⚠ Thursday

Things i have to do after my Maghrib prayer

1. Pray Maghrib

2. Break my fast

3. Daily BARZ

4. Workout

5. Go to the library

I gotta do my workout today cuz I didn't do them yesterday like I normally do

There is a notion that we live once so enjoy your life, I would like to tell you that we live everyday but die once, so make sure you've prepared for death

Believe that it is bad, feel the remorse, feel the guilt

It is only a true believer who would feel guilt when they do bad

We have to accept each other and our faults

Now in the middle of all this crisis you look at your wife in the morning and you tell her "you are the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen" You are lying!!

Don't exaggerate just try to exchange these sweet words, that keeps the marriage going

There are no pink lies and no white lies, lies are lies

Being a stranger is not a good feeling to have

Everybody feels the need to have an identity

We are all here for one purpose, and that is to glorify Allah

What is worship?

Allah tells us in the Qur’an "The only reason why I have created man and Jinn is to worship me"

There is no other reason

Praying, fasting, these are the highest levels of worship. But is it exclusive to that? The answer is no

Anything that a person does, so long as it fulfills two criteria in the eyes of Allah it's an act of worship

The first condition is the intention

The intention is to glorify Allah, to please Allah

Intention on it's own is not enough, it is a condition, there has to be another

Compliance to the Sunnah of the Messenger SAWS

As soon as Maghrib comes in ima pray first, then ima break my fast, I'm hella hungry

Then ima update my Daily BARZ

Then I gotta do my workouts

Then ima go to the library

I intended to walk towards my brother in order to relieve him from the sun outside

I intended to smile in his face, as an act of charity

I intended to bring him to my home to be a generous Muslim

I did everything! 😄

Now I just have to wait until I fulfill Isha... then I'ma go to the library

Prayer comes first

I'm hungry 😕

Just living one sujood a day a time bruh wbu,


⚠ Friday


I gotta go to the Masjid early today, I didn't get a chance to go last week

This btch bad, I'm bouta poke her


I can't wait to go to Jummuah!!

May Allah allow me to make it to Jummuah today

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles and grant him all type of goodness

May Allah bless Mufti Menk

May Allah bless Nouman Ali Khan

May Allah bless Yasmin

May Allah bless that SEPTA lady

May Allah bless Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

May Allah bless this Imam speaking

I can't understand what he's saying but he has a lot of knowledge

May Allah bless him

May Allah give him long life

YESSSS! My financial aid is processing 😀


I wanna pray Asr

I'm already here

The congregational prayer is 27x more rewardable

The city of Kimberly in South Africa is famous for its' diamonds

I want you to recognize that Britain was the leader of the world in the technology which led to all of this

In the 17th century Britain became the lender of the world

It is Britain's Bank of England at the end of the 17th century who began to issue the first paper currency

Once you begin to issue paper currency your capacity for establishing a Riba economy is now tremendously enhanced

One form of Riba is borrowing and lending money on interest

If there's anyone who would like to challenge me on that statement I'd be delighted to take the challenge, because I've studied my subject, I know what I'm talking about

His mountain of bread is constantly increasing, who is to be blamed for this?

Answer: the one eyed people

Those who have eyes but they cannot see

The scholars of Islam have failed miserably, colossally, and that is why we are in the mess in which we are in now

💡I completely agree!

In 1897 the European Jews established the Zionist movement

Simply by gazing upon the face of the Prophet SAWS Abdullah ibn Sallam embraced Islam

Abdullah ibn Sallam did not even need to hear one word, he simply gazed on the countenance of the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and right then and there he said "this is not a liar, this is a true Prophet", and he embraced Islam on the spot

When he migrated to Medina the majority of the people were not Muslims

What is the advice that he's giving them that is going to benefit that society, and will eventually cause the society to embrace Islam

This is preserved in the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Sallam

This beautiful hadeeth consists of four pieces of advice

1. Spread the Sallam (peace)

2. Feed food to the hungry

3. Be good to your family

4. Pray at night when everybody is asleep

If you follow these pieces of advice you will enter Jannah

Some hadeeths are so important they're given a title

Like the hadeeth of Jibreel

This hadeeth is called "the hadeeth of sallam"

The hadeeth of peace

The message of Islam is global, it's universal

We preach to all of mankind, and if they follow or not that's their business

If you follow you benefit, if you don't follow than that's your business between you and Allah SWT

Me and you we have forgotten the meaning of As Sallamu Allaikum

It has become a cultural greeting devoid of any meaning

It simply becomes words we utter just like hello and goodbye

I don't want any harm upon you, I want you to live comfortably and easy, I don't want to harm you

It also means I don't want anybody else to harm you

I want you to live good and peacefully, As-Salaam-Alaikum

You cannot cause evil if you say Sallam from the heart

Wherever you go, spread peace, spread Sallam

Your interactions with others, make sure that they are stellar

Stellar- relating to a star or stars.

"stellar structure and evolution"

💡 🤔Hmmmm

💡well Jason it looks like I can't think of anything to...


You have to help others in society, you have to help those that are less fortunate than you

The greatest need for mankind is food

Give onto others, don't just be selfish about your own life

We don't want your thanks we don't want your recompense, we are doing it for the sake of Allah

The righteous Muslim will be at the forefront of charitable causes

No one has ever said that feeding the poor should only be for Muslims

My agenda for this weekend: finish my final project, I gotta submit it on Monday, I'm soo excited about it, I've been working on it really hard and ik it's gon be great!

And I gotta finish memorizing this Surah, it's been taking too long now... but by the end of this weekend Insha'llah

I was gonna say "I'm sick of this fukkin retarded ass Surah, I been on this shyt now for like 7 weeks, I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT"

But that would not be permissible considering the fact that this Surah is Qur’an and Allah has honoured it

I gotta pick a picture of Nick Bean that don't look gay

All of this ngga in his pics he look gay af in them

What you see on the surface may not be the reality

Not because they want to show off, but because they understand the concept of responsibility

Think good of others

This is one of the hallmarks of a believer

Hallmark- a distinguishing characteristic, trait, or feature

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom often likes to argue and talk back to me, this is a hallmark of hers that she has in which I do not like, after many nights of drunk sex and choking her she now finally knows to not argue with me.

People are more driven by the fear of failure than the dream of success

Allah gives us that kick sometimes, why because sometimes we slack off

Who are you to think that you will not enter hellfire?

A paradise that is so expansive that it encompasses all of the heavens and earth

He made them forbidden for your own good

There is a healthy hope, and there is an unhealthy one

The unhealthy one is wishful thinking

As long as there's children there's hope

Children have the purity and the Fitrah that makes it possible for them to be open to a message of truth

Children by their nature are not disbelievers

Children by their nature are believers

Now adults assume that it's a lie but it's not

Because in that world of all possibilities there are other alternatives

Really, that's the way the childs' mind is working

7 years is called "the age of discrimination" because that is when the child begins to discriminate

The Prophet SAWS wanted good for them, "maybe they won't believe but their children will believe"


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Today ima focus on completing my final, I have to submit it on Monday

I don't like being ignored, I don't like when people don't respond to me, it makes me feel like you have more important things to worry about than me...

I don't like that shyt

I'ma wait till sunrise and pray before I go to the library

I'ma do what's right first before I sin df

Every single part of our body that Allah has created is amazing

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that he created human being in the best of forms

When we sense danger two parts of our body become active. The first is called the cerebral cortex, that's the part of the brain that processes information

The second part of the brain is something called the Amigdala, that's what then sends a response throughout our body to combat that danger that we have seen or sensed

All of those different things that our body does to react to that danger in the most appropriate way

There is a danger that Allah SWT tells us of about in the Qur’an in numerous verses

A danger that we can't always see, we can't always hear or sense it

It is a danger that is so hidden that unless you are cogniscent of the fact that it's there

The greatest, most constant, most persistent danger that all of us face, and that is the danger of Shaytaan

The worship of Shaytan doesn't simply mean to prostrate before the Shaytaan

It means that those people who choose the path of Shaytaan over the path of Allah

"Indeed Shaytaan for you is a clear enemy, so take him to be a clear enemy"

Whoever follows in the footsteps of Shaytaan, he only commands in evil and corruption

"O Allah guide us to the straight path"

Shaytaan took an oath that he will stand and wait in that straight path, to divert us

Every single thing that we do Shaytaan is there trying to ward us from the path of good

Encouraging us towards the path of evil, even when it comes to the worship of Allah SWT

When the Adhan comes Shaytaan runs, he flees, and he passes wind

💡Cdfupp 😂 this ngga Iblees love running, he be like 🏃 💨 "ppffttt!"

He gives us false promises, Shaytan knows our weaknesses

The false hopes and wishes of Shaytaan are nothing but deception

💡I'm just waiting till after sunrise so I can pray and eat, then ima go smoke in the bathroom and get HIGH AF!

💡 I mean... go to the library

💡15 minutes after sunrise...

Shaytaan only wants to cause hatred and enmity between you, by using alcohol and gambling

Shaytaan knows our weaknesses, some of us have a weakness of mouth


Some of us have a weakness of the opposite gender


Shaytaan knows and he deals with each one of us accordingly

Shaytaan only whispers when we're negligent of Allah

When we remember Allah SWT Shaytaan retreats and he becomes weak

Every one has Shaytaan whispering

The problem is not the whispering but when you act upon it

Indeed Shaytaan runs in the body of a person the way blood flows

When you're tempted to do evil that is from Shaytaan, but that is all the power that he has

🎙"i was always told that the true definition of a man was to never cry, work till u die, got to provide!"

This song is not haraam, it does not promote illicit behavior

This girl... I love her, she said "Alhamdulillah"

All I'm thinking about is marrying her and starting a family with her

Finna get high

I farted

I always be farting right before I sin, idk why 😕

I'm eagle twated

💂woow, you r soo "cool"




I be fuckin her

I'm not going to do that sin

I'm going to leave it out for the sake of Allah

Because of the piety of the parents Allah SWT was protecting the children

We can help our children to be guided by being pious ourselves