Where df did this snow come from??

This shyt not stopping me

Finna get high

Know music is haraam, you don't need the Qur’an or the Sunnah

I'd rather have the Qur’an play

Wallahi you never know when you're going to die

I only complain of my grief and suffering to Allah and I know from Allah that which you do not know

I like listening to inspirational stuff, things about the Mercy of Allah, Paradise, Angels etc...

Everything that is good I love it, and I love to listen to it

I do not like or love to hear about bad things in the slightest bit

Sins, hellfire, Shaytan, Dajjaal etc...

All of those are bad and I hate hearing about them

I only hear and learn about them because they are an obligation to know, but quite frankly, I don't give a shit about the Shaytaan or Dajjaal

I do give a shit about sins and how they can affect the one who does it, but... it's depressing 😞

"Do this sin and Allah will send you to hellfire for all eternity!"

Df, that's not uplifting at all!

Give me something to look forward to.

Despotism- the exercise of absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way.

"the King's arbitrary despotism"

Arabic is an extremely nuance language

Nuance- a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound.

"the nuances of facial expression and body language"

The Arabs have all these ways of speaking where they have multiple exit strategies

i gotta get high

Finna spark this hoe up right in the bathroom

You have to learn to think wisely in life

This is my situation: I'm sober af! I need to get high. I wanna smoke but it's snowing and cold af outside with the wind blowing n shyt

So... I'ma just do it in the crib

I don't wanna do it tho, I'm reluctant because this is my father's house and I really love him and ik he wouldn't want me doing that

But... I gotta get high!

My hedonistic nature wins... again

I stopped listening to my father when I was 8 years old, I never listen to a word he says.

This is the guy who told me that if I don't stop smoking weed then I'm going to die

This is the guy... I had a brain aneurysm, and I had to use a cane. On days when it was snowing I had to use that cane to walk to school and back, and he would refuse to give me a ride because he said that he didn't have any gas in his car

This is the guy when I was six years old called me and told me that my mother is a prostitute and she doesn't love me

This is the guy... Who took me and my elder brother to a "CHURCH"... to worship Jesus Christ when I was eight years old, because the lady at the church was helping him pay the house bills

This is the guy... who has been smoking heavy cigarettes for 98% of his life, it's just now that he stopped because he had an illness and went to the hospital and the doctor told him to stop doing it, so he stopped

So when Allah told you not to do it you did not obey, but when a doctor told you to stop you immediately obeyed

This is the guy... who has been telling me that I'm going to be a failure in life and smoke weed and go to jail ever since I was six...

So ever since I was like six or seven he has been cursing me and saying that I'm going to be a pothead and go to jail and die

Now that I've grown to be a pothead he tries to warn me to stop smoking 😕

This is the guy... who beat a seven year old child, me, slapped me across my face until my nose started bleeding, why did he do this? "Because I missed the bus to go to school on the first day

This is the guy... who saw me praying. He kicked my praying mat, called me a "fake Muslim" and kicked me out of his house

This is the guy... after I had my brain injury and I was living with him and his wife Salamatu, every time that she cooked he would take the sauce and put it in his room because he did not want me to eat, he wanted me to die

My own father... did not want me to eat, and he wanted me to die!

Sooo... obviously me listening to him and obeying would mean that I'm stupid and ignorant and have no sense

Because OBVIOUSLY, Allah has already showed me that my father is not one to be obeyed

Because he has no sense, and me obeying him would mean that I have no sense also

Yes, Allah does say respect and obey your parents

"Obey them except when they tell you to join others in worship with Allah"

So if you take me to a Church, to worship "Jesus Christ" when I'm seven or eight years old, and I'm not old enough to judge truth from falsehood, is that not "asking your child to worship other than Allah?"

He saw me praying Asr and he kicked the praying mat and made me stop praying and called me a fake Muslim and kicked me out of his house... in the rain!

So no, I don't listen to my father, I don't obey him in anything that he tells me to do, because he has already showed me that he doesn't have any sense and he doesn't know the right thing to do

He's not somebody to be obeyed or listened to

He's somebody to be prayed for, he's somebody to constantly make Du'a for

May Allah guide him, may Allah help him

I didn't like what he did today at all

It was snowing today, I was walking home from school

While I was walking home in the heavy snow he calls me up and he asks me where I'm at. So I tell him, because I'm thinking that he wants to come pick me up

Five minutes later he doesn't show up so I call him on the phone and ask him where he's at. He tells me: "I'm home"

So I start walking home again and he calls me up again and tells me "I'm coming to pick you up"

So fifteen minutes later, he calls me up again, and tells me to start walking home because they have blocked all the roads and he can't get to me

So I start walking home again...

Then he calls me up again and starts yelling talking bout some "WHERE ARE YOU AT U BASTARD!!"


Respect your parents, love them, obey them

But as soon as they show you that they don't have any sense or care about the sacred limits of Allah then obey them not! But still respect them and treat them kindly in the world

I love my father, I wish the best for him, I pray for him everyday, that he may be guided

My brother and sister have given up on my father, but not me... I will never give up on him!

When you bring a child into this world that is a very big responsibility. God is trusting you to take care of that child, help him, make sure that nothing bad happens to him or her

Allah will only give you parents that he knows are loving and will take care of you

Allah will only give you trustworthy, responsible, sensible parents

God will only allow you to be a mother or father if you have all of these characteristics

God had taken away the carnal abilities of my father and has prevented him from being a father to anyone else

This means that... God no longer trusts you. He doesn't want to give you that responsibility anymore.

He knows this, my father knows this, he's not stupid! My father is a lot of things but "stupid" is not one of them

He knows why all this is happening, but he just cannot sit down and think and advice himself "hmmmm... I should change my ways and bad habits"

But he can't, he doesn't know how

That's what happens when you grow into your bad ways

This is why it's important for one to start practicing Islam at an early age

Because if you start at an early age, by the time you grow up and become older all those bad habits and characteristics would be gone

Good intentions, bad decisions

But in his case, it's MANY bad decisions

It's not like he's a bad person

My father is the best person in the world!!

But he just... doesn't know

Insha'llah Allah will make him know... in a subtle way

Because Allah is Mateen

He is Firm, and Authoritative

Gonna get high after Jummuah again today

I mean... gonna go to the library to so some studying

I can't wait after Jummuah today!

As soon as I'm done Jummuah prayer ima smoke up and be high as shit!

Why? Because I'm being an obedient son, this is what my father wanted

I'm dutiful to my father!


I love my life

Think about it, my father is not stupid. He has sense!

So he has been telling me that I'm going to smoke jamba/marijuana ever since I was like eight years old

And he's been telling me this for soo long now obviously he has been saying it for a reason

This is what he wants me to do!

💡*bring home a bad report card from school and show it to my father*

"You you're a failure! You're going to grow to smoke jamba I swear to my mom!"

And this has been happening ever since I was eight, I'm 23 now. I have fulfilled my father's wishes

"Look at the BASTARD!"

That is what he said to me when he came to pick me up in the snow

He called me... his own son... a bastard!

Why? Because he had to come pick me up in the snow

So he was mad about that and he called me a bastard

Here's a tip: "SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP"

Don't be so talkative

Are you a woman?? Because you're displaying the characteristics of a female

Because females are the only ones who talk a lot and can't control their emotions

Is that you??


⚠ Friday

I'm here at the Masjid. I love the atmosphere here!

I love this Mosque!

May Allah bless Muhammad

Charging up my phone right now

I'm making sure that I record this Khutbah. This Imam knowledgeable af!!

May Allah bless him may Allah bless him may Allah bless him

Muhammad has four kids, a 38 yr old, 26 yr old, 24 yr old, and a 16 yr old

The 24 yr old and 16 yr old was born in this country

The other two was born in Mali, his home country

I gotta make sure to sit in the front to record this ngga

Insha'llah all my sins will be forgiven today

Which Mosque do I love more? This one that I'm in right now or the one in West Philly that I used to go to?

I love them both, they are both great places

But if I had to choose...

This one definitely!

Why? Because it's closer to my house, it's smaller, and the Imam here that gives the Khutbah!

He talks about things that I can actually relate to, things that I need to hear

Like: being kind to parents, being kind to people in general, being a forgiving person, remaining chaste and getting married... things of that nature

The other Mosque, it was great too, and I def learned a lot from there

But the knowledge I gained from there was very technical, and repetitive

And also he gave me wrong knowledge, the guy there...

He told me it's a sin to keep sinning and rely on the Mercy of Allah

😕what could be more wrong than that?

So I love this Mosque more

I'm sober.

Come strong or go home

Come strong AND go home

💡cum stain on her bottom lip

Rely on Allah and don't be incompetent

Don't be incapable

💡so how do you feel about the legalization of marijuana in Canada?

💡I think it's great. I think Canada is of the few countries that have come out of the ignorance that moves through the earth, like a black smoke

Let's break it down: what is marijuana? It is a drug yes? It causes intoxication yes? Therefore it is a disaster and it's bad and nobody should consume it, why? Because God says so and that's that!

💡But let's delve deeper. Is marijuana the only drug out here? No, there are others, like crack cocaine, opioids, heroine etc...

All of these drugs that have just been mentioned are all dangerous, and they can kill you

Can marijuana kill you?

Not a single person have ever died from consuming marijuana in history, this is a fact

Just like Kat Williams said: "He might look like he dead but he ain't dead, he gon wake up in 15 minutes hungry enough to eat up everything in the whole house!

More than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids—a 2-fold increase in a decade. Source: CDC WONDER

Drug Overdoses, Ages 15-24 Number of Deaths, 2015

Total Overdose Deaths 5,376

Female 1,483

Male 3,893

Alcohol 1102


Heroin and other illicit opioids 23,151

Marijuana: There are no reports of teens or young adults dying from an overdose of marijuana alone. But there are many reports of marijuana users seeking treatment in emergency rooms, reporting uncomfortable side effects from consuming high THC levels in smoked marijuana or marijuana edibles.

Data Brief on overdose deaths among adolescents. Full set of overdose death statistics. 1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. Underlying Cause of Death 1999-2016 on CDC WONDER Online Database, X45, Y15, released 2017. Available at

💡Ok... so let's break it down further...

What's this all about? Why do we ban such drugs? "THE KIDS!" We love our kids and we want to keep them safe right?

Kids can do anything, they can go out and get these drugs for a cheap price, take them and...

So what's the solution? 🤔

💡for drugs or marijuana?

💡for marijuana: legalize it, and tax it!! Do you know how much money a country like North America can make off tax income from marijuana? A shit load that's how many.

Does it really make sense to go after these drug dealers that sell marijuana and lock them up?? For selling a drug that has never killed anybody and the only side effect is mild hunger or thirst?

💡"but it's addictive, and if kids get a hold of it and consume it it can really have an effect on them"

Yes, that is true

But tell me... how the hell are kids going to get a hold of it?

So far the only way they have is to go to their local drug dealer and buy it from them

Selling drugs is a crime right?

People only go after what is prohibited, there's a rush in getting what is unlawful

But, if people are able to go to their local CVS or whatever, "may I please get a gram of marijuana?"

-Sure can I see your ID?

-shows ID. The lady from CVS gives the man the bag of marijuana and he goes on his way

If this can happen, then there will be no more need for drug dealers, so kids will have no way of obtaining it

This will save entire generations of children. The kids are our fukkin future! Let's save them

I was a kid once, I remember in the elementary school I used to go to they used to have like doctors and police officers come talk to us

And they will tell us like "stay away from marijuana, it's bad and it can kill you"


Wtf, stop giving false information

We don't have to lie to kids to make them understand, we can just tell them the truth and they'll get it

💡"Andy, marijuana is bad, it's very addictive but it can't kill you. But other drugs like heroine and crack cocaine can, so stay away from them"

- Do you really think Andy is going to go after marijuana or try to obtain it

There's no reason why we should live in this type of ignorance. Do you know how many good drug dealers I know that have been locked up for years on end for simply selling marijuana?

💡He was a good family man! He had three kids, three daughters

And you fuckers locked him up, why? Because he was selling marijuana on the street corner trying to earn enough money to buy his daughters some new clothes for school

Now he has to write his wife letters from prison, and he won't even see his youngest daughter begin first grade

Because he was "selling marijuana" -a drug that won't kill"

Free all the drug dealers that is locked up for selling marijuana, and keep all the ones that are in for selling crack cocaine, raping little children, and shooting and killing people, keep them in prison, because they're the real criminals

We live in a country, where there's about two or three bars in every single town, and alcohol is something that can kill, and HAS killed many in the past

Yet alcohol is legal, but cannabis is illegal, a drug that has never killed anybody

What sense does that make?

What I'm doing today?

I gotta go to the library

And then afterwards I gotta go to the library again

The Qur’an is not just information. The Qur'an is something that should plant itself in our hearts

We have to ponder it and internalize it

"Don't they ponder deeply over the Qur’an"

They have ears but they don't listen with them

Talk in a straight forward manner

Speak in a good way, speak in a straightforward way

Just because you prayed and your mind was somewhere it doesn't mean that your prayer doesn't count

I have to choose words and speak in a way that everybody can understand

The language I would use is different, because that's a different kind of audience

You have to take into consideration, who your audience is

When someone is truly afraid of Allah than they will speak straightforward

⚠Also, yesterday at Jummuah it was so good and I learned so much. I think I'm going to fast on Monday, to thank Allah for yesterday. Yup yup! Gonna fast on Monday, I have a firm intention to fast on Monday just like our master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do

When I say I'm going to do something then I'M GOING TO DO IT!

Nothing can stop me from fasting on Monday, NOTHING

I would lie to anybody but i would never lie to Allah Azzawajal, the Knower of all!

If my parents find out I did it then I'm going to be in trouble. So your first impulse is to lie

He's always a witness to what I'm saying


⚠ Saturday

Saturday is my favorite day! 😄

I was born on a Saturday

Once you are safe with Allah, Allah will keep you safe

No creation of Allah can harm you if you are afraid of Allah

If you have an opportunity to speak the truth you'll speak the truth

You don't have to be afraid of someone you talk to

Sometimes to not hurt other people's feelings we don't use clear words

Sometimes we hide the truth because we don't want to make things worse, but we are making things worse because we're not clear

💡yeah, like that fake ass doctor that came to my elementary school when I was ten and told us that "smoking marijuana can kill you"

You can say what's on your mind and not have to please people

We can't shift blame

We have to acknowledge what's wrong

You're telling them what they wanna hear, you're giving them really bad answers

Allah needs to know that and nobody else needs to know

His own people said many lies about him

People might not give you dignity and respect, but that doesn't matter, Allah has given you respect

When you are with Allah, the people who need to respect you will respect you

You're not here to please humanity, so long as Allah is pleased

"Yeah I did this wrong but here's my logical explanation"

"There's a reason"

There may be reasons, but at the end of the day a mistake is a mistake

We can't just say it was the weather, or it was the Trump administration

At the end of the day you and I have to take responsibility, and not rationalize or justify

Our lives are not under threat, it's not in danger. So speaking the truth will not put us in danger

Don't cause Muslims pain, don't expose their private lives

He went to the court and spoke to him directly

Our Deen is not about embarrassing someone, even Firawn

Yet we have to be clear with people

We have to say what is meaningful

Insha'llah one day I will be a better Muslim than Nouman Ali Khan and I'll have more knowledge than him

Pain and suffering is part and parcel of this world

The child is not born laughing, the child is born crying

Nobody is stress-free in this world

No one shall live a stress free life

A malnourished child in Yemen dies every ten minutes

Discourse- written or spoken communication or debate.

"the language of political discourse"

synonyms:discussion, conversation, talk, dialogue, conference, debate, consultation;

💡Sentence example: While me and Jason's mom is having sex, we often get into a heated discourse, in which she is a bad school girl and she has been sent to the principal's office, and I'm the principal.

- You look like Kerchak mixed with Semi off Coming to America

-btch this is you "⚫"

-that's your face

-and your head long as shit looking like a damn boner

-you look like Kunta when he was being whipped

-the guy was like "your name is Tobi"

-Kunta was like ".... Kunta... Kinte"


-btch this what you look like 🛢

-a stack of black tires

Africa is not a freakin country, it's a "CONTINENT"

It has countries in it like Egypt, Nigeria, Cote de voire, etc...

The world has I think seven continents, which are: 1. Africa, 2. Canada, 3. North America, 4. South America, 5. Asia, 6. Antarctica, 7. Europe

💡I think, Allah knows best

And the world has five bodies of ocean which are 1. Pacific Ocean 2. Indian Ocean, 3. Arctic Ocean, 4. Atlantic Ocean, 5. Southern Ocean

I think...

Also 71% of the earth is water, 60% of men is water

The original water was the first creation

From it, everything else was made

I was gonna go to the library first before I smoked

But I gotta get high!!

That shyt wasn't really that much 😕

I'm not even that high frfr

I'm semi-high

I like to get high! I like to get FUCKED UP!!

If a man gives charity from his own wealth but says to another person, This is from So and so, this is a lie, and lying is haraam.

If a man gives charity from his own wealth but says to another person, This is from So and so, this is a lie, and lying is haraam.

If he wants to conceal the matter so that no one knows about this charity, there is nothing wrong with double entendres and using oblique words if there is a need for that.

So for example he may say: “This is not my money,” meaning that it belongs to Allah.

Or he may say: “This money is from someone who wants to give it in charity,” meaning himself, and other phrases that are true but serve the purpose of concealing the charity.

Or he may say: “This money is from someone who wants to give it in charity,” meaning himself, and other phrases that are true but serve the purpose of concealing the charity.

Allah has guided us, we are not Muslims by accident

If you can resist that urge to eat the cookie, and the cookie might be fornication

Paradise will be their abode, this is what Islam is all about

Who can govern their urges and not be governed by their urges

We have been chosen brothers and sisters

A Muslim is someone who leads by example

The leader is the one who teaches people good

In reality it's not tough for Muslims

It's tough for Muslims in Syria

It's really tough for Muslims right now in Yemen

Teach people this Religion, teach them the truth

You speak words of cure, but your actions are diseased

We are willing to accept a watered down version of our Religion that is acceptable to the powers that be just so that we can continue to live a happy life with our material pursuits, but Allah SWT wants of us something different

We're not afraid, there is no reason to be afraid

I can't wait to fast on Monday! I'm soo excited!! 😆

A politician only thinks of the next election, but a leader thinks of the next generation

We're not worried about what's happening in the White House, we're worried about what's happening in the streets of our city

I say we're actually doing pretty good right now

I think we're doing pretty well with the circumstances that have been given to us

And all perfection belongs to Allah SWT

And we say that Allah SWT is free from any imperfection

We will make mistakes along the way

We have made mistakes and we will continue to make mistakes

The Prophet SAWS taught us that you are rewarded for trying, you are rewarded for your efforts

Those who recite the Qur’an and are not fluent in the Arabic language, those people have twice the reward

Too often we are so willing to trash the previous generation for what they did wrong, but not celebrate the efforts that they put in to establishing the organizations and institutions that we benefit from today

Because they did it selflessly, and they did it out of the love of Allah SWT

Yes they made mistakes but you know what, they were committed, they were committed to their cause

They got nothing, they did it because they loved Allah SWT, they did it because they cared about the vision

Those who make the effort for the sake of Allah SWT, are to be applauded and thanked

The person who does not thank the people does not thank Allah SWT

They do what they are supposed to do and they leave the rest to Allah SWT

Continuing to think about the next generation, continuing to think about what the next generation of Americans look like

We're not here just to get by, we are actually vested in shaping the future of this country

Let them say what they wanna say, let them think what they wanna think

Islamophobes spend on demonizing our Religion, we will too spend on clarifying what our Religion really is

Our community thrives when our community acts as one

When you have a vision that vision projects itself on the way you build your institutions

When you have a vision that vision should be inculcated in the way you build your institutions

Inculcate- instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction.

"the failures of the churches to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility"

💡Sentence example: As an attempt to inculcate the idea into the head of Jason's mom that she is a good for nothing prostitute and she's my slave and I own her, I repeatedly choke her and slap her buttcheeks until they turn red whilst we are engaging in in sexual intercourse, I think my attempts are working, everytime that she calls me on the phone now she says "hello daddy."


-slap my mom buttcheeks till they turn red? Well yeah that's possible because she's lightskin

-but if I slap you across the face, ain't shyt gon happen, your face will remain that same shade of black, DARKNESS!

-btch you look like the dark side of the moon

Because it wasn't about them, it was about something bigger

Because they were thinking about not themselves, but about people that they will never meet, people that will come thousands of years after them, and people that will buy into their vision

May Allah SWT let our efforts not go to waste

May Allah SWT never let us to be plagued by insincerity, or short sightedness, arrogance, or racism

Insha'llah one day I will have more knowledge than Omar Suleiman and be a better Muslim than him

There are people across this world who are living in pain and agony

This life is a test from Allah SWT

I like to do a small test, and this test is to see how you react to the Qadr of Allah SWT

I want you to imagine you're driving a car, you're all by yourself, you've parallel parked your car and you're reversing out

You're in your car, you're in the driver seat, you put your seat belt on, you look into the rear view mirror, and there's nothing there

You look into the passenger side mirror, and there's nothing there

You put your foot on the clutch, you put it on reverse

And your slowly, slowly, slowly backing out

BOOM! you just hit something

What was the first word that came to your mouth?


The reality of the situation is, imagine if you died on that word?

People go to sleep every night and they don't wake up

So you always have to be conscious about what your last action is

Trials and tests from Allah SWT are not just the calamities that strike us, loss of wealth, death

Trials and tests are also blessings that Allah SWT gives us

You are either being tested by pain or by pleasure

Women like to speak about their problems, thats why their first reaction naturally is to get on the phone

Prolonged isolation is very harmful and detrimental to your situation

You need to get around people that are going to remind you of Allah SWT

It's not about how you live your life in this world

Death is the easy way out

Pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and Allah SWT

Trials and tribulations are a means of purification

There is always someone who is in a worse predicament than you

Any individual that lives in the west is automatically in the 5% elite of the world

That means that 95% of the people in the world are worse than you

They live off $1 a day

They drink water that is brown. They drink water that is mixed with mud and feces

They make shoes out of water bottles, just so that they can walk

So the reality is, there's always someone who is being tried and tested more than you

"Ya Rasullullah, my father died on disbelief, is he going to be in the hellfire?"

He could have said that, but he knew the pain he was feeling and he wanted to make him feel good

"both your father and my father are in the same destination"

He consoled that man

So people lost their best friends, people lost their consolers

The old women in the community, who had no one to tell their problems to, they would tell it to the Messenger of Allah

When the Prophet SAWS passed away, all of that was taken away

Who is there to fill the shoes of the Prophet SAWS?

The Ummah lost it's leader

And for some this will be the first time you hear what your Prophet looked like

I saw a man of striking appearance

Radiant face, beautifully created

His belly wasn't protruding

Protruding- sticking out; projecting.

"a stocky guy with a furrowed brow and a protruding bottom lip"

💡 Sentence example: My large penis was protruding out of Jason's mom eye socket as she was sucking it.


Nor was his head disproportionate and small

In his eyes there was a contrast. The dark was immensely dark, the white was excessively white

And his eye lashes were long

And in his voice was a natural echo

And his neck was elegantly long

His beard was full and thick

When he was silent, dignity covered him

And when he spoke, it was audible and clear, almost commanding and overtaking

When he used to speak it was so coherently logical

It was smooth and easy to understand

He was to the point, not excessive nor too short

He was medium in height, your eye didn't have to strain to look up at him

When he used to say something they used to hearken to what he used to say

When he used to command they used to compete to fulfill the command

This is Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah

Why would you even steal a cucumber?

I'm still gonna have to persecute you for this

In fact stand up, I have to search u to make sure there's no other items

Do you have any other items in your purse?

No, absolutely not, you're still under my custody

Why don't u get on ur knees. Well I'll make a deal with you

You see if you make me happy, that cucumber never happened

Yeah I'll let you go, pretend you were never here

You're supposed to suck it, open your mouth, stick ur tongue out

Why don't u bend over on that desk

You like cucumbers?

-sticks cucumber in her vagina from the back

Is that what you wanted? A cucumber in your pussy

Well you should be quite used to this. Just imagine you're going on stage

Now normally I would give you a lecture, about how this will affect your college, what your family and friends would think

But seeing you're a stripper, I don't care about any of that

You understand by doing what you've done you can go to prison right

You think you can just pay ur way out of this? It doesn't work that way I'm afraid

We have to tolerate it, bite the bullet as they say

Is anyone calling you?? It's just a snnooze

That's a good start, keep going

Come on I know you can do better, I've been to strip clubs

There you go, now that's not terrible is it

Why don't you look me in the eye while you do it? Listen... freedom! How much is it really worth for you? Cuz I'm sure you do it for a couple hundred bucks in the VIP and right now this is worth way more than that

Keep going... that's a good girl


Why don't you put your leg up there, true stripper fashion

💡Karlee Grey is awesome, I love her


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and made Wudu


My boxer briefs def stink!!

They def produce a foul odor

All these tiny remnants of ejaculatory seminal fluids on them


But I ain't gon change them tho, why? Because I already changed them last week that's why!

Siikee naw, ima change these jawns tomorrow morning, today's only Sunday and ain't nobody around to really smell my stinky boxer briefs

As soon as I pray after the sun rises and after I eat I'ma go smoking

I mean... go.. to the library

-Ain't today Sunday tho? 😕


I could just eat now and go smoke now but I gotta wait till the sun rises, why? Because I gotta pray first, my life revolves around prayer

So this way if I die then the last thing that I would've done is pray, so this way my Lord will be pleased with me and I can go to Jannah Tul Firdos, Insha'llah

💡- no btch the last thing you would've done is take a hit of the blunt. You going to hell btch!!


Remember where you came from, and remember where you're trying to go

We are a product of our past

You do your best, and you can't take it too seriously, you can't be obsessed with perfection, perfection is for God

Does the Qur’an approve men beating their wife? Absolutely not.

If anyone does it they have no sanction from God or the Qur’an

The important thing here is the truth, we are free to pursue the truth

If our understanding of what we believe to be true is antithetical with a particular set of values and principles at a particular time and place then that doesn't alter what we believe to be true

Antithetical- directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.

"people whose religious beliefs are antithetical to mine"

💡 Sentence example- Jason's mom and me both have antithetical views on birth control, she doesn't like the fact that I always use condoms when me and her both engage in intercourse, but I always have to urge her that it must be done because I don't want to risk the chance of her getting pregnant, then I would have to marry her, and she will be my wife, and Jason would be my son, I do not want to have an ugly son.


I'm at the library high as shit

I just thought about it... I blew yesterday, now I'm smoking today, and didn't I clearly say that I would never smoke on two consecutive days? 🤔

i be lying


Maybe I can hold my Wudu in until Dhuhr time...

Allah knows best!

Insha'llah I won't fart

I gotta eat tho, I'm hungry as shit 😟

But if I eat ik I'm gon be farting 😕



Just prayed Dhuhr

I can't wait to fast tomorrow!!

That's all I been thinking about

Every culture has parameters for modesty

Islam sets guidelines to what those parameters are

Insha'llah one day I will have more knowledge than Imam Zaid Shakir and I'll be a better Muslim than him

There's no lying in the Akhira, you're gonna be honest

We cannot afford to be satisfied with mediocrity

You as a believer, have to push yourself to better

Push yourself, especially when you're young

Responsibility will come once you get married

This is the time to push yourself, not sit back and play video games

This is not the time

The entire world is waiting to see the impact that you will have

Think about that impact, than you'll see what you're really working towards, you're working towards Allah

You should be pushing yourself to excellence in every thing you do in life

Yes you should have a good time but when you play, you play hard

That's what you people need to be

There's so much more in life

They actually care about humanity, those are the people that I want to go to

Allah wants to see from you the pursuit

Who cares if you got 100% synchronization in Assassin's Creed, what did that change for the world?

Who cares how many push-ups you can do? You have to think more than that, you have to think higher than that

Only Allah sees effort, all we see is impact

No one will appreciate your efforts except for Allah

Stop being lazy, Shaytan is destroying you

Your problem is that you're uncertain about yourself

Always thinking I'm not good enough

Stop thinking about results, start thinking about your sincere genuine best possible efforts

This is how Allah will judge, it's all about quality not quantity

Shahada is not a belief, it is an act, an act with the tongue

In Islam words are considered actions

I will never forget "the car conversation" that I had with my father two years ago

We were in the car, I'm in the passenger seat, we're having a conversation about God and Islam. Then out of nowhere he says "yeah Abdulai I believe in Religion but I don't believe in the end of the world, because people have been dying for millions of years and the world still hasn't ended yet."

Quickly I told him "no Apa you have to believe it, just because it hasn't happened yet does not mean it's not going to happen"

He didn't know what he was saying but I did, he didn't know the weight of that statement but I did

The Messenger of Allah SAWS said that the world is going to come to and end one day right?

If you disbelieve in that or anything else that he said then that makes you a Non-Muslim, that's kufr, that's disbelief!

In this life we're always in need of Allah SWT, there's not a moment that we're not dependent upon Allah SWT

Please your Lord by such a simple act

The reminder benefits the believer

Allah SWT will show them how weak and flimsy their power actually is

God works in mysterious ways

We're not always going to get the answer that we want

I asked Allah for a promotion and I got fired the next day

Our endurance is a sign of Allah SWT

When you are running to Allah SWT you are running from something

When people start crying I start laughing idk why

Every positive characteristic he had it

I'm gonna just let Allah deal with him, all the wrong and oppression that he has done...

The punishment of Allah is severe


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Finna go to school, I can't be cycling that bus no more cuz them gay nggas know I be catching it

I had to change my stinky boxer briefs this morning after I took a shower, why? Because all the ejaculatory seminal fluids that was on it was causing it to produce a foul odor, the horrible stench was draining my powers