⚠ Monday

Image degredation- The purpose of image restoration is to "compensate for" or "undo" defects which degrade an image. Degradation comes in many forms such as motion blur, noise, and camera misfocus

This faggot ass ngga playing with his hair n shyt, he twirling his hair with his finger n shyt

Fuckin fag

I'm tired and hungry as shit

Did I pee?? 🤔

I be forgetting

I'ma just renew my Wudu, fuk it

Better safe than sorry!

Except in the case of Religion, even if you forget, it's cool

If you forget you're fasting and you eat or drink... it's cool

If you forget you peed or farted and you pray, it's cool

If you get too high or drunk and you forget to pray, it's cool

P.S. smoking weed and drinking alcohol are among the major sins in Islam

I'm just waiting for this ngga to say the wrong shit to me

I love my father

I just fulfilled the obligatory prayer of Maghrib

I want her... I'm gonna marry her 😍

She is part of the family, and my father highly approves of her

I gotta marry her, and I will... Insha'llah

She will be my "Rahma"


Death has no age, this life is not paradise, we're not meant to stay here

On the Day of Judgment your whole life will be reversed

Everyone has a sign before they die, everyone

But these signs are different, they come in various forms

As you grow in age you're actually getting smaller in age

Everything has a cure, except for death and old age

That's a lie, they're just deceiving you, there's no cure for old age

Allah is going to destroy it and recreate another

The day of accountability has come very close to people

Let hope delude them, they have made up their own ideas in their head

Those who follow their desires, so they begin to fill their lives with other things

Hope to be rich in the future

Hope to be this or be that, receive this or receive that

Hope to live longer

Allah is saying let hope delude them, don't practice your deen, don't come closer to Allah SWT

You have this false hope that you're gonna live long, later on you'll repent, for now you're still young

How many people, death came to them when they still had that hope, at the age of 20, at the age of 30

They begin to make up imaginative tales, to the point that they begin to question the existence of God, that's a Hadeeth, what does this mean?

They wanna live outside the realm of this world

It's another form of intoxication, but on a smaller scale

Use it in a halaal way, but don't be extravagant

Movies are now dictating what people think and believe

What if there is another world?

What if there is another reality?

They don't know what they are talking about

It's nice to think like that. It's nice to think that when we die we'll just become ghosts and just roam around

As long as they know other people are thinking like them they think "yeah it's a possibility"

It's nice to think like that

When we die we're just ghosts, and there's a light at the end of the tunnel and we just walk there

And all those things, and umm... idk, Lord of the Rings, and umm... idk Sixth Sense, and umm... idk you name it, all these other imaginations

💡May Allah bless Bilal Assad, may Allah give him long life

These are the minor signs, so now a lot of people are questioning if there really is a God

Another minor sign is imbalance in the world

The imbalance of our morals

It depends on how you look at it they say

I see it this way, you see it that way

I see that marrying a dog and calling her my wife is a normal thing, you don't see it that way, that's okay we can still be friends

What's this? Are we human beings?

I said to him "look, we're human beings and we exist"

And then he goes "hold on, how do you know we actually exist?"

And he comes up with these theories

We ask Allah to keep us sane

Then you got people who believe that wearing clothes should only be for when you're cold, or when you're sick, or just to look good, otherwise you should take them off

And they think that we're crazy, for wearing clothes, because God created us naked

Look at this insanity

Then they have homosexuals

They think you're crazy if you're against it, you've got the psychological problem

President Obama also said "I don't agree with homosexuals"

The role of men and women have completely changed

The last hour will not come until children begin to curse their own parents

The liar is believed, and the believer is the liar

We live in a world of absolute confusion brothers and sisters

Rasullullah SAWS is telling us that people lose their faith very quickly

And youngsters are becoming sodomites

There's a Muslim gay society in America now, and in London, and there's one that's just developed in Sydney, and a Muslim lawyer woman defended them

The point is that's what's happening, the minor signs are becoming flourished

Is there a God? Is Islam really the right Religion? Of course it is

There will come a time when people reject hadeeths, and they will only accept the Qur’an

And then what's gonna happen after that? Then the Qur’an will be rejected

Memorization without understanding will benefit nothing, many of them came back?

Among the minor signs are people who will falsely claim they're Prophets

It's today, everywhere

The latest one that I know of is the Mormons, "John Smith"

He lives in America, he's a Prophet, why's he a Prophet? Because he wrote a book

Anyone can make up a Religion

You wanna make money? Just make up an idea and publicize it, and you will have followers, I gurantee you you'll have followers

Anything, just make up anything

There are those who worship the genitals of human beings

There are those who worship the ants and the insects

The aliens are gonna take him. Where are they gonna take him idk

The minor signs continue

When the major signs come the minor signs are still going

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Bilal Asaad and I'll have more knowledge than him

The purpose of human creation is to worship Allah

Whoever remembers Allah, he is the fortunate one

Remember Allah during the times of ease and He will remember you during times of difficulty

I'm thinking about that girl, I can't wait to marry her!

This is what we use in our civil courts to determine the validity of arguments, the preponderance of evidence

Preponderance- quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance.

"the preponderance of women among older people"

💡 Sentence example: The preponderance of how many times I inserted my penis into Jason's mom vagina and made her qweef.


Mystery is not the implacable adversary of understanding, rather mystery is what compels us to understand

Implacable- unable to be placated.

💡 wtff, well wtf does "placated" mean?

Placated- make (someone) less angry or hostile.

💡 ohh ok, so what's the final definition?

Implacable- not capable of being appeased, significantly changed, or mitigated

Ohh... hmmmm 🤔

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom wanted me to take her to Disney Land, but I repeatedly told her no, she was able to change my implacable response by giving me oral sex.

💂 you look like Kerchak

All civilizations have three main classes of individuals: those who do, those who make, and those who know

Currently, science is the offender

We now have scientists pontificating about God

Pontificate- If someone pontificates about something, they state their opinions as if they are the only correct ones and nobody could possibly oppose them.


💡 Sentence example- Jason's mom does not like the fact that I sleep with other girls, and she pontificates about it, but I care very little.

In the early stages of the universe, particles had no mass

Human beings are social beings, whether we like it or not, we love people

💡Not me, I hate everybody!

The social norm is developed by our need to belong and our need to feel certain

This is called informational social influence

If I'm uncertain about something, I'm going to go to the masses to gain that certainty

Conversely if I'm certain about something but I have the need to belong, I may give up my beliefs just to adopt your beliefs because it's the consensus, or it's the masses

That's the social norm, we have a need to belong and we have a need to feel certain

💡Insha'llah one day I'll have more knowledge than Hamza Tzortzis and I'll be a better Muslim than him

I didn't watch porn and ejaculate last night, but still I will take a shower this morning, why? Because I have to pray Fajr this morning, and I have to be clean whilst I stand in front of my Lord


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning btw

I'm high as shyt


Being high is a state of mind

You do not have to smoke marijuana to get high

You can just be.

So what does marijuana do to you?

It just brings you into realization. It makes you realize that you're high

Last year, in the month of Ramadan, I went like 25 days without smoking weed, for like that whole month I was sober, but yet... I was high as shit

I'm very conservative

So what does this mean?

💡 Whenever me and Jason's mom have sex and I bust a nut, she doesn't like to waste my ejaculatory seminal fluid, she swallows every drop.

All these btches wanna have sex cuz they know a ngga got money

This ngga sound like a btch

Damn this btch big as hell

May Allah bless her

Where df in the Qur’an does it say to be an asshole?

"flips through the pages"

💡 nope! Don't see it!!

What was I bouta do???

I fukkin hate when that shyt happens!!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass solar eclipse!!

The Prophet SAWS was intimate with his spouses

He fulfilled that right of his spouses

She's busy waiting, she's dressed up for you, you say "I'm tired"

💡 I would never say that!! That's just rude!!


Men are guilty of thinking that women don't have sexual needs

💡that's some rs, females do have "needs" like the rest of us men

💡she need to suck this fukkin long ass shaft and get all this hyperspermia that's the only need she needs

That's the husband, even during the menstrual cycle the Prophet SAWS used to do everything besides intercourse, with his own spouse Subhanallah

💡not me, shiitt, leave that hoe in the house and tell her I'm going to buy some milk and don't come back for like eight days, be like "damn bae the line was long"

💂we don't call females gardening tools, they might garden, but they're not gardening tools

Your mom look like a fatass gardener!

You and I know that is prohibited during the menstrual cycle, but you can still do a lot

💡 likkee whatt?? Sex is the only thing to do

That's a woman, it's not her fault, it's from Allah


Treat her with respect, that is a husband, that's what the Prophet SAWS told us

💡treat her good, then eat her good 😉

you come home you are happy, your wife is happy, you are focused

The problem with us is that we are focused with another woman somewhere outside

We are focused on someone else outside, Subhanallah, may Allah protect all of us

💡definitely not focused on Keke with the fat butt, she was only one night

Now when you come home and it's halaal and it's a Sadaqa, and it's a charity, and your wife has been waiting for you and at times she's actually looking forward

💡that hoe looking forward to all this 5.5ml of hyperspermia

💡you gon get it!! I PUT THAT ON MY LIFE!!

💂bro, stop calling women gardening tools

💡your mom look like a fatass lamp post!!

💡 your mom look like a fatass Dwight Howard

At night the Prophet SAWS taught us that if you don't have anything constructive to do, go to bed, why? Because the wife is waiting for you

💡keep that hoe waiting, I gotta go smoke this joint

Why did you get married if you don't want to spend the nights with your wife? Sit with her, talk with her, play with her


She's trying to touch you and you say "hey wait!"

💡 cuz that btch got COOTIES!!

Where is the Islam in you??

Play with her, be intimate with her

Intimate- closely acquainted; familiar, close.

💡 play with her pussy

The Prophet SAWS he played with his spouse hair and so on...

💡I wish I could do that 😕

💡 but that hoe ain't got no hair

💡 bald headed skiddle diddle, got no hair in the middle

May Allah SWT grant us a deep understanding

I gotta do Maghrib as soon as it comes in today, because yesterday I waited till like the last five minutes to do it

And I don't even think I was in a state of Wudu

I love my father

He's old and cranky, and he has anger problems but THAT'S MY DAD!


That ngga did everything for me

So... I will tolerate his anger and his crankiness

My father is the only one, any other ngga talk to me like that or disrespect me I'll kill them

I'm thinking about this girl, that I'm gonna marry

She's so pretty, so beautiful, and SHE'S MUSLIM 😄

Insha'llah she gotta fat butt

I can say Insha'llah cuz I'm actually going to marry her

So no sin is on me

To be able to say "is" is a privilege

I'm waiting until I pray Isha to eat

My life revolves around prayer times

Allah gives us so much

We have nothing to complain about whatsoever

In the giving is a tribulation

"It's Your generosity O Lord that deludes us from you"

Deprivation is a blessing

Out of His Compassion He deprives us

Insha'llah one day I'll have more knowledge than Shaykh Hisham Mahmoud and I'll be a better Muslim than him

And so he improved it, he beautified it, he adorned it, he owned it

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Kevin Garnet

Some people first thing in the morning they must have a coffee

Now when we think of coffee what do we think of?


If I were to say for example pizza, what would you think of? Which country would you think of?


If I were to say sushi what would you think of?

💡 Her coochie smell like sushi, that shyt STTAANNKK!!


So there are certain things you associate with certain things

Coffee itself the word actually comes from Arabic

The Arabs knew when you drink a lot of coffee you don't want to eat anymore after this

So they usually would have it after their meals

The word "qahwah" spread from Yemen to the rest of Arabia until it went to the Ottoman empire

The Arabs were the first ones to drink coffee

The Ottomans really revolutionized coffee

This drink was a Muslim drink

For a long time the Pope forbade Christians from drinking it

The Pope gave a fatwa and said "Christians are not allowed to drink coffee"

Until a while later one of the later Popes he decided to reverse this decision, he got a bag of coffee and he baptized it in the church, so he said "now coffee is a Christian drink"

The reason why I mention this is as I said, when we start to introduce history I like to suggest that we know nothing

Everyday we drink coffee

Most of us won't even know about this, it's Islamic history

There was a point that just drinking coffee would get you thrown out of the Catholic Church

You'd be accused of being Muslim, nowadays everybody drinks coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world today

One of the biggest reasons why coffee is beneficial is because it contains massive amounts of antioxidants

One of the things that we're exposed to all around the world today is large levels of toxicity

Antioxidants can really help in slowing the aging process

Coffee increases circulation and can stimulate the liver

It is of most importance that we adults learn about intimacy in the light of Islam

The two spouses should go into a private room and make sure that no one, not even a small child will be able to watch them

For covering one's private parts, in front of anyone, except one's own spouse is an important obligation in Islam

💡damn, so I can't record a video of me fuckin that btch and show it to my friends

The two spouses should engage in various acts of foreplay

Such as light talk

💡"lay down on the bed you finna get this shaft btch! "


💡"knock knock!" she gon be like "who's there?" I'ma be like "long hard shaft" she gon be like "long hard shaft who?" I'ma be like "LONG HARD SHAFT IN YOUR MOUTH! Say "AAAHHH"

Touching, kissing, fondling, caressing, and so on

The man should not rush into intercourse

💡🏃 "open ya mouth open ya mouth I gotta nutt btch! AAAARRGGHHHH!!"

He should be kind and gentle to his spouse

💡-slaps her and chokes her while she's getting rammed with this long hard shaft!

Use kind words to your spouse

💡"I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks"

I gotta change my boxer briefs this morning, it's time

I change them after every 21 days... Islam has put order into my life

I only have eyes for one girl

I only want one girl

And that's the one that I'm going to marry


💡 I was gonna say "I'm gonna marry that little btch" but that would not be permissible and that would be rude af considering that she's actually going to be my wife and mother of my children

I would never call my wife a "btch"

💂yes you would

I'ma horny little fucker

Karlee Grey finna get fucked by her piano teacher

Suck this dck you CUNT!!

I love the facial expressions that you manifest on your face while this long hard shaft is inside you

Do what you gotta do

Don't do it, you go to jail

💡You ain't never gon shoplift again!!

That's a pretty pussy

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Karlee Grey is awesome


That girl has potential


I'm thinking about this girl

I think I love her

Insha'llah I'll marry her soon!


I need to get her pregnant quick, cuz that's the only way she'll stay with me forever


⚠ Wednesday

Oh shit good morning, I forgot

This girl 😍😘

I can't wait to marry her

I need to tell my mom

She's gonna be so happy for me 😄

I'm gonna give my mother lots and lots of grandchildren

She called me on the phone, she sounds so beautiful 😊

Good to know that's how my daughter is gonna sound like

Why is it that in the presence of authority our actions are checked?

A guilt culture is a culture where there is an internal mechanism going on. "I feel bad if I'm doing wrong"

Islam is a shame Religion

Can't wait to buy my laptop!! 😄

It feels good to know that I'm actually gonna spend my money on something beneficial, and not waste it on buying weed 😕

And I gotta get a haircut, my head wolfing!

This is why Ihsan is related to seeing

In other words you feel the presence of God and you feel ashamed before God

Once a woman is married she can take the husband's name if she wants to or not

When I marry her ima just ask her if she wants to take my last name or not, I'm not gonna force her to do anything

I'm trying to learn how this "marriage" thing works, I've never really been married before...

But it's cool, ima learn, and ima be the best husband!


Everything is going to be perfect, I'm going to marry her, we're gonna have lots of kids, I'm gonna love her and we're gonna live happily ever after!! 😄


The eyes, the ears, the hearts, the human being is responsible for them

I can't get too excited, even though I'm so happy right now I have to contain it

Because, remember, four times the Shaytaan is closest to you, when you're really hungry, when you're really angry, when you're really horny, and when you're really happy

Because whenever you get too happy that's when you start wishful thinking, and that is a corruptor of the heart, wishful thinking

There are other corruptor of the heart, like excessive eating, excessive sleeping, overeating, frequent socializing

And being attached to anyone other than Allah

An example would be those who say "I can't live without you, I need you in my life"


Do you know how stupid you sound?

Yes you can live without that person, and no you do not need him or her

I gurantee you, if that person dies you will still wake up the next morning

The only one that you really need is Allah

Hypothetically speaking... let's say if God did not exist, what would happen?

You would literally vanish, you will not exist, POOF💨 you're gone

But it is impossible for God to not exist, HE HAS TO EXIST!

and He has to be perfect

It is blasphemy/Kufr to believe that the Prophet SAWS had any bad characteristic or trait

To believe he was a liar, a cheat, two-faced etc...

Not just him, but any Prophet of Allah

To believe that any one of them had any bad trait

So an example would be for one to think that Prophet Ibrahim AS was a dead beat dad

Never interrupt somebody when a discussion is being taken place

I'm so hungry

His 23 years was to restore the place of the Kaaba

I have to keep doing a lot of nafl prayers and voluntary deeds, in order that Allah may forgive me for two days ago when I delayed the Maghrib till the last five minutes

I'm never doing that shyt again!!

I already asked Allah to forgive me but idk if He accepted, so I have to keep praying and asking for forgiveness, until a Angel descends down and tells me that Allah has accepted my forgiveness

Until then... I won't stop..

This ngga, I was thinking about what he said

Like two years ago I was in rehab and one of my friends was telling me like...

"If I go to the barbershop and I get a haircut and I don't like it then I'm not paying the barber"

😑 that's dumb af

You're not paying for the haircut

You're paying for the "service rendered"

He took time out of his day to cut your nasty ass hair, that's what your paying for

I fell asleep, woke up and had to do Isha prayer immediately

I was just gonna be like "I was sleeping, I forgot", and that would be permissible, no sin will be on me

But... I didn't forget, I can't pretend like I did

Who df would I be fooling? Certainly not God!! He's absolutely Omniscient

And tomorrow I'm gonna fast, don't think I forgot

I may forget to do my homework, I may forget that girl's name, I may forget to drop my gaze, but I will NEVER forget to do something for the sake of Allah SWT

Every year retailers lose 45 billion to shoplifters

It's the job of loss prevention officers to protect against these shoplifters, these are their stories

"Have a seat"

"Well you should've thought of that before you started stealing stuff"

"You know the store has video surveillance right? Because you stole today and you've been caught I literally have to call the police, there's no other option"

"This is your daughter?"

"Were you with your mother when you stole the previous times as well?"

"Are you in on this?"

"Do you want your mother to go to jail? "

"There's one other way that you don't have to go to jail"

"See, this is why you don't steal stuff, because it has consequences"

"what do you say we come to a little bit of an arrangement"

"There's two options, you can either go to jail, or we can have a little bit of fun"

"You don't know what I'm talking about? You gonna play stupid? Ok I can call the police right now"

"I wanna fuck ur daughter. Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"Either I fuck ur daughter, or you go to jail"

💡 Do you love your mother?? Huh?? ANSWER ME!

💡 If you love your mother you're gonna have to spread your buttcheeks

"So what do you say? Do you wanna go to jail? Or are you gonna give me ur daughter?"

"Watch, watch. Stay right there, watch your daughter do this"

💡 watch ur daughter SUCK MY SHAFT!!

-searches her, rubs her titties, rubs her buttcheeks

"Do you want me to call the police down here so they can do a full cavity search?"

"Just let me do my job please"

"We might be able to work something out "

"You ladies might be in luck today"

"That's my camera. Don't worry no one else sees this except for me"

"and my friends"

I'm finna fuck you and ejaculate all on your Christmas booty cheeks btch

Bend over btch u finna get RAMMED!!


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

When I watch porn, I like various content, different videos...

Not just the same type, I like a variety in the porn content that I watch

And that's exactly what Xvideos provide for me...

Not that I watch porn or anything, that shyt is haraam

I don't do that

Isra and Mi'raj happened immediately after the death of Khadijah

He had to talk to the most beloved to get over his worldly beloved

Allah will not leave you hanging

Allah SWT will give you love

Everything has first principles

Science has first principles or assumptions

For example: you have to believe in an external universe with external causes in the universe in order for science to work

You have to adopt it as an assumption, or a view, in order for science to work

Mathematics has assumptions, you have to believe in an infinite

These are important to have in order for that field of knowledge to grow

Politics has an assumption, the idea of freedom

Philosophers believe that the idea of freedom itself has intrinsic values

Intrinsic- belonging naturally; essential.

"access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life"

💡Sentence example- Whether Jason's mom eats for the day or not is intrinsic to me being pleased with her.

If it's intrinsically valuable it doesn't require evidence

Neuroscience is based on an assumption which is philosophical, it's not even scientific

And that assumption is called "physicalism"

Which is the philosophical approach and the philosophy of mind that things can be reduced to physical processes but not necessarily physical bits of matter

Physicalism is a philosophical approach that neuroscience needs in order for it to understand what's happening in the brain concerning correlations between electric chemical activitie and inner subjective conscious state

Everything has an assumption, technically call it first principles

You require first principles in order to understand the world

Hamza Tzortzis is soo knowledgeable! May Allah bless him may Allah bless him, may Allah increase his knowledge, may Allah sustain him, may Allah bless his children

Him, and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, I get the most knowledge from, those two

Most of what we have in our lives we don't need, they're wants

Our wants are having such a massive impact on the rest of the world's needs

If you are free from want, then you are free to live

As long as you have all of these wants, you will never be satiated

Satiated- another term for sate

💡wtff, I hate when they give stupid ass examples like that

Satiated- satisfied, as one's appetite or desire, to the point of boredom.

💡 thank you

💡Sentence example- Jason's mom began to give me oral sex, I became satiated in 30 seconds

I'm gonna fast tomorrow on Thursday, and I'm gonna fast on Saturday, just like I did last week

I don't wanna fast on Friday

It was proven in al-Saheehayn in the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that he said: “I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say, ‘None of you should fast on a Friday unless he fasts the day before or the day after.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1849, Muslim, 1929)

Even though it's permissible for me to do it, I still will not. Why? Cuz I want to follow the example of my master Dawud AS. He would fast one day, take a break the next day, and then fast again the next day

And Allah said that he had the best pattern of fasting

I have to follow him

Nobody else sees the potential in Karlee Grey but I do!

That girl is GOOD!

She has good in her Wallahi

Bounce on this fukkin dck you SLUT

Btch I'm finna put 5.5ml of hyperspermia in you and stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey!


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Finna pray Tahajjud

I gotta shower first tho

And I'm fasting today!

Soon as my bread come in I gotta go buy my laptop, that's the first thing on my list


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

Sonta bad as shyt

She got some big ass titties