⚠ Thursday

Fasting today

Not even hungry frfr

I'ma just break my fast after Isha today

I wanted to wait after Isha today to break my fast but fuk that shyt btch I'm hungry af!

Can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and have all my sins forgiven

My sins aren't that many tho...

Oh yeah, I did watch porn a couple times and masterbated

May Allah forgive me

He is Affuuw

And I'm gonna fast tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day

Prolly not the next day, but I'm def fasting tomorrow

According to Islamic terminology Islam means a specified submission. It is the submission to what the Prophet Muhammad brought. This takes place by uttering the two testifications of faith

They forgot Allah so Allah made them forget themselves

When you forget who you are your heart becomes hardened

When I am alone I am happy that no one is watching me because the first thing I want to do is to resort to the things which Allah hates

We're here to take care of the affairs of humanity

We're here to take care of the affairs of our brothers and sisters

The only thing more merciful than a mother is Allah

Giving charity will nor solve the issue

What will solve the issue is giving Dawah

In America 10 million people are dying because of obesity

It has nothing to do with the lack of food

The issue is "distribution"

250 people, own more wealth than 2 billion people in the planet


⚠ Friday


Luka Doncic is gonna win rookie of the year for sure!

Look at his stats!!

My favorite players are Ben Simmons and Luka

Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the son of God. This goes against our fundamental belief in monotheism

Christmas has roots associated in paganism

Saturnalia is a pagan holiday celebrating Saturn, the god of harvest

This festival took place during the winter solstice and was celebrated with a lot of immorality and indulgence

"You can lie to survive, and it's no sin"

Wtf 😕, uhh noo!

Wtf is this retarded ngga talking about?? My father... this ngga dumb as shit!

Lying is only permissible in three cases: a man speaking to his wife, lying in times of war, and lying to reconcile between two people

Also... how df is you just gon walk in the room talking about some "do you know what this lady is saying about you. She's saying that you tried to rape her"

So how would you know what she is saying about me?

You went to her house!

Talked to her and came up with a lie against me to try to stir me up

Fuck you and your uglyaas wife!!

May Allah curse both of you

I just took a crazy dookie

I had to wipe thrice because today's Friday and I'm about to go to Jummuah

On any other day I just wipe twice and call it a day

I'm here!

I'm at Jummuah 😆

I love it here, I love being Muslim


Today was AWESOME!

I went to Jummuah, I stayed there until Asr, and I successfully fasted!

Insha'llah if Allah SWT allows me to see tomorrow I will fast also

💂say Insha'llah bro

💡 I did

💂say it again


I'm ready

This btch Kat Arina is a freakin cum box!!

She wanna get fucked

You gon get all this dck btch I swear

I put that on my life!

Open ur legs so I can stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey

I don't like watching porn videos when it be two guys and one girl, that shyt gay

Two girls and one guy is better

Or just two girls

Naw actually, two girls and one guy for sure

Cuz I wanna see that btch booty cheeks bouncing off the dck and I wanna see her slobbing all over the dck,

Two girls is cool and all, but... them btches ain't getting fucked

I wanna see some booty cheeks clapping that's wtf I wanna see

That's my preference

I wanna see the facial expressions that she manifests while she's getting rammed!!

Btch lemme see your pretty ass eyes while you getting rammed!

That shyt... nutted

I feel terrible!

I feel disgusting!!

Wtf is wrong with me??


Make things easy on the people

After The Prophet SAWS died Bilal couldn't stay in Medina

*What you should say to a Muslim suffering from depression*

People ask "Sheikh if I can't tell them to be patient, if I can't tell them to look on the bright side, if I can't tell them this and that, what do I say?"

"You don't say anything"

Sometimes we think that to help people I have to talk


Instead of being a talker, instead of speaking

Be a compassionate listener, listen to people

And believe me there are some people in our communities, they don't need advice

They need a compassionate ear

How do you interact with someone who is depressed?

Now say you want to start the conversation

What are some things that you can say to start a conversation with someone who is depressed?


Do you have a vagina??

Allah created you with a manhood right? THEN MAN DF UP!

You fuckin bitch

Without sounding judgmental

Without sounding like the Shariah police

Without sounding like you're trying to guide the lost souls?

Number 1, you can say to someone who is depressed: "I've been concerned about you lately"

Start off by saying this "I've been concerned about you, is everything okay?"

There, you didn't make any judgments

You expressed your concern for this person. That you care about them

Your willingness to listen to them

Number two you can say "Recently I've noticed some changes in you"

"You've lost a lot of weight, you look pale. Is everything okay?

Did something happen?

Again, you're expressing concern

"I wanted to check on you, because you seem like you're down"

Again, these are akhlaqi ways of reaching out to people who are suffering

There is no judgment

You can even ask questions, like "when did you begin to feel like this?"

You don't tell them "be patient", do this and that, you're listening

You're asking questions to understand, to become empathetic

"Did something happen to make you start feeling like this?"

"How can I support you?"

"Have you thought about getting help?"

You know brothers and sisters there's a stigma

Associated with talking to a counselor, talking to a therapist, but we need to normalize this

I actually did it, and I smiled, and Alhamdulillah I felt so much better, mainly because I made the decision to smile

You must be very careful about this nullifier of Islam because it's very easy to fall into

Many of us if not most of us, we like to joke and we enjoy laughing, but it should never be at the expense of the Deen

The safest way to avoid this is to avoid at all cost joking around matters of the Religion

In order to cut that off is to avoid it at any and all cost

Perhaps they don't intend to ridicule the Religion, but this takes place on their tongue without them intending to do so

To belittle it or make fun of it, this is the opposite of praising something

"You have disbelieved, after you have believed"

Always be with those who are truthful

"O you who believe!"

-yes Ya Allah?

This should be our attitude

Every Muslim should pay attention, I call these verses the attention verses

"yes Ya Allah, we are ready to listen to the command"

Be conscious of Allah, be aware that Allah is over watching you

A man will always be inclined to follow the Religion of his friend

The most important relationships that you and I have are the ones that's private

The most important relationships you and I have are the ones inside our homes

Those are just acquaintances, they're not relationships

Those people only know about you, they don't know you

The first act of murder that happened in history was Caine and Abel, an act of jealousy between two brothers

Jealousy is serious business

Yaqoob AS is highlighted as a model for fathers, and how you're supposed to be with your children

💡Fasting today

💡For the sake of Allah Azzawajal

Muslim fathers are "awesome"

In childhood these things are funny but they grow and they grow

And eventually you're going to have a family of your own

Siblings have to have a lot of love for each other

They have to be your best friends. Fighting's gonna happen, it's inevitable, but jealousy should never be there


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

May Allah bless that man and his daughter

May Allah bless that lady that held the door for me

May Allah bless Tinesha and give her long life

That ngga Ryan Arcidiacono be ballin!

White boy nice

Lauri Markkanen also nice

These white boys finna take over the whole NBA

Harden averaging more points then LeBron

He gon win MVP

And the white boy gon win rookie of the year, Luka

I think he need to get traded tho

He should get traded to Sixers

Him and Ben Simmons would be a beast together

My favorite team is Sixers

My top three favorite players are: Ben Simmons, Luka Doncic, and James Harden

Don't blame your inadequacy on somebody else, and the easiest target are your siblings, or your parents

Stop blaming others, excuses are nothing but lies, that's all they are

What I'm trying to get across is Allah forbade us from wishing...

"I wish I could be taller, I wish I was the older brother, I wish I was like my sister, I wish I was this, I wish I was that"

What Allah has given you is good, it's a favor from Allah

Wishing for something else is actually a negation of "Alhamdulillah"

When you and I say Alhamdulillah we're grateful to Allah for what He has given us, not what we wish He gave us

Alhamdulillah is already a statement of self esteem

You're already grateful, happy, content with what Allah has given you

Don't try to be somebody else, just be yourself

Be yourself, and acknowledge what you have is a gift from Allah Azzawajal

What you get in this world is trivial compared to what you're gonna earn with Allah

I'm telling you, this can really destroy a person

You can become obsessive, you can become so obsessive that every time you think about your problems you don't think about yourselves

You think about who to blame other than yourself for your problems and it's usually someone in many cases that you're jealous of

This is a very serious problem because what it does is it never allows you to grow, it never allows you to become a better person

You're constantly living in the fake shadow of somebody else, and you put that shadow there yourself, nobody else put it there for you

First you start blaming your siblings, and then your parents, and then you start blaming Allah Himself

He doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh

It's just constantly negative

You ever see those people? Like you get within five feet of them and you start feeling depressed

You have to find something to poke at, something to be negative about

The only thing after this kind of depression is disbelief

If you're constantly complaining you have no reason to be grateful to Allah

It's a very logical progression

Hope is the first thing to go, Eeman is next

A lot of your depression is a result of jealousy, and it shouldn't be

That's not, it's not fair, what formula is this?

We made these arbitrary rules and put ourselves in trouble

What Allah brings is correct

It's a gift from Allah, consider it. Don't just say "it doesn't meet our formula"

Allah wants to lighten your burden for you, WE make our life hard

These jealousy land us in so much trouble, so much difficulty

Don't do that to your kids, don't instill that jealousy in them

If you're gonna give a gift make a part of it a gift that's supposed to be given to charity

"Allah gave us this, we're gonna give some of it back"

Instill good values into your kids

Stop comparing your children to your other children

"You're my good son"

Stop doing that

"This is my good daughter Masha'Allah, she listens to me"

You did that, the parents did that. That's no way of parenting

All these forms of psychological torture became standard in Muslim households as parenting techniques

But that's all they are, psychological torture

You're just finding a way to like, 🔪 stick it to your kids

Come on, your kids should feel the most comfortable with you

Be nicer to your younger siblings, be kinder

Naturally younger siblings they grow to love and admire their younger siblings

Do you know why they're always taking your stuff? Not because they think it's cool, but because they think you're cool and they wanna be like you

They really like you, and they want to be like you

They won't say it to your face but they do