I been farted

These take a long time to learn

Knowledge is difficult, it's not an easy thing

It's a very sophisticated tradition

If you have to kill, do it well

I'm thinking about the girl on the bus today

She was pretty as shit

She was light-skin and her ass was fat

I wanna marry her


I'm a horny little fucker

There's a sickness in this desire to kill people

Muslims were the first to really manufacture paper at an international level

But they didn't invent it, they perfected it and they popularized it

The Chinese invented paper but they kept it a state secret, they didn't want anybody to know about it

The Chinese taught the Muslims the art of paper manufacturing

The Islamic government adopted paper as the official means of communication

Paper became the norm

And what comes with paper? Books, education, universities, libraries

The writing of books flourished, when paper was discovered

Muslims were the first to have something that we now understand as being a university

The west eventually discovered paper, in the second crusade when they entered Jerusalem they found the Muslims with paper, they brought it back to Europe

The Europeans started making better paper than the Muslims

Many of the manuscripts that we now find are actually written on European paper

Around 1450-1500 what happens? The Europeans find better ways to make paper. Better quality, better material

So what happens? They begin selling to Muslims

You see the tides exchange

And Europe excels in the art of manufacturing paper

When paper flourishes in Europe what happens? The rise of knowledge, the protestant reformation, the Renaissance

Europeans now have a surplus of paper

And when you have a surplus of a commodity what happens? You begin thinking what to do with it. How can we better utilize what we have in excess of

Yohanas Guttenberg is the inventor of the printing press

With the printing press what happens? You can mass produce books, and when you mass produce books what happens? You are teaching a generation of people knowledge

When Muslims first heard of the printing press they banned it. They prohibited it's importation into Muslim land

They said "this is something that the kuffaar have invented!"

"We didn't invent it so it can't be good"

Any printed book was banned

In the year 1515: "Anybody who was found with an Arabic book that is printed on a printing press shall be executed"

The punishment for owning a book that was printed on a printing press was death, why?

One simple reason, they did not want change

They wanted to somehow oppose modernity

They wanted to live in a shell because they were so confident "our ways are the right ways"

It was enthusiasm that was misdirected

Yes we are Muslims, yes we followers of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but where does Allah tell us not to accept modernity?

Where does Allah tell us not to accept technology?

There was a sense of supreme power, there was a sense of arrogance

There was a fear of change, so what did the Muslims do? They banned it

In the meantime. Books are flourishing in the European lands

Not coincidentally, Martin Luther's reformation utilizes the printing press

He prints the Bible in German, for people to read

"The Earth is flat, the sun is going around the earth" and all of these changes that the Church had put on the people

Thinkers and scientist come along to challenge the church and the political structure

Galileo and Newton. Thinkers come along and challenge the church

What happens? The entire theocratic state, the entire dominion of the Church collapsed completely

Because education was too powerful, and ignorance is bound to lose over education

So Europe was forced to change, and the Church was forced to cut itself, and it became the protestant and Catholic branches of Christianity

Throughout the 1500's, 1600's, 1700's, and even the early 1800's printing presses were manufactured and transported and books were printed across the world, except for lands of Islam

The first person to bring a printing press to Egypt was Napoleon Bonaparte, when he invaded Egypt he brought a printing press and he put it in the Muslim land

It was forced upon the Muslims

So many changes came along and eventually the Muslims were forced to accept the printing press

The first printing press was around 1840, 1850, 1860 around the Muslim world

Why? Because we were too scared of modernity, and we thought that if we allowed the printing press in it's gonna corrupt the minds of our youth

But what happened? Eventually modernity was forced upon us

Because we were too scared to embrace it, and when that did happen it was too late

Within a few decades the Ottoman empire collapsed

Yes we are proud to be Muslims. But where in the Qur’an and Sunnah does it say to oppose modernity and change?

The reality is that the world will always change, and modernity will continue to be modernity

The reality is we're living in a fluid environment

You have to go with the flow. You're wearing your life jacket, you simply let yourself free and you control yourself along with the current, you let the current take you, but you simply try to force your way eventually to get to the shore

This is what modernity is

You have to embrace it, along with keeping your values

Homosexuality is not permitted in Islam

Many of us do not distinguish between what is culture and what is Islam

We need to compromise where the Sharee’ah allows us to compromise, and we need to be firm where the Sharee’ah tells us to be firm

I listened to my father, I got the engineering degree then I did what I wanted

We need Muslims representing every single field

We have a surplus of engineers and doctors

Where do we even begin with the fitnahs of marriage?

The children that are now growing up are not interested in the values that our parents were interested in

They don't care where you're from

They really don't care

For me as a second generation what's the difference? It's all the same

There's hardly any difference at all

We are all Muslims

We have to understand that it's a new time and place

Honestly I want my son or daughter to be my best friend and I want them to think of me as a best friend

Times change

I want to be able to have open doors and they come to me

If they don't come to me who are they going to go to?

Times change, you need to have a relationship with your kids

This is modernity

You cannot live your dreams through your children

Your children have to discover their own dreams and you have to support them

You need to understand that not everyone is perfect

You made mistakes when you were young, because you're human

Maybe your childrens' mistakes would be worse than yours

Maybe they will, but look at the environment and cut them some slack!

You're the ones who bought us here. You can't blame us for taking some of the positives and negatives

This is inevitable

"Whatever you wanna be I will be your father and I'm always going to be proud of you no matter what you do"

Modernity is upon us whether we like it or not. This is a generation of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

You need to adapt to the change with the change, if you're going to keep your children, Deen and dunya

Never underestimate the power of Du'a

Never underestimate raising your hands up

You will win with the language of Allah

You will win if you turn to Allah and you treat with them the way that Allah SWT wants you to treat them

Your children are the future of the Ummah, preserve them, protect them, make Du'a for them

The future is brighter Insha'llah

Do your best to be good mothers and fathers

I wanna pray but I ejaculated earlier

But I would've. I would've done 80 rak'ahs for the sake of Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious

Naw 300, I would've done 300 rak'ahs!!! For the sake of my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most High

I remember once before I had my brain injury, I used to be playing basketball and me and this guy was playing a one on one game once, and he was really winning, like he was destroying me, the score was like his 17 to my 5, or summin like that

So he was like "yeah I'm trashing you I'm bouta win!"

I was mad af, i hate losing, and I hate when people rub it in my face n shyt

So I was like "whatever idc, it's just a game, I'm bouta go to my girl crib right now and get some pussy. This is just a game. I'ma be at my girl house getting some cheeks and you gon be here shooting a basketball n shyt "🏀

You have to learn to prioritize in life

Which is more important? Playing basketball or getting some pussy?

Obviously this was before I converted to Islam and I realized that it's haraam to have a gf and fornication is among the major sins


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Al-Baqara(Chapter 2) is the longest Surah in the Qur’an

I gotta leave school earlier today, soon as I pray Dhuhr I'm out!

Not smoking today, cuz I already did it yesterday, can't do it on two consecutive days, that will be a kind of persisting in sin

But I will purchase my illegal marijuana tho, yessireebob!

Persisting in small sin is a major sin

Like saying a white lie, that is a sin, though it is only a small sin, but if you persist in it it then turns into a major sin

If that's the case for minor sins then what do you think is the case for major sin, like smoking weed? Can't be good!

May Allah bless that kid and give him long life and make a of his dreams and wishes come true AAMEN!

Yoooo he looked out!!

He gave me that jawn for a dub 😆

I'm home, I'm safe

I thank Allah Azzawajal for my life

I thank Allah for my health and condition

I will keep on trying, nothing will ever keep me away from Your door

You can either become complacent after the amazing conversation that you had with your Lord

Or you can be discouraged and you can begin to move away

If you want to live a joyous life be patient

When Allah loves a person he inflicts him with a trial

I already purchased my illegal marijuana to smoke for the morning tomorrow. In life you have to prepare for the future

Why don't you speak about the Mercy of Allah? Give people hope

Sometimes hope in the wrong hands can actually destroy the person

And if this.. is what it takes! 🎤

I can't wait to go back to that Mosque on Friday, that's all I been thinking about

I already rolled up my cannabis and I'm prepped to smoke up in the am

I mean... to go to the library

Lemme delete that

You only get one shot at life, there's no coming back

The choice is yours

In Islam there's no such thing as a wrong place and wrong time

What you're actually saying is that Allah made a mistake

How will you be when Allah takes your life

Bismillah: "I am remembering Allah while I am doing this"

Sometimes the reason why we are cursed in this world is because we have uttered bad words against a person who is a friend of Allah, and we are suffering as a result. So be careful, watch your tongue

Not because he cursed you, but because Allah, who's friend they are, did not like what you did to his friend

They go down within days, and they never know the reason why they went down

But Allah is Most-Merciful

That thought is so dirty. Even if she was, what's it got to do with you?

Paradise is not for those with dirty hearts

Do not hate someone based on what someone has told you

To have a dirty heart and to have bad perception about people, that will keep you away from Paradise

They wanna do good but where do they go?

They wanna avoid the bad but it's all around

I keep poking this btch on fb. I can tell she want the D

I'm hoping she gets the hint... insha...


I was going to say "Insha'llah she will get the hint when I poke her" but that would not be permissible considering the fact that the only reason why I keep poking her is because I want to fornicate with her and fall into sin...

I can't wait to go to the library in the morning

You are here because of Allah, not because of me

We love each other for the sake of Allah

In Islam it doesn't matter where you come from

In Islam it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, for as long as you are trying to help other people

If you are trying to reach out to the creatures of Almighty Allah that's what makes you a better person

May Allah grant you goodness

May Allah protect your nation

The people who are close to Allah their hearts are soft

Remember to develop your qualities

And if you don't have teeth that smile is more valuable than those who have teeth

Who made the baby smile? Allah

We need to make sure that the expression on our face is always a good one

I'm here to express my solidarity with you

When you have a disagreement you will resolve it in a respectable manner

You will not cause violence

I am one number from amongst you. I am not superior to any of you

If you want to do something do it the proper way, do not break the law

You need to go out of your way to display the good morals and values and teachings of Islam

By being kind to those who do not share the same fate as you

We definitely stand for peace and coexistence

What gives me the right to take away that life which was given to me the same way

We are against all forms of killing, and we do not believe that the solution to any problem is through violence

If we have misunderstandings the solution is never through violence

Security and peace will promote the growth of a nation

The Almighty has never taught us to resolve our matters through violence

I love people who are optimistic, who always deliver a positive message

I'm going to decrement, I'm not gonna be doing 65 high knees anymore. I'm only going to do 50

Whether I ejaculate or not, I still always have to take a shower in the morning

Why? Because I have to pray Fajr and I gotta be clean and smell good when I stand up in front of my Lord. That is the only reason

If it wasn't for Allah I wouldn't even care frfr 😞

Why take a shower today? I already took one last month

The one who fears Allah is the one who fulfills obligatory duties and avoids things that are forbidden. That includes the one who sins, then repents and turns to Allah, and the one who goes back to sin, then repents from it again, because piety or fearing Allah, may He be exalted, means doing what is enjoined and refraining from what is forbidden

"That includes the one who sins, then repents and turns to Allah, and the one who goes back to sin, then repents from it again, because piety or fearing Allah, may He be exalted, means doing what is enjoined and refraining from what is forbidden"

End. Fukkin. Quote!

Don't be a sinner. DON'T EVER SIN!

But just know... If you do sin, and then you repent. Allah will forgive you

Most people just sin and get on with their lives, they don't give a fuk about repenting

If you're brave enough to sin at least be brave enough to repent!


⚠ Wednesday

and good morning

Just did Fajr. Insha'llah I won't fart, I'm bouta get ready to go to the library, and I don't wanna pick up something when I'm done

I mean... I don't want to return the library book

If you sin once, you're gonna go to hellfire for all eternity and ur go on a burn btchh!! 🔥 🔥 😲

Unless you repent

If you repent then everything will be good

Never underestimate the power of repentance

We're supposed to give people hope!

I'm at the library reading this book 📖

I'm high a little bit

I'm semi-high 😕

I was once fuckin this btch she had a FAT ASS!


I can't say her name cuz she might have said her Shahada and converted to Islam

The one true Religion

-who Stacey???

Nah I been fucked Stacey, her pussy yesterday forecast

Cdfuupp! 😅

Fasting tomorrow, going to the Masjid Friday! 😄

I been thinking about that Masjid all week

Fuck this shit I gotta get high

btch I'm eagle twated!!

this girl at school had a fat ass

she held the door for me

I love her

That shyt nutted quick


My core value is very basic: make it to Paradise

No matter what it takes

I want a girl that shares that same core value with me

And she gotta be a freak

She gotta be hella pretty too

With long hair

And a fat ass!

And she gotta be Muslim

You gotta take the good with the bad, you can't just take all the good and filter out the bad, it doesn't work like that

I'm not going to take a shower this morning because I already took one last night after I masterbated and ejaculated

Allah is the Giver of Life (Al-Muhyee) and He is the Giver of Death (Al-Mumeet)


⚠ Thursday


Some people say that fasting is not invalidated by smoking; because it is not food or drink. What is your opinion about this?.


Praise be to Allaah. I think that this is a view for which there is no basis. Rather smoking is a kind of drinking; in Arabic they say that one “drinks” a cigarette. Moreover, there is no doubt that it reaches the stomach and the inside of the body, and everything that reaches the stomach and the inside of the body invalidates the fast, whether it is beneficial or harmful, even if a person were to swallow a bead from the masbahah, or a piece of iron, or anything else, it invalidates the fast. So it is not essential that the thing that invalidates the fast, or that is eaten or drunk, should be nourishing or beneficial. Everything that reaches the stomach is regarded as food or drink. They believe – indeed they know – that this is a kind of drink, and if anyone says this then he is being arrogant.

Moreover, I think that the month of Ramadaan is an opportunity for the one who is sincerely resolved and wants to give up this foul, harmful habit of smoking. I think that it is an opportunity because he is going to abstain from it throughout the day in Ramadaan, and at night he can distract himself from it by means of the food and drink that Allaah has permitted to him, and by frequenting the mosques and attending gatherings of righteous people, and he can keep away from those who have this habit. If he abstains from it throughout the month, then that will be a great help to him in giving it up for the rest of his life. This is an opportunity which smokers should not miss. End quote.

I gotta get high

I'ma go to the library after class

Cuz nobody feels the way that I feel when I'm alone