⚠ Monday

This shyt gon be great!


Call it Luck... this ngga Jason gon fuck Christy even after the old head clearly told him not to lol

Twist that lime,this that shyt datpiff dot com, I don't smoke reggie, all I blow is killer, gotta bad btch and she shooting like reggie miller -Quilly

Spend time with your kids

We have a responsibility to make sure that our children are raised on Islam

Your children need you on your A game

Allah chose you to be the mother and father of that child

I got Financial Aid appointment tomorrow at 9:30am

I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday

Everything is a sign of Allah's Mercy

Worship your Lord so that you may attain God consciousness

"Ya Allah, I'm not gonna call upon you for Rizq, I'm gonna do it my own way"

You're not vocalizing that, but your actions are saying that to Allah SWT

And then when things start getting really really rocky, "YA ALLAH YA ALLAH YA ALLAH!"

And then you come to the Shaykh and say I tried

You never tried, you never trusted yourself to Allah SWT, you entrusted yourself to yourself, but Allah was your insurance plan, or your escape goat, depending on where you are on that spectrum

You entrusted yourself to yourself the entire time, because you were ready to forsake principle and to engage in sin because, that's the only way I can get there

Allah provides for you because of your Taqwa

How can engaging in sin bring about any goodness in my life

Fasting is EASY. I'm not even hungry

💡keep it a bean I'm hungry as SHIT!

If I struggle in any area of my life I need to attribute it to that sin, so that I can relinquish it

Relinquish- voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up.

"he relinquished his managerial role to become chief executive"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom relinquished being a full time prostitute so that she could be my sugar mama at home.

Don't tell me because they legalized weed somewhere in the world that suddenly the social smoking of it is permissible. NO NO NO!

It's just a drug that you're addicted on, it's prohibited, it's wrong

There is medicinal use of it. However it's just like any medication, if you're addicted to a certain tablet, painkiller, we will tell you the same thing

💡 from now on I'm going to do my workouts everyday, either after Maghrib, or in the morning before Fajr

When you're using it for the right purpose it may be permissible within that scope

In order to get that happiness you need to know the sadness

💡I usually be doing them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I been slacking, I'm finna get back! Everyday now I'm gon be doing them jawns

We're looking for happiness and contentment in drugs and sin, whereas happiness and contentment only comes through the obedience of the Almighty

Nggas be stingy as shyt on fb trying keep they page on private so that nggas won't see they btches smhh

Sharing is caring bro

Mandy Muse is my #1 girl

I love her


You start creating your own Fiqh and customizing your relationship with Allah to conform with a haraam relationship that you already established with someone else, and then you wanna say "Islam is not fair"

I love him, I love her, I can't let it go, you shouldn't have developed a relationship in the first place

Shaytaan wants you to experiment, but at that moment you need to observe that Allah is watching you

The peak of hypocrisy, the worst of people in the sight of Allah is one who is two faced

If you're a parent fear Allah SWT with your children, but it doesn't absolve the children of the responsibility, you'll get punished too

Jealousy always has a negative connotation in the English language, it doesn't always have a negative connotation in the Arabic language

Connotation- an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.

"the word “discipline” has unhappy connotations of punishment and repression"

What's worse, a public sin or a private sin?

A public sin right

Imam Hasan Basee (ra) he says something very powerful: a thief, whenever he's robbing a house and he hears the doorknob rattle, or he hears the door start to open, what does he do? He runs and he hides. At that moment the thief went from committing an action of theft, to committing an act of shirk

Why? Because Allah was watching him the whole time and he only got scared when the doorknob started to rattle

That's when you know you're being a complete hypocrite

When you're afraid of the gaze, you're afraid of other people seeing you

That's what makes Jannah so sweet, you struggled for it

The light of the sun is no good if the light of the eye is missing

Allah's Light and our light is incomparable

Creamy Exotica is my #1 girl

I love her


actually... no she can't


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Yessss!! I gotta B for my final grade 😄

I'm so happy!!

I always knew I could do it

💂say Masha'Allah bro


I'm so proud of myself

Next semester I'm gonna try to get all A's, noo B's!

no, I WILL get all A's


May Allah bless my brother Anas

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad's father

May Allah bless them all 😔

When Allah says "Ya ayyuha allatheena" every Muslim should pay attention

This is not a Religion for simple people

We need to constantly remember our purpose

It's really that simple my dear brothers and sisters

My dear sisters, select a righteous husband, who has fear of Allah SWT

Islam gave women the right to choose her husband

Her parents have no right to force her into a marriage in which she is unhappy with

The wise Muslim woman she does not reject the advice of her parents

Looks are important, a woman should make sure that she is attractive to her husband

If someone comes to you who's Religion and attitude you are satisfied with, who's Taqwa, character and their Deen you are satisfied with, then give your daughter to them in marriage, for if you do not do so then fitnah and mischief would become wide spread on Earth

The best of women are those that are fertile, those that are loving, those that are comforting, and those that are agreeable

💡btches don't be having any of those characteristics tho, except for being fertile

The wife who works hard to win the love of her husband, who makes this constant and continuous effort, will find a husband who appreciate her, who loves her, the way she deserves to be loved

💡who fucks her, the way she deserves to be fucked

Parents, don't ever lie to your children, don't ever lie

You are teaching your son to lie, and when he lies to you, you blame him

A major sin is to be upset at the gender of the child that you have been bestowed with, especially if it is a female

They had a major issue, they only wanted males

They only want males, females, in some countries they will abort

As soon as they figured out or saw that the child is born female, the father would take the child, dig a pit,bury the child alive, forget about it and carry on

The Prophet SAWS made it very clear that daughters are special

He would become angry when he was informed of a female child, he would hide from community and people

💡smhh... I wanna have a daughter. I'ma have tea parties and play dress up with her and everything

💡I wanna have a son or a daughter irdgaf, I just gotta fuck a baby in SOMEBODY!

When you put your trust in Allah SWT He never ever lets you down

So the idea of human beings resorting to the beastial elements in itself is a capitulation

Capitulation- the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.

"the victor sees it as a sign of capitulation"

💡 Sentence example: I fucked Jason's mom until she tapped out and capitulated.

It's written in first person Omniscient limited, that doesn't exist but I made it up cuz I'm daddy and I do whatever I want

♻♻♻GOOD NEWS!!!!♻♻♻In sha Allahu, Ramadan will likely start on June 19,.... which is only 152 days from today. The Holy Prophet Mohammad, Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, says if one informs another about Ramadan first, hell fire will become haram for that individual.I have done my duty by forwarding it to you. I pray that you will do yours by forwarding it to others.May the Almighty Allah make hellfire haram for all of us, ameen.


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I'm thinking about this girl

I can't wait to marry her

Every day now I'm doing workouts

Every morning. Either before Fajr, or after Maghrib

Or both...

After sunrise today I gotta make up my Isha prayer from last night

I missed that hoe last night

I mean... I missed "it" last night

This ngga Luka Doncic needs to win rookie of the year, he nicee as shit!!

The financial aid lady at the Southeast Center is soooo nice! She got up from her station aND walked over to where I'm at and helped me to complete all my required documents for my FAFSA.

And she got pretty hair

I love her

From the bottom of my heart

I'm fasting tomorrow. ☺

I'm gonna do the same thing as last week, fast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

I farted right after I prayed Asr


I gotta remember to renew my Wudu for Maghrib


My boxer briefs def stink!

The stench is unbearable!!



Ima change them on Friday when I go to Jummuah, im not gonna change them tomorrow

Cuz tomorrow's only Thursday

I have to be clean when I go to Jummuah, I don't have to be clean on Thursdays df

It's an obligation to be clean for Jummuah on Friday

So I gotta do it. I gotta change them jawns

I'ma pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

May Allah raise the rank of my master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

No matter how much we do we can never qualify to do justice to His rights

We're always going to fall short

My Salah is never going to be worthy of Allah

Coming back to the obedience of Allah is very difficult for them, because Shaytaan is constantly pulling at them

When a human being is going to stop struggling, the only thing that can save them is their relationship with Allah, that's the only thing

You cannot become a better Muslim for your parents

Until you decide that you're only doing this for the sake of Allah that struggle will not last

It's impossible, it has to be sincere

You have to struggle for Allah as He is worthy of the struggle that should be made for Him

Allah sees something in me that I don't even see for myself

What's so special about me? Why did I get chosen?

There are so many better people out there

What Allah is asking of me is too much

In other words this is Allah Himself telling you "relax, I'll make it easy, don't you worry about that, you're the right man for the job"

That's the choice of Allah, that's why you and I are taking a breath right now

He only creates for purpose

He moulded me and you and put us in this, position because we have a purpose to serve

He makes reference to the fact that this Religion isn't just a new Religion, it's a legacy

All He asked you for was to stay away from these filthy things

You have no reason to wonder or ever question that Allah will make ease for you

If Allah is saying it it must be good for me

Calling yourself and myself Muslim is easy, being Muslim is not the same, it's a different thing altogether

I am completely comfortable with the command of Allah and His Messenger

And I'm at ease with it, and I'm at peace with the fact that I'm obeying Allah

I'm not thinking that if I obey Allah I'm going to miss out on something

He's asking me to stay away from these pleasures or these opportunities because they're haraam

I'm at ease that there's no way that anybody who ever obeys Allah is at loss

I pray that our young people are not agitated by the commandments of our Deen

When our young girls when they're thinking about wearing Hijab they're not annoyed by it

Our young men aren't agitated by the idea that they have to pray early in the morning

This attitude is actually the antithesis of Islam itself

Antithesis- a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.

"love is the antithesis of selfishness"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom loves sucking on my penis because it is the antithesis of the size of a cucumber.

You hold onto Allah, because everything else will come and go

When you accept that, then struggling for Allah becomes easy

Everything we have is irrelevant in the eyes of Allah

When you have things It's not a sign of the happiness of Allah

Let your blessings bring you closer to Allah and make you humble

Our prayer is actually our connection to Allah SWT

Fasting today

Doing morning workouts now

Fuck them hunger pangs

As soon as I marry that girl and impregnate her I'm gonna stop looking at other girls in a lustful manner

I'ma be faithful to her only, I love her

I'ma horny little fucker


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

This ngga Ben Simmons be BALLING!

James Harden should win MVP, this ngga be balling in EVERY GAME

Empires are all about expanding

This is very clear, "fight those who fight you and do not be aggressors" because Allah doesn't like aggressors

Allah does not love people to aggress on other people

His love does not change

His veneration sent him to the monastery

When you're powerful and prepared people are afraid to assist you

Be prepared to fight, but if they want peace then you should want peace as well

And trust in God

Tie your camel and trust in Allah