I promise you!

You think I’m him? 🤨


Treat others how you want to be treated!

May Allah increase my knowledge

We all have problems. Nothing is too big for Allah. Surah As Shura (The Consultation)

Allah/God wants you to get closer to Him

Allah/God doesn’t care about the color of your skin


God does not have a son 😐 #JUSTSTAHP

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS was truthful in all that he conveyed

Wide and huge 😱🍆

Ayyub AS

I find serenity in listening to/reciting Qur’an and SMOKING WEED!

I ain’t grow to be the person that my mom wanted. The only helping hand I see got the Qur’an on it

“Don’t call me daddy, call me ‘papi chulo’

She’s cute!

You’re not trying hard enough!

She’s cute!

Ms. Jennifer is soo nice! She helped me put my things in my locker 🥹. Now, Nicole and Sarah can stop nagging me

Nicole’s hot

Sarah’s hot

Ima have a threesome with both of them

Ima eat them out 😝

I’m the cutest boy in the world

You don’t do that! (Ms. Gray)

Ms. Green(Wanda Green) came to work dressed like a total prostitute!

Are you guys trying to convert me? 🤨

Fuck youuu Samantha!

Change for the better

Ms. Gray look like a fatass Jiggly Puff! 😭😭

Ms. Gray look like a fatass lima bean

I’m bouta give this btch hell! (Ms. Gray)

That fat btch Ms. Gray look like a fatass piano keyboard

That fat btch Ms. Gray look like a fatass kangaroo

You get treated HOW YOU ACT!!

Stealing is wrong