Finna upload my thoughts, feels so good knowing that I don't have to wait till 10am when the library opens to do it, I can just do it at the comfort of my home

I gotta go to the library tho at like 7:30 am after I pray and eat

My life revolves around prayer times

I'm thinking about bae... the girl I'm going to marry

I wonder if she thinks of me as much as I think of her?

I gotta marry her and start a family with her ASAP!

No time to waste


⚠ Saturday

From the age of 9-18 Aisha was with the Prophet SAWS

Good Morning

Even though I didn't smoke yesterday cuz it was Friday, I still managed to purchase my illegal marijuana and I'm just gonna smoke up this morning

In life you always have to plan ahead, always have to prepare for the future

Since I got my laptop now I'm finna start working back on Call It Luck, I gotta re-read it tho, I forgot some of what's going on

This ngga Jason finna fuck Christy

I'm hungry as shit

As soon as I eat I'm going straight to the library

I gotta eat first tho, it's not good to smoke on an empty stomach

That shyt kills your high

Not that I smoke weed or anything, I don't do that. That shyt is haraam

"Life is a farce which everyone has to perform"

-Arthur Rimbaud

Farce- a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

Because it's the teachings of Allah that asks you to be kind to people so that they can relate to the Maker

You submit to Allah, you don't submit to your whims and fancies

Even if you dislike someone you must still be just with them

We're doing it for the sake of Allah, we want the reward

May Allah SWT bless every one of us

I'm at the library high as shit

Being high is a state of mind

I'm high and I'm eagle twated!

I'm so throwed

Being high has a certain stimulation effect on my hyperspermia

I wonder if that makes sense 🤔?

Any problem that Quraysh or any other tribe had with the Muslims the Prophet Muhammad SAWS says "we'll take care of that"

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS he hears of this attack, he hears of this plan, and he decides to cut them off

He sends a delegation to cut them off, to sort of intercept the attack as its coming

This battle that happened is known as the Battle of Badr, and it occurred in the month of Ramadan

"If you are not interested you're not going to be held accountable"

"If you asked us to follow you to the ends of the Earth we will follow you Ya Rasullullah "

This miracle happened in the month of Ramadan

This story is a story of people who saw the priority of the afterlife over this Dunya

There will be nothing waiting for them in the Akhira because they've invested everything in the Dunya

You can tell a lot about the health of your heart and your relationship with Allah by what you make Du'a for

What kind of personality are we instilling in our families when we get upset with them when they don't get an 'A' on that final, but when they miss Fajr "it's okay, there's always tomorrow"

This is not the characteristic of the Companions

If a person truly has desire for the Akhira it shouldn't be on and off

There are some characteristics that are inherent to farmers

The practice of farming, or any business in general is one that requires immense trust and patience

What farmers do is that they plant, they nurture, they feed, they tend, for months

Without any gurantee of the outcome, without any gurantee that what they're working on is going to happen

Allah is so generous, in this Dunya He'll give them what they wsnt, but in the Akhira they've given up everything

A give and take, there's a challenge being presented to us

When a person fasts they're proving that they love Allah more than this Dunya

Fasting is a big deal

We have to make a commitment that we keep up the good actions that we've been doing, after the month

No one celebrates failure

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn't have a party this year

No one has a graduation party if they didn't graduate

Only when you achieve something do you celebrate

Realize that you are in the month of miracles, you are in the month where things happened that people thought will never happen

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Abdel Rahman and I'll have more knowledge than him

As soon as my headphones charge up I'm on go!

I'm ready

Tomorrow on Sunday I'm gonna fast, I wanted to fast today but I couldn't because I smoked weed and got high

I'm not smoking tomorrow cuz I'm fasting

The next time that I'm gonna smoke will be on Monday after school, I usually smoke up in the morning before school, but it's always cold af in the morning

Just dying of hunger, spiritual hunger

Real hunger, they are spiritually dying of hunger

If you could see their spiritual souls, you'd see their corpulent bodies, the reason their bodies is so fat is because their souls are starving

Corpulent- having a large bulky body : OBESE

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom finds great pleasure in sucking my corpulent penis.

I don't want my children to have those friends

Barnie is on Prozac as well

So Barnie is having an existential crisis and he's raising your children

Dunya is dirt, that's all it is

This Religion has become just "ME ME ME" really

There are some people that can't even read Al-Fatiha

Go out and teach Al-Fatiha to somebody

Learn the Religion, and then teach it to others

The first people were probably from South Africa

This is the natural progression that's going to happen when we're focused on the fear

Every time that you get into a car there's a legitimate chance you're going to get into a car accident

It's a real fear, it's a real threat

We have to focus forward, otherwise we will not be able to keep going

Allah is preparing us for the types of trials that we're going to go through

"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un" is not just a statement that you say when someone dies

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un is not just a paradigm, it's a way to see the world

Paradigm- an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype

"there is a new paradigm for public art in this country"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom is a perfect paradigm for the rest of the whores in my whore house.

There is no change, and there is no power or strength except by Allah

You have to understand where change comes from and you have to understand where you put your dependence

Change does not come from the media or what the media says, change comes from Allah

It comes from Allah and only from Allah, and until we understand that nothing is going to really change

Allah's promise and victory doesn't come and go, it's stable

The Prophet SAWS said that there will be a time when the Ummah will be like the froth on the ocean

The froth on the ocean just goes wherever the tides take them

That's how we've become

We need to be like the tree that Allah SWT talks about in Surat Ibrahim

Allah is still in charge, regardless of who's in office

Insha'llah one day I will have more knowledge than Yasmin and I will be a better Muslim than her

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass, that shyt is haraam

Kehlani didn't have a mother while growing up

Aw it's okay baby, I can't be your mom but I can def be ur daddy

Tre pound, crack pound, Meek Milly bloudhound, grimey thirsty, bout it you heard me

60 degrees today! That's smoking weather 😰

So I guess I'm smoking and getting high today



I'm fasting today, and I have to memorize this Surah by the end of the weekend

I'm staying home all day today, idc if it was 85 degrees and all the drug dealers were out giving free packs of blue dream!!

I'm staying home idc idc!

Allah comes first... always!

If you have an idea discuss it with people that are in entrepreneurship

All you need is a good idea and work ethic, and you can start something, and you can be huge

That's what the Ummah needs, the Ummah needs creative entrepreneurs

We have enough doctors

We have enough programmers

The new language of power in the world is economics

We have to learn to start thinking big, and we have to develop a work ethic for it

We're not just here to serve the Ummah, we're here to fix the world, you have to start thinking that big

Don't short-change yourself, don't underestimate yourself

You have to exercise your talents, you have to make the most of yourself

Everybody should work in accordance with their predisposition

You have a talent, you're good at something

Predisposition- a liability or tendency to suffer from a particular condition, hold a particular attitude, or act in a particular way.

"a child may inherit a predisposition to schizophrenia"

💡 Sentence example- A prostitute like Jason's mom may have a predisposition to have a low self esteem.


⚠ Sunday

I'm gonna do something and I'm gonna do it better than anybody else has done it

I'm gonna let my work speak for itself

I'm a Muslim but I'm not crazy, please vote for me, I'm not like the other crazy guys

He doesn't have to do that, he lets his work speak for himself

People assume things about us, they make fun of us

Our contribution to the world speaks for itself, that will shut everybody up better than anything else

These are privileges not rights, and these are things that we take for granted sometimes

This Dunya, the more that you chase it, the more you want it

I'm finna start watching The Flash and Supergirl again, I used to watch them but I stopped...

But now that I got my laptop ima start back up again

Right after I finish working on my final project, school comes first

15 minutes after sunrise...

The question is that there's indication that there might be alien life outside of planet earth and the Qur’an might have a hint or two about it

My response first of all is "who cares?"

We have to give life to the real issues

These are issues, this is happening right now

Our mentality has to become "what is priority, what is the real focus"

What the Qur’an made a priority, is a priority for us

The things we repeat the most should be the things that Allah repeats the most

We have to get away from distractions, we really do

This is all their Islam is, because they're so deeply drowning in sin that they don't wanna address that issue

We have to be realistic Muslims

Not the issues that nobody will benefit from

Conflict resolutions between husband and wife

We are going to build a generation of young people that learn their Deen and are connected to reality

Finna pray, work on my final project, and watch The Flash

I'm not gonna watch "Supernatural" ever again

Them nggas, they introduced an Angel in the show named "Castiel"

And they introduced "God" in the show, his name was Chuck


Chuck was in a bar... drinking

So they're saying that God drinks... alcohol!

What typa blasphemy shyt is that??

Watching this movie... this btch talking bout "SOMEBODY HELP MEE!!"

💡Ain't nobody gon help you btch u finna DIE

"Your son drowned Amy, it is time to let go, let him cross over"

💡 this btch Amy gotta fat butt

💡 this other little btch in the movie named "Becky"

💡 Becky gon grow up to be a whore, she gon bust it open every chance she gets

"Your son drowned, it is not your fault"

💡 Don't beat yourself up over it Amy, we can make another son"

I'm not gonna finish watching that movie, that shyt made no sense whatsoever

Amy's son died, she woke up in a old abandoned school, there was zombies crawling on the floor n shyt, some kid beat Amy up n shyt wtff

I hate movies like that, the plot made no sense whatsoever

Abdullah ibn Umar is the son of Umar ibn al-Khattab

From the age of 9 up to 18 Aisha was with the Prophet SAWS

There are bodies that have not been eaten by the Earth, it exists

We want peace, we are the people of peace

🎙"just cuz you and me are done don't make it tragic"

As soon as Maghrib comes ima upload these shits

After I pray and break my fast

I always pray before I break my fast

Because... what if you're eating, and you choke on a piece of bone and die

Then you gotta stand in front of Allah and He's gonna ask you "why didn't you do your prayer?"

Wtff r u gonna say??

💡 "Ya Rabb, I was hungry Ya Rabb, forgive me Ya Rabb 😳"

Cdffuupp 😂

Roszay babymom look like a fatass hot air balloon

A fatass blimp!

The jawn off Scarface that be like "The World is Yours"

That's what Roszay babymom look like

She look like a fatass iguana

Roszay really be fuckin her 😕





I wonder how he can find her vagina underneath all that fat?

Her stomach fat as shit

That btch needs to lose some damn weight

They gotta fucked up relationship

The only one that's actually normal out of them is their daughter

The daughter is the only normal one, out of both of them

Roszay like 29, and he's like 5'7, and he look like a kid that hasn't reached puberty n shyt

Roszay babymom, Ciara, that btch look like a NBA player n shyt

Or a football player

She look like a fatass linebacker

I like the heat way more than the cold

But I don't like excessive heat

Finna purchase my illegal marijuana, ima smoke that shyt after Maghrib

I'm fasting today, and it's raining

Weed is not everything you know

😈you're right, it's the only thing!

This ngga Ibliss ugly as shit

This shyt stink in my pocket!

I can already tell this some gas

"Only add people that you know"


💡 We go way back

As soon as I pray Maghrib I'm smoking this shyt and getting high af!

But first I gotta pray Maghrib

My life revolves around prayer times

Fear is a very interesting emotion, it can motivate or it can paralyze

The default of fear is that it is a paralyzing emotion

It needs hope in order for it to be productive

Fear is a more comprehensive emotion in the Qur’an

Some people fear death

Nothing is worth fearing but Allah

1258!-!-!-!-! & 1259!-!-!-!-!

What's the worse that they can do to you when you're living for Allah SWT?

Change is coming in the Muslim community

In Islam, as soon as Maghrib comes it's the next day