⚠ Thursday

YESSS I'm killing this final project

It's going to be PERFECT!

Today was overall a very productive day, I started my final project and I'm about 60% complete, and I still have two weeks to finish it😆

The hardest part is starting, but once you start everything else is easy

I'm hungry af

I'm fasting tho...

The eyes, they never lie

Our eyes often reveal more about our thoughts and feelings than our words, that's the reason we maintain eye contact in interviews to exude confidence

Exude- intransitive verb

1 : to ooze out

💡Sentence example- After 30 seconds of intercourse with Jason's mom, I was able to exude a heavy amount of semen into her vagina.

Prolonged starring is a form of intimidation and shows dominance

Lying can require more concentration then usual, some research suggests that people blink less when they're thinking harder

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates body functions that occur without conscious control (involuntary actions). This system is divided into two branches

The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system

The sympathetic system is more active in a 'fight or flight' situation, and the parasympathetic system is more active in a 'rest and digest' state

In other words, the sympathetic nervous system adjusts your body to deal with some kind of threat to your safety

Whereas the parasympathetic nervous system adjusts your body to conserve energy and be efficient when resting (i.e. good sleep, good digestion etc)

Now, lying usually involves some level of tension or anxiety because you might be worried to a certain degree that the lie might be revealed

💡I be lying... smhh

💡you ask me "hey Abdul, what did you have for breakfast?"

💡 I would look you dead in the face without blinking 😐 and tell you "i had a roasted calf"

💡 knowing god damn well that I had some mfn Corn Flakes

💡why would I lie? "shrugs" ALLAH CERTAINLY KNOWS BEST

This tension subconsciously triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which will cause certain effects throughout your body

Sympathetic stimulation to the eye will cause contraction of the radially oriented pupilary dilator muscle fibers in the iris and will result in mydriasis (dilation of the pupil)

An opposite effect is achieved when the eye receives parasympathetic stimulation

Lying usually involves tension, and tension is usually associated with increased sympathetic activity, the pupil will dilate following sympathetic stimulation

💡I do not be tensed while lying though, tension is the last thing on my mind. I be calm af

💡it takes years of practice. I had to work on this skill for many years in order to master it

When we lie, it takes more mental effort, more energy, and that energy causes our pupils to dilate

Pupils dilate when humans lie

So liars can manipulate their body language but they cannot control their pupils. Their pupils give them away

💡so to solve this matter, one has to constantly wear shades 😎

💡talk to a girl, tell her that you love her, while wearing glasses, and she will believe you!

He knows everything about us, so Allah SWT told Prophet Muhammad SAWS 1400 years ago in the Qur’an

Today we know that pupils betray the liars and gives them away

How could a man who lived 1400 years ago have known that your pupils will betray you when you lie?

Allahu Akbar

💡the eyes never lie...

💡 eye (i) never lie...

💡 I be lying 😕

I'm on GO

you finna get fucked btch!

I gotta fuck a fuckin baby in you


I'm finna stuff you up like a Thanksgiving turkey

-hands her money

"That's a hundred. All you have to do is take ur shirt off and u clean, no problem"

Take off ur shirt slow, do it slow

💡never rush to do anything in life, the keyword is "deliberation"

💡 take ur time child!

💡 Don't be sorry child be careful!

I love how ur buttcheeks turn red after I slap it multiple times with my long hard shaft!

I'm finna fuck a truck load in you btchh


That shyt..... nutted


I can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious

You don't complain about Allah, you complain to Allah

The beautiful thing about the phrase "Alhamdulillah" is that it's always applicable

What's the biggest gift that we have in our lives?

What's the most precious blessing?


You feel so relieved that you found the switch which enables you to see

Once the light gives you the ability to see, then you can navigate correctly and make the right decisions

Islam is kinda like that light

Islam is the most precious thing that we own

Without it everything is dark

That's why converts are really appreciative to Islam. Because they feel like they've been walking around the dark all the time, and finally someone turned the lights on

That's why we thank Allah SWT for the Prophet Muhammad SAWS because without him we don't have that light, he's the guy who installed the light bulb for us

Every single thing that you do, strive to be like Muhammad SAWS

The most miraculous thing about the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is that he was able to maintain good character all day everyday, he never broke from it

Abu Sufyan was not Muslim

Abu Sufyan's daughter who was Muslim wanted to marry the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

There was a group of the Quraysh leaders who were taunting Abu Sufyan

They were like "man this is the guy we're plotting agsinst, we're trying to kill him, and your daughter wants to marry him"

They were making fun of Abu Sufyan

They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad SAWS because he was taking away all their social economic power and status in the community

Abu Sufyan says "I swear, that there is no one better for my daughter than the Prophet"

"There is no one better to marry than the Prophet SAWS"

He admitted it, as his enemy

He was always known to be smiling

Smile a little bit dude

It's difficult for your default face to be a smile

Because that's what they're known for, then you're comfortable saying that they do that as perpetuity

Perpetuity- the quality or state of being perpetual



Perpetuity- endless or indefinitely long duration or existence; eternity.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom has a very perpetual head game.

How much internal strength did it take for him to be the bigger person and say "It's okay don't worry about it"

How many times have you been wronged in your life where you were technically in the right

That person shouldn't have done that to you, you were wrong

The Prophet SAWS was wronged many times, very openly

And by the way being shamed publicly like that is very disturbing, it's very hurtful

💡I know that's right, like when these faggot ass nggas, these homosexuals, these FUKKIN GAY BERGS! Try to sit next to me and approach me thinking that I'm gay

💡 death to all the faggots!

💡 we must kill every single one of them sons of btches

Don't be afraid to be yourself

The Prophet SAWS was so comfortable in his own skin

You're always going to be different

"If you're a little bit different that's cool"

💡 we're all weirdos!

Be totally okay being yourself

Why did he even care about her?

And she wasn't even Muslim

Because she was a human being

I'm thinking about her 😍

I lovee herr soooo muchh

And I can't wait to marry her

I'm gonna marry her because... her mom is super nice, she's Muslim, and she made Du'a for me

Her mom prayed for me and asked Allah to give me long life

So obviously, if her mom is nice like that, and she has good head on her shoulders

Then the daughter must be the same

⚠Things to buy/spend money on:

1. Laptop

2. Deodorant, soap, shampoo

3. Big jacket

4. Add money to SEPTA key card

5. Buy more sweatpants

6. Phone bill

7. Student loan

8. Zakaah

Many times we do not appreciate the blessings of Allah until it's too late, until they're taken away

My money came in, today's Friday, Alhamdulillah!

First thing I gotta do today is go buy my laptop

After I come from Jummuah

Jummuah comes first, Allah comes first

Because it was Allah who gave me that money, He is the only One Who has the power to give

Do you really think that it was Social Security who gave me that money??

Noo! They don't have that ability to give, only Allah has that ability

Allah is Wahaab, He bestowed it to me

So I have to use it in a way that He accepts

I have to buy my laptop, to use it to spread the message of Islam, and that's the ONLY REASON!

I am not going to watch porn on that laptop, I don't even watch porn

That shyt is haraam

Allah is Al-Baatin(The Hidden)

And He is Az-Zaahir (The Manifest)

I don't like bullies, anybody that oppresses I don't like

When I was in first grade I used to get bullied, by some kids around my block, and this kid in my class named Braquan

The kids on my block used to bully me and my elder brother because we had just came into the country from Africa and our English wasn't really that good, so they used to bully and tease us

They would call us names like "African booty scratcher" and the like

Braquan also used to bully me in the first grade, but I'm not gonna talk about it

Because even though Braquan wasn't Muslim when I knew him on the first grade, he has a cousin, named Mustapha, and Mustapha is a really pious Muslim

I haven't seen them in over ten years. Maybe Mustapha could have talked some sense into Braquan and he could have converted to Islam, who knows? Only Allah knows

I have to hope for the best, I will never think bad of anybody again

Cuz after that incident that I had by teasing Michael Jackson and making fun of him, I learned my lesson

I used to make fun of and clown this ngga Michael Jackson soo muchh

The jokes that I used to say about this ngga... smhh

One day I said a really funny joke about this ngga, and all of my friends were laughing

I felt so proud of myself! I made everybody laugh

Then later on that day I went home to go to sleep, and I had a dream, A FUKKIN NIGHTMARE!

I was under water, I couldn't breathe, and somebody was choking me!

Then out of nowhere I rose up from my bed, I thought that the nightmare was over, but lo and behold I was WRONG!

My entire room was dark, everything was silent, I couldn't find the light switch

Then outta nowhere a scary ass ghost looking devil looking figure appeared in my face➡➡ 👻 👺⬅⬅ and he was like BOOO!!!!

I was like 😱😰 OHHHHH SHIITT!!

I jumped up from my bed, I fell down, I PEED ON MYSELF!!

I'm never making fun of that ngga or any other person again in my life

Michael Jackson was a highly pious Muslim and he loved Allah Azzawajal

He used to pray Tahajjud

The Angels loved that ngga!

I gotta get my haircut today

I can't wait to go to that Mosque again today!

I lovee it there so much!!

Way more then that other one in West Philly that I used to go to

Even though that Mosque was great and the people there were all nice, it was just... too strict 😕

💡 "I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast today"

💡 they'd be like "It's blasphemy to not eat breakfast, say your Shahada"

💡 "it was raining today when I was walking home"

💡 "it's blasphemy to walk under the rain, say your Shahada"

💡 they had me thinking like everything was a sin!

That's not right... I was scared, they scared me to keep me into the Religion

💡that's not right at all, even though Islam IS the correct Religion and everyone should follow it

💡we should not have to use scare tactics, or use fear to keep people in the Religion

We can just tell people the truth, we don't have to lie to them

If the Prophet Muhammad SAWS wasn't allowed to compromise the Religion why do we think we have the right to?

So the bottom line is: Islam is the correct Religion, Allah is the Only God, the Prophet Muhammad was truthful!

That's that, that is the truth

We can just give it to people straight and we don't have to lie to them or scare them in order to make them join the Religion

"There is no compulsion in Religion"

💡 Fear is a type of compulsion

💡because if you tell somebody "become Muslim or else God will send you to hellfire for all eternity!"

That is compulsion, because you're scaring the person

Nobody wants to go to hellfire for all eternity

So they're going to be forced to join the Religion, but not because they see it as the truth, but because they are forced into it

We have to stop scaring and stop lying to people, let's just be straight up with them

If they choose to join then that's fine and dandy, if they don't then... screw it, that's on you

But we're certainly not going to have to use scare tactics, or force, anybody

Because that will be a form of oppression, and God hates those who oppresses

We have to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad

He was the best in calling people to the Religion. Did he ever scare people to make them join?

Did he ever compromise the Religion in order to gain more followers?


⚠ Friday



Only thing on my mind today is buying my laptop, and going to Jummuah


She is sooooo smmaartt!!


Finna go buy my laptop now, then ima go to Jummuah

I wanted to go to Jummuah first, but I gotta buy this laptop!! ASAP

I bought my laptop 😀

I didn't get a chance to go to Jummuah tho 😟

Today was overall a very productive day. I asked Ann Marie to be my mentor and she agreed, I bought my laptop, I bought my jacket, and I gotta haircut

The only thing I didn't do was go to Jummuah 😟

But next week, Insha'llah

I won't die Insha'llah and I'll see next week Insha'llah

Among the signs of corruption in the sea is diminution of the fish

Diminution- a reduction in the size, extent, or importance of something.

💡 Sentence example: There was a slight diminution in the size of my penis after I had intercourse with Jason's mom... several times.

Another major problem that we have is obesity

Gluttony is one of the deadly sins

"Eat and drink but not too excess"

This new Meek album hot "Championship"

I wanted to fast tomorrow on Saturday just like I did last week, but I gotta go smoke in the morning after I do my prayers 😕

So... I guess I'll just do it on Sunday, I'm not gonna smoke Sunday

💡I really have to put a "diminution" on my smoking habits, that shyt not cool

I'm so glad I bought my laptop, now I don't have to be going to the library anymore! 😆

Tomorrow morning I gotta go to the library after I pray

Instead of doing what's right, and apologizing to my father and me she moved away


My sister

💂she moved away? Where she go??

Yeahh, that btch moved to Denver Colorado n shyt

I'm soo glad I got my laptop, now I can WATCH ALL THIS PORN!!

Jk, I don't even watch porn, that shyt is haraam

Plus why would I watch it on my laptop when I got the app right here on my phone, it's really convenient, it makes life easier

This big booty porn star btch Destiny Lane is a freakin cum box!

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass... that shyt is haraam

Btch look at me in the eyes while I stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey!

You fat btchh!!!

I love you


That shyt..... nutted



Eeewwww, wtf is wrong with me? Is that wtf I like??

💡 yes


Sin may be more beneficial for a person if it leads him to repent, than engaging in many acts of obedience

This is the meaning of the statement of one of the pious predecessors:

"A person may committ a sin and enter Paradise because of it, or he may do an act of worship and enter hell because of it

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Broly off Dragon Ball Z

90% of the species in the sea have been extinct

Generally the corruption is the distortion of the natural order that Allah has established

The cities are inflicted with pollution, due to industrialized farming

Allah is reminding us that we will suffer from what we do

Allah did not destroy them, as He destroyed the people of Lut

The enemies of the Prophet SAWS were given time to repent

They were given time to leave their enmity against the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Allah is giving us a taste, He's letting us see the harbingers of the full destruction that will come if we don't change our ways

💡i.e. God is going to destroy us if you faggot ass nggas don't stop being gay

Harbinger- a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.

💡 Sentence example: The harbinger that allows me to know that Jason's mom is about to cum is that she tilts her head back and she closes her eyes.

Allah He gives us respite, so that we may be turned to the path of guidance

We should be witnesses for truth, and witnesses for justice

We should be givers of glad tidings

In order to do that we ourselves must be recipients of glad tidings

If you leave drug addiction, then you can have inner peace

💡I'm not addicted 😐

💂the first step to rehabilitation is to admit bro

💡I do admit. I admit that your mom looks like wolverine

You don't need drugs to deal with the pain of living

💡😢I just want the pain to stop! I just want it to be over...

💂You's a btch

The Prophet SAWS was a living witness to what he called to

If you don't return there are consequences, if you continue down this path there are consequences

Those Muslims don't drink, those Muslims don't lie, those Muslims are not affected by the things that are driving us crazy

This is a collective endeavor

But it's an endeavor we must challenge ourselves with

Why are we so ashamed of saying we are Muslims and we have solutions?

We're not responsible for this opioid crisis, we didn't create the conditions that drove people to the necks of despair that are manifested in opium and other diseases, addiction, and other diseases of despair

We should be helping people to get off of that ship

💡By the end of this weekend I will memorize this entire Surah, I put that on everything

💡on my life!

💡 on my momma!!

Starting with the confidence to proudly say "I'm a Muslim"

Kehlani gotta song called "Niggas", that song hot and everything but she be like "fuck all these niggas!"

😒fuck u too btch! Just cuz you had a few bad experience with the opposite gender does not mean that we are all the same

💡jk, we all the same btch. We all just gonna fuck you, impregnate you, and flee the country. 🚌 ✈

Mt hyperspermia acting up this morning