⚠ Thursday

Wtf, that's dumb as shit

Why do they only have the acoustic version of "Free Fallin" by John Maeyer??

That song dope af.. they should also have the studio recording

When you wrong somebody else, you've actually disturbed something inside of you

They have to numb themselves from reality, just to be able to cope

It's just messing you up on the inside

The only thing you can do is just fill that empty space with more entertainment

This is what Eeman does, it gives you calm, it gives you peace, you're not jittery

Every human being in this world is looking for peace

May Allah make us all the people of peace

Allah has totality of knowledge

He has the picture, we just have the pixel

"Love" is a very powerful word

Islam is not about fashion, it's about commitment, it's about change

The most difficult thing to deal with is loneliness

Leadership can be a very lonely position

If you're going to have swagger for the sake of Allah, you may be in a lonely position

When the sum shines its' brightest it's alone

Be happy to be Muslims

Don't let bad things bring you down

When you pray behind someone that's an affirmation that you believe in him

Fame should never blur ethics

Don't ask about what you don't need to know

Don't forget where you came from

There can be no contradictions in our comittment to people

Fasting for today COMPLETE!!

Gonna do the same for tomorrow and on Saturday


💂say Insha'llah bro

💡 I DID!!!

💂say it again


The credibility comes when you have good character, just like the Prophet Muhammad SAWS had

There's a difference between reputation and character

This is an integral part of your character

We have to change the priorities, and stay away from this boyfriend girlfriend relationships

Islam can become ugly if we are justifying our crimes by using the texts of Islam

If we are justifying violence in the name of Islam

Than it can become ugly

When somebody insults you or is bad to you, be good to them

Let Allah SWT deal with them

This is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

If you're a Muslim you believe in Allah alone, without any association of partnership with Him

They are insulting Allah by saying that: Allah has a son

The current generation is more accepting than previous generations

It's very difficult to sustain family without Religion


A person cannot be happy and healthy unless they manage the way they think

He looks at everything in a way that we cannot comprehend

The Creator knows everything that has happened

He knows it

Allah SWT has knowledge of the unseen

💡I'm ready

This cheerleader btch finna get all this dck

"Hey Violet, we should probably talk about what happened, I didn't mean to walk in on you, I thought you was mom"

"You guys having a late one tonight huh, is this for the convention coming up?"

"I know I'm only your stepdad, but I don't think we should tell mom about this"

"Honey you saw my parts and I saw your parts, I think she'd be very disappointed"

"Honey no, no, that wouldn't be right"

"What are you saying Violet?"

"Honey, I don't... I don't think that's such a good idea"

"Why don't you have any underwear on honey?"

💡 because SHE'S A WHOREE!!!!

"I shouldn't do this, this is wrong"

"This isn't right"

"I'm not hard..."

"Yes baby... I like everything you do"

"You're so beautiful baby"

"Such a good girl... such a good girl"

"You want daddy to fuck you?"



💡 you love when I stretch your little pussy?

"That's my girl!"

"Daddy's gonna fuck u nice and slow and get all of that pussy"

"Show me how my little girl cums for daddy"

-rubs her titties


I want you to suck this dck you slut

This shyt gon go down ur throat!

I wanna see ur pretty ass eyes while this shaft is in your mouth

I love the sounds that you make with your mouth while u sucking this flagpole btch!!

"From now on you don't wear any underwear, daddy's gonna wanna be able to take that whenever he wants"

"Hey honey what are u doing?"

"Oh r u like a balerina today?"

"Just touch it with your hands, be a good girl"

"Daddy really likes it, you're way better than mommy"

"You like it honey? You know where else you can put it? Right between your titties"

"That's it, fuck daddy, look at you, you're a big girl now"

💡 You're doing it ALL BY YOURSELF!

💡 👏

"Your pussy so tight"

"Are you daddy's little princess?"

"Lemme taste your pussy"

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

How could i?

Wtf is wrong with me??




Say you'll never ever leave from beside me

Can't wait to fast again tomorrow, for the sake of my Lord

I fast every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Monday

Thursday I fast because, that's when the Messenger of Allaah SAWS used to

Friday I fast, because that's the day of Jummuah, the best day of the week

Saturday I fast, because that was the day I was born

And on Monday I fast, because that's also the day that Prophet Muhammad SAWS used to fast

And then I take a two day break, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and start back up on Thursday

This is the third week in a row!!

I'm so proud of myself

Allah loves those who are consistent

Trying to memorize this Surah

I can't recite it out loud tho cuz I ejaculated earlier

I still can't believe I did that shyt

I'm so ashamed of myself

How could I ?

Wtf is wrong with me 😳

I'm never doing that shyt again!!



Like Michael Jackson

Who was a highly righteous Muslim!

He used to stand before his Lord in the depths of the night and call out to him

May Allah bless Michael Jackson and grant him Jannah Tul Firdos

Chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the Qur’an

They will be arguing on your behalf on the Day of Judgment

Congratulation to those who have a strong relationship with every Sunnah prayer

"My request and my need is for you to intercede for me on the Day of Judgment"

Always make sure the source of your income is halaal

💡def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs in the morning after I take a shower

Tomorrow's Friday!!

I have to be clean whilst I go to Jummuah

I'm def changing them jawns! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

The stench that it produces is gruesome



I ask Allah Azzawajal to protect you and me AAMEN!!

The Kaaba was built by Abraham

If you want to know real brotherhood go back to the time of the Prophet and his noble Companions

Verily Allah has a right over you, your family has a right over you, your body has a right over you, give everybody their due

It begins with Allah, everything is about Allah, His rights

If you open your eyes and look at Allah's creations everyday Allah will teach you something

Monogamous- involving marriage to one person at a time.

"under Canadian law all marriages must be monogamous"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom wants me to be monogamous and only be with her, but I refuse because of my extremely high sex drive and commitment issues.

Allah put it in them

This is the very nature of them, they can't help themselves

When animals do something they do it because Allah put it in them

But we're different, Allah has honoured the children of Adam

The Prophet SAWS said: "be opposite of the Pagans"

God gave man a beautiful woman, and he looks elsewhere. I ain't saying where



How dare you disrespect a Muslim woman, a Muslim girl who covers herself and make her look like other than what she is supposed to be?

💡 I completely agree. Not just Muslim females, but any female in general

Every girl is beautiful, they're just not something to look at, they're more than that, they have a heart, they have a soul, they have a mind, we need to do better and treat...





Brothers and sisters, give Allah His rights

It's all about Allah

Brothers and sisters, it'd all about Allah

It's not even about Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him

It's not even about Moses, peace and blessings be upon him

It's not even about Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him

One of the smartest Prophets ever, was Prophet Moses, peace and blessings be upon him

Allah admonished Moses because he didn't attribute all the knowledge to him

You're doing it because of Allah and your love for Allah, and if you put Allah first, you'd be alright

They will respect you when you stand up and be yourself

That relationship and that struggle and that striving towards Allah, towards God Almighty that is what gives people this sense of fulfilling their deficiencies

💡As soon as 3:55am come I'm on go!

Get some blessings and extrapolate some lessons from their lives

Extrapolate- extend the application of (a method or conclusion, especially one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that existing trends will continue or similar methods will be applicable.

"the results cannot be extrapolated to other patient groups"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom extrapolated a large amount of semen from my penis by using her tongue.


💂that's not even used right Sherlock!!

💡 oh well! Don't care!! Your mom's a whore that's all i know!!

You'll never truly be happy if you constantly keep looking after money

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Abdel Rahman

Bring your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy over here you slut!

I swear this btch finna get stuffed!

I put that on my life!!

💡 fuck her dude fuck her FUCK HERR!!!

"you can't tell your mom any of this shit"

This pretty ass btch Kat Arina is a cum bucket!!


Never again!!!!


Wtf is wrong with me??

Finna hop in the shower and eat Suhoor, I'm fasting today!

For the sake of my Lord Allah Azzawajal

This Surah think that I ain't gon memorize it

I'm finna memorize that hoe right quick, you just wait!


⚠ Friday


This ngga Harden is a beast!

7 straight games with 30+


Kyrie Irving is the best PG in the league

The reason why Lakers lost is cuz Bron was out

That fake ass injury he got, he better stop btchin! And get back on the court

The Kings was happy as shyt that they won. You saw them nggas? Jumping and cheering n shyt

Btch yall still ass, yall still gotta ass record

They like #8 in the east

Them nggas not even gon make playoffs fr

Yesss!! My Sixers beat the Jazz

Ben Simmons had a mfn TRIPLE DOUBLE! 😱

14 points, 14 boards, 12 assists!!

Smhh... he's a Jinn

That ngga Butler was also balling

How df did Golden State lose to the Blazers??

KD wasn't really ballin like that

That's prolly why

Them nggas still gotta good ass record tho


You know why Golden State gotta good record??

Look at their starting lineup

They got Klay Thompson, Curry, and KD

All three of them nggas gotta shot

KD had 26 points

That prolly is a lot, for a regular player

But I would expect more from him

Considering the fact that he's a JINN!

I'm really mad the Lakers lost tho

That's my team

This ngga Bron like: "😢I gotta boo boo! I can't play I'm injured"


This btch Google maps on some shit

I'm walking to the Mosque that btch like "Turn left on 2nd St"



I'm at Jummuah 😆

I love it here

I love being Muslim!!



The process of assimilation itself entails loss

Assimilation- the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas.

"the assimilation of the knowledge of the Greeks"

Language shapes our reality

The way we choose to use words to describe our world can effect not only how we see the world but the way the world sees us as well

Words can be powerful in shaping who we are and how we act and react to the world around us

These words can become a part of our language, and before we know it what becomes a part of our language becomes a part of our life

And before we know it what becomes a part of our life becomes a part of our character

One of the most important parts of our faith is to maintain our character

His character was just that, he bought light into the hearts of the people

His wife Khadijah was the first convert to Islam, the first one to believe in La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llah

He was known for his character, and his kindness, and his beautiful tongue

There are going to be things around us that we know conflicts with our faith

The reality is that we can choose how we react to our circumstances

We'll seek more and more and more and we won't be satisfied

What is in this Dunya was not meant to fill those blank spaces that we have in our hearts

But they can be filled with the words of Allah SWT

I came to the realization that "yes, I am Muslim"

But greater than that, I'm "Muslim-American"

The world is making us feel ostracized

The world is making us feel like we are wrong

Ostracize- exclude (someone) from a society or group.

"a group of people who have been ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted for centuries"

💡 Sentence example: I had to go to the hospital and have them ostracize my penis after I stuck it in Jason's mom dirty vagina.

💂whhaattt? That don't even make sense

💡damn, ur right, ok ok..

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom and all her friends have been ostracized from society, nobody likes them because they all stink, I gave them a comfortable abode in which they can live in, I clothed and fed them.

💂that's a pretty long sentence but OKAY!!

💡 😑. . okay but it's still viable tho right??

💡so sdfup before I smack the shit out you!

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Sister Suzy Ismail

Not praying falls ad the fourth major sin in Islam

Number 1 is Shirk, Number 2 is murder, Number 3 is black magic, fourth is foregoing Salah

There's a Hadeeth in saheeh Bukhari Vol #1, Book of Salah. The Prophet SAWS said: "The hypocrites do not come for the Fajr Salah, or the Isha Salah, and if they knew the reward they would come crawling

Allah mentions Sujood in the Salah 92 times

You can only enjoy the fruit if you have a taste of it

How does Dr. Zakir Naik have SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE??


He's like an encyclopedia, smhh

This guy is like a plethora of freakin knowledge

And then at the end he be like "hope that answers your questions" 😂

Like four years ago I saw one of his Fatwa videos on YouTube, about Islam, an Atheist asked him a question about Religion



Then I started looking more into Islam, and later on I said my Shahada and became Muslim

Then two months later I had a brain aneurysm and surgery and lost my balance and was admitted in the hospital

Funny how life works...

But yeah! JASON??


💡 Your mom's a whore bro, I love her

I love her FAT ASS

Fasting for today COMPLETE!

Tomorrow I'm doing the same thing!

I'm letting the rewards stack up!

🎤"girl I do this often, make that pussy popping"

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Said Raega

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were your mom"

"But um... your butt looks really great from behind"

This blonde headed btch finna get all this dck

Btch I don't understand a god damn word you saying all ik is this shyt finna nut!!

Btch make noises while u getting this dck!!

Don't just be silent damn. Cheer me df on, tell me that I can do it!!

Tell me that I can cum inside you!! I need your permission

💡no I don't

"Yes I have an erection"

"No, I cannot make it go away"

Fuck u you slut btch I love you

Look at me with your pretty ass eyes while you getting stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey!

This btch finna get fucked in the alleyway

Look up at me with your pretty ass eyes while ur sucking this cock u slut btch


Your eyes are beautiful baby

I love you

This is what you gotta do okay..

I love you

You're the girl of my dreams

Slap this dck on ur tongue while u sucking it U SKANK SLUT BTCH!!

Don't worry about a thing btch this shyt finna nutt right inside you

Don't you worry your pretty little head

That shyt... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

I'm NEVER doing that shyt again



Like Michael Jackson

Who was a highly righteous Muslim

He was pious af

He loved Allah SWT

And the Angels loved him

May Allah forgive all the sins of Michael Jackson and grant him a noble entrance into Paradise Insha'llah

No matter what it is, call out to Allah, keep calling out to Allah

Allah SWT wants us to call out to Him

Call out to Allah, at all times

He loves you, he wants you to cry to Him

It is something amazing my brothers and sisters, keep calling out to Allah

They start believing in the rhetoric themselves

They start accepting, "yeah I am a loser, I can't do any better"

And a self hate takes over them, and at that point there's nothing you can do

These are words that people may use deliberately, to hurt your feelings to make you feel weak, as a means of exercising control

Their goal is to get you to submit to them in someway

The goal is not to make you feel bad, the goal is to make you submissive and keep you under control

You could give somebody a compliment and insult them at the same time

"Masha'Allah you're really good at this one thing"

That's a way of saying "You're pretty bad at everything"

But at least you're good at this one thing


But you undermined this person's capabilities

Another way you can do it, "here here lemme help you, I know that's hard for you"

People are different, people have different personalities, people have different journeys towards Allah SWT

Don't be satisfied with mediocrity

💡I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks

My hyperspermia is on a fritz this morning

This jawn acting up

Lemme see ur ass and titties you slut!

You fat dirty btch I love you

Suck this dck you slut btch I love you

I'ma stretch your little pussy out

Your little teenie weenie itty-bitty pussy

I want you to suck this dck that's wtf I want you to do

You're doing great baby I love you

"Spread your ass cheeks"


You gon get this nut you slut btch I promise you!

This btch Nina Rotti wifey material

Btch do you know this shyt finna nutt?


I promise you this shyt finna nut



That shyt nutted

Btch didn't I tell you that shyt was gon nut?

Ima man of my word

If I say something I mean that shyt

💡this gon be the last time I swear

I'ma only put a little bit of dck in you

It's only gon be a little bit of nutt

Suck this dck you slut

Karlee Grey has a lot of potential

I have hope in her


I'm finna fill you up!!

Ima fill you with sour cream

Fuck you slut btch

I hate you!!

I love you

Btch I have mixed emotions for you!!

Fuck you slut btch!!

This shyt finna nut fuk what you heard

Btch lemme see ur pretty ass eyes while this shaft is in your mouth


That shyt nutted

Never doing that shyt again

I feel terrible



⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I'm hungry as shit

Kemba Walker cracked the shit out bul 😂

Jeremy Lamb also was ballin

That ngga scored 19 pts in the first half!

It's official, this ngga Kemba Walker is a certified Jinn!

This ngga Tony Parker went on a rampage in the 2nd half

This ngga Oladipo nice as shyt

He got a lot of bunnies

I don't think he fit with the Pacers, he should get traded

How df did the Raptors lose to the Magic??

Now them nggas is second in the East smhh

That ngga Kawai Leonard fukked bul up!! 😂

I never knew he had handles like that

The Raptors lost because of that ngga Vucevic

He had 30!!

The Wizards lost cuz they ain't have John Wall

Allah knows best what his injury is

But whatever it is ik it's real

Ik he ain't faking that shyt like Bron Bron



I don't fuk with Bron, this ngga been in the league for over a decade and he only got like one ring


This ngga Markkanen slammed that shit!!

White boy nice

😂this ngga fought the mascot!!

Cdfffuupppp WTFF

I keep forgetting this ngga D. Rose not playing for Bulls no more

The Heat gotta overall good ass squad

That ngga Winslow a problem!

I don't think Timberwolves is a good fit for D. Rose

How df did Trae Young make that fukkin shot??

He was waaayy over there!!

He had assistance from the Jinn

This ngga Anthony Davis had 15 points in the first quarter!!





This ngga Anthony had 48 and 17 boards

Him and Luka are both JINNS!

Damn Mavs lost smhh

"Worst road record in the league"

Hold yall head!

Wtff happened to fukkin Camelo Anthony??

He got traded??

That ngga Yokish prolly one of the best centers in the league

21 pts, 9 assists!

Ohh Melo went to the Rockets!!

Oh ok, he's with that Jinn ass ngga

That's a good lineup

Westbrook gotta carry that whole team on his shoulders

40pts & 12 boards!! 😱


How df he make that shot?

That shyt was lucky

That ngga had 36 smhh

The only reason Lakers keep losing is cuz that ngga Bron not trying get bak in the game



I just took a crazy dookie

I only wiped twice cuz today's only Saturday

I only wipe thrice on Saturdays

I mean Friday