I'm thinking about this girl in school today

She was short, had long hair and a fat ass

I was def looking!

"Listen, this is what we have been discussing, and we're all family we're all blood, so why don't you let us, some of the kids can stay with us"

So Abu Tallib said "leave Jaffar for me, and the rest you do with what you want"

The Prophet was bought up in the house of Abu Tallib

So The Prophet SAWS took Ali ibn Abi Taalib

Ali ibn Abi Taalib became a person that grew up in the blessed household of the Prophet SAWS

Another prrson, in the same family is a person known by the name of Zaid

Zaid's story is an amazing story, Zaid came from a prominent tribe

He's from the original Arabs

The nephew of Khadijah purchased him

As a marriage gift gave to Khadijah

Parents don't forget their children

The way of advertisement in those days was poetry

Cuz poetry used to from mouths to mouths and propel would recite them like they would recite songs

"I am not one to give up someone who wishes to stay with me"

I need to start with myself, and then everybody else, and then in that way Insha'llah we will increase the love and learn to love each other

That's one of the reason men aren't marrying women, because too many women are saying "I don't need a man to take care of me"

Allah says in the Qur’an that men are the protectors and maintainers of women

You finna get this dck just now you just wait btch!!

Have patience

you finna get fucked btch!

That pussy fat baby

I'ma fuck u till I nutt

On my life!!

this shyt finna nut!!


That shyt..... nutted




⚠ Tuesday

Definitely not blowing this morning

I blew yesterday, and smoking on two consecutive days would be a kind of persisting in sin, in which I don't do

Before you can fix any problem you have to diagnose it properly

The heart is the apparatus by which we see the world

Indeed my Lord is with me and He will guide me through this

You and I are never going to be in front of a large body of water with an army behind us

But we are going to be put in situations where we feel trapped

If Allah is with you you don't have to worry

He will guide me through

I'm hungry as shit

Tie your camel and put your trust in Allah simultaneously

They both go hand in hand

Roszay babymom look like a fatass humpback whale 🐳

"🎤can u really take dck or naw?"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

Sharing is caring. Islam is a Religion of brotherhood. Whatever I have than my Muslim brother also has

💡Classical example: couple years ago a Muslim friend of mines came to me and told me that he's struggling to find a wife, he told me that he's been trying and trying but to no avail

So what did I do? I looked at my brother, my heart filled with sympathy. I couldn't bear to see my brother like this. I immediately grabbed my phone and scrolled down my contact list

Asia... Ashley... Anita... Brittney... Bianca... Cindy...

💡"anyone you want you can have bro. My btches is your btches. I love you for the sake of Allah bro"

Is it going to rain tomorrow morning? I wanna know cuz ima smoke up early in the am and I need to be at school early tomorrow

You always have to plan for the future

Develop your character

Be an individual who is truthful, honest, sensitive to other people

He told people to have good character and he warned about bad character

Be a person that has good character

There are certain things you should never say to a depressed person

When we see someone depressed we should give them advice

I will share with you some things that you should never say to a depressed person

If you're having a conversation with a depressed person don't ever tell them "look on the bright side"

If he was able to look on the bright side do you think he would be depressed?

It's like telling a blind person "look at the sun"

It makes it a lot worse

Even though you might have the best of intentions it makes it a lot worse

If someone has cancer do you tell them to be patient or do you tell them to get treatment?

When you say to a depressed person be patient, what are you insinuating, what are you implying?

That they're impatient

Don't ever tell a depressed person "snap out of it"

This is very insensitive

You know a tree by it's fruits

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has been producing fruits for 35 years for the Muslim community in North America

A lot of people don't like beauty they like ugliness

And when they see beauty they try to deface it

Our job is to beautify, we're the people of Ihsan

Allah has prescribed beautification in everything


I believe we're gonna be judged. Should a man like Hitler kill all them Jews and get away with it?

It's a scary thing to think that I'm going to hell. To burn eternally forever

God wants to know how do we treat each other, how do we help each other

Allah has saved you from something tremendous

It's the best thing that happened to you, just wait for a bit

The Prophet SAWS used to treat sinners and the ignorant people with too much kindness because he understood that when a person doesn't know then they ought to be taught

My left hand hurts 🙁

Luckily... I only need my right hand to take a drag from the blunt 😊

The Qur’an is full of anomalies, that if they were found in other books they would be seen as mistakes

Anomaly- something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

💡Sentence example: Because of my abnormally large penis, Jason's mom often claims that it's an anomaly because she has never seen anything like it.


-btch you look like Kerchak

Arabic grammar was built on the Qur’an

God doesn't make mistakes of course

When someone who's a skeptic is looking at this they're like: "well the claim that you made is not coherent or accurate because it's based on a false historical assumption

If eternal hell is the result of rejecting these things then they should be beyond even the slightest doubt

My left hand is really hurting!

Since my left hand hurts and I'm in pain I suppose I can just skip Fajr prayer and not do it today, it's permissible


💡Do you really think I'm going to skip Fajr??

Not for the world!!

Do not use the term "do not judge me" to run away from advice

They're not judging you, they're advicing you for the better

We will not judge you, we love you my sister but we do not love your bad habit

When you ask the average person why they worship Allah they will tell you this: I worship Allah because he blessed me with this, he gave me good health, a job...

They begin to talk about the favors that Allah has given him, and that's correct but that's not the primary reason

Be a person who is thankful because Allah has given you so much

He gave you the ability to see, the ability to hear, and the ability to contemplate

There is a more important answer: We worship Allah because He deserves to be worshipped

Allah criticized them for worshipping those things that bring them no benefit and no harm

No, you gotta humble yourself

We worship Allah because of His names and attributes

We worship Allah because the best of the creations worshipped Him

Once you remove God from the social equation. Once you remove Religion from the social context, then life loses it's meaning

As long as you don't harm others you can do whatever you want

As citizens we're all equal

Inequality is greater than it ever has been in the history of humanity

I had to change my boxer briefs this morning after I took a shower

I was just going to wait two weeks from now to change it but naawww! I gotta change these btches now. The stench is too unbearable, it's draining my powers...

All praise be to Allah... The One Who enabled me to change my stinky boxer briefs

Because I wouldn't have changed them if it wasn't for Allah

I was going to keep them btches on, go to school, go to sleep with them btches on for like two weeks

But Allah is All-Knowing, He knew that my boxer briefs stink!! So Hw made me change them

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

This morning, I did not masterbate or ejaculate, but I still took a shower

Whether I'm Junub or not I have to take a shower. Why? Because I have to pray Fajr, and I have to be clean whilst I stand in front of my Lord


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

"I take care of you because you're my son and I'm your father, it's my responsibility" -Denzel Washington

"not because I like you!" -Denzel Washington

Never ever make fun of or talk bad about an older individual

Because old heads be having sense!

They actually think! They gon sit down one day and start thinking about life n shyt and then actually say their Shahada and become Muslim

Just like Michael Jackson


The angels loved that ngga

I used to make fun of him so much, never doing that shyt again tho

I learned my lesson

💡we don't need evaluation, we need retaliation, we need annihilation, we need affirmation, we need half the nation, to build a bridge... do whatever you wanna do, just don't kill the kids

Fasting tomorrow!

I think that emphasis on this carnal nature that unites us and renders us all equal is sort of indicative of an overall race to the bottom in many aspects of human endeavor

No one humbles himself for the sake of Allah except that Allah elevates him

The emptier a person is the more you love them, because the more is gone from their egoic package, they're not bragging

That emptiness you love because you're loving God's presence in them

That person becomes repulsive when he's full of himself

If the emptiness is there it drags you in, there's a connection

Say Alhamdulillah that your father is in prison

I'm with Allah 24/7

I gotta do my morning workouts today cuz I ain't do them yesterday

Also gonna go to the library this morning because yesterday morning...

It's the only thing we have to do, we have to be who we are, we have to be present in our hearts

The shining heart is the saintly heart

It's when it's completely pure

The heart gets dusty, we have to polish it, clean it

"I've been doing that all my life" now the Qur’an is alive, and it's not just a book, it's "THE BOOK" and it's the book because it reflects reality

We're all united under one God and we're all inspired by one message

The saint is the guide

We all should be people worthy of being followed

We owe it to each other to be that luminous shining heart

Pray for light, and pray to be an enlightened human being

There is no place to go but here, that's all that there is

The nearer you are to God the more spiritual you are

The more you head out the greater the distance

Evil in one sense is distance from God, or separation

I don't think there's a culture or civilization that doesn't have poetry

Yessss! I'm memorizing this Surah

I'm 75% done memorizing it ..

💡I was gonna say "I'm almost done memorizing that hoe" but that would not be permissible considering the fact that Allah has honoured this Surah and it's part of Qur’an

You really need to talk to your daughter this makes you look bad

How's this gonna look when it gets out? Your daughter, shoplifting

How does this make your mother look? To her friends

I would love to help you but u can't, my hands are tied, I have the footage

You're such a stupid girl! Look at what you're making your mother go through

You can both bend over the table. It's okay don't worry

This is all for your good

This is gonna be so worth it, trust me

This is exactly what she needs, she need to be taught a lesson

Feels very nice inside you

It's your mother's turn now

Watch your mother get fucked!

Gonna go to the library this morning

And I'm fasting

Today sunrise is at 6:46am, I gotta stop drinking water immediately at sunrise, at the library

Also 1133 is "!-!-!-!"

1155 is "!-!-!-!-!"

The best are 55, 33, 22, 25

55= all the prophets including Muhammad PBUH and Prophet Ibrahim AS, excluding Eessa

33= solely Prophet Eesa

22- the Angels of Allah, including Jibreel and the ones carrying the Throne

25- the Awliya of human kind

55 and 33 are brothers because all of the Prophets of Allah are like brothers, from the same father but different mothers


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

I'm fasting today

Finna go to the library