I don't need to see it, because I trust the source

We ask Allah SWT to make us the better people, better husbands, better parents, better wives, better sisters, better brothers

This is my answer, you do not have to agree with me you're free to differ with me, but you cannot say that I am wrong until you can tell me the right answer, that's fair isn't it?

You cannot say that I am wrong until you can tell me what is right

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than this guy and I'll have more knowledge than him

I def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs this morning

The stench is too amazing!


I can't breathe!

I wanna install this freaking update for the Xvideos app on my phone but it's NOT LETTING ME! 😠

-Google Search "Easy step by step method to kill yourself"

Violet Starr may be a porn star but she's good, there's a lot of good in her, she has a lot of potential

💡there's a lot of cum in her

I know her name!!

This porn star. I'm familiar with her work and I recognize her

Smh... that's how you know you watch too much porn, when you begin identifying porn stars by their name n shyt...

💡 Turn df around lemme see ur buttcheeks btch!

"I'ma shove it up in there"

Still gonna fast today. I'm not gonna let my stupidass father get in the way of my worship

"... has accepted your friend request, you can now see her profile"

-goes to her profile, views her pics,

"Does she have any semi-naked photos?"


-closes Facebook app

I'm hungry as shit

I'm fasting today, I didn't get to eat Suhoor this morning

Surah Ash Sham! I'm ready for you

Insha'llah it won't take me seven weeks to memorize this Surah like last time, I just have to apply myself. It's all about "application"

It's 15 Ayats tho 😟

Last Surah was only 8

Yaay! Yasmin gotta new video 😄

Trust in God on a communal level allows us to take risks

It gives us safety, it allows us the space to take risks

If you aren't allowed to make a single mistake you'll never do anything differently

Google has 100,000 employees, like a small city

Having managers and having leaders that will give you a second chance

💡Allah is the best of leaders and managers. But He doesn't just give you a second chance, you can have as many chances as you like, so long as you don't die

The Prophet SAWS was instructed by our Creator to allow mistakes, to give people a second chance, even when they make huge mistakes

We need to bring up our children with a lot of discipline and goodness and character

To learn is productivity, but more productive than learning is to put into practice and disseminate

Disseminate- spread or disperse (something, especially information) widely.

💡 Sentence example- Jason's mom caused me to disseminate a lot of semen on her bottom lip by repeatedly sucking on the head of my penis.

If I do not take part in the lives of my children I am not a productive Muslim

By the Will of Allah SWT, may Allah grant us goodness

Wtf do this retarded mf be blabbering about?

shut the fuck up OLD MAN!

Take ur sorry dry ass to work. Close the door and turn off the light

Fukkin woman beater, child beater

You want all of your children to die? Fine, they will eventually die, because nobody gets to live forever

But YOU will die first, because YOU are the father

You better pray that God gives you long life so that you can render up a lot of good deeds and maybe have some of your sins forgiven

Because if you die now, surely you will go to hellfire forever

Because God, does not like those who oppress, and that's what you are, an oppressor

You have the same mentality as Firawn (pharaoh)

Because both of you have a Divinity complex, you both think that you're God

"I did this, I did that, I'm responsible for doing that, and this, and that, ME ME ME"

😕do you hear yourself??

You sound fuckin stupid

What exactly did you do? What are you responsible for? NOTHING

It's God Who is responsible, not you, and it will never be you, because you are a "pathetic, worthless, human being" and that's all you will ever be

The sooner you realize that, the better for you

This ngga gon tell me today that he spent $95 to buy food and cook it


$95!!!! WOW


So you can spend $95 to buy food and cook but you can't give your own son $2 to catch the bus home?

Mhmm? 🤔 that's funny

I don't fear this ngga, I don't listen to him

I feel sorry for him. Because this man is grown up, he is no longer a child. But he still acts like a child. Not only does he act like a child but even worse, "he thinks that he is God"

If you ask him who created the universe? He would raise his hands up 🙋 and say "ME! I'm responsible"

"I did everything!! Me, me, me!"

What's the worse that they can do to you when you're living for Allah SWT?

What's the worse that they can do to you?

That's that fearlessness that was in the unquivering voice of ibn Taymiyyah (ra) when he said: "what can my enemies do to me? My garden is in my heart"

There is no fear, because there is nothing worth fearing except for Him, and there is no consequence worth fearing if it is faced because of your determination to do what He commands you

Fear is a natural emotion and it takes time to get over that, and for many people they really start to get over that fear when they face things that they realize were not so bad as they were made out to be

"Allah is our Protector, and you have no protector"

He brought it back to Allah, because if you have Allah than nothing else matters

Settle yourselves on the inside

The first thing is recognize that everything around is meant to intimidate you

The greatest way to resist that is to build that trust with Allah SWT

Be with Allah in times of prosperity and Allah will be with you in adversity

Center Allah in your lives

Fasting tomorrow and on Saturday, this is really easy

I fasted today and I didn't eat Suhoor, and I didn't break my fast till like 10:30pm

It's Sunnah to fast on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every month

Fasting on three days of every month is Sunnah, the Prophet PBUH used to do it

It doesn't matter which three days, but it's better for it to be on the 13th 14th and 15th of every month in the Hijri calendar

That's easy, just three days, I can def do that

So let's see now, I fast every Thursday of every month

So that would mean that I fast a total of how many times a month?

Well if I fast every Thursday, and how many Thursdays are in a month?

💡 Uhh...

💡 twenty-four?

💂no dckhead FOUR!! You fast a total of four times every month because there are a total of four Thursdays in every month

💡thanks bro!

💡 how's your mom doing btw?


Those who wear clothing of fire, they are the ones who used to wear clothing feeling proudiness, and showing it off in front of the poor, needy, and other people

Those who have their arms and legs cut off they are the ones who used to harm the neighbors

Those who are crucified on pillars of fire they are the ones who used to go to people in authority in fakeness so that they may look better than other people and may be given special authority over others

Those who smell with a terrible stench they are the ones who used to follow their temptations and lusts

💡😨 that's not referring to me!!

Friday tomorrow!! 😄

Can't wait to go to the Mosque and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal

All the damn porn I been watching, all the music I been listening to, all them girls' butts I been starring at...


I feel terrible

💂no u don't

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this is Stacey ➡➡👱⬅⬅

Say "Hi Stacey!"

👱Hi Stacey


⚠ Friday

My only agenda today is to go for Jummuah and ask Allah to punish my father

This time I'll actually stay until Asr time

I wanted to stay last week but I couldn't, today Insha'llah

I'm gonna memorize this entire Surah in two weeks Insha'llah, I did the math...

Ok so the Surah is 15 Ayats. That seems like a lot but it's really not

If I can memorize at least one Ayat a day than it would take me a total of... umm... 24 days to memorize it... I think

💂bro you dumb as shyt. Do you hear yourself, "24 days tho?" Idk what kinda math you did in your head but you need to do it all over again

💂Let's do the math together dummy. Ok so the Surah is 15 Ayats, if you memorize at least one Ayat a day then it will take you 15 DAYS to memorize the whole thing, idk where df u got "24" from

💡I got it from your mom

Allah is referring to Himself in a mighty and majestic manner

It's befitting for Him to refer to Himself in the plural form

The Queen Elizabeth when she gives a speech she also says the same thing, she says "We, the people"

Allah is doing the same thing, He's raising his status in front of the people

Allah is the commander and the chief, He gives a command and the Angels execute His Command

The Angels do the ground work for Him

💡I started memorizing this Surah today Friday December 14th 2018. So by December 29th I should have it down. Let's just say by the end of the month

💡 Insha'llah by the end of 2019 I will have the entire Qur'an memorized, that's my new years resolution

Allah wants you to learn to be patient in life

Two days before the Nikkah she calls you and she's like "I think you're ugly and I don't wanna get married to you anymore"

And you're thinking to yourself "what did I do what's wrong?"

💡 You didn't do nothing bro. You're not the one to blame. It's this FAT ASS HOE'S FAULT!

💡 Fukkin skank btch!! You don't wanna get married to me anymore cuz you think I'm ugly?? Hmmmm 🤔 that's funny, you wasn't saying that when this fukkin shaft was inside you!!

💡 last time I recall you was calling me daddy and telling me how that pussy all mines

💡it's funny how some people are so quick to forget

And Allah Azzawajal says "and be amongst the people who are in Sajdah"

Your tongue is now moist with the remembrance of Allah, now it's time for action, so go and start praying

Regardless of how you feel and how things are going in your life, I'm your Rabb and you better not forget that, I'm your master and I'm in charge

"Do something in your life that's positive"

If you're alone, at the end of the day it doesn't matter because you can say "I'm proud to be Muslim, I'm proud that Allah chose me"

You're just on this conveyor belt

You're on a conveyor belt, just moving forward, and you can't press the button to turn it off or slow it down

The conveyor belt just keeps moving forward, and eventually you're gonna die

So you continue to worship Allah Azzawajal till that moment comes to you

Conveyor belt- a continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for moving objects from one place to another.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom used my metallic penis as a conveyor belt to move the position of her tongue.

I never knew that... Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor

The old English translates to "Thor's Day"

💡 Ohhh!! "Thor's Day" is equal to "Thursday"

Ann Marie pretty as shit, and she's hella cute in the face and gotta nice body

But... she be acting like a man too much, I don't like that

I don't like when females act like men. The daytime should remain as the daytime and the night should remain as the night, this is how God created things

But she def gotta fat ass!

I wanna eat her butt

Love means tough love also

Language is limited

Most of language is metaphor, even though we don't think about it

When we speak we use metaphors constantly, but we don't think about it, because language is symbolic

"I saw a beautiful tree today"

You might know what a tree is but there's a whole branch of philosophy that argues that there's no such thing as a tree

I'm here! I'm at Jummuah! 😃

I'm staying here until Asr today

Today's Friday, and I'm fasting!

I have to stay here until Asr! I HAVE TO!

Fasting today is easy

From now on I'm going to fast on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

At least until daylight savings time is over

When daylight savings time is over I will no longer be fasting on every Thursday Friday and Saturday

I'm gonna fast on every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Imagine the type of rewards I will earn from Allah Azzawajal!!

Today was the best day! I went to Jummuah, I stayed there until Asr, I'm fasting. AND I'M NOT DEAD! Alhamdulillah




1258!-!-!-!-! & 1259!-!-!-!-!


And I'm fasting tomorrow!

I didn't get a chance to do my workouts this morning but ima def do them tomorrow

We're just lumping them all together cuz they look alike, and that's what we do with humans, but is there something really called "humanity"?

All of language has it's really gross limitations and expressions of how we're gonna talk about things

"I never saw anything except I saw Allah in it"

When he said that he didn't mean it physically

The world is not the divine, but the world cannot exist without the Divine

We're not God, Alhamdulillah we're not God

The Qur'an has so many meanings

The Qur'an is the richest language

Every text, which in any way indicates anthropomorphism

anthropomorphism- the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

💡 Sentence example: A good example of anthropomorphism is that everytime that I see a monkey jumping up at the zoo, I'm reminded of Jason's mom, because when she gets excited she tends to jump a lot.

This btch bad, "Chinese Kitty"

And she gotta fat ass

I couldn't really watch her video earlier today in the daytime cuz I was fasting and I didn't wanna get sexually stimulated

But I can def watch it now, I been broke my fast

This btch Monica Santiago finna get rammed!

Violet Starr is my #1 girl

She has my heart

I love her


I have a lot of faith in this girl. She's different...

When Christopher Columbus sailed along the southern coast of Cuba he noted that there was a beautiful Mosque on a hill

Don Carlos Calone is Christopher Columbus's son

They banned the importation of Muslims because the Muslims were so proud of their Religion

Florida wasn't an American state until 1836, it was under Spanish control

If you stand with those brothers and sisters they'll stand with you

They're not scared. They have a long history of resistance

Yes Dawah is praiseworthy, but it's not an obligation upon the Believer

No one likes to be called out, no one likes to be told that they're doing something wrong, that's when your ego really kicks in

When you look at the Prophets, the vast majority of their message was "abandon your evil"

Allah speaks about economic injustices

Allah very early on warns people about economic injustices

I got 2 Ayats memorized already😆

This is easy! Now how many more to go... let's see, so there are 15 Ayats in total, I've memorized two already, so how many more do I have to memorize. Let's see??

-starts counting fingers



💂you dumb as shyt bro...

💂"15 minus 2 equals 13!!"

💂you dumb mf

"Follow my example and Allah SWT will love you" -The Prophet SAWS

That's not our Islam. Our Islam doesn't neglect the things around us and just worry about the rituals

The Masjid of the Prophet SAWS didn't have a roof, it didn't have a carpet, they prayed on dirt

Before Islam he was a social activist

What does that tell you about him? He was far beyond his peers

The Prophet SAWS was not a pacifist

The Messenger SAWS spoke up

He was an activist, he was very caring. He cared about the Dunya of people

Those that believed in him, trusted him

It's an Islam that demands one to change his own self, as well as his society

If I'm beating my wife at home I don't need to be watching TV. I need to look at myself in the mirror

I need to worry about me, the transgressor

If I wrong my kids, I need to worry about me

I need to rectify my own affairs, I need to rectify the affairs of the Ummah around me, that does not mean that I become neglectful about the Ummah

"Oh Allah purify us from the sins that cause our supplication to not be answered"

They say that's why it happened. "Allah punished New Orleans for Mardi Gras"

I thought to myself: "How idiotic and stupid do you have to be to say something like that"

You don't know Allah's Wisdom, you don't know why Allah is doing things

It's you and I we need to look at, we need to look at ourselves

Of course some people will suffer, of course they will struggle, but that doesn't mean that Allah hates them and He loves you. That's a reminder to the Ummah collectively

"Allah provided for me when I was thirsty, so I will provide for that dog when he is thirsty"

Allah sent us a Religion that makes us responsible for everything that goes on around us

A 15 year old was taken, he was kidnapped by six Israelis, one of them a rabbi

They made him drink gasoline, and they stabbed him over 50 times. As he woke up they then covered his body in that gasoline, and he spit in the face of the rabbi, and they set him on fire and killed him

Subhanallah as he returns home he's placed on house arrest. Not only is he insulted and placed on house arrest they get a bill from the IDF, the dry cleaning bill of the Israeli soldiers for the blood they got on their uniforms as they beat him almost to death

How disgusting of a people are these people? They sent the parents a dry cleaning bill because they got blood on their clothes for almost killing their son, and they made them pay it

The harsh realities of this world forced them to re-adjust, forced them to rethink their priorities

"You should accompany an orphan and you should caress his head"

"Caress his head" means: Acquaint yourself with people that are less fortunate than you

Acquaint yourself with the orphans, acquaint yourself with the problems around the world

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Sheikh Omar Suleiman and I'll have more knowledge than him

"Fuk you got some good ass titties"

"What do you think I want you to do? Yeeaahh, ur tits look nice"

"Turn around lemme see that shyt"

"Damn, ur ass nice!"

"It's Halloween too, I just got out, I'm celebrating my birthday"

💡 this btch is getting robbed and she's being compliant to the robber n shyt

💡she def gotta fat ass tho

💡bounce that ass, bounce THAT ASS!"

Idk why girls on Fb be putting their relationship status as: "not single, or engaged, or married" like that's really gonna stop me from going at you,

And nggas be taking pics wit they girl n shyt, talking about some "I love her"

Yeah I love her too, I love her titties and her fat ass

I'm fasting today, finna eat Suhoor

I fasted Thursday, Friday, and I'm fasting today on Saturday. I'm going to be doing this on every week, at least until daylight savings time ends

When it ends then I'm gonna stop fasting on every Thursday Friday and Saturday

I'm gonna fast on every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Fasting today

A cat named "Stubbs" has been the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years

Jealousy is a filthy feeling

It's only the evil person who allows jealousy to go unchecked

So in the Western Conference Denver Nuggets are leading 19-9

And in the Eastern Conference the Raptors are leading 23-8

The Sixers are actually doing pretty good this year, they're #6 in the Eastern Conference

Hopefully they keep it up, the season just started tho, so can't get the hopes up

I like what J. Cole said a few years ago in an interview

He said: "I like having money, as a security, to give to my family when they need it, or to pay for my brother to get out of jail"

J. Cole freed the slaves!

May Allah bless J. Cole and reward him for freeing the slaves