I'm hungry as shit

Smh this ngga gay

I been farted

Idcc 😕

I flatulated at school, shortly after my Dhuhr prayer

I actually enjoy the hate, because it gives you that perspective and puts you back in position

In this Dunya, that temporary praise can actually result in pride

When you are praised too much it's not a good thing

Everything I do should be focused on Allah

Shaytan will make you lazy to fulfill your obligations

You lost a child, you went through a divorce, it's not the end of the world

I'm gonna try my best, may Allah SWT be pleased with us

I'm trying to earn the pleasure of Allah and so are you

Allah loves those who constantly repent to him

Learn one thing, talk good about others behind their back

You want to marry someone and they end up marrying someone else, suddenly you hate the innocent bride

Why do you hate her, she's innocent

💡I hate her because she's EVILL!!

💡I told that little hoe that I love her and I wanna marry her, and she went and married somebody else!!

💡WHYY?? 😢

Who knows, maybe you didn't fit in the puzzle, everybody has their own jigsaw puzzle, maybe you didn't fit

Be happy with what Allah has chosen for you!

💡I am happy 😊, but I will be even happier after I burn her house down and kill her husband

Make sure everyday you're writing something good

Take care of your body, make sure that you are not lazy

In order to look good to feel good you are going to have to sweat

Have a balanced meal and your Jinn will go, you won't hear voices anymore

In order to be productive you first need to love what you look like

In order to achieve the dream get up and start doing something about it

That's when Allah SWT will help you

May Allah SWT grant us goodness

My human nature has made me sin

I did not sin and transgress against you out of defiance

Allah is going to judge me based on how I treated my wife

No Prophet knows when the hour will take place

I can lift the charge just like that!

You not fukkin me? You rather go to jail for 5 years, 10 years?

You said ten years and I said ten years, that's what it is

You'll get no time, I'll make sure of it

I'ma get you off baby treat me good

10 years, that's a lot to get off on

You don't wanna go to jail for ten years u gotta shake that ass

Lemme see those eyes, I wanna see u looking up at me


💡 btch I can be a white devil and a cracker, this dck still in your mouth tho right?

Sometimes the best response is to stay quiet, remain silent, and that's what the Prophet SAWS did

Whatever it is that you want just tell us, just stop preaching Islam

The Prophet SAWS never used to go into a long introduction, he would just recite the Qur’an

"I was so moved by his recitation that I accepted Islam straightaway"

The Qur'an is a manuscript for our lives

Tafseer is the explanation of the Qur’an

Allah tells us that the Qur’an was revealed for contemplation

Contemplation means you've heard the Qur’an, now you stop and think about it

What are the principles that I can extrapolate from this verse of the Qur’an and apply it to my situation

Extrapolate- When you extrapolate, you use specific details to make a general conclusion. For example, if you travel to Canada and encounter only friendly, kind natives, you might extrapolate that all Canadians are friendly.

💡Sentence example: Because of Jason's mom high sex drive, I extrapolate that she lost her virginity and was introduced to sex at an early age.


This is Jason ⏩⏩💂⏮⏮

Make Du'a for things that actually excite you

Make your Du'a concrete

That doesn't have to be for every Du'a that you make, some of your Du'as can be abstract, things related to your character for example

Abstract- existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. "abstract concepts such as love or beauty"

💡 Sentence example: I sometimes fantasize about abstract ideas, different sexual positions that Jason's mom and I can engage in whilst we are having intercourse.


Even if you're making Du'a for this life or the next, you can still make it concrete

Concrete- existing in a material or physical form; real or solid; not abstract.

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom says that I have a concrete penis.

💂you look like tar

It's a Akhira Du'a with a physical reality in this life

Rather than asking "O Allah make me a good student" you can say "O Allah allow me to graduate from the top in my class"

What are you talking about "give me a good job"

It's not necessarily concrete

"O Allah bless me to be the manager of a fortune 500 company"

That's something concrete, you have something to aim for

The stomach is like a balloon, the more air you blow into it the bigger it gets

The worst container that a human being can fill is his stomach

For the first time in history, the number of people who are obese is greater than the number of people who are starving, this is the state of the world today

Make Salah even if you're doing something wrong

Don't let anybody ever tell you not to make Salah because you're doing something wrong, whoever tells you that is a fool

💡 That's what he would tell me tho, whenever he would see me making Salah he would say "Abdulai, I don't know why you are praying, you just came from smoking weed, God will never answer your prayers!"

The worst Muslim is better than a pious kaafir

The whole Dunya means nothing to Allah SWT

Don't stay on the edge

If you die on the edge, you don't know where you're going


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I never ask anybody, for anything, I just tell you what I'm gonna do and that's that

💡I'm gonna help you with your bags okay Miss?

💡 I'm gonna mow your lawn for you okay Miss?



We are the most culturally and spiritually impoverished nation

The best selling novel right now is a pornographic novel, of no literary merit according to the critiques that have read it

This is what's happening in America

Literature is not the property of the wealthy

Some of the greatest writers were impoverished people, read about their lives

💡impoverished- make (a person or area) poor.

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom was an impoverished prostitute when I first met her, I clothed and fed her, I gave meaning to her life.

💂btch you not even black, ur "BLA-CLACK!"

We're 5% of the world's population and we're devouring most of the world's natural resources

He transformed the motives of the wealthy

That janitor might have more humanity than the pHD professor at Yale University

He might have better character, more moral integrity

He might be a better father

The real judge of people is the judge of character

Islam is about preservation of family

They're gonna dismantle the police force in Camden

They don't have money, so they're just gonna regionalize it

💡regionalize- to divide or organize into regions for administrative purposes.

💡Sentence example: I had to regionalize Jason's mom legs in order for me to get inside her.

💂Ik why your favorite prayer is Maghrib, cuz that's when the sun go down so nobody can see you so u can roam the streets freely

💂you black btch

We're seeing social disintegration, and we have a moral responsibility as a Muslim community

Disintegration- break up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay.

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom vagina disintegrated due to the great impact of my large penis.

💂you look like Kerchak

Don't hang out with the rich people, hang out with the poor people

Allah told him to be with those people

Elevate them, bring them up

We need to dignify poverty in this country

This is protestantism at its worst

This idea that you got God's grace when you have a lot of money

Protestanism- Protestantism is the second largest form of Christianity with collectively more than 900 million adherents worldwide or nearly 40% of all Christians.[1][2][a] It originated with the 16th century Reformation,[b] a movement against what its followers perceived to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church.

I wish I wasn't so fuckin... nice, and forgiving

I wish I was a jerk and a asshole

That's the only way to survive in the world we live in today, you gotta be a jerk

You have to be heartless, you gotta be mean

That's what girls like. No wonder why I haven't gotten married yet? What girl would want to marry someone like me? Always saying please and thank you n shyt

I have to compromise my moral ethics in order to find a wife to get married

Cdfuupp 😂


Idc if I never get married

In the Catholic tradition, the highest thing is to renounce wealth

Chastity, poverty, and obedience

The Prophet SAWS chose poverty over wealth

Allah is the wealthy, and we are the poor

Do not misinterpret the Qur’an

My right hand strong as shit, and it's not because I be doing push-ups 😉

To ask a question and to make a declaration are two different things

"I know I'm a Muslim, but I don't understand why women get less then men in Inheritance" there is an answer to it

But if you come and say "that's very bad and I disagree with it and it's terrible" that means that you have already declared yourself as an enemy of the Qur’an and you don't even know

It depends on your link with the Qur'an 

We were motivated by a sense of hope, a sense of indignation

Indignation- anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment.

"the letter filled Lucy with indignation"

💡Sentence example: The indignation that Jason often feels from me penetrating his mom mean very little to me.

💂your face!

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and pray Fajr!!

That's all I'm thinking about

I wish the gap between Isha and Fajr wasn't so long!!

I suppose I could pray Qiyam, the night prayer

But... I be nuttin 😞

And I be too lazy to take a shower

Also, tomorrow's Wednesday

I gotta do my morning workouts


The only reason why I do my workouts is to have energy to do my Fajr Salah and THAT'S THE ONLY REASON

Why?? Why can't you just stfup

I hate losing! And I hate when I lose and people laugh and rub it in my face

Like... why?

Why can't you just win and just be? Why must you rub it in?

I never forget an ill treatment that was done towards me

How can I forget 23 years of abuse??? 23 years of disgrace!!

He think I don't be peeping what he does, I peep everything, I just don't speak on it. But just know, I know

Not gonna do my workouts this morning

Cuz this "guy" is here

Can't do nothing when he's around...

It's always been like that

Things become clear as day to me, at night time

I'm ready to beat one of these gay nggas df up!!

I told you I'm not gay and you still persist

I'll fuckin kill you

I rather sit next to a fat, ugly, bald headed girl, than sit around one of you gay mfs

Cuz girls actually have "modesty"

They have shame

You faggot mfs have no sense of modesty and shame

Wanna know why? BECAUSE. YOU'RE.A.BOY

You're not a girl!!

Fuckin faggots

Fuckin fake ass ngga always btchin talking about "There's no money, I don't have any money, I can't cook, I can't give you money, I don't have any money "

So.... I had a brain aneurysm. And this guy right now is doing a job to take care of me in which he's getting paid!! Like $13 a hour, that's $1,200 or more every two weeks!!

AND, he also has another job, and this ngga always complaining that he doesn't have money. You're supposed to be the one to buy me clothes, pay my phone bill, cook for me etc...


I asked this ngga for $5 to go to the Mosque and he said he couldn't give it to me


Fuckin fake btch

Oh you don't like the fact that I always smoke weed and watch porn and masterbate, why? Cuz its a dirty sin??

Mhmmm... that's funny, when I was younger you seemed to always like the fact that you would physically beat me, my older brother, and my mother!

And you smoked cigarettes for almost all your life now you wanna criticise me for smoking weed all the time? Mhmm... that's funny

What you do will be done back to you!

The only thing that's different is that I will never beat my wife, or any of my children

But at the end of the day... I'm just like you

You don't like my habits, just know that yours are 100 times worse

Beating women? Beating children? Smoking cigarettes?

Wtff is wrong with you??

This guy had FOUR CHILDREN!

All of his children, except me, left him, they couldn't deal with his abuse anymore

Nobody likes him

As soon as I pray Fajr I gotta dip!

I can't stay around this ngga for too long

The energy he has... I don't like that shyt


⚠ Wednesday

There's nothing more in this world that I hate more than a woman beater, or a child beater, or an oppressor

I can't wait to be a father and a husband, ima be the best, cuz I certainly know how NOT to be a good father or husband

When you are a father and a husband, you are the head of your household, God has put you in a position of power. Now you take that power and you abuse it?

I'm never doing that shyt again

From now on as soon as I hear the Adhan I gotta go fulfill the prayer

This weirdo ass ngga talking to himself and laughing to himself n shyt

😂that police officer!!

May Allah bless him

May Allah give him long life

He stopped me and he was like "have u been smoking weed recently?"

I was like "no but I'm prolly gonna smoke some later on"

He was like "can you get me some?"


May Allah bless him, may Allah give him long life

May Allah give him many provisions

May Allah bless his children

Four times the Shaytan is close to you:

When you are sexually stimulated, when you are really happy, when you are really angry, when you are really hungry

OMG 😒 I'm trying to watch these Islamic lectures on YouTube and increase my knowledge this ngga all loud on the phone n shyt

In Islam the day belongs to the night it preceeds. As soon as the sun goes down it's the next day