⚠ Saturday

Fasting tomorrow

Abdullah ibn Masood was the first one to ever recite the Qur’an out loud in public, he was beat up for doing that

There is no manhood in bullying

There is a huge difference between truth, and my assumption

We have to collectively come together, to be people of purity

They are men, they love to purify themselves

Allah loves those who purify themselves

Eeewww wtf 😣

That shyt disgusting

I think I memorized this Surah

I think I got it, and today's only Saturday, tomorrow I'm going to make sure that I got it down pack, and I'm going to finish my final

I only got a few touch up to do

I'm gonna start being more direct with her

I plan on marrying her right? I plan on making her the mother of my children right? I gotta start letting her know wassup

"I wanna have sex with you and I wanna get you pregnant with triplets"

I just have to find a more subtle way to say it

"Hey what are u wearing?"

💡 no that's lame and corny af

"I wanna marinate my mayonnaise all on your tuna salad"

💡 df?? That's just weird

Well... it was good while it lasted

Finna spend the last of my money on purchasing illegal marijuana

Then ima smoke that shyt tomorrow after Maghrib cuz I'm fasting tomorrow

As soon as the sun go down ima just smoke that shyt and get it over with

I really like smoking in the bathroom, it's much better than smoking outside on the train tracks n shyt. It be mad cold, the wind be blowing my high, and I always have to watch my back for other people and cops n shyt

Why is it that: an old lady sitting waiting for the bus can pull out a cigarette and start smoking it and nobody will say anything

But when somebody pulls out some weed and start smoking it they like 😱😰"OOOOOOOOO!"

Millions of people die from cigarettes every year

No one has ever died from smoking cannabis ever since the earth was created

Soooo... whyy???

Could it be "the smell"

Are you bothered by the smell huh??

I agree, it does stink

But the more it stinks, the better, more potent, stronger it is

What could possibly bother you so much about it?




Cigarettes are accepted worldwide, marijuana isn't

We were the ones to make cigarettes, we know everything that we put in there, all the chemicals

Even though it kills you, we know how and why it kills you

But marijuana..... that shyt was just here

Ever since the Earth was created, it was here




It's a freaking plant

You roll it up in a blunt and you smoke it and get high as shyt that's wtf it is!

Stop being a scared btch

Just because you don't know about something, does that mean that you should not accept it

So just because you've never been to Italy before, does that mean that you will never travel there?

Uhh... no! They have great pizza 🍕

Just because you've never been to Hawaii before does that mean that you will never go there?

Uh... no! They got great beaches 🏝 ⛱

Just because you've never been to Amsterdam before does that mean that you will never go there?

Uhh... no! Prostitution and marijuana is legal there 😊

Honor mothers and honor children

Give orphans the money that they deserve

May Allah Azzawajal make us a society that care about the orphans in our community

The people that Allah loves the most are those that are good to others

As Muslims we need to do that

If you are concerned about the well being of others than God will take care of you

Look at your life, do you really love Allah?


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

Today all I'm gonna focus on is finishing my final project, and then tomorrow all I gotta do is turn it in, in the morning

As soon as Asr prayer come in today I should be done

As soon as Asr time comes in this is what I'm going to do:

1. Make sure that my final is complete and I don't have anything to add on to it, zip it up in my flashdrive, and then tomorrow when I wake up submit it

2. Pray Asr prayer

3. Daily BARZ

4. Weekly BARZ

That's all I'm going to do after Asr comes in, now after Maghrib come in this is what I'm going to do:

1. Pray Maghrib

2. Break my fast

3. Do workouts(normally I do them on Monday mornings but I'm not gonna get a chance tomorrow cuz I have to turn in my finals when I wake up)

4. Go to the library

5. Pray Isha

I finished my final, and I zipped it up, tomorrow morning soon as I wake up I'ma submit it

I already purchased my illegal marijuana, I rolled it up and I'm finna smoke that shyt right after Maghrib

I can't smoke it now cuz I'm fasting for the sake of Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious and Most-Merciful

I grabbed a 2 for $18. So this means that I gave the drug dealer $18, and in return he gave me two dime bags, which normally cost $10 a piece, so I'm saving $2, that's a pretty good deal right?

Drug dealers are understanding, and they're kind af, they understand the need for one to smoke, and they are willing to help you out, so if u got $18 they'd give you two dime bags

Shit there are some that can even give you 2 for $17

Just don't make a habit out of it, drug dealers have to make money too. If you get a deal everytime u grab, the drug dealer is gonna start noticing, and even though he may not come out straight and say "ur grabbing too many deals bro!"

He's gonna find other ways to let you know, just keep that in mind... next time that you purchase illegal marijuana

Please note: Purchasing marijuana, buying it, consuming it are all major sins in which one should completely refrain from

I worship Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners

I was gonna wait until after Asr time, but no, ima upload these BARZ immediately after Dhuhr

As soon as Maghrib come in the first thing that ima do is pray, and then break my fast, and then do my workouts, and then go to the library, and then come back and pray Isha

Isha is like at 6pm, and I have until midnight to fulfill it, so I have ample time

Ample- enough or more than enough; plentiful.

"there is ample time for discussion"

💡 Sentence example: I have an ample amount of semen to give to Jason's mom.

When somebody liked somebody else you know what they did? "Hey I like you, wanna get married?"

And she'd say "umm... maybe, talk to my dad"

He'd say "ok" and then he'd go and talk to the dad and say "hey I like your daughter and she's, I mean she's not entirely opposed to the idea, is it cool?"

And he says "let me talk to my daughter"

This is how it works today: "hey we've been working for three years, would you consider marrying me?"

And she's like "uhhh"

And maybe she says "please don't talk to my dad, he'll kill me, because if you talk to my dad he'll say 'THIS IS WHY YOU GO TO WORK!!' "

You made them live here, you took them outside in society, you made that decision

When a Muslim likes them THAT'S A GOOD THING

That's a good thing. How are they gonna get married sitting at home? Who's gonna like them?

"Now we have to take you back to Bangladesh, and hide you in a village somewhere because some guy likes you"

💡😂 that's some rs!

💡 this ngga Nouman Ali Khan speaking the truth!

💡 Listen, your daughter is not yours, daughter, niece, sister, whoever female figure that you are responsible for taking care of SHE'S NOT YOURS!

💡 God has only given her to you as a "trust"

💡 If that girl wants to be a stripper then let her be! You don't own her. She's not yours

💡she's mines 😊

Allah gave her that right you cannot take it away, you're burying them alive

This is the new way of burying women alive by the way

Back then they used to take the baby girl and bury her right then, now we bury them at the day of the Nikkah, this is what we do, this needs to stop

💡I agree. This monstrosity needs to come to an end

💡all that girl wants is to be a stripper, that's her dream job! Leave her be

Let them marry who they want, if they're a dignified Muslim

It's a strange time that we live in and actually the only thing that can save us is the basic principles of our Deen, and making the path to marriage easy

And we create standards that don't exist in our Religion and don't make any sense

That is the opposite of what Allah commanded, you're not only disobeying Allah, but you're reversing what He said

When you make marriage difficult, the door to Zina is wide open

No man wants to be with a woman who's emotionally attached to someone else, and vice versa

No, be dignified, earn a descent living for yourself

There are difficulties that surround Paradise, but these difficulties are easy among the Believer who loves Allah SWT

To measure the love of Allah SWT is to measure the amount of Sunnah we have in our lives

Yessssss my boxer briefs dried! I handwashed them this morning and now they've dried 😆

Even though I'm not going to school tomorrow, I still gotta change these jawns, all this ejaculatory seminal fluid that's on it!

These jawns STINKK!! 👃

The horrible stench is draining my powers

This ngga John Collins be ballin!

I did everything! I finished my finals, I updated my Daily BARZ, and I finished working on Cortana on my laptop

Now the only thing that's left to do is wait till Maghrib come in so I can pray, break my fast, and go to the library

And workout, I gotta do that before I go to the library

Istighfar is asking Allah for forgiveness for the past, and Tauba is pledging to Allah that I will not revert back to it again"

Jubilant- feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom was feeling very jubilant as I was driving her to Disney Land.

And I've also memorized this Surah!

And all it took was seven weeks. I'm going to try and read it tomorrow for my Fajr Salah, hopefully I'm able to remember it

My retention skill be on a bean!

Don't just consume because you can

Jason... ?


I love ur mom bruh

Me and her got something going on, I think she might be the one for me

I definitely gotta take a shower tonight these boxer briefs stiinkk!!!



As soon as I eat and do my workouts I gotta go straight to the library!

💂it's 4:47pm, don't they close at 5??


Gotta hurry up and do these workouts so that I can go to the library

I'm bouta get high as shyt

Eagle twat mode ACTIVATED!

I'm high Mr. Officer

-hands officer the blunt

He looks at me like 😞

-👮 points gun at me "PUT YOUR HANDS UP RIGHT NOW!"



⚠ Monday

Good Morning

People abuse their wives, they swear them, they beat them up and say "Islam allows me to do that" when it does not

In the name of the one who was sent as a mercy, you are merciless in your own home

Allah chose your mother, be kind to her

Finishing up my final project, I'm turning it in today, this morning! Before Dhuhr

I submitted it!

I submitted my final project! 😆