⚠ Saturday

This ngga is praying for his own son to die wtff

People who believe that science leads to atheism they really hold a non-scientific assumption

Allah gives those whom He loves just enough for them to jot go beyond the bounds

I hate people that all they care about is money

I fuckin hate people like that

That's the worst trait

Because those that only care about money are always: selfish, arrogant, self-centered, unsympathetic, etc... all the bad traits!

Allah knows who to test people with

Qadr is not used to justify a sin, Qadr is used to find peace

The point is you have to try, if you didn't try that's your problem

The more that they talk behind your back the bigger the gift that Allah has bestowed upon you is

When you talk to me, know who you're talking to! I'm not no kid, I'm not stupid, I'm not ignorant

I can tell when somebody is bsing me when they talk to me

He has been through so many challenges but he did not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah

Everybody will find the means of what he was created for

I wish I had some mfn weed, smoke that shyt and calm down

Cuz my fukkin retarded ass pop stressing me df out!

There is nothing more powerful that human beings are capable of than words

Our words are actually a very powerful gift that Allah gave us

We have to be very careful how we use this gift

All languages are a revealed gift from Allah

All language is from Allah and we have to have respect for all languages

This ngga gon get me mad af and make me beat him df up! I swear

He's going to make me sin and go to hellfire, this guy... my father

Cuz he don't fuckin know how to talk

I'ma beat him df up!!

I'm sick of his shit

I gotta beat him df up, that's the only way he gon learn

Just thinking of this ngga make my fuckin blood boil 😠

I just gotta punch him once...

Just once

Not gonna kill him... just gonna break his jaw

I gotta punch his mouth, cuz he don't know how to use it, so ima take it away from him

That's the ONLY WAY

This ngga has pushed me to my fukkin breaking point!

I gotta kill him

Allah will forgive

He is Able to

If I kill him and ask for forgiveness you think He's not going to forgive?

He forgives ALL SINS!

I just gotta go for his chin, or his nose

One good hit, it'll be a quick death, then I can ask for forgiveness

Allah will forgive

Obviously this is what God wants me to do

Because my father is somebody who doesn't fear God, and anybody who doesn't fear God needs to die

So if I kill him, it will actually be a good thing

If I kill him then he will go to the afterlife and know that God really exists, so I will actually be doing him a favor

That's it, that's it

Punch him once on his throat, or nosebridge, he will die, and the world will be a much better place

This is what I have to do

I'ma beat that ngga df up

I'ma kill him, then ima kill myself

Then Allah will judge us

All the wrong that he's done to me, my soster, my elder brother, my mother!

This ngga used to beat my mom !

He used to literally beat her

Not emotional abuse, not mental abuse

He would ball up his fist, and beat her, punch her repeatedly

Beat my mother??!! Ima kill you bitchh!!!!

I'm thinking bout that shit...

My mom, she would do him nothing, she used to cook, clean the house, take care of his kids

And then he would just come home and start beating her, FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

And my mom would never say a word of disrespect to him

You gon put hands on my mother btch?? Df u thought I forgot cuz that shit happened years ago??

I never forget, you used to beat my mother, the woman who gave me birth, who bought me into this world, who cared for me!!

And you used to put your filthy dirty hands on her, for that you must diee!!

Wait till this ngga come home...

It's just gon take one hit I swear

A woman beater doesn't deserve to be alive

And I'm not even gonna use a knife or any weapon

I'ma use my fists! ✊

Just like how he used to do my mother

Kill him then kill myself, simple

I bought some cyanide pills from CVS couple weeks ago

I'm just waiting for this ngga to come home

Get that shit over with

I don't wanna watch any Islamic lecture on YouTube

Cuz I don't want anybody to try to deter me from killing this ngga

Four more hours until 11pm and this ngga get off work

Cdfupp 😂 lmmaaaooo

Me? Hurt my father?? 😂

Not even if I was higgh!!!!

Lmaaoo, come on... I love that ngga

Who's gonna protect me against the wrath of Allah?

If I hurt that ngga? Allah's anger and wrath will be on me for sure

I don't want no parts

I love my father, no matter the wrong that he has done in the past

At the end of the day, he's my dad and I love him, he suffered for me

I had a dream I was arguing with a girl

Cdfupp I was like "them ugly ass pointy ass toes you got"

Then she got up and began to approach me

When she got up I saw that she had some big ass titties, so I had to get up from the table I was seated at and leave, cuz all I was gon be doing is starring at her chest

That's haraam, so I got up and excused myself

Everybody that was seated in the table with me thought that I was scared

But naaw, I just didn't want to fall into sin

They didn't understand

That dream was a symbolism

There are two types of dreams: 1. Symbolic dreams, 2. Real dreams

The symbolic dresms, everybody gets it, something happens in the dream that symbolizes something

So for example, the dream that I just had, what does it symbolize?

That I always put God first, no matter what people think

If you watch a movie about ghosts and monsters and have a nightmare about ghosts and monsters, the symbolism is that the movie really frightened you and you are afraid of ghosts and monsters

If you see a hot girl walking in the street and you dream about her what does it symbolize?

That you really like her and she has stimulated your mind in a certain way

These dreams can be affected by the Shaytan, or your nafs

The Prophets of Allah they never get this type of dream, they only get real dreams

So... Prophet Ibrahim AS had a dream of him slaughtering and killing his son Ismail AS, he knew that this was a real dream sent by Allah and that is what he had to do

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS had a dream of him circuambulating the Kaaba, going around it

So what did this mean? He knew this was a real dream and Allah wanted him to perform Hajj, so that's what he did the next year, or next day, idkk, Allah knows best

6 months before he received his first revelation at the cave of Hira, the Messenger of Allah SAWS would have these type of dreams, real dreams

If he had a dream, the very next day than it would happen

So if he had a dream that somebody was going to die, the very next day that person will die

If he had a dream that he was going to meet somebody new, the very next day he would meet that person

This happened for SIX MONTHS!

Prior to his first revelation, that he was a Prophet of Allah

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

So if you have a dream that you get into a car crash and you die, and then you call out from work the next day because you don't want to drive your car, then it is the Shaytaan who is laughing at you, because he fooled yoi, he played a trick on you and u fell for it

Those dreams are never true, nightmares are never true

A man came to the Messenger of Allah SAWS and said "Ya Rasullullah, I had a dream that my head fell and it was rolling on the ground and I was trying to get it, what does it mean?"

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS said: "Don't tell me, don't tell me about that dream, because it's the Shaytaan trying to toy with you"

Whenever that you have a nightmare do not tell others about it, it makes you look like a fool


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

Every one of us has problems

And we think about our problems all the time

It could be so much worse, there's so much worse that can happen

Parents complain and complain

"What do you say about your child?" They'll give you a list of complaints

He doesn't go to sleep on time, he plays too much video games

If you ever talk to parents who lost a child you know what they say?

"My child was perfect, he was so perfect"

They only remember the good things. Why is that? A day before you were yelling at him

Because that's human nature, we don't appreciate the things that we have until they're gone

We have to learn to be humble to our parents, even if we think they're unfair

You don't have to wait for His care to come, it's already there

*what are the characteristics of a loving husband*

I don't need to watch this video, cuz I already know all that one needs to know to be a good husband

💡fuck her brains out!

That's the only trait needed

We differ with the Christians and the Jews but we treat them with greater respect than we do with our own brothers

Learn to understand, your way is not the only way

We need to learn to love one another

People abuse their wives, they beat them and they swear them and say "Islam allows me to do that" when it does not

Follow his way

Aisha (ra) said he was never abusive

The best from amongst you is the one that is best to their wives, their family members, why?

Charity begins at home

When you are intimate with your wife, when you satisfy her sexually than it is an act of charity

The Prophet SAWS said this

💡this means that I gotta fuck that btch, I gotta give her all my hyperspermia, it's for the sake of Allah

💂yeah... "your wife" not keke with the fat butt

💡what about your mom?

💂 😑

💂you look like the dark side of the moon

💂you look like Doomsday btch

💂you look like a stack of black tires 🛢

💂this is your face ⏩⚫⏮

That is prohibited during her menstrual cycle, but you can still do a lot

💡like what?? 😕

💡sex is the only thing to do frfr

💡when that btch is on her period, leave her in the crib alone and go elsewhere

💡that's what the Jews used to do

💡Whenever their woman was on her period they would stay away from her and don't go near her, why? Because she is POSSESSED!

💡 The Power of Christ compels you btch!!

💡I can't wait to be a husband, ima be the BEST!!

That is a woman, it's not her fault, treat her with respect

The Prophet SAWS told us this, he said it with his blessed lips

The problem is that we're focused with another woman outside

Get up and solve the matter you are a man

Solve the matter in a respectful way, a beautiful way

The Prophet SAWS used to kiss his wives

The kisses are described, I don't have time for because it's Jummuah but if I could describe that kiss I don't want to know what might happen to our Jummuah

💡I have to follow the example of my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

💡 this means that I have to stick my tongue down her throat and I have to kiss her between her thighs, under her belly button

💡It's an act of charity, my reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

💡And ima kiss and suck on her bottom lip, hopefully she get some juicy lips

💂you can do all that bro, so long as she is your wife, and not Keke with the fat butt

💡 Nor your mom? Damn it

Tomorrow's Monday, I gotta go to SEPTA and fill up my key card, hopefully I'll see that sex ass SEPTA customer service lady with the fat butt

She's all I been thinking about

Hopefully I'll see her tomorrow, Insha.....

Oh... nevamind

I'm a winner!

I never lose

May Allah SWT grant us ease

And the Prophet SAWS used to eat and drink, from the same spot that his wife drank from

With us if she drank from a cup I can't drink from that cup, why??

💡cuz that btch got COOTIES!!

💡 The power of Christ compels you btch! -throws holy water on her face

💡and plus, she just finished giving me head. How df ima drink from the same cup that she drank from? 😕

💡 that's GAY!

He was so romantic that he used to make his wife blush, have you made your wife blush?

💡 no, but I made her cum, several times, that's like the same thing right?

He used to lean on his spouse, he would put his legs on her thighs etc

💡I'ma do the same thing. I'ma rest my legs on her buttcheeks

💡"Bae lemme just rest my leg right quick"

It's described in the hadeeth. We will do it with someone haraam, but halaal, no way

💡Keke with the fat butt is not haraam

💂is she your wife?

💡 uhh... no. But I have a firm intention to marry her

He would declare his love for his wife

How many of you tell your wife you love her

💡I told Keke with the fat butt that I love her

💡I was like... "I luh u bae"

Show her affection in front of your children

"Allah has blessed me with the love of Khadijah" that's what he said

Say it in the presence of your children they will learn how to treat their wives when they grow older

We've hidden the good things sometimes, so the children don't know how to be with their spouses

💡I'ma smack her ass 👋 in front of the kids

The Prophet SAWS would take the time to play games with his spouses, he would literally race with some of his spouses

"come let's race, we run from here to there and let's see who wins"

💡 I'ma win of course, that btch too fat, she gon lose

💡let's play a different game, it's called "who can cum the fastest?"

💡 I eat you out whilst you suck my dck and let's see who can cum the fastest... bet you I'll win 😉

💡or we can play spin the bottle

💡or strip poker

💡nevermind, poker is haraam

Your spouse comes first

Your spouse comes first always

💡your spouse cums first

We are proud to acknowledge that is Islam


The Prophet SAWS at times he had his wife comb his hair

💡I'ma let her comb my hair and brush it and do all that, I just won't be able to do the same thing cuz that hoe bald headed, she ain't got no hair on her head, she look like Rufus off Kim Possible n shyt

The Prophet SAWS he used to feed his wife with his own hand at times, pick up the morsel and say "I'm feeding you"

This is healthy, no problem , but in a romantic way

💡"open your fukkin mouth, say aahhh btch"

💡 -puts dck inside her mouth

You gotta feed your wife, show her that you care

Whenever they wanted something he used to get it for them

He used to get for them what they want, do the errands and the chores

With us, a lot of the times the wives are doing it themselves

"Don't worry, I'll get the shopping list"

💡 "ik u at work bae, and I don't wanna trouble you, so don't worry, I'll get the condoms from CVS k?"

He used to want to know about his wives, with us a week passes and we don't even want to know how they are doing

If you don't understand the purpose of your life you won't understand why worshipping the deity who created you is so important

💡 The minute you create you have the right to dictate

Dictate- lay down authoritatively; prescribe.

💡 Sentence example: I dictated that Jason's mom should lay down on her back while I stuff her like a thanksgiving turkey.

He made us so He has the right to tell us what we should be doing

I'm hungry as shit

I was going to wait until after Maghrib to eat, but naw, I gotta wait until after Asr

I'm getting hunger pangs

Be happy with what you have

Allah has referenced in the Qur’an that men and women are not the same

Women are complimentary to men, they're not the same as men

You cannot change the basic nature of men and women the way that Allah SWT has created them

When a man tries to become a woman they will never be able to change their fundamental nature

Our Religion is very simple and straightforward

The man is not like the woman

I just took a crazy dookie

My Wudu has been nullified

I already know that!

And I'm gonna fast tomorrow just like my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do

To gain the rewards from Allah Azzawajal

I can't wait!!

Allah is the Gentle Al-Lateef, and He is the Firm Al-Mateen

I just prayed Maghrib

I had to renew my Wudu because I took a dookie earlier

And I intend to fast tomorrow!! 😄

I can't wait!!

I'm going to get all this reward from my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most High, the Most-Gracious!!



Tomorrow's Monday...

I be doing my workout on Monday mornings

And if I be having hunger pangs when I do my workouts

So fasting will be extremely difficult for me

And I know my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most Gracious and the Most High does not want to make it difficult for me

He wants to put me through ease

So... I guess I will not be able to fast and gain the reward from my Lord Allah Azzawajal the Most Merciful

Darn diggity!!

That sucks...



Al-Bukhaari (6491) and Muslim (131) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, relating from his Lord, may He be glorified and exalted: “Allah decreed good deeds and bad deeds, then He explained that. Whoever thinks of doing a good deed then does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed. If he thinks of doing a good deed and then does it, Allah [may He be glorified and exalted] will write it down between ten and seven hundred fold, or many more. If he thinks of doing a bad deed then he does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed, and if he thinks of it then does it, Allah will write it down as one bad deed.”


Which is more important, money? Or the reward that Allah SWT will give you?

The Qur’an consists of more than 330,000 letters

Times that by ten

From Suratul Fatiha to Suratul Nas

How many millions?

💡 A freaking lot, that's how many

Allah wants to give us rewards, but we don't want to take the rewards, it's our fault

That person will go to a higher place in Jannah because he has memorized more Qur’an

If you believe that you can do something 50% of the job is already done

The other 50% is just doing it

That's how easy it is brothers and sisters

I sho love me some broccoli

I love anything that's good for you really

Smh... there goes another weekend of not memorizing this Surah, this is like the sixth week!


*easy step by step method to kill yourself* GOOGLE SEARCH

I'm not going to be like others telling you your life is going to become better and ask not to kill your self and all that shit…. Cuz I was also searching for the easiest way to kill myself, and don't judge me or start commenting hate you don't know how many struggles I pass through.

Every human has the fair to to live, so why don't we have the fair to die to?

There are many ways to commit suicide, for example cutting yourself, I tried it and it's really painful so if you're looking for an easy and peaceful death don't try it.

So in my opinion the easiest way to commit suicide is to take a big amount of painkillers and sleeping pills, well these two are know for killing pain, so it will make your death easier and faster, you want even feel the pain (I'm going to try that one).

💡Dually noted

Lethal injection, which is composed of anesthesia+pancuronium Bromide+potassium Chloride. All are injected in blood, first they inject anesthesia (sodium thiopental or pentobarbital) which act as painkillers and remove any chance of pain, bromide stops the breathing, while potassium chloride stops the heartbeat right away which cause death. This method is mostly used as mercy killing.

💡 I don't want mercy killing!! I wanna blow my fuckin brains out with a grenade launcher

I just wanted to say in the end, where there is life there is hope. So don't be fast in giving up, just think about the people who will get hurt because of your death…. But in the end your life your choice, in the end no one knows the amount of pain you are in to do that to your self as much as I do, I guess I'll be already dead when you are reading this….. I wish you all the best ❤.

💡 this ngga gay, giving hearts n shyt 😕, and this ngga suicidal af, I was jus kidding but this mf dead ass!

The world is in front of you moving towards you

An invitation is only real if it's open to rejection

We will only survive if we work together helping one another

Catholicism is now being tainted with a heinous crime against children.

Heinous- (of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked.

💡 Sentence example- Jason's mom wanted me to insert my penis in her heinous, I declined, for it is haraam.

💡oh... shit... that's the wrong word


💡 Jason's mom has a very ugly and heinous face, so I have to put a brown pager bag over her face whilst we're having intercourse.

Our mind has been designed to see unity in diversity

We don't accept any conception of God

When you do something your consciousness will tell you that that's right or wrong

Honesty is a virtue in every country

Integrity is a virtue

Courage is a virtue

The idea of temperance is a virtue

Justice is a virtue

These are not relative concepts

We might have some different conceptions

The essence of justice is the same

The Prophet SAWS said that there is greater reward in raising a daughter

A true believer would prefer daughters over sons

💡Daughter? Son? Irdgaf, I just gotta cultivate my seed and increase the Muslim population THAT'S ALL I KNOW!

Women are a great gift

The Prophet SAWS loved the brittleness of women

He loved that they cried more then men

💡I love how her eyes sparkle whilst my long hard shaft is in her mouth

Kindness is one of the most important values in our Religion

You cannot go into a state and break the laws of the state

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Jason's mom

Her name Ciara

She ugly and fat as shit

And she look like a man

A 6'3 male human being

Repel evil with good

Let God sort these things out

The preservation of Religion, life, intellect, family, property, and of honor/human dignity

These are the great values of our Religious tradition

How much is your freedom worth?

Cuz I'm sure you do this for a couple of hundred bucks in the VIP lounge and right now this is worth way more than that

That's a good girl

You make my cock go soft, you go to jail

Make me believe it and you go free

I love Karlee Grey

I think she's awesome!

She may be a porn star but she has a lot of potential


I don't even watch porn, that shyt is haraam

Does Allah tell us to pray? Yes

Does He tell us how to pray? No

How do we know how to pray? From out beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWS

You can't be a Muslim, you can't understand Islam fully unless you take both parts together

Right? It's like you can't have pizza unless you got bread and cheese

It's not gonna work with only bread that's just bread

And cheese is just cheese

Together you have a wonderful creation of God

💡such a good analogy made

We need some sauce too I'm sorry

💡😱you can't forget the saucee brruuhh!

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS was a master counselor

We never call women any type of gardening tool, they might garden, but they're not gardening tools

All these people that talk about love they don't really know that much

"oh I got butterflies in my stomach"

That's a serious medical condition

I put this shyt inside you that shyt gon nutt

It's Monday morning, so you know what that means... MORNING WORKOUTS!

I'm ready!!

I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday, that Mosque is awesome!

I absolutely love it!!

Waay more than that other one I used to go to...

I love it way more! Part of the reason is because... that other one was too strict 😕

If you say like "I'm so happy that I passed my class"

They'd be like: "say your Shahada it's blasphemy to get too happy"

-finds money on the ground "say your Shahada it's blasphemy to find money"

-Goes to the bathroom and pee "say your Shahada it's blasphemy to go to the bathroom"

They had me thinking like everything was a sin, EVERYTHING!

That's not right, Islam is a merciful Religion, we shouldn't have to scare people to make them join

We can just tell them the truth, and if they decide to join that's great, and if they don't then... May God have Mercy on them


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

I love Karlee Grey