is there a connection?

The question can be asked, but the answer can only be assumed

A society that has accepted homosexuality as normal

It is a reminder that Allah SWT Himself is Most Powerful

To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth

A lot of it has to do with the earth that we live in and how we treat the earth as well

I hate doing surveys, every time that I get an offer to do it from like Wendy's or McDonald's or all them other places I decline and refuse, I'm always too lazy to do them

Plus they be asking stupidass questions, "was your food well cooked?" "Did you enjoy eating?" Etc...

They be asking too much, so I just don't do them

But Wells Fargo, them nggas is nice as shit, everybody there us nice, so when they ask me to do a survey for them I happily accept 😊

May Allah bless all the workers at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo was founded by some guy named Henry Fsrgo

I'm still thinking about the Mosque that I went to today, it was soooo good, and the Imam was soo knowledgeable, I learned so much, I'm just mad about the fact that I couldn't record the sermon, but next week Insha'llah, I'll make sure that my phone is charged fully so I can record it

2611 South 78th St 😄


After the one in Makkah

And the one in Medina

And the one in Jerusalem

Best thing about it is I actually felt "at home" while I was at that Mosque, I felt welcomed

I don't think I'm ever going to go back to that other Masjid

No offense or anything, I just didn't feel welcomed every time that I would go there

Plus I didn't like the way some of them treated me, especially that "one guy"

He made me feel low, and he shamed me

I'm prolly gonna go there again one day, but just to see my brothers Hasan and Adam

Finna watch some Islamic lectures on YouTube and increase my knowledge

That btch poked me, I can tell that she want the D

I can tell by the way she poked me

I'm finna go on a poking spree, poke all these btches on fb

Not enough btches shaking they ass on fb and instagram

"Easy ways to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

I saw that porn video already, I need some new excitement!

Baby Cakes is wifey material

"I believe just with semen, we can find a solution to this problem"

"Yes believe me, I'm a professional licensed"

"If we don't do something about this now it can be terminal"

I'ma fuck you till I nut btch

I put that on my life!!

I'm finna fill you up with straight 5.5ml of hyperspermia

I gotta fuck a baby in you btch!!!

I have to!!!!

That shit nutted fast

To lose in this world is bad, but to lose on the Day of Judgment is even worse

Listen with a open mind, allow for disagreements, see the perspective that I am coming from

By definition, every definition has to have boundaries

It's a generic number "70"

This is a large misunderstanding, it's a misunderstanding because the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah mention Allah's infinite Mercy

The majority of the Ummah of the Prophet SAWS will enter Jannah

The one who is in control of every aspect of your existence

We want to be guided, but when we come up with the rules of Allah SWT we say oh that's too tough, or I don't agree with it

Never ever in the slightest bit, lose hope in the Mercy of Allah SWT

It is haraam to lose hope in the Mercy of Allah

Because He is constantly Forgiving and constantly Merciful

The One Who immediately forgives

Like the sin never even existed

In a Hadeeth Qudsi Allah says "My Mercy it encompasses and surrounds everything"

The Qur'an came from the sky just like water came from the sky

The Qur’an is pure just like water is pure

Water and our relationship with Allah are interconnected

Whenever we go and speak with Allah we must purify ourselves with it

We have to get out of the empty rhetoric

I'm thinking about this photo shop assignment that I have to do for my class

I've been procrastinating all week now it's finna be due by the end of next week

I don't even know how to do that shyt 😕

I tried to do it yesterday but I was having troubles with it

Procrastination is not good at all, I should've done it last week when the instructor was showing us how to do it, but I was like "naahh, I got this! Ima just do it on my own"

Turns out I don't got this, and I cannot do it on my own

I tried to cheat and download it off Google but I couldn't find the download link

So this means: I'm screwed!

I have to do my morning workouts today since I didn't do them on Monday, I did them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and I'm going to them today, Insha'llah, I'll take a break on Sunday and start back up on Monday, Insha'llah

I have excess ejaculatory seminal fluids on my boxer briefs, and they do in fact stink, but I don't got class till Monday and no one is around to smell the foul odor that it produces, so I'm just going to change them on Monday morning, Insha'llah

Because I can only do it by the Will of Allah

I can only change my stinky boxer briefs if Allah Wills for me to do it

His Will is eternal

I'ma do my morning workouts this morning right after I watch porn again and masterbate, then ima do my morning workouts, as a form of expiation for my sin of watching porn and masterbating

Then afterwards ima hop in the shower and make Wudu and pray Fajr, I LOVE FAJR!

And then afterwards later on this morning I gotta go buy a lighter and smoke up

I mean... I gotta go to the library, to do some studying, I have a lot of overdue library books

As soon as the Adhan for Fajr goes off I'm on go!

My life revolves around Salah

If you go against the Religion of Allah you are declaring war upon yourself

This btch bad, I'm finna poke her

First I poke her with a click, then I poke her with my dck

You the Muslims are the best of people, chosen to guide mankind

James Garvin is one of the best thinkers in America

When it comes to impact, there is no man on the face of this earth greater than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He's not a Muslim, he's a Christian, and he's telling you that the greatest man to ever walk on the face of this earth is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Islam is all about knowledge

The pen of a scholar is greater than the blood of a martyr

Do some reading man, that's what Islam is all about

A theorist also has the tendency to become a leader

The Adhan for Fajr goes off at 6:16am, and I am going to initiate watching porn and masterbating at 5:55am, which means that I have a total of 21 minutes to successfully ejaculate

That's perfect, all I need is about two minutes

Or thirty seconds

My life revolves around Salah


That's who her name is, damn it I keep forgetting her name, I won't forget it again insh.....

I was going to say that "I won't forget her name Insha'llah" but that would not be permissible considering the fact that she's a porn star, and the only reason why I want to remember her name is so that I can view her pornographic videos later on

So saying Insha'llah would only mean I'm sinning, thus I will only be incurring the wrath of Allah

Similarly, saying "Bismillah" would not be permissible when one is about to do a sin

Actually... I don't know

But I'll tell you what? I'M GONNA FIND OUT!

Saying Bismillah before committing a sin is considered a sin that necessitates repentance. The same applies to saying Alhamdulillah after committing a sin. If this is done out of mockery and ridicule, it takes the doer out of the fold of Islam.

-Before Allah increased my knowledge and I was about to fornicatie with a btch I used to be like "Bismillah, I fuk this btch in the name of Allah"

Muhammad SAWS is the greatest man that ever walked on the face of this earth

Most Americans are not Muslims

"Bismillah, I'm finna insert my penis in her vagina and stroke vigorously in the name of Allah"

-is she your wife? Are you married to her?

no 🙁


"Bismillah, I'm finna take a toke of this blunt and inhale this marijuana smoke and get high as shit for the sake of Allah"


suck this dck you slut!!!!

I hate you

I love you

Btch I love and hate you simultaneously

I did it yess!

I ejaculated before the Adhan for Fajr went off

I always knew I could do it

-pats myself on the back


Sup bruh


You good?

-yeah I'm chilling, how you?

I'm chilling, how's your mom doing?


-why df is u asking?

Btch I was just asking damn, cuz last night she seemed kinda angry in bed


-you look like Kerchak

-you look like a Jamaican pit bull

There is no leader that supersedes Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He is a great man

I'm not going to be going to that other Masjid again, never in my life, instead I'm going to be going to the Masjid I went to yesterday, because that is the one that my father has selected for me to go to, and he knows best for me

May you rise up to the challenge of Islam in the 21st century

I respect my women a lot, in this western hemisphere

-you look like the black power ranger

-Dino Chargers n shyt

When a person is steadfast on his faith he won't be afraid of these kind of things happening to him

"People who are filled with hate don't know how to handle love"

-P.C. Cast

A healthy vibrant society, a civic society is built upon a foundation of truth

The Qur'an bears testimony to this

Our tradition is built upon this idea that there is objective truth

Our conception of reality is founded on the notion of truth

That which we use to discern from right and wrong is brooded on the truth

We live in a time, a day and age where the truth is being undermined daily

I am always very cautious when it comes to politics

"I'm an angel with an angle what I mean? Well... I'm just a demon that means well"


Finna go to the library

I'm high as shyt

This ngga Boog gave me some green shit this shyt some fire


Oh, I was going to make Dua for Boog and ask Allah to bless him but that would not be permissible considering the fact that he sold me an intoxicant, which is haraam

So both of us are sinning, me and Boog

May Allah forgive us

I'm all the way up ☝ there tho

I'm eagle twated

Btch I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

Ever since then I been cheefin!

But I don't be like chief keem and em, they be talking about robbing old ladies and killing nggas n shyt I would never do that, I'm a nice guy🙁

Allah SWT is sending us this to purify us of our sins

Allah SWT did not create an illness except that he created a cure for it

There is nothing to prevent cancer from being a result of the affliction of the evil eye

Science requires observations

It has "reasons" to try and explain those observations

Finna get on fb and ig and look at girls shaking they ass

Wtff there's not enough girls shaking they ass!! "Easy ways to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

My headphones is dead so I'm just gonna let it charge before I watch porn

I'll wait... being Muslim has given me patience

We're not allowed to spy on each other, because if you spy on me we lose hope in humanity

Allah covered the sin because he wants humanity to have hope in humanity once again

And I thank Allah that my wife didn't find out

She's going to hold it against you if she finds out, Allah will not

Sometimes people commit sin, and they sought forgiveness from Allah, they have already been forgiven, and you don't know

You need people to learn

We have to learn from people

The beginning of learning is belief

A student has to accept their ignorance before they can remove that ignorance

You have to go to a teacher with a type of humility and if you don't have that you can't learn

Speak beautiful to people

Return a wrong with a right

Cdfuupp, I was high as shit earlier


Not smoking today tho...

I mean... I'm not going to the library today. It's not a leap year

Plus there's no need for me to go there twice on two consecutive days

I already did all my homework yesterday

I'm hungry!

Wtf! It was just 1:55am, now this shyt is saying 1:06am wtf

😕ik I'm not trippin

Oh, yeah... daylight savings. I forgot

I think I'm gonna fast on Monday, yeah I'm gonna do that, it's gonna be hella easy, yeah, I'm gonna fast

I'm making the intention now, to make the intention

This way if anything happens and I die...

Insha'llah I won't die tho

suck this dck just like that baby I love you

You're my rock!

Ima fuck u till I nut!

I gotta nut in you btch

I have to!!

I put that on my life!!!

"You know you're not allowed down here why are you down here?"

"Honey do you know why you're not allowed down here? Because there's rules down here, for instance women aren't allowed down here unless they don't have any clothes on"

"If you're gonna be down here you're gonna follow the rules, do you understand? "

"Show my friends what you have, do a little dance for them"

"Don't be a fucking bad girl do you understand?"

-slaps her

"Be a good girl for daddy and his friends"

"It's because you're gonna take care of it for daddy, go ahead take it out"

"You're gonna be daddy's good girl you understand? "

"I don't want you coming down here unless I ask you to you understand?"

"Be a good girl and SUCK IT"

"are you daddy's little whore?"

"If you're gonna be a whore you're gonna get treated like one"

"idk yet just keep sucking it"

"you're my little girl and nobody else's you understand?"

"this is daddy's pussy u understand?"

That shit..... nutted

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah



Eeewwww wtff is wrong with me??

I can't believe I just watched that shyt

I'm never doing that shyt again!!

Seek help from God with patience and prayer, there are so many principles in the Qur’an like that

This Religion can be understood by very simple people

Fuk it, I was gonna change my boxer briefs on Monday morning/tomorrow

but no, I gotta change this shyt this morning, the stench is too overpowering!

These jawns STINKK!!!!!

Fajr needs to hurry up and come so that I can get in the shower and change my stinky boxer briefs

You can't think beyond the unthinkable

He ended up in an insane asylum. He went crazy why? Because he contemplated infinity

Do not think about God, but think about the gifts of God

You can't think about God, all you can do is think about the attributes of God and the gifts of God

What Einsten said is "the only thing that he finds unintelligible about the universe is it's intelligibility"

God made it to correspond with our minds

No matter what faith you're in, you have an advantage over a scientist, because all he can determine is how, we know why?

What is faith if you can lose it?

You have a choice but just know your choice is gonna have consequences

"O Allah, by forgiving me your greatness will not increase and by punishing me your greatness will not decrease"

"O Allah, I have nobody to turn to but You, so forgive me"

In this very condition he passed away

This is Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious the Most-Merciful

Ok... I made up my mind, this is how everything's gonna play out...

My schedule for next week:

➡1. Monday: I'm gonna wake up, do my morning workouts, take a shower, make Wudu, change my stinky boxer briefs Oh no I'm not gonna change my stinky boxer briefs on Monday ima do it today, this morning Of course I'm gonna smoke and be high as shit before I go to school, I mean... I gotta go to the library When I go to school ima focus on completing that stupid Lesson 10 or whatever on Canvas, I got until the 11th, so I gotta finish it soon! And I am going to pray Dhuhr and Asr at school, I normally just pray Dhuhr at school and Asr at home but I really gotta finish this fukkin Lesson 10 shyt Asr is going to come at 2:32pm on Monday, and the bus leaves at 2:40pm I suppose I could pray really quick and catch the bus before it leaves, but that would mean I would have to rush to do my prayer, I don't do that I never rush while praying, I take my time So I will not be catching the Septa bus that comes at 2:40pm, rather I will catch the one that comes at 3:10pm I am not going to smoke afterwards, I will just go home, normally I save like half of the blunt to blow it after school, but ima just smoke all of it in the morning and get it over with, Insh... Oh...

➡2. Tuesday: gonna wake up, take a shower, make Wudu, pray Fajr, go to school I normally smoke up on every day of the week, but I won't do that no more, I won't do it on two consecutive days no more Catch the 3:10pm bus that leaves school I'ma call up Boog, and purchase my illegal marijuana from him, hopefully he still got some of that green shit he sold me, that shit some fire!

➡Wednesday: gonna be the same process as Monday I'ma only smoke now on the days that I do my workouts

➡Thursday: I'm fasting on this day, gonna be on my best behavior!

➡Friday: wake up, do my workouts, take a shower, change my boxer briefs, I already know they gon be stinking I suppose I could smoke up on this day, but... it's Friday I'm going to be going to Jummuah on that day... so no smoking!

I will purchase the illegal marijuana tho

On Saturday I'll smoke up, Insh...


It's very easy to listen to and recite the Qur’an

Knowing the meaning of it is very difficult

The more that you are aware of Allah's blessings upon you, the more you long to thank Him

That will ignite your love and yearning to Allah

Your aims is to have the Throne of Allah as your ceiling

If you want to be with someone, love them, you will be with them

"soon as the bloody hit the floor I'm getting high!"

The angel Ridwan is known as the angel of paradise in Islam. Muslims recognize Ridwan as an archangel. Ridwan is in charge of maintaining Jannah (paradise or heaven). People sometimes ask for Ridwan's help to be faithful to Allah (God) and his teachings, in the hope that they will earn a place in paradise.

Your whole life your parents were serving you and for you to say something like this?

The Adhan for Fajr today goes off at 5:17am and Sunrise is at 6:33am, which gives me a total of 1hr 16 mins to ejaculate, get in the shower, make Wudu and pray

All I need is 30 second. Soon as the Adhan goes off I'm on go!

Leettsssssss goooooooooo!!!

I'm not doing my morning workout today so I should be good

I shouldn't have any difficulty fulfilling the prayer before sunrise


Not Insha'llah to me watching porn and masterbating

Insha'llah that I will be able to fulfill the Fajr prayer before sunrise

The Adhan for Fajr went off... LETTSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO!!

Also I gotta remember to talk to Ann Marie about not being able to attend class on Friday, for attending Jummuah

This new Xvideos app is truly quite convenient

you gotta get this dck btchh

right df now!!

This shyt finna nut btch

On my life!!




Good Morning

Feels so good that I'm not going to the library today

It's good to take a break from sinning once in a while

He will be in the anger of Allah until he goes and asks for forgiveness

Study your Deen, study your Religion

Those of you who curse your parents, who disobey your parents, may the curse of Allah be on that individual

Very stern words from the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Just praying Salah at home is not sufficient

These are becoming the trend

Whoever works very hard will definitely see the fruit of that particular working

Btch I worship Allah alone with no partners!

Is it permissible to use the word "bitch" and the name of Allah in the same sentence? 🤔

Prolly not

Lemme delete that

I just farted

That shyt went "pppfftttt"

As soon as I pray Dhuhr ima fuck these Cap'n Crunch up!

My life revolves around Salah


You a cold pussy

"Haters shake my hand but I keep the sanitizer on deck"

"wanna settle down stop being so flirty"

Worship your Rabb until the end

Do not ever stop

We are happy with the decree of Allah SWT

When we were born it is Allah Who created us, and it is Allah Who chose parents as a means of us coming into this earth

Worship Allah alone and be kind to your parents

This is what Allah says

It's not going to be easy

When you were young your mother had to change your nappies

Your father had to go out to work and provide

If your parents ask you to disobey Allah you excuse yourself politely, you don't obey them in that

I can't wait to fast tomorrow! 😄

You don't have to obey where they are young, but you still have to be kind

With your difference you will still respect your parents, you will look after their needs

From a young age we have something known as sibling rivalry

People think that we're warmongers, they think that we promote that which is violent, that's not true

Be the bigger one

If the words "I'm sorry" will solve your problems say it

If a person is toxic you do have the right to stay away, to protect yourself

A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice

Those who abuse you with their words, bear patience

It's not like you need to be unkind to a dog

Go home today and address your wife "my sweetie pie!"

It is a Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad SAWS to call your wife by the most beautiful names

🎧🎵Lil mama so hood! Lil mama stay flyyyy

Man look at shorty gooo 🎧

You call me a dog what does that make you? You have a face like mines and a nose like mines

It didn't help you!

You just smile and walk away

Respond in a very beautiful way

No need to be ugly because someone else is ugly

No need to respond, because you are a respectful human being, you are a Muslim, you belong to Allah

That person's bad should not make you to become bad

Don't be provoked, because if you are provoked you will be exactly where they want you to be

I am related to you very closely

It is an honor to be related to very hospitable people

Why df do I keep losing at this Checkers game??

"Easy ways to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

If you sometimes think about taking your life or feel that you want to die, it may be because you can’t see any other solution to the difficulties you’re going through. Sometimes life can be really overwhelming and it can be incredibly difficult to know how to handle things.

-listen... bitch. Idcc about living anymore, idcc about this life I don't care about anything I just don't FUKKIN CARE!!

-I just want the pain to stop 😢

Keep it a bean, I'm ugly as shit

-yeah you look like Kerchak

I fuckk waayyy more btches than you

-stop lying on ya dck

"only add people you know"


-me and her go way back

11:17am right now, Dhuhr is at 11:45

As soon as I pray it I'ma go in on those Cap'n Crunch

I was going to say "as soon as i pray that shit then ima go in on those Cap'n Crunch "

but that will not be permissible to say and would be blasphemy considering the fact that Dhuhr is one of the five obligatory prayers and it was ordained by Allah

It's their right to be different from you

Fuck my brother Daddy in Africa, Abu Bakarr Mansaray. My father don't like him, I don't like him. In fact I hate him

Allah made them in the first place, if He didn't want them He wouldn't have made them

Imagine if you had to punch people you disagreed with?

In Islam it's highly recommend to call someone brother or sister, because they are your brother and sister

No. 1 in humanity, and no. 2 in faith, and the bond of faith is stronger than anything else

Never let someone make you believe that you have to be violent, in order to propagate what you have

Propagate- breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock.

"We are discovering new ways to propagate plants without seeds."

Your duty is to only convey the message

Convincing is in the hands of Allah

The Muslims were driven out of their homes in Makkah

They were being killed one after the other

I prayed Dhuhr



All praise be to Allah

The One Who provided me with that food, and Who provided an exit for them

I'm probably gonna shit those Cap'n Crunch out later on today after Maghrib

My life revolves around Salah

I can't wait to fast tomorrow, that's all I'm thinking about

"you searching for answers I do not know nothing!"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

And it's idle talk

I'm glad you realize that you don't know anything

Only Allah has knowledge of all, He is Omniscient

So you stfup

Whatever your soul desires you shall have in Jannah

The width of which is greater than the skies and the earth

You want mercy from the one above you have to show mercy towards those on earth

Don't be violent, don't use hurtful words

Don't use vulgar terms

Call people to Islam through your character and your conduct

It is because of the Mercy of Allah that you have leniency and compassion

If you are compassionate and lenient, it is a sign of the Mercy of Allah upon you. If you are not compassionate or lenient than it is a sign that you are distant from the Mercy of Allah

Without cleaning the heart you will never be able to respect differences

May Allah SWT help us to clean our hearts

Sometimes the way the media portrays it it makes it look like that

If you are not humbled you will not achieve

The more humble you are the more content you will be

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS asked us to be humble

How can I call myself a Muslim and I don't pray 5x a day?

That question itself is an insult, because there is no comparison

I'm asking you to develop for the sake of Allah

Those who prepare for the Hereafter are the successful ones

That doesn't mean that we divorce ourselves from this world

I'm gonna eat again after Asr

My Deen is a product, I need to market it, I need to sell it

When you talk to people be polite, especially the Non-Muslims

Do we really love one another as Muslims?

"My Maker is Allah." Powerful statement

The hearts are in the hands of Allah

I farted a little bit, it was just a little ppffttt

Keep it a bean I don't even know if that hoe farted, it was very subtle

I'm just gonna make Wudu again fuck it

Better safe than sorry!

The time difference between Asr and Maghrib is 2 hr 23 mins today. Normally that hoe be...

Normally that prayer time be like 3-4hrs at least

It will not be permissible to call a prayer time "that hoe" because Allah has honoured it and prescribed it upon His slaves

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

But back to the prayer time, why is that? 🤔

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! I keep forgetting

Allah has made the time gap shorter and easy for us

But it wasn't easy for the Messenger of Allah SAWS

Everyday it was summer over there

But Allah is All-Knowing

He knows that there are some slaves that He has in the west who will not be able to handle summer hours year long, so He has made it easy for us

Allah knows that we're fat!


You are not considered true believers until you love one another

We are not asking you to compromise your faith

We don't drink, we don't intoxicate ourselves

We don't do that which is haraam

Learn to love people, learn to honor them

Asr needs to hurry up!!

If you are close to Allah, you are a better person

Piety makes you humble, it makes you concern

Look at Umar ibn al-Khattab

How can you tell who's going to hell? You there?

When we hear a good word make sure that the word changes your heart

The one who harms his neighbor will not enter Paradise

That's not Islam, Islam is the opposite

Islam tells you to respect one another and use kind words

A man received forgiveness because he quenched the thirst of a dog

What is the value you think of the one who quenches the thirst of a human being?

No matter what let's be realistic

Why do we have to kill people for what? Why do we have to harm them?

I just took a crazy dookie

Finna go to the library

Jk, they're closed today

I gotta go tomorrow morning around 6am

-😕6am??? Ain't they gon be closed ??


I love poking btches on fb, if I poke you that means I want to marry you and impregnate you

I be like "poke poke"

First I poke her with a click

Then I poke her with my 😲🙊

Many people hate Islam due to their ignorance of Islam

I can't wait to fast tomorrow! 😄

Islam says you will give your daughter, they will get married, no matter where they are from

If they have good character, and a descent piety level then let them get married. If you don't then there will be chaos on earth

Roszay babymom look like a fatass polar bear

She look like a fatass 6'3 male human being

Roszay babymom is taller than Roszay

Her name Ciara, she look like a fatass Fat Albert

Roszay is the guy

Ciara is the babymom

Ciara is taller than Roszay!!

Roszay short and ugly as shit

Eemaan has a taste, which is tasted and experienced by the heart

It is only felt when the heart is safe and free from any type of sickness

There are many practical steps of loving Allah

ibn Hajar was inspired from ibn Rajab

Sometimes a person gets to love Allah by knowing Who He is, and who He isn't

If you know Him more than you love Him more, Azzawajal

You may look at something that Allah has done, but it may not necessarily mean that it's a blessing for you

He who knows Allah will love Allah, and he who knows him will obey Him

Loving Allah necessitates that you obey Him

If you claim something then you have to prove it

Every Muslim must have the basic nutrition

Just do it. Get rid of what you think, what you've heard, what you've been told

Put your trust in Allah and do it

You make a mistake you get right back to it

Allah loves those who constantly make Tawbah

Just because you make an error don't mean that you don't love Allah

Just prayed Maghrib

And I intend to fast tomorrow! 😄


hold up...

Wait... tomorrow's Monday

I be doing my morning workouts on Mondays

And I be having hunger pangs

So fasting is going to be difficult for me 😕

And I know my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most Merciful and Most-Gracious does not want to make it hard for me

But I was def going to though, I've had the intention for the whole weekend

Ohh man!!

Darn diggity!!

Now I can't fast and gain the reward from my Lord

"Easy ways to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

wait... 🤔

Al-Bukhaari (6491) and Muslim (131) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, relating from his Lord, may He be glorified and exalted: “Allah decreed good deeds and bad deeds, then He explained that. Whoever thinks of doing a good deed then does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed. If he thinks of doing a good deed and then does it, Allah [may He be glorified and exalted] will write it down between ten and seven hundred fold, or many more. If he thinks of doing a bad deed then he does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed, and if he thinks of it then does it, Allah will write it down as one bad deed.”

It's not a condition that your skin has to touch the ground

May Allah cause Islam to spread and make the Deen of Prophet Muhammad be in the heart of every individual, AAMEN!

Finna watch some girls shaking they ass on fb and instagram

Wtff, there's not enough girls shaking they ass on fb and instagram wtff they showing selfies n shyt, that's not wtf.i.wanna.see

"step by step method to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

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you finna get this iron rod btch!!

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On my life!!!!

Where you want this shyt to nutt??

Tell me??????


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It was a spontaneous combustion

I couldn't make up my mind as to in which direction to direct the semen

Btch I nutted on your nosebridge👃


Eeewwww wtff is wrong with me??

I can't believe I watched that shyt 😕

Is that wtff I like???


Wtff is wrong with me???

-idkk 😔

What the Shahada does is it negates worship of anyone other than Allah

Cap'n Crunch be twapping!

I wanna pray Tahajjud, but I'm Junub, so I would have to take a full body shower first, and it's really cold, and ik that my Lord doesn't want to make it hard for me

darn diggity! now I can't pray and get the reward from my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most High


Al-Bukhaari (6491) and Muslim (131) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, relating from his Lord, may He be glorified and exalted: “Allah decreed good deeds and bad deeds, then He explained that. Whoever thinks of doing a good deed then does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed. If he thinks of doing a good deed and then does it, Allah [may He be glorified and exalted] will write it down between ten and seven hundred fold, or many more. If he thinks of doing a bad deed then he does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed, and if he thinks of it then does it, Allah will write it down as one bad deed.”

We have to understand, understanding is very important

Understanding translates into action

There's nothing to hope for but the demise of this physical body. Why not commit suicide? Why not end it all?

Then die and pass the message onto our descendants. If we do that then we have done our job

If you want to be saved make sure you're in that group

We are the people of hope, not foolish optimism

Stand up, be proud to be a Muslim

But all these little people not selling heroine, selling marijuana on the street corner are going to jail, feeding this prison industrial complex, where's the mercy in that?

Allah forgives the idolater, Allah forgives the man that killed 100 people


But I don't want to take a shower!!


"Easy step by step method to kill yourself" *GOOGLE SEARCH*

-The most painless way to die is by a process called nitrogen asphyxiation. You can do it by strapping on a breathing mask and hook it up to a supply of 100% pure nitrogen.

Stop right there! Don’t you even dare!

Trust m

Sdfup! 😞

-Hello, friend,

There is no painless way to commit suicide. Suicide is a great ocean of pain starting with the act, rippling on to friends and family, those who hear of it, the gaping hole in the fabric of the world that you were meant to fill, and then the painful extinguishing of all the future moments of happiness and hope that lie in store for you.
I am sorry that you are living through a painful time. Perhaps your circumstances are dark or people have turned against you. Too many will suggest that suicide is an easy way out. It is not. There is a way out though. There is hope. There is a ray of light. The journey to healing can be started by simply reaching out for help.

💡this ngga gay, he gon talk about some "hello friend"

This is a beautiful Religion, don't despair, that's not a believing characteristic

We have to spiritualize it, it's not a political struggle

It's a struggle between truth and falsehood

The parameters of which have been defined by the enemies of Islam

Everybody's going to die. So our life really begins when we die, in the big scheme of things

He gives it to whoever He pleases, but he only gives faith to those He loves

We can look beyond the world, we can look at something that transcends the world

It's more valuable than the world and everything in it

Your second question concerns tawfiq. Tawfiq is that divine success and favor from Allah without which one cannot perform a good deed or even if he performs it it will lack sincerity in which case it will not have any value.

May Allah give us Tawfiq

This is a fact, in which simply there is no doubt about

It's amazing what our kids are being taught at school

It's absolutely critical that we preserve our eemaan

74% of British kids think that Muslims are dirty people

We are creating a community that doesn't like Muslims

Young minds are like sponges, they will learn it and take it with them

Focus on making your children learn the Deen whilst they're still young

We live in an information age where knowledge is far more powerful than anything else

So focus on school

You could build a school and inside it could be a Masjid as well

A school teaching quality Islamic education

Please focus on schools, please focus on bringing your kids back to the Deen

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Idc about the consequences!

Idc about the repercussions for my behavior!

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Wtf is wrong with me??

I can't believe I watched that shyt, is that what I like??

-yes Smhh... I need psychological help 😣

So this is going to be my schedule for today:

1. Wake up, do morning workouts

2. Get in the shower, make Wudu, pray Fajr

3. Call father, go to the library

4. Catch the bus to school

5. Focus on completing that assignment on Canvas, I gotta finish it this week!

6. Pray Dhuhr and Asr at school

7. Catch the 3:10pm bus home, stop at Wells Fargo take out money for father

8. Not gonna go to the library after school considering that I would've already went in the morning

9. Go home

10. Pray Maghrib and Isha

Insha'llah! 😄

Not Insha'llah to me going to the library, but Insha'llah to everything else

Why is it that Allah says dont do certain things?

The test includes doing certain things and abstaining from certain things

There's ejaculatory seminal fluids on my boxer briefs indeed, but they don't stink. They only stink and smell bad when the seminal fluid dries up, then it begins to produce that horrible stench

But as for now they chilling, they not really dried up, I'm gonna take a shower but I'm not going to change my boxer briefs

Why? Because they don't stink!

You have to learn to be conservative in life!

There's nggas in Africa who can't even afford to buy boxer briefs. I'm fortunate enough to have them. All praise be to Allah.

The Lord of the worlds

The Lord of the Throne

The Creator of all

The king of the Day of Judgment

The Ultimate inheritor

The governer of all

The One Who does not need

The One Who is not in a place

The Self without selves

The..... "PPPFFTTTT!" 💨

Ok now I gotta change my boxer briefs

Do not lose hope, but get back on track as soon as possible, because your Lord is Merciful

Whenever we do something that Allah has prohibited, it is not Allah Who loses, it is us who lose


Next time we fuck I don't wanna just fuck I wanna make love.

It sucks that I'm not gonna get a chance to fast today

I really wanted to do it for the sake of my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most High

darn diggity!


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Finna get ready to go to the library in a little bit

-😞library??? It's 5:36 in the morning

It's a leap year!!

So stop thinking that Allah won't forgive you. Allah will, He cares for you

Try to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today

Why df does my spittle keep heading in the direction of my shoe?? 😕

That shyt stupid!

I'm eagle twated

I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

"🎧Cuz you'll say you love me, and I'll end up lying saying I love you too "

I be lying