I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass!


I can't say her name cuz that hoe might have converted to Islam, and I don't wanna gossip

💡but she def had a fat ass tho

Today after Maghrib this is what ima do: Pray Maghrib, break my fast, do workouts, eat again, pray Isha

I been slacking on my workouts, I need to get back

I'm prolly not gonna eat again, that's hella fat...

The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement

People say that Muslim women are forced to wear what they are wearing. The reality is the rest of the world is forced to wear what they're wearing

It's just a more intellectual smart way of forcing

Wearing heels, that are this high, and they become higher

She cannot walk, look at how high it's becoming

💡btches be having them high as heels in the clubs n shyt tryin shake they ass, then they go outside and fall and bust they ass I be like 😂

She cannot walk, she has calluses on her feet, she's struggling

She's suffering in those shoes, but she will not leave her home without those shoes. Who was forced?

She will wear a miniskirt so minni that it becomes a "maxi-shirt" rather than a miniskirt


You were forced and compelled to do what you are doing, but in a smart way

They are judging you by how your hair flies in the wind

Islam teaches you to be a pure person that's it, people are not forced

Life is reduced to entertainment

The clothing, we are affected by the advertising, the aggressive media

Who is being forced? Who is the good Muslim here?

May Allah SWT make us vehicles of promoting goodness

The path to Paradise is wide enough to accommodate people of all different personalities and tendencies

One of the main purposes for pain is for a higher cause, and that higher cause is for us to recognize Allah SWT

Living the good life, we forget the higher calling

But what happens when a pain afflicts us?

Allah is the One Who gave you this test, and He wants to see if you're patient or not

Just give it to Allah

Don't think about it too much, don't feel stressed, don't worry, don't go through anxiety panic attacks and all that, you don't need that

We're Muslims, we don't have that, we don't have that, we have Tawakkul ' Allah. That is your medicine, that is your cure

Allah will help you, He will take you out of your difficulty and bring you into ease

This Xvideos app is really quite convenient, it sure makes life a lot easier

*she breaks into house and guy catches her*

"I'm gonna call the fukkin police!"

*please don't call the police I'm just trying to support my family*

"I'm calling the police fuck that shit!"

*please don't call the police, I'll do anything*

"Stay back, stay back, you'll do anything?"

"Oh yeah? Well you do have some nice tits"

*ohh fuck this!*

*oh no nu uh no, u fuckin cracker, no*

"We gotta make a deal here or something"

"get over here or I'll call the cops!"


"Do you wanna end up in jail?"

*no I don't wanna end up in jail, but this is not right*

"Well we gotta make a deal"

"Cone on, you got some nice tits"

*fuck that shit I don't want you touching me*

"That's what you get for trying to rob my house"

"You trying to rob my house and I'm an asshole?"

*you are a asshole! Fukkin white devil!*

"Now get on ur fukkin knees, and suck this dck!"

"ehhhh... we'll talk about it"

"You just keep on sucking that dck with that black mouth"

"Lemme see ur eyes, I wanna see them black eyes looking at me while you sukkin this dck"

*they're brown u fukkin honkey*

That shyt..... nutted


💡 what is wrong with me? 🙁

It's very important to love the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Loving the Sunnah, loving the family of the Prophet SAWS is part of belief

We can't get to know other people until we know ourselves, we can't know ourself until we truly get tested

What we may consider a test might not even be a test in the eyes of Allah SWT

You can't be just left alone on saying you believe

💡Never will I forget, my father made me walk 3 hr 25 minutes home because he didn't want to give me $2 to catch the bus, NEVER WILL I FORGET

💡He may be responsible for me being born, but he is no father to me. He hasn't been a father to me since I was six years old, when I first came to this country

💡and he purposely made me starve. Hr didn't want me to eat, he kept food from me. What kind of father treats his son like that??

💡 I'm glad I have him as a father, because I now know exactly what NOT to do when you are a father

💡I'm not surprised tho, he used to do much worse to me

💡he once saw me praying Asr, and he kicked the praying mat and made me stop praying and called me a hypocrite

💡A normal father... if he sees his son praying, his heart would feel with joy and he will be more than happy

💡But not him, he hated me for it, and he even kicked me out of his house and called the police for me, on that same day

💡Think about it, why the fuck would I want to put my own father in the spotlight and reveal all that he has done wrong?? I would never do that, I'm not that typa person

💡But he is bad, he is an oppressor, he is a child and woman beater, he needs to be stopped

Allah SWT does not approve of oppression, this is so important

The abuse of a family member is something that is despised, it's something that is very wrong

It's a sin that's on that person, for abusing another human being, and you should do everything in your power to actually stop him from oppression


Your body was created to worship Allah

Human hearts are naturally inclined to love those who do good to them

You've accepted the Qur’an, you must accept it as a package deal

In the Skakespeare play Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be 14 and 13 year old

Now in our time if Romeo and Juliet were 14 and 13 they'd go to jail for like pedophilia or something like this

Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet 509 years ago. Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be 14 and 13 because of his era

14 and 13 is like our era 18 and 17

"How could you get married at 14?"

She was like: "son, you know everybody got married at that age"

This is 1920's

So for us to get so passionate: "HOW COULD THE PROPHET SAWS HAVE DONE..."

Who should we blame first? Our own intellect, or the Seerah of the Prophet SAWS?

That's not the way to answer these questions. Aisha never complained. She loved the Prophet SAWS, she was the happiest woman in the world

She is not angry, she is not complaining. This is 1,400 year old culture. We're not saying that we need to resurrect that in our times

I don't have any problem as a Faqhi, as a theologian as an Imam to say "ok in our age, a 9 year old girl does not qualify to get married"

Many scholars are also saying it

Take a step back and ask yourself: "why am I asking this question, where is this question emanating from?"

Perhaps my own understanding should be questioned, before questioning the Qur’an and Sunnah

Islam caters to more than just intellectual questions

Far more profound, Islam caters to our inner core spirituality

In Arabic that's called the Fitrah. The innate subconsciousness that Allah created us upon

💡After my father starved me, and made me not eat for the whole day, he came home from work and asked me: what did you eat for breakfast this morning?

💡 I told him that I didn't eat anything. Then he was like "yeah that's what you get for wasting food"

We have inside of us an innate subconsciousness, something that Allah put in every single human being, it's called the Fitrah

As our Prophet SAWS said "every child is born upon this Fitrah"

You are born knowing certain facts. For example right from wrong, morality from immorality

Every child knows, that to be good is good and to be bad is bad

The Fitrah also tells us that there is a God, and that God is one, and He deserves to be worshipped

The Fitrah will tell him that this is the correct Religion

I am not saying that Islam doesn't tell us to think. I am saying that we don't base the validity of Islam based on the age of Aisha

Challenge your own paradigm before you challenge the Qur’an and Sunnah

Whoever wants to be guided will be guided

Allah does not play games, Allah does not put traps for the one who sincerely wants to be guided

May Allah guide all of us to that which He loves

I can't watch pornographic content on my laptop, I mean I could, but I choose not to

Why? Because that shyt be getting viruses

My hyperspermia is acting up this morning

Lacey Duvalle is my #1 girl


I believe in her

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass, that shyt's haraam

Lay flat on your back while I stuff u like a thanksgiving turkey!

That shyt..... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

Wtf is wrong with me? Eewwwww

Is that what I like??

💡 yes

💡 precisely

Finna hop in the shower and pray Fajr. I failed to ejaculate before the Adhan for Fajr came smhh

But next time, Insh.....

oh, nevermind


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I'm not homophobic df

I know who's gay and who's not gay when I look at them

Gay nggas eminate a certain type of energy

It's a gay ass energy, but it's there

I just took a crazy dookie

This ngga James Harden be balling!

50pts in one game with a triple double

Then 32ts the very next game, with another triple double!

I'm gonna fast tomorrow, no bs

If you want to identify a hypocrite, look for three qualities

1. When he speaks, he lies

Hypocrites will be in the lowest part of hellfire

The definition of hypocrisy is to pretend

The guy didn't mention the other two but I def have heard this hadeeth before

The signs of a hypocrite are: when he speaks, he lies

When he makes a covenant, he breaks it. So he doesn't keep his word

And finally, when he gets into an argument, he uses foul language

Those are the three signs of hypocrisy

We have this weird type of thinking that sometimes we think the harder something is, the better. If you wanna be Religious you have to suffer

I def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs tomorrow morning. The stench is too overpowering!


I can't breathe!!!!

My powers are draining

And if you have two choices in the Deen, always choose the harder one. But The Prophet SAWS did the opposite

If he had two choices, he would choose the easier one

"O Allah make it easy for me"

We are asking for ease, and we are told to ask for ease

The process of building spiritual muscle isn't easy

There's a process to get there

Every Prophet asked for help

Study the Du'as of the Prophets they're like mind-blowing, they are so powerful, but they are all asking for help

They never said "I got this"

But we do that, we think we can handle it on our own

We're supposed to humble ourselves and ask Allah for ease

You have to train consistently, to even be able to get to the point where you can run a marathon

Or even half a marathon for that matter, you have to train to be able to do that. Spiritually it's the same thing

It requires training, and it's training that you have to do every single day

Whatever your problems are, they come and they huff and they puff and they try to blow your house down

The question becomes how strong is your house?

Everytime you read the Qur’an you are putting a brick in your house

The big bad wolf always comes, but in different forms

Shaytaan also comes

"Indeed, the Help of Allah is near"


I lost...

OG wasn't the one to fuck up, it was me, I fucked up

Why df do you have a fb if you not posting semi-nude photos


Btches be dumb as shit like...

This ngga John Legend wasn't lying in that song all of me

When he be like "🎤you're crazy and I'm outta my mind"

Btches def be crazy

That btch finna get RAMMED!

turn around lemme see ur buttcheeks btch

Suck this dck you slut!

Take turns, give your mother a turn

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That shyt..... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting


wtf is wrong with me 😳


I'm fasting tomorrow

The heart is the apparatus by which we see the world

Allah warns us about this kind of blindness, in which the heart is blind

We are not able to distinguish right from wrong

We're not able to see things for what they really are

Is fairness objective or subjective?

For those of you who don't know what that means. Would everyone in here be able to agree on what fairness is?

No two people would be able to come together on a fair salary for everyone in the world

It's an extremely subjective term

You start thinking that life's not fair when you didn't get into med-school, or when you didn't marry the person that you wanted to marry

You're depressed, and you start complaining, and you start complaining to the point where you even start blaming God Himself

I'll try not to be too detailed in what I say, because I've gotten in trouble over the years

💡this btch her name Jade, she's about 5"7, she's mixed with white and black, she got like green eyes, she be wearing contacts. I fucked her, and I nutted in her mouth

The Prophet PBUH did not change as a result of being wealthy

The Prophet PBUH experienced poverty in its worst form, everything was taken away from him

The Prophet PBUH was able to pass that test, why? Because he showed beautiful patience

I'm fasting today, and I'm going to do my workouts this morning, I'm also going to do it after Maghrib today

What the Prophet lived through, would've been considered poverty for anyone of us

He never had two meals a day. Wouldn't we consider that poverty?

It wasn't really a meal, it was just a few dates and water

If anyone of us saw that we'd say that's poverty, to him that was enough

💡Also I'm changing my stinky boxer briefs this morning. The foul odor is far too strong, I cannot take it anymore. Laaawwwdddd! I can't breathe!!!

Allah certainly responds to those who don't ask for anything of this world, they just think that we only want the Hereafter

Our asceticism is not one that requires poverty or torture in our part

Asceticism- severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.


💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom converted to Catholicism and she became an ascetic nun, I still managed to fuck her, on several occasions.

If there is anyone that can claim that he didn't have a fair share in life it was the Prophet SAWS

I mean, he buried six of seven children. Wallahi I can't even imagine the pain of burying one of my children

Anyone else would've lost their sanity

But he didn't ever claim that life was unfair to him

That is the bounty of Allah SWT and He gives it to whom He wills

The majority of people of Paradise are poor people, it's a fact

Richness and wealth is not discouraged in our Religion. There were rich Companions, Abu Bakr (ra) was a rich man

Most people when they get wealthy they become arrogant and prideful as a result of that

Wealth is a greater test than poverty

Life might not appear to be fair, but Allah is fair

Allah tests you according to your circumstances

Islam came as a complete and a perfect Religion

Eat, drink, have sex, have fun, that's all life is about

💡Roszay babymom look like a fatass state of Nebraska

This prayer is what's going to give us true relief and true comfort of the heart

You gon get this dck btch!!

I love you

You finna get RAMMED BTCH

Close your eyes, don't look at me


You and your mom finna get FUCKED!

Oh shyt your pussy fat!

This shit finna nut btch close your eyes!!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

That shyt..... nutted!



I need help

I feel so ashamed

I feel disgusting


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Roszay babymom look like a fatass milky way galaxy