I can't wait to buy my laptop on the 1st

I'm tired of doing this coding shyt on my phone

My fingers be hurting, and it's tedious work

Tedious- too long, slow, or dull: tiresome or monotonous.

"a tedious journey"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom gave me some tedious oral sex.

💂btch you look like 12:45am

💂you look like a Madingo warrior

💂you look like you smell like pee

Optimism can really take you a long way in life

That shit makes you have really bad acne, so I just stay away from it and don't drink it


And it's bad for your health

It's acid! You're literally drinking acid

Sulforic acid

The Jinn are the cause of Sihr

I'ma horny little fucker


⚠ Thursday

Getting paid for being real, what you call that? REALITY CHECK!

There are five days in the week: 1. Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday

There are five daily prayers: 1. Fajr 2. Dhuhr 3. Asr 4. Maghrib 5. Isha

Maghrib and Thursday are both #4

My favorite prayer is Maghrib and I only fast on Thursdays

Allah is Hakeem

May Allah bless Abu Fatima

What's philosophical naturalism? Philosophical naturalism is based on three things

Number 1: the belief that there's no divine, the assertion that there's no divine

Assertion- a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.

💡 Sentence example: I have a strong assertion that Jason's mom used to be a porn star in her younger days


Number 2: The assertion that all physical phenomena can be explained, all phenomena can be explained by physical processes

Phenomena- plural form of phenomenon.

Phenomenon- a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.

⚠Sentence example: It is a phenomenon that Jason's mom gives me oral sex on every single day of the week, twice on Sundays.

💂your face looks like a black glacier

Number three: that there's no after life

Which is similar to the idea that there's no divine

Although those books were from the Kalam of Allah, Allah allowed all of them to be wiped away, forgotten, lost, tampered with, forgotten, adulterated

And they were wiped away by al-Islam

Islam abrogated those Religions, those books

Abrogate- repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement).

⚠Sentence example: Jason's mom wanted me to insert my penis in her butt, I abrogated that claim she made, for it is haraam.

💂Osrs stop talking bout my mom, I'm not even laughing

Allah told us when you make mistakes, make Tawbah

Homosexuality is against our Religion

It's an abomination

Allah destroyed the people of Lut AS

💂why He destroy them?

Cuz them nggas was gay

You can't come into our Religion and try to show Muslims that homosexuality is halaal. You can't do that with this Religion, Jews and Christians can do that

Tattoos are haraam, just like homosexuality is haraam

al-Islam is going to fade away, the way the embroidery fades away from the thobe

Embroidery- past tense: embroidered; past participle: embroidered

decorate (cloth) by sewing patterns on it with thread

Jason's mom was wearing a white silk embroidered shirt, I ejaculated on it and left seminal stains all over it.

💂you look like the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant n shyt

💂you look like a black goat 🐃

Insha'llah one day I'll have more knowledge than Abu Usamah and be a better Muslim than him

Most of us what we boast about is the nice car that we have, or the nice house we're living in, or the nice family

Those small things will make us arrogant

They will make us forget Allah

Frfr Fasting is easy af 😕

I really need to start fasting on Mondays, this shyt too easy

💂you gotta pace yourself bro

Sdfup BTCH! Don't fuckin tell me what to do!!

Silence is golden

If someone were to say something where a response is required you respectfully respond

The best thing to do is to remain silent, engage in the remembrance of Allah

When someone spreads a rumor, when gossip starts, when you go to clarify sometimes you are adding fuel into the infernal

You are giving the story life. The best thing to do is to keep quiet

Spending the time learning what Allah SWT is speaking about in these verses that are being recited

What's the primary need that a woman wants from her husband? What is the primary need?


The continual love and the continual enveloping of that attention

That the husband always makes his wife his priority

The husband is always showing his wife that I'm thinking about you, I'm caring about you

I.e. I will always love you

To feel that love to feel cherishment

They need to be constantly reassured that the husband loves them

That the husband always takes them as number one

They want to be number one in their husband’s lives

So they want constant reassurance that the husband always loves them

You take your wife's love for granted

You don't need your wife to constantly reassure you that you love me, you love me

No, you take it for granted

💡Quite frankly Shaykh, irdc if that hoe loves me. All I know is she gotta bust it open for me five times a day on every single day of the week

The fact that she's still living with you shows you that she loves you

A woman is always double guessing. Does he still love me, does he still think about me?

💡 I love you. Just as long as you keep busting that pussy open. As soon as you stop that's when the love stops, it goes down the drain

Women are very sensitive about their looks and they're comparing their looks to other women all the time

Women are always thinking: Am I still beautiful enough for him

💡"you've gained a few pounds, and your ass not that fat anymore. Ever since you had that baby you've really let yourself go, I'm sorry, but there's somebody else"

She's always double guessing her looks, her figure, and so the husband always has to make her feel the most beautiful

Not just the words "I love you", praising her and what she does

💡I love that little trick you be doing with your tongue while my long hard dck is in your mouth

💡I love how you never refuse to swallow my ejaculatory seminal fluid, and you never complain about the quantity

💡I love how you let me pull your hair and smack ur buttcheeks with my long hard shaft

💡I'ma be the best husband

Never take your wife's love for granted

Praise her looks when she dresses up

Why do women want you to know their anniversaries?

Because it makes them feel you still love them, makes them feel he still remembers me

Celebrating anniversaries is encouraged in our Religion

What greater thing to do than for the husband to tell his wife over and over again that I love you

💡fuck her and cum in her mouth over and over again, she'll go head over heels for you!

Take them out for a romantic dinner, be romantic with them

💡take her out for a dinner on the balcony, then fuck her under the star lit sky

Another thing that a woman wants is time

For husbands time means the watch on your hands

So when the wife says "you never spend time with me" immediately he goes to calculation mode

I sleep 8 hours a day, I have breakfast one hour, I come home

That's ten hours with you! How can you say I never have time for you

Because he's thinking of time in the dictionary definition of time, that's the clock

Women have a different dictionary, women have a different vocabulary

For women, time means attention, undivided quality attention

Understand that when she's asking for time, she wants quality time

💡I definitely agree, time is very important in a relationship. If you want to keep her you're gonna have to make time for her!

💡 Don't just fuck her for three minutes then ejaculate in her and call it a day! Don't do that

💡 fuck her for at least 30-45 minutes, then go to sleep and call it a day, that's what she really wants

💡You're gonna have to do this if you want to keep her

The woman wants a loving ear, a sympathetic ear

She wants somebody to listen to her problems

To be sympathetic to her, not necessarily to solve her problem

You have to give what the woman wants, and in return she'll give you what she wants

All romance means is to show her you're thinking about her

You show her you're caring about her

💡All romance means is to constantly fuck her, that's all it is

I put maple syrup on my oatmeal, Canada imported. So I'm supporting Canadian economy

Muslims need to develop their own banking systems

Anybody can open a bank if they have a charter

charter- a written grant by a country's legislative or sovereign power, by which an institution such as a company, college, or city is created and its rights and privileges defined.

💡Sentence example: In order for me to establish a whore house in which Jason's mom and the other prostitutes could have a place to sleep I first had to develop a charter.

💂 you look like the black spiderman

Banking is the biggest scam that's ever been perpetrated on people

Perpetrated- carry out or commit (a harmful, illegal, or immoral action).

💡Sentence example: I perpetrated Jason's mom vaginal walls with my long hard shaft.

💡oh shyt the word is "perpetrated", that was penetrated

💡Hmmmm 🤔

💡 I perpetrated Jason's mom several times with my long hard shaft by slapping her across the face with it, on multiple occasions, during intercourse.

People put their lives in the hands of Muslim doctors everyday

We are spending so much money on these societies and what are we getting back for it?

The Qur’an is about giving people respite until things are easier

Muslims dont foreclose homes

"Don't give idiots your wealth" Allah says this in the Qur’an

We need to recognize that commodity backed wealth is the only sound form of wealth

Commodity- a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.

💡Sentence example- I consider Jason's mom vagina to be a cheap commodity, as I can sell it and distribute to whomsoever I please.

I gotta do my morning workouts tomorrow definitely, cuz I didn't do them yesterday, nor today

I only be doing them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I been slacking this week though, I only did them on Monday, so i def gotta do them Friday, and maybe I'll do them Saturday or Sunday

Human beings traded in gold and silver for thousands of years

Gold rarely inflates

It inflates when new minds are discovered, but there's only about a 2% increase every year

Inflate- fill (a balloon, tire, or other expandable structure) with air or gas so that it becomes distended.

💡Sentence example: I inflated Jason's mom vagina with my long hard shaft.

Robert Frost wrote a poem that he never published, about currency

The Yen, the dollar, the Euro, these are the global currencies

In 1873 they prohibited silver as a monetary means of transaction

Why did they prohibit silver? Because the bankers knew that there's more silver than gold, they wanted payment in gold

Shaytan he was ungrateful, and we don't want to follow his ways

The beauty of Islam is that it's an evidence based Religion

Allah tells us to use our intellect to come to the conclusion

Everything in Islam is explained in a way that appeals to the intellect

Once you nurture your inclination towards God it's as clear as night and day

Why would God create us without giving us a Religion and the way to get to him? It doesn't make sense

I found that Islam was the only monotheistic faith

There are over 4,000 versions of the Bible, and there are over 36,000 sects of Christianity

What's more pessimistic than nonexistence and uncertainty?

When we speak of death we don't speak of it in a way to make people despair

Despairing is a sin in Islam

You should not despair from the Creator

This world will not satisfy anybody

Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him, and whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah hates to meet him

We are missing Allah, we can't wait to meet Him, we love Him

Islam says love all mankind

The Devil tries to inspire ingratitude

Disobedience is born out of ingratitude, and obedience is born out of gratitude

Insha'llah this weekend I'll memorize this Surah, I've been on it for like five weeks now, this weekend I'll memorize it all, Insha'llah

I was gonna say "I'm tired of this fukkin dumb ass Surah, I've been on this shyt for like five weeks now and I still can't memorize this shit!"

But that would not be permissible and would be blasphemy because this Surah is Qur’an and Allah has honoured it, and He has commanded us to honour it as well

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

I don't like when people lie to me, about anything

Because I would never lie to you, so I expect the same treatment

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Sheikh Hussein Yee

We as Muslims are required to resist temptation as much as possible

"and" is a conjunction

Conjunction- 1. GRAMMAR

a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g., and, but, if ).

2. the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space.

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom and I both ejaculated at the same time, simultaneously, thus it was a conjunction.

Is it permissible to have oral sex in Islam?

It is awful, it is disgusting, it is not acceptable, but when it comes to the word halaal or haraam, we have to find a reference.

It is perfectly lawful for every spouse to enjoy his spouse the entire body

💡Except for anal sex, cuz that's gay

💡And except for whilst she's on her period, cuz that's disgusting af

Ok... but can I put my finger in her butt?? 🤔

Allah knows best!

He is the Knower of all things

Are you comfortable with this person raising your children?

Number one, the first misconception about love

Not being able to distinguish between infatuation and love

Infatuation is the initial feelings of lust and attraction and those butterflies in your stomach, which most people tend to confuse for love

💡I know what I'm feeling, she gotta fat butt, she's a super freak, she got that wet wet 💦, AND she's flexible af in bed, she can do a split on the dck!

💡 I love this girl, she's the one for me. MY FEELINGS ARE TRUE!!

Can I see ur id? Cuz u know I gotta fill out paperwork

You're my daughter's best friend, so if I were you I'd be worried that I might be thinking that you're getting my daughter involved in shit like this

So what do you think we should do? Do you think I should just let you go?

So you think u need discipline. Sit straight, just like that

Did I not tell you that I do the talking right now

We can just take you to jail

-rubs her titties

Now that you've actually put yourself in this position, I can take advantage of you

Have a seat...

You are here because you stole something from the store

Do you have your id on you?

Let me just get all your information down

There's no need to get upset... we actually have video surveillance of you from the store doing something

I have to search you. Because you're in here for stealing

You need to be searched so put your arms out

I mean I can call the police right now and they can come here and do this

Look what we got here

This is a belt from the store

Obviously you stole this

I'm trying to be nice with you here I'm going to allow you to make one phone call

So she's stolen before?

Why don't you get up and let your mother have a seat

There is a second option here

💡you don't have to go to jail. Keep your faith strong!!

Which is, I punish her and I take care of her, here right now

💡ur daughter's a shoplifter, she needs to be fucked!!

💡 fuck her fuck her FUCKK HERRRR!!!!

💡a little corporal punishment never hurt nobody

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Number two, the second misconception that people have about love: "if they really love me than they would change for me"

"Because of our love we'll get through this"

This is one of the main issues that I've seen

The way you see them right now, marry them keeping in mind that they're never gonna change

💡that's some real shit!

💡 I ain't never gon change, if we get married I'm still gon be watching porn, still gon be smoking weed, prolly gonna cheat on u as well...

💂tell me again why you can't find a wife to get married?

Well because the only option is ur mom and i don't want to marry her cuz I didn't want to adopt you as a son

I don't want a ugly son

We don't depend on our spouse to complete us

Our spouse can help, but once again we can't count on that

The most important thing really is your relationship with Allah SWT

Put your self worth in Allah SWT, not on your spouse

Your value doesn't depend on your looks, or how people see you

Your self worth is directly tied to your relationship with Allah SWT

Misconception #5: Once you find your soul mate he's going to be perfect

Seeking perfection is Wallahi a big problem

You're never gonna find that person, there's no single person out there who is perfect

This ngga look gay af!!!!


This ngga on YouTube, I can't say his name cuz he's a converted Muslim

I ain't watching none of his videos till he get rid of that gay ass white shirt and that nutass uglyaas corn muffin top he got, and that ngga don't need to be smiling with that nutass bucktooth he got looking like Alvin and the Chipmunks

I don't need you to give me my dignity Allah SWT is giving it to me

I do what Allah likes and nothing else

I don't care who doesn't like it

Insha'llah one day I'll have more knowledge than Yusha Evans and I'll be a better Muslim than him

As soon as the Adhan goes off I'm on GO!

Gonna do these workouts, I ain't do them in like three days, I feel lazy, weak, lethargic, I'm finna getback!

Lethargic- affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic.

"I felt tired and a little lethargic"

💡Sentence example- though I was feeling really lethargic after a full night of heavy smoking and drinking, I still managed to fuck Jason's mom.

I definitely gotta change my stinky boxer briefs this morning, the horrible stench that it produces is rapidly draining my powers

Not only do they STINK! But also today's Friday, the day of Jummuah, that's a double whammy!

These jawns need to be changed ASAP


⚠ Friday




And I love Allah and His Messenger

People can sometimes influence and control other people by way of trying to control them

This satanic thing, this evil thing that is done, it's not just done by Satan, he incites and encourages people to engage in that type or behavior

Incite- encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior).

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom was reluctant at first to have a threesome with me and another girl, I was able to incite her to do it.

This is not the kind of relationship we want with our children, where we're constantly threatening them

These schools are supposed to provide a safe nurturing environment for all children, regardless of their Religion

And here you have teachers even endorsing this kind of behaviour

Allah made human beings naturally adventurous

When we're children, and our Fitrah is still pure, we don't have any concept of halaal and haraam

We don't have any concept of safe and dangerous

You tell a child "don't go near the steps, you're gonna fall down" what does a kid do? What's his gauge to heaven? The steps

Of all the things that are on the table, he goes for the knife

It's a heavenly quality, that's how were going to be in Jannah, because in Jannah everything is permissible

In this world as we grow older we're supposed to learn that there are boundaries and there are limits, but there's something innate inside of us to make us want to explore, and that grows into ingenuity, creativity

The most creative writers of the world, the scientists of the world, these were inquisitive children at one point

Inquisitive- curious or inquiring.

"he was very chatty and inquisitive about everything"

💡 Sentence example: I was very inquisitive to see what would happen if I were to stick an ice cube into Jason's mom vagina.

"You don't do this, you do what everybody else does"

You make them conform, you don't let them have their own voice

Instead of giving them constructive criticism, "yeah you're gonna fail, these things always fail"

These people that have influence all over the globe do so because they explored their creativity, and they were given an environment to do that

You being a son of your parent or a daughter of your parent is not a choice

That trust that you will fulfill your obligations to your parents is on you whether you like it or not

You have been entrusted with this

These are relationships of the womb that you cannot overlook

Allah understands me and you very very well

The weather is cold now so you know what that means...

All the hoes trying find a man to cuddle up and stay warm with

You been hoeing all summer, bustin it open for every ngga you come across, now you trying cuddle up and be faithful to one ngga? 🤔Hmmmm... that's funny

Cdfupp, still thinking bout that cop

He was like "are u high?" I was like "no but I'm prolly gonna smoke later on"

He was like "can you get me some?" 😂

I can't wait to go to the Mosque today

I'm gonna fast tomorrow cuz tomorrow's Saturday and I was born on a Saturday

I prefer butter... or jelly... or peanut butter


You fucked up again OG

I'm here, I'm at Jummuah, im ready for my sins to be forgiven

I'm ready to gain knowledge!

My youth is dedicated to the worship of Allah SWT

The question is "which intimate positions are permissible in Islam?"

The Jews used to have a belief that if you engage in intimacy through a particular sexual position your basically gonna have a baby who's gonna be deformed

And the particular position that they would stay away from is basically entering your spouse from the rear

In other words entering your spouse from behind

💡shit if that's the case then all the babies I have is gon be deformed af!

💡 cuz that's all ima be doing

Is this position wrong?

It was mentioned to the Prophet SAWS for further clarification

Allah SWT sent down a Ayat

"Approach your wife from however you will"

So what we understand from this is that one is permitted to approach his wife in any intimate position, there is no intimate position that one can say is haraam

💡Yeessss!! So I can fuck her earlobe 👂

💡But... can I insert my index ☝ finger in her butt? 🤔

💡 Allah certainly knows best!

"Top 7 steps to break porn addiction"

I'm not even gonna watch this cuz I'm not addicted to porn

💂the first step is to admit bro...

I do admit... I admit that your mom look like a pig 🐷

I forgot wtf I was gonna do


I'm gonna fast tomorrow on Saturday

Cuz the day I was born was on a Saturday

From now on I'm gonna fast every Thursday and Saturday

Now I remember what I was gonna say: "ROSZAY BABYMOM LOOK LIKE A FATASS POLAR BEAR!!" 🐻

She look like a fatass solar eclipse

I never farted

It was just the Satan trying to toy with me

The end of the semester is here, I gotta finish strong 💪

Finna start working on my final project now

There's nothing cute about it at all

It's disgusting, it's disgusting because it's a total adaptation of a secular framework

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women

That's part of the reason why men aren't marrying women, because too many women are saying "I don't need a man to take care of me"

Then the man says "well, if that's the case then forget it"

That's why you have 30 yr old sons living in basements, not even trying

Don't complain about the problem if you're not willing to defend the solution

Be happy with what you have, don't always be greedy with what you don't have

Whatever you don't have, there are people who have less than you

Be content with what you have and don't always aim for more and more and more

The best thing to do is to keep quiet and it will die a natural death

I accepted Islam at the age of 17


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

I'm fasting today

The Sunnah prayer of Fajr does not have to be done right before Fajr

You can do the Sunnah prayer, and then take a little break, and then do the Fajr prayer

So long as you do it before sunrise 🌅

Allah is Al Jabbar, the Compeller

I'm fasting today cuz today's Saturday and I was born on a Saturday

I would fast on Monday just like the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do, but I be doing my morning workouts on Mondays, and I be having hunger pangs 😕

I'll do my workouts today I guess, but after the Maghrib prayer and I break my fast

Finna go to the library, Insha'llah I won't fart