⚠ Thursday

This shyt hot

Dive, by Ed Sheeran

Sierra Leone has an abundant amount of natural resources

💡yet many people are still dying of starvation... shit makes no sense

Fasting for today... complete!

I'm so proud of myself

This is the second week in a row that I've fasted on Thursday Friday and Saturday

If Allah allows me to see next week than I will fast again on Thursday Friday and Saturday

And I'm gonna fast on Monday

Tomorrow I'll take a little break

Fast, fast fast!

All these reward points that I'm getting from my Lord

Them jawns is stacking up!

As time passed Allah SWT chose to guide me towards Islam and I became Muslim

The same way you have a right they have a right

The situation that you are in, don't dig a hole by becoming depressed, thank Allah, no matter what it is

Learn to thank Allah, Alhamdulillah

Allah informs us of the importance of this worldly life

And how important it is to be a successful person and have happiness in this Dunya

That can only come with the discipline of Islam

The softening of the hearts is in the hands of Allah SWT

Whenever there is a man who comes to the community with justice, with the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad SAWS and the truth, and he reminds us in a similar way the previous Prophets have reminded us, and if that causes a division that division is healthy

Salih AS was instructed by Allah SWT to leave the place

Because now the punishment was going to come

These people were happy they got rid of the man

When they were happy, they were happy for the wrong reasons because they succeeded to chase the true leader that they had from their own community

💡I just thought of something, you know that pig off the Santander Bank commercial? That's what your mom look like

💂you look like the salamander off the Geico commercial

💂you look like Jake from State Farm

When Allah says "He taught the Qur’an" who's the teacher? Allah is

And if He's the teacher what does that make you and me? Students

How honoured are you and me that our teacher is Allah?

Who did He teach? He didn't even limit it

The invitation is open, anybody who wants to learn

Anybody who wants to learn, come on and learn, Allah did not close that door

If you're 50 years old it's okay, don't be ashamed, start now

You have to care about them

If you don't care about them you will never be able to bring them into this Deen

This is the Sunnah of the Messenger SAWS

To teach the Qur’an even to those who hate it

And some of the sins not even the Angels would be made to remember them, Allah will make the Angels forget them

And He will make you forget them too. To the point where there are no more sins, and then you are able to enter Jannah

Because no one enters Jannah with even an atom worth of sins, Allah forgives them before you enter


⚠ Sunday

Yesss! The Sixers beat the Raptors!!

And the Raptors got the best record

Btch I'm getting high the first opportunity I get

Df u thought ima stop doing that shyt cuz I ain't smoke in a few weeks??


That shyt embedded in me permanently

Fuck what you heard!

The Ayats from Suratul Khalaq are one of the first Surahs that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Maybe the fourth or fifth revelation to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

The first Prophet that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is informed about is Yunus AS

"Do not be like the companion of the whale"

Allah SWT doesn't even say his name yet

When you turn your back on Allah SWT everything that you own will be destroyed and you will be placed back in a situation of desperation

Yunuas AS is sent to the people of Iraq

Yunus dealt with mockery from his people and aggression from his people like many that came before him

Allah does not destroy a nation until they become aggressive with the Prophet that was sent to them

Allah does not destroy a nation because they were disbelievers

Allah destroys nations when they become aggressors, when they begin to oppress

When they start to harm the Prophet and the Believers

Yunus AS as he's dealing with the transgression from his people and the aggression he loses hope in his people

He warns his people of the punishment from Allah SWT, and he leaves them without taking permission from Allah SWT

"There's no way that these people will repent"

As Yunus AS warns his people, he sees the clouds forming in the sky, and the people see those clouds forming

Yunus AS leaves them, and when Yunus goes to board a ship to leave his people

His people do something which is almost unprecedented

They repent collectively to Allah SWT, and they turn back to Allah SWT

Then they look for their Messenger to teach them the Religion

And Yunus AS as he left his people he boarded that ship

As he boarded that ship, those same clouds that he thought were there to destroy his people started to rain heavily upon that ship

And the ocean started to rock that ship back and forth

Yunus, a Prophet of Allah, a Nabi of Allah was thrown overboard

As he was thrown overboard, in the darkness of the night, a whale swallows him and dove to the depths of the ocean

Think about how hopeless of a situation this is

He realizes as he's in the stomach of that whale that he's not dead, because initially he thought he was dead, no one has ever been in that situation

But he realizes that he can move his toes, and he hears the pebbles at the bottom of the ocean

He puts himself in a position of Sujood and prostration as the acid is consuming him

And he says "O Allah, I am calling you from a place that I don't think anyone has ever called upon you before"

"I don't think anyone has ever been in this situation before"

In the stomach of a whale, at the bottom of the ocean

"How perfect are You, there is no God besides You"

"I transgressed against myself"

"I have wronged myself"

As Allah Azzawajal heard that Du'a from Yunus AS, the whale spit him out

He came back to his people, and he found them worshipping Allah SWT, and asking him to teach them the Religion

His repentance elevated him

The Prophet SAWS says "no one of you should say that 'I am better than Yunus AS' "

Why? Because he was an honorable man

Yunus AS made a mistake, he lost hope in his Dawah, he lost hope in his people

He lost hope in change

And Allah SWT tested him

The Prophet SAWS says "He is a Prophet, I am a Prophet, and the Prophets are brothers in faith

In that is a profound message, that you never lose hope in Dawah

You never lose hope in the plan of Allah SWT

You don't have the right to ever despair because it was never in your hands in the first place

When the whole world is losing hope that is when you should strive the hardest because you don't know when the victory of Allah SWT will come

Obesed cats and dogs are at risk of many health issues



💡 Bouta die n shyt

💡Jason's mom is very similar to an obesed cat, because she has a fat pussy.

This btch named her cat "Sugar Plum"

Wtf kinda name is that??

This btch put her cat on Prozac smhh

If I had a cat I would smoke weed with it

The cat gon be hiighhh as shhiittt .

I love my mother so much

May Allah bless that lady

May Allah bless her children

May Allah give her long life

My mother called me twice on my phone

But I can't answer because my dad is here and he doesn't want me to talk to my mother or have a relationship with her


So I have to wait until he goes to work so that I can pick up her calls

Because I don't want to make him see me talking to her and he gets mad and kill me

I'm fasting tomorrow!

Time seems to drag on between the Adhan and the Iqama, there's Barakah in that time

Allah loves you my brother

Wallahi Allah loves you

I take an oath that Allah loves you

I don't care what the world tells you about you, you are special to Allah

You're a Muslim, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are brave

I'm talking to you, yes you! You are the one that can change the world

You need to believe in yourself, don't let people put you down

Allah says: I love you just the way you are

Allah says: I don't want you to be anything more than that which you are not

💡Mohamed Hoblos really going in on this jawn

💡May Allah bless him and give him all forms of goodness

That btch Ms. Yummy is a freakin cum box!

My brothers Allah created us for a reason Wallahi

My brothers and sisters I have news for you, you only get one shot at life

You only get one life, stop wasting your life, wake up

Make something of your life, don't be another face in the crowd, don't be another number

💡🎤I'm more than just a number, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤I doubt you'll find another, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤So every single summer, HEY HEY HEY

🎤I'll be the one that you remember, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤I better find your love'n!

🎤I better find it all and nothing's gonna tear us apart

You know my brothers, I ask myself sometimes, and I wanna ask you

Don't you wanna be with the Prophet of Allah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment?

Don't you wanna be with the Sahaba?

You think you're gonna be with them with the life you're living?

My brothers Allah Azzawajal has created us for a higher purpose, to know Him, to worship Him, to love Him, to come back to Him

Make something of your life my brothers

Allah is waiting for you eagerly

That blanket covered them up and made them warm

You contributed to humanity

Who's gonna step up and make a difference in the world

Who's gonna do this? Me?

How many people can I visit man? I'm one man, Wallahi I am

Victory in this world is only through the Deen of Allah

No one is deserving of that trust other than Allah

I just woke up, and I came into fruition and realized everybody in this world is DUMB AS SHIIITTT!

We live in a world, where kids in Africa and China is starving to death n shyt, while there are people in the world who are billionaires and have enough money for generations n shyt

Wtf!! Whyy?? That shit makes no sense whatsoever

There is no reason why that should happen, this world has a lot

It has more than enough, for everybody

Everyone can prosper, no one has to suffer

The problem is "distribution"

We don't want to share, we're all greedy af

God made sure that this world has more than enough, for everybody

God is not the one to blame, we are

We're all fuck ups, we're all greedy sons of btches

We live in a world... where marijuana is illegal in some parts of the world, and cigarettes and alcohol is legal

Whilst nobody in the history of life has ever died from smoking that shit, and millions of people die every year from cigarettes and alcohol... WTF??

Who df came up with that stupid ass law?

Legalize it or make it illegal, either way, people is still gonna find ways to smoke it

We live in a world... where people like "Donald Trump" can become president, and no one has a problem with it

Because he has "a lot of money"

I guess that's the wave now. Money rules the world right?


What's Donald Trump's favorite thing to say during his campaign?

"I've made a lot of money over the years, I am a very rich man, and I can make America rich as well"

And we're all like: "this is true, yup yup, he does have a lot of money, we need to make him president"

And people actually went and voted for this guy!

Wtf, he has xenophobia

And he has NO respect for woman, just look at this guy, look at his face!

The marijuana and cannabis topic:

Is it a drug? Yes . Is it bad for you? Yes . Can it cause an addiction? Yes

Anything that can cause an addiction is bad for you

So... stay away from it, don't smoke it!

But, there's people like me in the world, I'm not the only one

Lol, you think I'm alone, there's people out there who love to get high way more than me and have been smoking longer

I know nggas that's like 85 years old and have been smoking that shit since world war 2 n shyt

Mfs that's been smoking that shyt since slavery n shyt


I haven't smoked weed in like three weeks but the first opportunity I get I'm BUYING THAT SHYT AND SMOKING IT! DF!!

Idgaf if it's legal or illegal

But... why make it illegal?? 😕

What's the harm in it??

It's a freaking plant! You roll that shit up and smoke it, and get high as shit!

💡 it's the Mexicans fault

Back when Reagan was president, the Mexicans would be smoking that shit and doing all these immoral activities n shyt


so people were complaining that smoking weed caused the Mexicans to have sex with every white women, so Reagan made it illegal 😂

These Mexicans is all G's!

I would do the same thing

Get high and have sex with white women

Some people, like my father, when they pray and make supplication to Allah, they raise their voice to an extreme volume and they begin to yell



Who df r you raising your voice at???

Certainly not "God"

You< better tone that shit df down and realize who df ur speaking to

One of the Companions once raised his voice at the Messenger of Allah SAWS, and he went home and told his wife to make funeral arrangements for him because he raised his voice at the Messenger SAWS and that is a major sin, he believed that he was going to die

So... if the Companions were not allowed to raise their voice at the Messenger of Allah SAWS

What makes you think that you have the right to raise your voice at "God"??

We ask Allah to give us calmness and goodness, happiness and tranquility

You breathe 130,000 times a day

Did you realize that it was Allah Who gave it to you

💡people like Mufti Menk and Nouman Ali Khan and some of these Islamic scholars don't just come around regularly. It's very seldom to find people like those. The world needs their optimism and knowledge

When I used to go to therapy, after I had my brain aneurysm, I used to have to go for physical, occupational and speech therapy

This one cab driver that used to take me, he was cool as shyt

I remember once he told me: "you can talk things into existence"

So if you keep saying something repeatedly, it can actually happen, God will make it happen

For example: if you keep saying that your son is going to grow up and be a pothead, if you keep saying that so many times, then it's going to happen!

So I asked him one day, I asked him like "can you talk things OUT of existence?"

He told me "yeah, but that can only be done through prayer"

A non-Muslim man said that

I forgot his name, but whoever he is, may Allah bless him and his children and give him long life

I also had this other cab driver..... Mario!

Mario was cool as shit!!

He used to be picking me up and dropping me off the most

The one thing that I remember Mario used to be telling me, he used to be like "well Abdul I'm going to be 78 in September"


Mario used to be soo worried and conscious about his age Cdfuupp

I once told Mario to look into Islam, I told him to go home and think about saying the Shahada and becoming Muslim

He told me "yeah, I'll definitely think about it Abdul"

After that, I never saw Mario again 😂

When the Internet was first created, when the World Wide Web was first invented, what happened?

The porn industry blew up! Everybody was watching porn online

The first product that was sold over the Internet was "a bag of marijuana"

Why do you celebrate Christmas??

Are you commemorating the birth of Jesus??

If so... then what you are doing is lying about a Prophet of God. Because Jesus was not born on December 25th

Are you commemorating the birth of God?

God was not BORN

He does not beget, nor was He begotten

Allah doesn't talk about "the pursuit of happiness" in the Qur’an

Islam talks about "contentment"

Being happy and being at peace are two different things

The lowest of all pursuits in your life is going to be happiness

It doesn't take much to be happy

Some kid stays up all night and plays video games, he doesn't get any sleep, but since he beat the game he's happy

It's a snow day, you get a call in from work, "hey you don't have to come in" You're happy

It doesn't take much for you to be happy

Making other people happy is hard

Making your parents happy is difficult

Making your wife happy, let's leave that one alone, let's leave that one alone

💡Insha'llah one day I will have more wisdom than Nouman Ali Khan

It comes, and it goes

You get bored again, you want to be happy again

So when people say, "I just wanna be happy"

I don't understand what that means, because no one is always happy

You're never going to be constantly living in a state of happiness, that's not how it works

I'm not saying you're going to be depressed, but I am saying that life is about struggle also

The next pursuit is the "pursuit of cool"

Cool just means: nobody is going to pick on me, I'm going to blend in with everybody else

You just wanna fit in and not be the object of everybody's criticism

I will NEVER call my sister and talk to her

Fuck that dumbass fat bitch!!

She gon tell me "get the fuk out my car and give me my money"

she gon kick me out of her apartment

She made me MISS JUMMUAH!

I told her to buy me a bar of soap to take a shower with and she blatantly told me "no"

She cursed at my father, and she cursed at me! Many times



After he has struggled and suffered for you, he did everything for you, now that you came to America you wanna act this way and curse him? Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!!!

Is my father bad? Is he a bad father? Fuck yeah, he's maybe the worst!

But he is our father, you don't just decide to curse him because of the way that he has treated you

There's a way to handle it, and cursing him is NOT THE WAY

That's the worse thing that you can do

Now in return, he has cursed you, and his curse will definitely catch you, because he suffered more for you, he cried for you when you got hit by a car, he cried for you when you was laying in the hospital sick

He was sending you money when you were in Africa so you could pay your school fees and buy draws

You didn't have SHIT!

He felt sorry for you and gave you everything, now that you came to America you want to act like these American girls who insult and curse their fathers

You're. Not. American

God will show you

Dumbass bitch

Fuck you

She gon say: "I can't deal with Apa anymore, he's always cursing at me, saying bad things to me, I'm tired of it, I can't deal with it anymorw"

You can't deal with him anymore? You're tired of him?

Was he saying that when he was sending you money in Africa?

You don't think he felt tired and sleepy when he was by your side in the hospital? You don't think he wanted to go homee and go to sleep?

But he chose to stay by your side EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT!

Why? Because he loves you and you're his daughter you piece of shit

Also to top it all off, this btch not even Muslim

I caught her one day on her knees praying to "Jesus Christ"

Smh... this btch was really praying to Jesus

Dawood (AS) establishes the state of Israel, the first Islamic state

And he establishes Jerusalem as the capital of the first Islamic state

And he is succeeded by his son Nabi Sullayman AS


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I like that...

"You can't control that you'll aways be surrounded by stimuli, but you can control your response"

Steph Curry!

I swear this ngga be possessed in every game

It's not freakin possible to have a shot like that

Idk why this ngga not in the top 5 scorers

Damian Lillard is #5 averaging like 27 pts a game

I don't get it??

Steph Curry averaging 29.2 pts a game, that's more than Damian Lillard

But Steph Curry is not in the top five

But Damian Lillard is