There are two things that are always on my mind, and I think about these things on a daily basis. They are:

Dhikr: The remembrance of God

Thoughts: Food, girls, things I think about when I’m high, story plots etc...

This is how it’s distributed. Dhikr: 100% & Thoughts: 0%

Give Allah everything, or give Him none

I wanna go to a Kehlani concert

I gotta call Mr. Mike tomorrow and tell him I gotta get my stuff

Mr. Mike kicked me out the house 🙁

Now... I’m back at the homeless shelter

I’m grateful tho 😬 at least I gotta roof over my head

“🎧 🎤 I love you shawty... Shawty”

Kehlani - Everything is yours

That song stuck in my head

She really killed it tho

Yo Tymir said to Brianna: “WE DONE ALL SUCKED ON THEM TITTIES!”



Girls love consistency. But when something becomes consistent and a routine, you start taking it for granted

My shirt dirty as shyt!

Ima win the race and fuck a bad btch

The NBA season started. Time to download the app

The next girl that I have sex with I’m getting her pregnant!

If I pay for pussy that shyt is mines! I can do to you whatever I want. You belong to me for those 30 seconds or whatever. I wanna put it your earlobes and the back of your kneecaps

Idk which is harder: Trying to find a girl with no kids or trying to find a girl that’s a virgin 🤔

Don’t talk back to me! I hate that shyt

Not getting high before dinner but this cigarette will suffice

It’s Sunnah to drink while sitting down

Whatever The Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to do is considered “Sunnah”. We must learn to follow his example because he was the perfect archetype

I’m thinking about Renae. She had to go to the hospital 🙁 I hope she’s okay

Girls be like “eeew you smoke cigarettes?” I be like “uhh... yeah.” They be like “bye” I be like “see you! 👋

The same houses that I went on Halloween for trick or treating, ima go to those same houses tomorrow and eating all they food!

They kicked me out the Life Center cuz I was “rolling up weed in the bathroom” 😒 I’m sick of dis shyt man! Weed always gets me in trouble. That shit is MEDICINAL! I got PTSD and I’m depressed

I needa get a medical marijuana license. But that shyt cost like $250. You know how much weed I can get for that?

Baby won’t you come MY WAAAYYY!!

I be going on an adding spree, FB be like: *only add ppl you know* “I KNOW HER IN MY DREAMS!”

Ben Simmons and Dru Holiday are the best PG’s that the Sixers had within the last 50 years

“I got hoes that I’m keeping in the dark”

I really might tat realest ngga on my face 😛. Jk, I’m too black to get a tattoo. You not gon be able to see that shyt

In the future when I have a daughter. When she’s like 9 or 10 I’ma tell her straight up: “Look, in like 2 years blood is going to start coming out from... your thing... your crevice down below. When that happens STAY AWAY FROM ME! I AM NO LONGER UR FATHER. I DISOWN YOU!

May Allah bless my brother Ali

Subtleties... Matter

I eat a lot but I don’t be gaining weight. I gotta high metabolism

Only real nggas listen to Shawn Mendes

Btch fuck you and your ugly ass baby!

“I wanna keep you a secret and not reveal you to the world because... You’re so beautiful and I love you so much, I don’t want nobody else to take u from me” 😂😂 jk btch u ugly as shyt

It’s immature to get jealous

I really don’t be hungry, I just be hella bored

Joel Embid is the best in the Sixers

This is his second consecutive game that he had a double double

Everybody is going through something, it’s not good to judge and criticize

This btch dead

Mama caught me crying cuz I won’t find somebody that’s real

“Abdul” is my slave name. My real name is Apoko Nyang’au

This ngga Harden dropped fukkin 60!

It’s raining and it’s cold. That’s the worse combination

Crackhead btches suck the best dck

“All I wanna do is kill the man that made my momma cry”

I don’t like when bad things happen

If I like you, but I don’t notify you or tell you. You have no right to flirt or be with other men. That’s the epitome of cheating! May Allah curse you. Dumbass btch! Stank pussy ass hoe!

I don’t like to admit that I’m jealous, but I am. You will never know cuz I’m really good at concealing it

Kehlani gay af smhhh... I love her tho

Ayoooo! Nobody fuckin with Kur! “UPTOP UPTOP, EVERYDAY AROUND MY WAY!”

I want a girlfriend

The ones who love the hardest... get hurt the most

I really care deeply for this girl, and I want her to be okay

Yo this Kur tape really hot. #SpareMe

Ayooo! I’m fukkin with Kur bruh. He said “That ain’t my girl I don’t give a fuk which ngga popped”

This ngga Kur really hot bro. I’m highly impressed

I’m thinking about Renee...

I hope she’s okay

I want some oatmeal cookies

Before I do anything I have to fulfill Fajr

That ngga Kur said “I dont give a fuck about what nggas doing” lmmaaaooo

Ima continue smoking weed and ima keep getting higher and higher

No brainer and I’m the one

“I know she scared, she been through some shyt, and it wasn’t cool” this ngga hot bro

Finna watch this video The Weeknd - Heartless

Eeewwwww girls have hair down there?

I seen one of my old btches pregnant

That ngga was right, all legends do die young

“That btch acting crazy call every second”

Meek, PnB Rock, Kur, Kevin Hart, Will Smith. Philly got talent bruh

I fucks with my plug

That btch ain’t my girl idgaf which ngga popped

Juice Wrld- Robbery

I hang with thurl nggas ima thurl ngga from up top

I needa get my life together. I wanna do better, I wanna BE better. I wanna finish school. I wanna get a good job. I want a house, wife, I want children. I want a record deal, I want $6 million dollars. I want... I want.... idk what I want

I want some TACOS!!

I don’t “play with myself” df. I watch porn and beat my dck my ngga

Btch don’t forget the mf’n STRAW ON THE TOP!

This btch just said “I EAT BOOTY IN THE MORNING!”

I ain’t take a shower in like 75 years

Why is it that we have to act differently or go out of our way when someone with a high status to you comes around? Whether that be a close friend or intimate partner?

It could be because we feel there is need to impress to gain acceptance

Everybody dies in their sleep and when they wake up they’re no longer dead

Most of these girls are dumb. She thinking just because of her looks ima make her the one? Lol, #SpareMe


That’s a pretty name, and she’s cute too

These girls only want you when you’re winning


Irdc..... about anything

I’m bouta start going to a church to find a wife n shyt

But she say I’m CANCELED

I will fuck a baby into a btch STOP FUKKIN PLAYING WITH ME!

That btch Shay gon die bruh

Don’t you dare give him the same love.

All hope is lost

That btch said “are”

Just a little 10 piece for her

Pass them btches man this shyt is nothing!

There are some obligations that has to be fulfilled based on your gender

When it come time to pay ima bail on these btches

Sometimes I be thinking I’m high I really don’t be high, I be normal. Weed normalizes me n shyt

I be stuck sometimes, most of the time, ALL THE TIME!


I’m still in a state of Wudu, I didn’t take a shit or pee. Nor did I fart. I mean I did frfr but I didn’t smell or hear that mf

“Allah is the only god” That is it! That’s the only logical explanation. I be trying tell mfs like... PEEP: There are only three explanations for how we came into existence. 1 - EITHER WE CREATED OURSELVES 2 - WE WERE CREATED FROM SOMETHING ELSE THAT WAS CREATED 3 - AN ALL POWERFUL ALL KNOWLEDGEABLE GOD CREATED US

Idc if you stripping, throw it back girl I’m tipping, I can’t lie girl I miiiissss iiiitttt

I can’t pray Fajr cuz I’m Junub. I watched porn and wanked off last night 😐

Avril Lavigne - My happy ending

After a long day of smoking weed and disobeying my Lord I be tired af

She gotta have pretty eyes

That uglyass face that girls make when they cry <<<<<<< when they squinch their face n shyt. Jawn be ugly as shit, they be looking like.. “ 😣 “ thinking that they look like this 🥺. Noo btch u actually look like 🦍

I’m bouta beat my dck 🤫

Now I could never judge anyone I love!

You ever be in a public place and u gotta fart so you clench your buttcheeks trying to stop the fart from coming out 😂 😂 NOT ME!! I BE LETTING THAT SHYT GOOO!! 💨 💨

I’m cross eyed like a mf

If I ever date a girl like Kehlani or Toni Romiti I would treat her soooooo goooood!! Why?? Cuz them btches can sing! If I do her dirty or break her heart she gon make a whole album dissing me, that shyt gon go double platinum the first week n shyt

Lmmaaoo this ngga Trump sawdy as shyt! He finna go home and snort a couple lines

I came in that btch high af! 😂 I took my shirt off and started playing my music out loud while singing n shyt. The guard bul came to me like “You’re gonna have to exit the building sir.”

These nggas dumb as shit! Ok so what’s the point of sex?? Some might say “to bust a nut” or to “enjoy myself”, okay those are all valid reasons! But meee... When I have sex my sole purpose is to please my partner, make her happy, that btch gotta remember me! So if i have to butt fuck her, suck her toes, lick her armpits than goddamn it that’s what I’ll do! Df. I just won’t eat her ass, but everything else I’ll do

Everybody has their own personality.

I eat pussy like a cat drinks milk from a bowl

I’m a GOOD PERSON! I don’t smoke, drink, pop pills, do drugs, have sex, look at women in any disrespectful manner. FUK IS U TALKING BOUT BRO?

🍑 😦look at her ass bro. LOOK AT IT!

I just be horny all the time. Idk what’s wrong with me

⏭⏭⏭Beyoncé, Kehlani, Halsey, Toni Romiti, Taylor Swift ⏪⏪⏪ 👌Best female singers in the world now!

That ngga Frank cool as shyt

I’m thinking about this btch mane. “Mirrah” smhh. I really loved that btch man. She left me for another ngga cuz I’m broke and I never paid her back the money she gave me. We dated tho for SEVEN YEARS!! That btch said she loved me. How you gon just leave somebody you love? Fuck that dumbass, uglyass, fatass, stank pussy ass hoe. Them nutass freckles she got on her face looking like somebody took a sharpie marker and polka dotted her face up. She look like Fiona off Shrek. She look like a fatass bouncy ball. She look like a fatass turtle 🐢

She’s fat and ugly. I don’t even know why I dated that dumb btch

The smallest things arouses me. That btch can pinch me at the back of the knees and I would get a boner

If I eat your ass btch don’t fart in my mouth. What typa trifling nasty shit is that?