⚠ Sunday

Never eating that sardine shyt again, that shyt make your breath stink

There is no change in state and there is no power, except by Allah

That sounds very conceptual

Yes, I know that Allah is the most powerful, but what does that mean in my everyday life?

Conceptual- relating to or based on mental concepts.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom gave me some good ass brains, she's very conceptual.

What does it mean to recognize that Allah is the only source of power

True power is when you're source for power is Allah SWT, for everything

The consequences for making this life your main concern: poverty is put between your eyes

When you run after Dunya you're never satisfied

You will never have enough to satiate you

Satiate- to satisfy (a need, a desire, etc.) fully or to excess

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom satiated all my sexual desires.

You will not enter Jannah until you truly believe, and you will not truly believe until you love one another

Where's the love?

This is the nature of our Ummah

We shouldn't find this idea strange, we should challenge ourselves to translate that idea into action and into a reality that defines our community

The foundation of our community is the union between a man and a woman

The family, this is the foundation of our community

We want to see beautiful flowers

We find people growing apart and being encouraged to hate each other

This isn't who we are, and a lot of Muslims, not many but there are some who buy into that philosophy

They set up these dichotomies, and if you're on one extreme or the other, you're instantly automatically, with no consideration of your individual character, you're categorized into a group and then there's automatically enmity

Dichotomy- a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Shaytaan wants to cause enmity and hatred between you, with alcohol and gambling, and with whatever else he can use

💡The Salah time for Asr and Maghrib is increasing

💡this is Allah preparing me, getting me ready... I used to not be that hungry while I'm fasting, Maghrib would be at like 4:26pm, and I'd be chilling

But now, that btch is at like 4:45pm, wtff!!

I'm hungry as shit!!

If this is how it is, I wonder how it's gonna be during Ramadan when Maghrib gon be at like 6-7pm


I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday!

I love that Mosque!!

Waaay more than that other one I used to go to

Even though that other one was great, and the people there were all nice

The knowledge that I was getting there was, very technical, and repetitive

And they were too strict

I would tell them like "I took a shower today after Maghrib"

They would be like: "it's blasphemy to take a shower after Maghrib, say your Shahada"

-if I drink a bottle of water, they'd be like "bro it's blasphemy to drink out of a bottle of water, say your Shahada"

They had me thinking like EVERYTHING WAS A SIN!

That's not right...

I knew Islam is the correct Religion, but it can't possibly be this STRICT

So I decided to do some searching on my own...

I found out that what they were telling me, not all of it was true

Not all of it was in accordance with the true Islamic teachings

They had me scared 😨

They used fear to keep me in the Religion

That's fucked up

"There is no compulsion in Religion"

Fear is a form of compulsion

How did the Messenger of Allaah SAWS give Dawah to bring people into the Religion?

Did he tell them "everything is a sin, repent now or Allah will destroy you and send you to hellfire" ?

Was that what he did??

No. He used this thing called "mercy"

That's how he drew people into the Religion, by being merciful and compassionate

He knew that we are only humans, and he knew that we are bound to fuck up

But he didn't want people to despair in the Mercy of Allah

Islam says: "no individual can bear the burden of another"

This Ummah isn't predicated on people being rich or poor, black or white, it's not predicated on them being from this tribe or that tribe

We're wealthier than we've ever been, which is not necessarily a good thing, because all that wealth comes from the earth, and we're devastating the earth

So maybe we need to become accustomed to a little more poverty

There is no spiritual well-being without love and mercy

Allah doesn't look at your physical forms

Allah doesn't care if you're black, white, red, brown, yellow, purple

It doesn't matter

Allah doesn't consider that

It's meaningless to Allah, so it should be meaningless to us

He looks at your hearts and He looks at your actions

The hearts are all the same color, I don't care what your complexion is

That's what matters with Allah

Things that defy any physical differentiation

The faith is not complete without that mutual love

Teach your children to spend

Keep spending and Allah will spend on you

Any wealth we have is not our wealth, it's Allah's wealth

This is not our wealth, this is Allah's wealth, we're not free agents

We are servants of Allah, we should understand this

We belong to Allah, so He can do with us whatever He pleases

Three characteristics of people that will be hated to him and farthest away from him on the day of Judgment

1: those who speak a lot

Those who speak a lot they make a lot of mistakes

When you're speaking a lot it's an indication of a simple mind

Every single word that you utter, there are Angels recording

Every word will be accounted for

2: Those who hurt people with their speech

This is an evil that the Prophet detests


And so brothers and sisters, we need to understand that speech matters

He asked the Prophet SAWS "Ya Rasullullah, how are we to be saved from all this?"

That's what we're asking ourselves everyday, I want to be saved from the circumstances of this world, and the struggle and challenges

You know what the first thing that the Prophet SAWS told him?

He says: Hold your tongue, guard your tongue, restrict your tongue

Say something good, or remain silent

Speaking a lot is not a virtue

Fasting for today COMPLETE

Insha'llah if Allah wills for me to live to see Thursday then I will fast also

💂 say Insha'llah bro


💂say it again


This btch Lela Star is a cum bucket

May Allah SWT forgive us, what a beautiful lesson we learn from this

You will inevitably make mistakes because you're human

It's very important that we realize that goodness does not mean perfection, and it cannot mean perfection

That's part of being a good person, repenting and coming back to Allah SWT

Shaytan will come to you and say "Oh you're not worthy yet, you first have to work on all these things before you can wear Hijab

It should be a means and a tool to help you get closer to Allah SWT

It's really by messing up that you realize that you really need Allah SWT to forgive you

How much you need the Mercy of Allah SWT

If we never made mistakes we might start believing that we don't need Allah SWT

This concept of self admiration is really one of the most dangerous states to be in

May Allah bless Yasmin and give her all type of goodness and long life

May Allah bless our children

💡I mean "her children"

Shaytaan made a mistake yes, but couldn't he have repented, couldn't hr have asked Allah SWT for forgiveness?

But Shaytaan didn't have that attitude, his attitude was that of rebellion and arrogance

Allah SWT wants to forgive us, our job is to keep striving

Everything that we do externally is a reflection of how we are internally

Obedience is a consequence of love

This is an illusion, in reality you are in a state of slavery, whether you like it or not

The soul is trying to achieve that liberation from the shackles of the dunya in some way

The only way it can achieve that liberation is by understanding your true slavery, who your true slave master is

It's not L'Oréal, it's not your politicians, it's not your parents, it's not your teachers, it's Allah SWT

If you truly love yourself, then you have to love Allah SWT

The one who loves himself but doesn't love Allah doesn't really love himself, he loves an illusion of himself

If you reject the existence of Allah, it's like rejecting the real world as the real world

We all believe this podium is real okay, prove it to me?

I gurantee you no one can prove to me it's real

You can see it right? Okay that's not proof

Touching it, that's not proof

That's what we mean by real, it's not just a perception, it's outside of your mind

Your brain could be in Mars and there's an alien playing with your brain making you feel and think what you're feeling now

Maybe you're in the matrix, maybe you took the blue pill

We only believe the real world is the real world because it's got an axiom, a self evident truth

Axiom- a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

"the axiom that supply equals demand"

💡 Sentence example: The axiom that Jason's mom enjoys giving me oral sex.

You cannot disprove the assertion that the universe started five minutes ago

You can't disprove that, maybe you were created five minutes ago with all this memory that you've existed for 18 or 30 years

There are assumptions in life that you don't need to prove, they're self evident

So if you reject Allah it's like rejecting that the real world is the real world

Because Allah is a self evident truth

He's not a concept, He's a precept

He is that which is necessary in order for you to have any ideas and any realities

When talking to an atheist instead of asking "does God exist?"

You should say "what evidence do you have to reject God's existence?"

You won't be able to reach that level of righteousness unless you give from that which you love

💡yeessss, I'm memorizing this Surah, slowly but surely! 😊

I've already memorized 5 Ayats, there are 15 Ayats in total

So how many more Ayats do I have to remember?

💡 ummm... "starts counting fingers"



Whatever goes into my eyes, whatever I look at goes straight to my heart, and it imprints on my heart

So if I am constantly looking at what I'm not supposed to be looking at, if I am constantly looking at the haraam, at what is prohibited for me to look at, whether I'm checking someone out or I'm looking at things that I'm not supposed to be seeing, that is actually pouring dirt into my heart

We don't realize it, we think we're just looking at it, we think oh it's no big deal, but we don't understand the connection of what we see and the condition of our heart

👀------ 🍑





If we want to guard our heart, to protect our heart once we've cleaned it, and to keep it clean, we have to guard our eyes

In the same way our ears, that's the other pathway to our heart, what we listen to, what we hear

Whatever we're listening to and hearing is also imprinting on our heart


Allah's Mercy is greater than your sins, that's what we have to remember

Lack of belief is also connected to ingratitude

May Allah SWT grant us understanding

We have to learn to respond in a mature, civil and higher discourse the way the Qur’an and the legacy of our Prophet expects from us

💡 Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Ameer Sharma and I'll have more knowledge than him

My hyperspermia is acting up this morning

It's on a fritz

-picks up phone

"Hello.. what? Another shoplifter, okay I'll be right there

"Whoa whoa ladies! Didn't I tell you to sit down? Both of you grab a seat"

"It looks like you're stealing on my surveillance cameras. Yeah, absolutely. Please sit down"

"So your sister here has been caught shoplifting. I'll tell you what's gonna happen here ladies"

"Ohh yeahh.. look how pretty she is, she's beautiful"

"I want you to rub my balls too"

"It's my camera. Don't worry it's for my own personal use, no one else I gonna see this except for me

"And my friends"

💡 grab your sisters hands! Console her while she's getting rammed!!

💡 look me in the eyes while this shaft is in your mouth... I WANT UR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!

I promise you this shyt finna nut

I promise you!!

That shyt..... nutted

Btch I told you that shyt was gon nut

Didn't I tell you?


Finna pray Fajr

I gotta shower first though


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Ohh ok, so "were" is plural

And "was" is singular

So if I was alone and I'm about to eat a sandwich I would say "I was about to eat a sandwich"

But if it was me and other people I would say "We were about to eat a sandwich"

Ohh ok!! 😵


I remember last year when I was taking a summer class and we "WERE" talking about Religions n shyt

And this one kid "WAS" like: "Who came up with the idea of Religion anyway"

💡 umm... God btch!

This ngga dumb af

😂 that btch was like "it'll all be over soon"

When her and her sister were getting fukked by the dude, after they shoplifted

She held her sister's hand and was like "it's okay, it'll be over soon"

Aren't they thinking about this book, or are their hearts sealed from being able to penetrate its meaning

The Qur’an is like the ocean, it's just wave after wave of meaning

And the meanings don't stop, even for the same verses

💡I'm still thinking about that shyt 😂

That ngga gon fuck her in the alleyway, next to a garbage can lmaaoo 😂

💡I don't blame you tho, I'd prolly do the same shyt. I once fukked this btch at the back of a school bus

💡Her name Jade, Jade Emmanuel. She's about 5'5. She got long braided hair, she's brown skin

Every matter that comes in the path of a Believer is good for them

The first response is the response that we don't want to have, and that's the response that makes the calamity a punishment

Your response is what determines whether that test is good for you or bad for you


🎤 "I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight"

This btch had a threesome with two guys and she let her boyfriend sit there and watch 👀


That boyfriend is a BTCH!!

How df you gon just sit there and watch your girl get fucked? Smhh

I would kill the nggas that's fucking her!

Then I would kill my girl!

Cuz she actually wanted to do that shyt df

This is why Allah made it forbidden to have girlfriends and boyfriends

That btch would never do that typa shit if we was married

I'm jealous over my girl

I mean WIFE!!

But I don't like when girls get jealous over me, I don't like that

Umm... you're not my girlfriend

I mean WIFE!!!!

This btch crying


💡 Btch cry while you sucking this dck 😂

Dumb ass cdfffuupppp

You wanna find somebody to love you?

Btch how about I put my dck in your mouth, you can find that instead!

It shouldn't be that hard to find!!


You ever go to take a shit, but then when you go to take a shit shit don't be coming out, so u just sitting there on the toilet like 😐

I hate when that shit happens

And I ain't even high, cuz normally when I be high I get constipated n shyt

💂that's a serious illness bro, my uncle Billy Bob Joe had that, he died three days later n shyt


On a consistent and regular basis, remember Paradise and hellfire

Or you'll lose connection with them, you'll start to live your life as if they don't exist

You need to remind yourself. That is why the Qur’an is called "dhikr" or "dhikra", a reminder

You have to manage your heart, and the way to do this is to keep reminding yourself of the things you believe in

If you take it for granted, if you say "I already know that, I already believe in Allah" you will lose it

You will do something that is haraam and you will regret it, and a couple weeks later you will do the same thing again and fall down the same line

💡more like a couple minutes or hours later 😂

💡😔😐May Allah forgive me


Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah

There are two types of Dawah: active & passive

Active is when you're engaging in conversation, you ask people questions

Passive is when they ask you a question

In order for you to understand the answer, you must first understand the concept of Islam

Religion is here to unite us, it's not here to divide us

If Islam is not making you happy something is wrong with your Islam

Don't be like that rock

People are dying of thirst, they're dying of spiritual thirst

💡"Tired of looking at porn?"

💡 no

💡there's good news, there's a place where...

Btch I promise you this shyt finna nut


that shyt nutted quick

It was a quick nut

I can't believe I did that shyt

Never again!!


If we look at the biography of our Prophet SAWS, it's very clear that he was making alliances

He did not see Religion as something that left us in antagonistic relationships

This is an example of recognition that goodness is not always contained within the context of a religion

There are good secular people, there are good Jewish people, there are good Christian people, there are good Muslim people

He made Medina a sanctuary, a place where people could not fight

Those who are pious to their Lord, and spread peace

These people will have no fear for the future and no grief over the past

If you don't have sages amongst us, war breaks out very easily

There was a young man who came to the Prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim complaining to the messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim saying: “My father takes my money, he always asks for my money” Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said: “Well call your father”. As he went, the angel Jibraeel came down at that moment and he said: “Rasool Allah, when the father comes to you ask him, What was you saying in secret when you was coming here, the father was muttering something the son couldn’t here, so ask him what he was saying. When the father arrived Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim asked “is it true what your son is saying?” the man replied saying “Oh messenger, if you only knew what I was using his money for anyway Im using it to look after his poor Aunty, she has nobody to look after her, were else am I going to place his money, in places only that I have to” So the prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said “I want to ask you a question, tell me what you saying in secret when you was on your way here” The father looked at the Messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim and said “I made some verses of poetry” to which Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said “ please say them to me” So he said “ Oh son I nourished you when you was a baby And I looked after you in care as you grew up until you became an adolescent You lived upon what I worked for and strived and sacrificed in my body and time and wealth, So that you may live healthy Whenever a night passed you when you was sick or ill or coughed I was the first to be up, carrying you and looking upon you with my heart Afraid if a little atom or a little breeze would harm you in anyway I could not sleep whilst seeing you sick until you slept and then I slept When I used to see you sick, it was as if I was the one who was sick or ill And so my eyes would always overwhelm with tears but you never knew And then he said, and when you finally reached adulthood which all my life I was anticipating And looking forward to seeing you become that Until you reached the day when I have all my life anticipated in my heart to see you reach and rejoice, My son you gave me a REWARD, And your reward was……………………. HARSHNESS! And frowniness and mistreatment, As if I am the one who owes you and you owe me nothing The way you treated me was like a neighbour would treat his neighbour I wish that you even gave me that” Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim then looked at the father and the father looked at him, and the Prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim beard was soaked with tears. From his emotions, Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim grabbed the boy from his chest, shook him and said to him “ you and everything you own belong to your father”

Their hallmark is universal mercy, that they love for the sake of God

You will never change until you admit where you are

The Muslims around the world cannot progress until they look at the model that was given to us 1400 years ago

💡yess! This is soo true, I completely agree with Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Unless we follow the example of The Prophet PBUH and his Companions we will never be able to go anywhere

Classical example: I always knew Islam was the correct Religion, it was just something in the back of my head that was telling me THIS IS IT!

So I took my Shahada and started going to this one Mosque

And I was going there for a while, and some of the teachers there was SOOO STRICTT AND MEANN!!

Everything that I did or said, one of the teachers would be like "That's blasphemy say your Shahada"


If I trip over my laces he'd be like "it's blasphemy to trip and fall, say your Shahada"

I once asked him for advice on a certain matter, instead of answering my question and giving me advice he told me "it's blasphemy to say that, say your Shahada"

Everything I said or did was "SAY YOUR SHAHADA SAY YOUR SHAHADA"

I'm thinking like 😞 commeee onn!!

I mean I know Islam has it's rules and regulations but it can't possibly be this strict!

So I started gaining some knowledge on my own, and I found out, that not everything they was telling me was true

Not everything is a sin in Islam

That's how they was making it seem tho, like everything was a sin

I was scared as shit! Like 😨

Cuz I knew Islam was the correct Religion, and I didn't want to committ blasphemy and leave the Religion

That's fucked up, what they did

They lied to me and scared me in order to keep me in the Religion

How did the Prophet SAWS call people to the Religion?

Did he start by saying "fornication is a major sin, drinking alcohol is a major sin and GOD IS GOING TO PUNISH YOU AND SEND YOU TO HELLFIRE IF YOU PARTYAKE IN THOSE ACTIVITIES"

💡 NOO!

He called people to the Religion by telling people about Allah and letting them know that "God is the Most Merciful and He forgives ALL SINS!"

It's this thing called "hope"

Don't you think there's people like me out there, who always fall into sin time and time again, there's people out there who LIVE OFF SINNING!

So are you just gonna tell them "You're screwed dude, you're going to hellfire, there's no way that God will forgive you"

That's fucked up!

I hate it when people lie to me or try to scare me!!

He gon tell me "ignorance is not an excuse in Islam"

So everybody has to be Muslim??

So if you live in a cave all your life and never learn about Islam and you die that means you're gonna go to hellfire forever??

Umm... no!

God is Muqsit, He's fair af!

He is Just!

Just cuz I didn't know much about the Religion they used my ignorance against me, as a form of scare tactic

That's fucked up... and low!

Don't ever lie to me

And don't try to fuckin SCARE ME!!

What did Yasmin say:

"Obedience is a consequence of love"

💡Tell people the truth!


stop lying to little Danny

Talking about some: "you know Danny, if you're really good this year then Santa is gonna come and give you lots of presents and candy"

So Danny is on his best behavior for the whole year, but not because he wants to be, but because HE WANTS THOSE DAMN PRESENTS!

💡 You're killing little Danny, you're killing him with your lies

💡Just because he's a little kid and he doesn't know anything does not mean that you should lie to him

Tell Danny the truth...

"Look Danny... Santa Clause don't exist, reindeers don't exist. The only reason why you exist is to worship Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners and if You do not do that then when you die Allah will send you to hellfire forever"

💡SIMPLE! No lies!

Lies hurt... especially when they are coming from someone you trust and will never expect to lie to you

Twerk that ass on Santa's cock you slut

Tell Santa what you want for Christmas...

Oh you haven't been a good girl this year?

That's okay baby, don't despair! I still got something for you

Santa finna fuck a baby in you!

You finna get all this egg nog btch!!

Shake your fukkin ass and lemme see ur titties u slut

Cum be Santa's little helper btch

Help me to cum!!

I hate you

I love you!!

Btch I love and hate you simultaneously!!

That shyt... nutted


wtff is wrong with me??


Is that what I like??

💡 yes.

💡 precisely

O you Believers, be mindful of Allah and that mindfulness translates into implementing his orders, avoiding the things He's prohibited in order to ward off with that obedience, the punishment of Hell.. that's what Taqwa means

To ward off the punishment of Hell through the obedience of Allah, that's what Taqwa is

It's a consciousness that gives birth to implementing the orders and avoiding the prohibitions

This is not a Religion of talk, it's a Religion of practice

It only has benefits if we translate it into something that draws us closer to Allah

The Prophet SAWS missed us but he's never seen us

The Prophet SAWS cared for you before you even existed in this world

At some point you have to hold yourself accountable

At some point every individual has to be accountable

At some point it's just "do your thing"

But at the end of the day it comes back to us

Every single person will stand before Allah SWT all alone

Go ahead and read your book, you already know

You don't need Allah SWT to tell you where you went wrong

In this world, when people give up on you is not because they stop caring about you or they stop loving you? No

It's because they realize that they're sick of caring more about you than you care about yourself

If you're gonna insist on ruining yourself go ahead and ruin yourself

At some point I can't love you if you don't love yourself

You have to be a horrible human being for people to not be able to muster up anything good to say about you when you pass away

💡 my hyperspermia is acting up this morning, it's on a frisk!!

I wanna see some ass and titties that's wtf I wanna see!

💡 I love to see the expressions that manifest on your face while ur getting rammed btch!

💡 open your mouth and say "AAAHH"

💡 Btch you're at the dentist off, I'm finna clean your mouth out!

💡 you finna get all this toothpaste btch. I PROMISE YOU!!


Btch I like when you cheer me on. tell me how big my dck is and how you want me to cum inside you. TELL MEEE!!

Everyone will know on the Day of Judgment what they could've done, what they have done, what they should've done

You know your potential, you know your capabilities, you know what Allah SWT has given you

It all comes to you like night and day

You know what Allah has commanded you to do, and at the end of the day, it's you and Allah SWT

You can fool people in this world, but what are you going to say to Allah?

Allah SWT knows what's in your hearts

"I tried, I did my best, and I always acknowledged Your perfection, and I always acknowledged my own shortcomings and imperfection, and I never tried to make my imperfections justifiable by altering Your commands or Your legislation"

"Yes Allah I know I messed up, and I acknowledge it completely"

💡 Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Shaykh Omar Suleiman and I'll have more knowledge than him


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Fasting tomorrow, can't wait! 😄

If you find other than good than only blame yourself

Muslims don't have a problem with saying I'm sorry

Can't wait to fast tomorrow

Just like last week and the week before that

This will be third week in a row

I'm gonna fast on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

And on Monday


The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement

💡the world is fukked up. Women are human too. We need to treat them better, we need to respect them, we need....


💡 WHERE???



How we view the Qur’an and how we interact with the Qur’an that can change our lives

"O Allah You are the source of peace and from You comes peace"

The Qur’an brothers and sisters is the source of steadfastness and benefit

Allah can honour you through the Qur’an

Be happy that you are a Muslim

We have to have a relationship with the Qur’an

The Qur’an has to be our best friend

You think Allah owes you something? You think Allah needs you? Allah doesn't need anyone!

Allah tests you with difficulty and ease

Allah loves you more than you love yourself

Allah is most definitely going to test you

Based on how strong your faith is Allah will test you accordingly

Allah will give this Dunya to those He loves and those He doesn't love

But He will only give Eeman to those that He loves

What else matters? Allah loves you that's it, you don't need anybody else's love, you don't need their acceptance

Am I being tested or am I being punished?

The easiest way to determine that is by looking at your response to the test

If you show patience then that is a sign that Allah SWT is doing this to purify your sins and to raise your rank

I know it's early in the morning but take some notes Insha'llah

💡 yess... I'm memorizing this Surah, slowly but surely! I already got 7 Ayats memorized, I'm halfway there 😆

💡this hoe finna get memorized!

💡 wtf, I can't say that shit, lemme delete that

It's easy to get focused on the black dots in life and forget about the white dots

Although the majority of life is all the white dots

You have to be aware of your own deficiencies before you can make a difference in your life

The pleasure of your parents is critical in your marriage

Don't choose your spouse over your parents

They have the right to do that

That's the remarkable thing about tests, is that it brings you back to Allah SWT

This is the only thing that's going to benefit us when we come on that day and nothing else will benefit us

It is in our best interest to take this endeavor very seriously

The remembrance of Allah is the oxygen of the heart

💡Yasmin is so knowledgeable! May Allah bless her and increase her knowledge and give her long life

💡May Allah bless our 27 children

💡I mean "HER 27 CHILDREN"

💡 Allah knows best if she has 27 children

💡He is the Knower of all

We know that we have to breathe to stay alive, and it does not matter in what state or condition we are in

Your Salah is your oxygen, you cannot think of it of anything less

What is the food of the heart? It is also the remembrance of Allah

I don't need to eat today because I ate last month

I don't need to eat today because I ate a lot for Thanksgiving, so I'm good

💡I don't need to take a shower today because I already took one during the winter solstice

💡I don't need to change my boxer briefs cuz I already changed them last month, so I'm good 🖒

We need to consistently eat to keep the body alive, it's exactly the same with the remembrance of Allah

There is a reason why Allah commanded us to pray five times a day

Allah knows what He's doing when He says pray at a specific time

Five times a day is the prescription, if you do not follow that prescription do not wonder later why you are sick

The doctor gave you a prescription and you put it away in the drawer and you never followed it

The dirt of our sins it comes on the heart, and we have to clean the heart

One of the things that make the heart dirty, when you expose it to poison, one of the poisons of the heart is bad company

Be careful about your company

There is a reason why Allah has told us to lower our gaze, because lowering of the gaze is a protection of the heart

What you look and listen to of the haraam imprints on the heart

"Being a righteous person means that you're perfect" this is very problematic

To be righteous does not mean to be sinless

One of the most emphasized attributes of Allah SWT is His forgiveness

The Prophet SAWS told us that: if we were not to sin and repent then Allah will remove us and replace us with people that would sin and repent

The idea that we're supposed to be perfect is a tool that Shaytaan uses

There's no such thing as "perfect people"

"All the children of Adam are going to make mistakes, and the best are those that repent"

We have to be the best, when we slip we get back up and we repent, and we don't let Shaytaan use that tool against us

This is a very powerful tool that Shaytaan uses, the tool of despair

"I made a mistake so I shouldn't pray anymore"

"I made a mistake so let me just take off my Hijab"

It's like somebody saying, "she couldn't be perfect, so she should just stop trying"

We should not be aiding Shaytaan, we should be helping one another

When you put on a Hijab It doesn't mean that all of a sudden you're now an angel and you're perfect

You're still a human being and it's part of your struggle

We all mess up, and the only thing we have to do is to keep coming back

Don't let Shaytaan win

It's important to be very grateful when Allah SWT allows you to worship Him and don't take credit for it

Regardless if you feel the high or you don't, it's about Allah, it's not about how you feel

This is very important, that you don't lose hope when that high is gone

Not everyone is supposed to play the same role

💡As soon as 4:33am come I'm on go!

Realize that every single on of you had a unique role that YOU are supposed to play

Find something that you can excel in that will bring you closer to Allah SWT

Try to intend to make that your special path to Allah SWT

💡🕠 "4:33am"


This little midget btch finna take all this dck!!

You gon get all this hyperspermia btchh!


We finna have a midget baby

I need to hurry up and ejaculate quickly so I can eat Suhoor cuz I'm fasting today

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass

That shyt haraam!!

This shyt finna nut inside you btch




I promise you!

That shyt...



⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I'm hungry af

💂bro... it's 6:39am

That ngga Luka Doncic really be ballin

He had like 20 pts and like 10 assists

And I think he had like 9 boards or steals

This ngga gon get rookie of the year

Him and Ben Simmons, they my favorite players

I also fuk with Harden!!

Step Curry is a Jinn!!!!

It's not possible for a human being to have a shot like that

Anthony Davis also nice

I never knew big man had a shot like that

That ngga had 32 points and 18 REBOUNDS! 😱

He's a Jinn!!

That ngga Yokish also be ballin!

He gotta shot!

How you say his name tho?

He play for the Nuggets

Allah knows best how you pronounce his name


I remember when he used to play for Sixers

Who should win defensive player tho?

Kyle Anderson??


Maybe... but he's not really consistent tho like that

Maxi Kleber??


wtff happened to Chris Paul, he used to be having all these steals per game. He not up there no more

The Mavs gotta SQUAD!

They got fukkin Luka, that ngga up there with assists

Averaging like 10 a game

And they got Kleber, who be having like 6 blocks a game

Idkk how df the Raptors is leading in the East

Who do they even have??

Oh yeah, they got that ngga Kawhi

He's a fukkin problem!!

And they got Danny Green

They gotta good starting lineup and they got some good coaching, that's prolly why they leading

I already know why Golden State leading in the west

Cuz they got that fukkin JINN!!


And they got Durant

This ngga LeBron really went to the Lakers smhh

I still can't believe that shyt

At this point he's just like "fuk it, I'd go anywhere to get a ring"

I wouldn't be surprised if that ngga went to Golden State

I think Kobe gon come out of retirement

That's prolly why LeBron went to Lakers

That ngga Kobe!!!!