⚠ Monday

Good Morning

I gotta get high

Normally I would go out and do that shit

But no, it's too freaking cold outside

I'ma do that shit right in my bathroom

I'm high

Officer I'm high

Who am i?

Who am I and what is my purpose in life?



OOOHH! I know!!

My purpose in life is to worship Allah SWT alone and establish Deen on myself and others. Duh!!!😜

Finna get on IG and watch various girls shake their backsides

That's not wtf I wanna see

I wanna see girls, shaking, their, ass

I just gotta wait for my headphones to charge up, then I'm on go

I feel terrible

I'm so lost 🙁

I'm hungry


⚠ Tuesday

I'ma eat in school, I'm mad hungry

We have to recognize that because we have left the models of success, the mentors of success, and the qualities and characteristics of success, we have become failures

And the people of Dunya are ruining this world *draws picture of Donald Trump*

And they're creating havoc everywhere

Every successful person has a strong sense of purpose

What greater sense of purpose than to know that you goal is Allah SWT?

They seek out role models and mentors, and these mentors instill in them a sense of possibility

Have the strength to visualize your goals

This Religion is a Deen of success

The Prophet SAWS was the most successful human being who ever lived in the face of the Earth

We should not dwell on our failures

We should remember the success of this Ummah

We have to remember that Allah SWT will give us victory

The next one is self assurance

Know that you can succeed

Plan, organize, and prioritize

Your affliction is not their affliction

Break your goals into workable parts

There's different ways to do it, we're not supposed to get caught up in these trivial matters

Where is your heart in the prayer?

This is the only reason that corporations are successful, because they know how to plan and organize

We have women being raped all over the place, we have Muslims being bombed

The ability to acquire necessary skills to succeed

One of our greatest weaknesses is that we don't have scholars

We want our child to be engineers and doctors

Why don't you want your child to be what the greatest thing a human being can be?

Parents of the one who memorizes Qur’an will be crowned on Yawma Al Qiyama

Make your children people of Akhira not people of Dunya

Be patient, your time will come

Be patient and enjoin in others patience

Umar ibn al-Khattab never felt safe from Nifaq

No one has except what they persevere for

He will see his endeavor

The ability to love what one is doing

We have to love what we're doing

The Companions of the Prophet they loved Allah and He loved them

Only four Prophets were Arabs

I already purchased my illegal marijuana

Finna blow that shyt TONIGHT!

The reality is we live in a world full of distractions

Be mindful of God on how you treat women

One of the problems that our youth has is they don't set their standards

They don't aim high, they settle for mediocrity

The Qur'an and Sunnah is very clear, we set our goals for the heights, we don't settle for mediocrity

Can't wait to blow this shyt, ima be high af!

I'm either gonna smoke this shyt later on tonight or tomorrow morning

Rolled up, gonna blow that shyt tomorrow morning

You gotta plan ahead, think of the future

I purchased my illegal marijuana, this shyt some kill

I gotta smoke this shyt, but pops is home so I can't blow that shyt in the bathroom

So ima just smoke that shyt omw to school tomorrow, simple

My favorite Compaanion is Julaybeeb, I am going to name one of my sons after him


And patience means to control yourself against all the irrational actions and words, and all the haraam actions and words

Rasullullah SAWS when he became angry he'd go silent

I'ma horny little fucker

Btch u finna get FUCKED!

You gon catch all this 5.5ml

On my life!!

I love the expressions that manifest on your face while you're getting RAMMED

Karlee Grey and Violet Starr may be porn stars yes. But THEY CAN CHANGE! They have a lot of potential

The Fatiha is seven verses

All of those meanings are embedded in Suratul Fatiha

The Surah is divided into two

The first is for him

People are watching a film, and even though it's a terrible film you keep watching it because you want to know what's gonna happen at the end, this is the nature of the human beings

That's part of His Mercy, people die before they get really sick

Allah already told us what's going to happen, so we don't have to wait till we get to the end of the film

The world that they envision, this wonderful world without Religion would be a very horrible world

There are secularists people that don't believe in God, that has very basic humanity, but that's not the norm

It's been proven in social sciences that people without Religion give less charity, they are less likely to volunteer, these are realities of the world

If you follow the Qur’an your desires won't deviate


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Finna go to the library

Insha'llah I won't fart

I was high as shit this morning

I'ma go to the library again tomorrow!

But I gotta go before sunrise, cuz I'm fasting tomorrow

The greatest shirk is worship of the self

I'm thinking about Call It Luck

I'm plotting

Something crazy's gonna happen

Jason gon get shot!

"Winter storm warning"

💡 is that supposed to stop me from smoking and getting high?

I'ma find a way to download Microsoft Word, so that I can continue working on Call It Luck

You don't really know me, you only know what I reveal...

But frfr, you don't know me

I found a way to download Microsoft Word!!

I always find a way

May Allah protect my father


⚠ Thursday

I prayed Fajr already